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ZTE Axon 7 (Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, Dual SIM, 64GB Storage) $299 @ Officeworks [in Store Only, WA No Stock]


This offer which was available in January in OzBargain was in store only. Now available to order online Out of stock online, now in-store only limited stocks.

Display: 5.5" AMOLED 2K touchscreen, 2560 x 1440
Camera: 20 MP rear / 8 MP front
Storage: 64 GB with the option for 256 GB MicroSD expansion
Operating System: Android 6.0.1
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Qiad-Core, 2.15 GHz
Connections: Wireless 802.11 (b,g,n,a,c) / Bluetooth 4.2 / USB-C / 3.5 mm
Warranty: 2 year
SIM: nano-SIM
Video: 1080p
NFC: Yes
Plus free repair for accidental screen damage for the first 2 years.

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        • I have a GN4 for last 3 years. I have to change the battery. Tried one from AliExpress. It was crappy. Shopping square had a supposedly genuine Samsung battery, but that turned out to be faker than Kardashian's titties. Only option left now is to get one from Samsung store.

      • Hi, yes an upgrade but it is also freezing especially when texting.

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    Gold model is showing available online for $355.

  • Allowing me to go through to payment page,
    And just purchased Jandakot WA

  • +1

    WA online still available ..

    • Yeah, weird.
      Shows unavailable until you choose a WA address, then you can order…
      I kinda suspect they'll cancel - but gave it a go anyway.

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    Note: Secondary Camera =>8 megapixel, Not great for selfie…..

  • How's this compares with Nexus 6?

  • Persinally not a can. Ive had issues with mine, mostly camera related. It has good front facing speakers and screen for Daydream. The rest, meh. Save a little more and get something better!

    • It's the software for the camera, if you use a 3rd party camera like open camera, it does not do it.

  • Awesome phone guys, got one last month and it hasn't disappointed. Its running android 6 out of the box but its running fine so I am too lazy to bootloader unlock etc.. and update to latest lineage OS since the Android Orea update is slated for release in April soon anyways.

    It will certainly outperform all the snapdragon 625 phones from Xiaomi since it is after all a flagship phone. However cost wise for sub$200AUD you will probably do ok as well with the Note4x or the Redmi 5 Plus if you are not a power user (which i was considering too)

    But for an extra $100+, this flagship phone from ZTE is really not shabby at all. Especially with the 4GB RAM it should run future android versions well for next couple years at least.

    • I previously had a Note4x and this phone is far better in terms of performance and build quality.

      • Yep me too :D I just gave my note4x to my sister after I got the ZTE.

    • Comment from lower down,

      picked the unit up this afternoon, just updating now to AXON 7 Android Nougat Australia Firmware B09

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    anyone suggest a good case ( less that $10 ) and preferably get here quicker than ordering from a ebay seller based in china :)

  • band 28?

    • Think so, it was mentioned in the other post (see the link in the description of this post).

      • There is a comment about band 28 but its not really a confirmation… gsmarena doesnt mention it. Would be interested to know from x=someone who owns one…. I have one on hold…

        • This might help

          Just need to Google.

        • +1

          I did but got conflicting info…. some said yes and some said no depending on the variant….hence asking for info from someone who bought one from officeworks … I guess I could have talked to officeworks directly if I was currently in AU and they knew what I was talking about…but hanks for the lesson on google…. As your previous comments indicate you have bought one I gues you could have just confirmed it for me if you liked…

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          I got mine from Officeworks a few months ago. The model is A2017G.

        • @Torvalds: great and thank you!

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      yes supports all Australian bands, Australian warranty, etc …. none of the chinadroid woes of missing bands or warranty support ………..

      • +1

        thank you garage… excellent….just what I needed to know…cheers!!

  • nil

  • ZTE Australia website lists it as having band 28, as officeworks is an Australian retail store I would say that they would be selling the Australian model variant which would in turn have b28, as per ZTE website

    • yes….. excellent and reasonable assumptions to make….

  • Out of stock online, and Perth stores that show stock all actually have none.

    Gold colour is still available @ $355 though.

    Edited: All states now show as out of stock.

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    No offence, but it is one of a not so good looking phone. Apart from warranty and local support, may choose Xiaomi Mi5s.

    • Features is what sets it apart OLED, front stereo speakers, custom DAC.

      The Mi5s's front without speakers might look 'cleaner' but I wouldn't give them up.

    • I just got the Axon and I think it looks better than my Xiaomi Mi 5X

  • +1

    Yeah went into Officeworks because of all the interest here but didn't walk out with it based on the design when looking right at it in the hand. Personal preference. Good specs though.

    • The look grows on you, also you should get a case and it makes the phone look different. Up to you but I think you may feel stupid when someone says to you, that is a nice looking phone you have, but it doesn't have stereo Dolby speakers or daydream support and is more expensive than the Axon, why didn't did you buy it?

      • +1

        Overall physical size. 5.5 is just a little much towards phablet size for me. Its got to slip comfortably in the jeans pocket. 5.1 seems spot on. It's totally personal prefferance. May well be perfect for many others. As for somebody commenting on my phones specs like that… is never happened in real life and I doubt it would.
        Why didn't I buy it? I just didn't quite like the build style and size when I saw it in my hand.

        • +1

          Yes I have the same problem with the size, it is not comfortable in my hand either. Sorry I thought you didn't like the look of it. It feels abit awkward to control compared to my old iPhone4.

  • Where does it refer to 'Plus free repair for accidental screen damage for the first 2 years'…I can't see it on Officeworks website or is it exclusive to ZTE.

  • Is the mic problem wide spread or is it just a few cases and has ZTE provided a fix?

    • Yes, I had some mic issues, time to time when receiving calls. I think it's the software issue. Any fix for this?

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    i ordered 1 online for pickup in store yesterday afternoon and have a confirmed order, as I was looking out for stock to come back. The specs it has blows all Chinadroids based on 625 out of the water, the Antutu scores are like double that of the 625. And its even competitive (slightly faster) than the new Xiaomi Note 5 pro (SD636) that was announced for India this week. The Note 5 pro doesnt even have NFC or Quick Charge 3, nor USB-C with the Axon 7 has, not to mention Dolby Atmos speakers, a AKM9940 audio DAC.

    With Oreo in April you can't lose. For me its a secondary phone, 2k screen and Daydream support is a bonus.

  • So with no local stock is it safe to say $355 is the price you'll have to pay for a gold etc?

    Went ahead with it regardless of $355 still a good price, :) Will hopefully get confirmation to collect early next week !

    Thank you,
    Your order *********is confirmed
    Oxley Officeworks will contact you when your order is ready for collection.

    We have emailed you an order summary and confirmation. If you have any questions, please call customer service on 1300 OFFICE or 1300 633 423 between 8 AM and 8 PM (AEST), Monday to Friday or 9 AM and 5 PM (AEST) Saturday to Sunday.

    • The super deal is the grey one at 299 which is the one i bought but sadly out of stock now. With TRS its $275 which is crazy for a phone with this kind of specs.

      My daily driver is a LG v30 and the axon is even starting to get competitive with that…except for SD835 vs SD820.

      • Fair enough all good I did receive the confirmation email from Officeworks so it looks like the order is actually going ahead we'll find out on Monday when they're scheduled pick up notification should come through!

        The phone will be replacing a OnePlus X !

        My wife wanted to upgrade as she said battery life wasn't lasting as long anymore will be a handy spare phone either way.. the OnePlus X also has AMOLED screen that's why I picked this particular handset 😉

      • Doesn't TRS have a $300 minimum? Better add something $1 to make it count.

  • I bought mine secondhand off ebay for $500 which came with daydream. Bastard kept the quick charger and microphone headset, I was going to leave neg feedback but it said what you see is what you get, so just didn't leave any feedback. Still happy with the phone thou, it is great but I upgraded from a smashed screen iPhone 4.

    • +1

      With oreo in april, if you dont need flagship specs i daresay it will be nice to use for the next year if not 2. I have a cheap daydream headset picked up from telstra ebay at $25 to play with.

      • I'll probably use it for the next 7 years like I did with my iPhone4 unless I break the screen before then. I don't use the phone for apps or games much, in fact I was browsing the play store last night and didn't find anything interesting. Whenever I download a game I play it for 1 minute and turn it off. Stuff I do use a lot is Maps, Browser to download podcasts and check banking accounts (you do not need a banking app) and listening to podcasts. I may watch the occasional movie on the daydream or play ocean rift, most applications/games on daydream are useless but it's still nice to have.

        • You were doing online banking on a phone that hadn't had a security update in nearly 4 years…someone likes to live dangerously. The bank should of been blocking you.

        • +1

          @PainToad: No I understand that, I usually use my PC for banking, I may have used it a few times but it was to double check my pay went through before I filled up at a gas station if I didn't have cash on me. Never used my phone to do payment transfers and anyway it is setup as double auth for trans.

    • +2

      I always assume unless they picture peripherals or say "comes with everything in the box" then what you see is what you get. Sometimes there's a nice bonus.

      One time, I bought a pair of headphones with detachable cable. Auction says there's no cable. Turns out they were hidden in the box packaging he'd never fully opened. Score!

  • ANy Stocks in Sydney ??

    • ENter your post code and check??

  • Missus spilled water on her G3 and the repair guy let me know it's dead. Picked the gold one up for her as a replacement, looks like a massive improvement overall.

  • +1

    Just received this phone wen I ordered the grey for $299 last Fri. Its a fully sealed box, so seems brand new. Nice box, can't complain for the price.

  • Also just received the grey one ordered for $299 on Friday. Fully sealed box also. Very nice phone. Cant wait to setup during the week.

  • +1

    picked the unit up this afternoon, just updating now to AXON 7 Android Nougat Australia Firmware B09

  • It seems all sold out in Vic.

  • Is anyone getting insane battery drain on their new unit?
    Mine's losing charge even when connected via USB to PC.

  • Guys this is an incredible phone for the money. Upgraded straight to Nougat out of the box. The speakers are crazy! Super smooth on nougat even though its SD820. for what I'm using it for (audio transport for external DAC) its seems overkill even…..

  • Does anyone think the phone will be back in stock?

  • Hard to say….seems the Axon 7 has discontinued production. Why not ask Officeworks if they can order it from ZTE for you?

    • Do they normally do that? Should I contact a store for that or centrally?

      • I rang headoffice and they said it is clearance thus no reorder.

  • the Axon 7 first has its clearance at Officeworks in Jan, then ran out of stock. Last Friday, it came back in stock online…now out of stock again.

    So the stock is being replenished from somewhere…..

  • Wife has used the phone for a full day said it was great! Only problem when in the car using Android auto for some unknown reason callers names aren't displayed when the phone rings.. any ideas.?

    • Have you granted the app all permissions in settings?

      Out of interest, does music work?

      • Yep all granted.. her last phone had no issues with this.. its bugging the crap out of her..

        Music works fine Google Music that is ..

        • Do you have contact sharing enabled under the paired device in system settings?

        • @PainToad:

          I'm unsure .. what I can tell you is that I installed lineage 14.0 on this phone last night , tested it in the car and it's all working perfect!

          Having come from a previous phone which had a stock rom she is happy with this…

          When ZTE release android 8 official build I'll have to test it to see if it works without any issues with android auto

        • +1

          @Gomo: So did some more playing went back to stock rom.. worked out howto install Google Dialer..

          Soon as I did that Calls worked fine through AA :)

  • Got mine and opened it yesterday.
    Very impressed - high quality packaging and presentation.
    I think its a beautiful looking phone, and the screen is stunning. Unsurprisingly the sound is great.
    I am very happy so far. Will be giving my 6 month old Xiaomi Mi5X to one of the kids.

    • I've got the mi5x but flashed rom to MiA1 Absolutely fantastic phone! Having now played with both the axon7 and mi5x I'll still have to favor the mi5x..nothing wrong with the axon 7!

      Axon 7 has far better spec then the mi5x for sure!

  • I opted for click and collect and I'm still waiting for it to arrive even though th site said it would be in today. Anyone else still waiting on theirs?

    • I was waiting on mine, but they sent me an email to tell me I'm getting a refund :-(

      • Oh shit. I haven't received an email yet so fingers crossed.

        • The gold is out of stock now as well. May be that's why they are giving refunds.

      • ring officeworks online and tell them you want the Gold for $299…same happened to me…got a gold one now…

        • Thanks for the info but they said they couldn't do it. Looks like I'm shelling out the extra dough.

        • i tried the same thing.. they refused.. instead they offered to me for 315.80? I have no idea how he arrived at that figure. I'm guessing he price matched another store.

        • would you mind sharing your receipt? just tried to do the same they said no

  • +1

    The phone arrived today. I'm really impressed with it, if something happened to my S7 I'll absolutely get one of these to replace it.

  • How's is the camera quality guys? I recently bought a Moto G5S Plus, not happy with the camera. I will now sell the Moto and buy Axon 7 if you say the camera is good. Only wish if they had black in stock. Hate the gold colour.

  • So sad I missed this deal, is the next best thing to pay around $350 for the Gold colour?

    • +1

      Either that or go with the Mi A1

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