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Kogan Mobile Buy 1 Get 1 Free 365 Day Prepaid Plans - 6GB Data $299.90 ($12.40/User/Month), 16GB Data $399.90, 23GB Data $529.90


As per the link, and as seen on Ausdroid.

One 365 day for you, one for a friend. Comes with 2 SIM cards so unlikely the same user can use for 2 years.

All plans get unlimited calls, texts and MMS.

Medium Plan: 6GB Data every 30 days, $299.90 ($12.50 per user per month)
Large Plan: 16GB Data every 30 days, $399.90 ($16.66 per user per month)
Extra Large Plan: 23GB Data every 30 days, $529.90 ($22.08 per user per month)

Note: Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone 4G Network, and Kogan Mobile does not offer International Roaming.

MOD: Please do not sell / trade your Koganmobile vouchers in the comments section. Use the Classifieds forum.

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  • Need a 6GB plan I have SIM just need the code but how to pay for it?

    • Just activated $7.90 plan to try.

      May need it later before it expire by the end of April.

      BTW, never use Paypal family and friends, is it safe if the code have problem?

  • Looking for a 6GB voucher in Parramatta, Sydney. I don't need a sim card, does anyone have a spare one?

    • PM Me if you still need it! I have 6gb one

  • Anyone interested in a 6GB plan? Sydney North. Send me a PM.

  • Anyone want to split the 16GB plan? I am in Sydney.

    • PM Me if you still need it! I have 6gb one

      • I am looking to split the 16GB plan.

  • Anyone want to split 6GB plan? Can meet at Sydney CBD.

    • PM Me if you still need it! I have 6gb one

  • I can buy it now and use later, right?

    • Yeah the vouchers expire at 11:59pm AEST on 31/05/2018.
      Recharge it before then.

      • Thanks, may also buy a $50 voucher to save more.

  • Anyone else in Melb looking to split a 16gb one?

  • I have a spare 6gb in Melbourne CBD, feel free to pm me :)

    • PM sent.

  • Do I have to ported by the 31 of May? Or Can I start porting on the 31 of May?

    • I think that the porting process takes around 4 hours, so you would probably get away with porting on the morning of the 31st.

  • Looking for someone to get a 6gb plan share with voucher please pm for interest in melb, if got existing sim preferrable therefore sim not required

  • pm if you need a 16gb voucher. $175

  • Selling 6GB plan for $130. Campbelltown area after hours or Mascot during work hours. Please let me know if interested. Thanks!

    • Sent you PM

      • Thanks. Replied.

    • Sold.

    • Is this still available?

  • Looking to buy 6gb and 16gb plan send me offers.. Let's ozbargain ;)

  • How come there's no Kogan on cashrewards! Are there any alternatives?

    • +1

      Virgin Velocity Points or Qantas Points.

  • If someone has free calls to vodafone, is it free if I'm kogan? Since they're both on the vodafone network

  • Anyone want to split 6GB for $135? I'm around Sydney CBD and have the voucher and the sim ready. PM if interested.

    • I’m interested, will send you a pm now

      • Sorry itchyscratchy, already sorted.

  • Anyone in Melb interested in splitting a 6GB connection? All I'm after is a voucher, already have a SIM.

    • PM Sent

  • How many years or months of prepaid plans can you add/stack?

    • 0.

  • Looking for someone to split a 16gb plan in sydney

  • +1

    Looking for someone to split 6gb in Melbourne (preferably around Springvale but the CBD is fine too), PM if interested.

    • do you still need it ? please contact me at [email protected]

      • Sorry I already got it sorted. Thank you anyways

  • Can i get this one from a kogan store ? or just ordering online is the only way ?

    • Have you ever seen a physical Kogan store?

  • I am in Hornsby area. I have the voucher and the sim ready for 16gb. PM if interested.

  • Looking to get a 6GB one, anyone interested to split? I am in Brisbane, Happy to meet at the CBD. :)

    • I already got the voucher and a spare SIM. PM me if you still interested.

  • Does anyone want to split the 6gb plan?

    Im in sydney but will send the voucher online to you if you want. If you don't have a sim I'll give you $2 off to go buy one from Kogan.

    • Deleted. Already sorted. Thanks

    • Hi, is this still available? Also, how much would it be?

      • Yes its still available

        • Can you pm me the cost and fine print please? Thanks

      • +1

        I can do $140, do you have a sim already?

  • Anyone want to go halves on a 6GB plan? Pm me

    • pm sent

  • Can I buy this deal now but activate it next year? I have some many unused SIMs left lol

    • No.

      Vouchers expire at 11:59pm AEST on 31/05/2018

      • ahhhh damn.. thanks for lettin me know!

  • anyone want to share 6gb plan?

    • I am inyerested. Let me know if you want to share.thanks

  • Keen to split a 6GB Plan if anyone has/or is willing to obtain vouchers (available here

    Would work out 299.90 - 9 (Voucher Cost) - 50 (Voucher Discount) = $120.45 each or $115.45 if you sign up with a new Kogan account via referral ($10 discount).

    Let me know!

    • Ummm… I'd send you a PM if I could!

  • Anyone interest to share 6g plan? Planning to buy at $126.45 each (299.9+13-50-10)/2.thanks

    • Yes I'd like to go halves :)

  • PM me if anyone interested to purchase 6g plan at $126.45. Thanks

    • Already sorted. Thanks

  • PM me if anyone wants to split 23gb plan @ $265. Cheers.

  • Will i get a new number or can i retain my previous number using this service ?

    • When you activate you have the option to port your number or use the new number on the sim.

  • anyone want to share 6gb plan?

    • yeah me. how do we go about doing this?

      • PM me please.

        I'm in Syd so we can either meet up somewhere or 1 of us buy it first and the other transfer the money?


        • for some reason i cant pm. i just set up this oz bargain account today and its saying they throttle new users or something. Im in northern nsw. Im already a kogan user. do they send out a code or is it like 2 sims?

        • They would send via email 2 recharge codes and then post 2 sims. I don't need the sim cause i'm already with kogan too.

        • @jess van:
          jess turn ON your PM in settings -> messaging -> Allow private messages

        • @Choosen: ok, are you happy then if i just buy the voucher? whens your current kogan plan due to expire? still not able to send pms i should be able to tomorrow - its coming up with this error message "Unable to send messages: Private message throttled for new user accounts less than 1 day old"

  • Anyone in Melbourne (CBD) interested in 6gb plan?

    • Note, I'm sorted now. thanks :)

  • What happens in 11 months?
    Will they offer another yearly or have to find another provider?

    • Never seen this buy one get one before. Likely there'll be the usual 20-40% off for a yearly renewal (plus a voucher or two on top bringing the price down further)

  • Am in Brisbane at the moment after the Commonwealth games. Anyone have a voucher here, after 6GB plan and sim? PM with details. Cheers

  • Is if you activate on the 25th of April is it 30 dasy from that date or 1st each month there after?

    • That date. They don't rort you like Amaysim.

      • Regards I now have one sim and got the voucher code emailed off the seller…..just need to login online to port number from optus carrier….how long should that take worst case?

        I read in T&C that video calls are not included….I thought they used data and unlimited calls?
        Can you use Duo or is it only Viber?
        Do they want credit card info?
        Can the other half of deal owner access account info?

        • I read in T&C that video calls are not included….I thought they used data and unlimited calls?

          Video calls using data via apps are free.

          Can you use Duo or is it only Viber?

          U can use both

          Do they want credit card info?

          Yes, for the activation process. But u can remove it and turn off auto recharge afterwarrds.

          Can the other half of deal owner access account info?


        • @sintro: Thankyou

        • @PLANT:
          I guess you should be able to use a debit visa/mc with no money in the account for activation.

  • Looking to split a 6gb plan. PM me if you're interested.

    • Hey, I can't pm you as i'm a new user, is your split still up? I'm keen

  • Anyone has extra 6gb plan?

    • Still interested in splitting a 6GB plan?

  • Anyone keen on half for this? I'm renewing my plan soon. Looking at the 6GB plan

    • I'm interested in the 6GB plan, if you haven't found someone, feel free to get in touch!

      • Hey, can you PM me? I have a new account and can't start a conversation. I'm still looking

        • I have a new account too :/

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