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Breville BES870BSS The Barista Espresso Coffee Machine $543.20 C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


I've been researching these for a while as they get great reviews and are in my price range


The sell price has been cheaper at Good Guys previously but I'm going to go ahead now that's it's in the 20% sale, as I've never seen it available this cheap.

It's got a postage fee but you can collect from a store for free.

The other cheapest is some no name seller for $619

Original 20% off at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • +2

    Good price. Got mine similar to this price in Aug last year. Built like a tank and looks like it will last forever.

    • Have you used it much?

      • +1

        Average 2 to 3 coffees a day since aug last year.

  • +5

    Purchased one of these last night from JB, I can attest that it's build quality is high and is pretty straight forward to use for home baristas!

    • +5

      Sorry, but unless you are an electrical engineer etc, how the hell would you know after one night,

      Maybe better to say it feels, or appears well built. Or skip when you purchased it, if you had prior experience with the product, as this infers you are making your judgement on one nights experience (although that might be ok for a relationship 🙂)

      BTW not maligning the product, just the validity of comment as it reads.

      • +10

        Sorry, but unless you are an electrical engineer etc, how the hell would you know after one night,

        That is true, I'm definitely not an electrical engineer, but I feel that it looks that is is built to high standards using quality materials.

        • +3

          Fair enough, and I couldn't ague with that. Enjoy your brew..☕️

        • +5

          @RockyRaccoon: I'll be sure to report back tomorrow with more results. 😉

      • +3

        I've owned one for 3 years now - one best purchase I've ever made. Have saved so much on store bought coffees. Can't recommend highly enough.

      • +1

        "as this infers you are making your judgement". A statement can't infer anything. You inferred it.

        • -3

          Agree, out of the context, that I had put " when you purchased", which prefaced my statement, you are correct, however I could plead, this preface modified it, but then of course English wasn't my top subject back at school 😀

        • +1

          @RockyRaccoon: Inferring is what you did, you are accusing the person of implying something, not inferring.

        • +1

          @JigBew: So are you inferring that I should have implied or implied that I should have inferred…..😀

        • It was an obvious mistake on your behalf and a clear statement that I made. I didn't infer or imply anything.

    • After another morning of tweaking the grind settings, the espresso produced is satisfactory, although will be buying some better beans today (was using Macro brand as a tester).

      • Beans will 100% make a difference. I struggle to get a good shot out of old-ish good quality beans due to the way their texture chagnes I guess.

  • Nice deal, I have been eyeing this machine also. I will have to wait until i can afford it though!!!!

  • +4

    Once you go dual boiler you don’t go back!
    Good price though

    • What's an example of a good Dual Boiler? I'm considering getting my first coffee machine in the next few months to encourage me to stopping going out as much… which is the best product to go the distance?

      FYI these dual boilers are also included in the PICK20 20% GG sale:

      • +3

        BES920 with grinder bought separetely
        Or BEP920 (grinder included)

        Has been $800-900 for the combo during the right sale

        • +1

          Thanks bloom! Really helpful and that sounds like the right price for me, I'm in no rush so will keep an eye out on OzBargain for a similar price.

        • Bes920 is discontinued… 😭
          No more new stock…

        • @kaihoc: 920 is the one I had my eye on. Used this machine at a friends and was awesome. However they are pricey.
          What is the replacement?

        • @kaihoc:what's a similar priced replacement?

        • @kaihoc:

          Why would they discontinue their most popular machine?

  • Bear in mind apparently the dual boiler is a considerable step up. I'm waiting for it

    • What's an example of a good Dual Boiler? I'm considering getting my first coffee machine in the next few months to encourage me to stopping going out as much… which is the best product to go the distance?

      FYI these dual boilers are also included in the PICK20 20% GG sale:

      • For home use you don't need it.

        Make your espresso shots first, then heat the boiler for stream (takes about 1 minute) and stem your milk.

        Dual boilers are best in a cafe where you are making coffee and heating milk at the same time.

        For the home user it's just an extra cost (and ongoing cost as they use more power)

        • That is great if you live alone. But if you make multiple coffees every morning at the same time or entertain, the dual boiler helps you get done with the coffee making in double the time.

        • +3

          @serpserpserp: don't you mean half the time?

        • +1


          No I mean double because I if I have dual boilers I have to make dual the coffees! ;)

          No you are right.

      • I meant specifically the breville dual boiler (part of the duo set).
        It has a commercial sized group head and is just a step up.
        The express takes a fair while to steam milk too

    • Can I ask what the difference/benefits are to a dual boiler?

      • Extract coffee at 93 deg C
        Steam milk at 100+ deg C

        You gotta wait for the heater to cool/heat between tasks which is a real pain in the ass, especially if making more than one coffee

      • Dual boiler if you've got a few coffees to make in a hurry
        Singe boiler is sufficient if you make one for yourself or the Mrs only

        • +3

          Get a bigger milk jug.

          Make all the espresso first, then stream the milk.

          you're doing things wrong if you are making 2 coffees and doing espresso, milk, espresso, milk.

  • I have this unit and though I think it's good. I still believe the external grinder makes much better coffee than this internal grinder.

    • They do.

      A good consistent grinder is much more important than the coffee machine.

      • I totally agree. We've got a pretty average commercial coffee unit at work paired with the breville grinder that's always on sale on ozbargain makes amazing coffee.

  • +2

    I've had this model for 4yrs,after endless research bit the bullet and purchased one, sadly for me I got a lemon, pump died just before warranty ran out repair place "fixed it" came back damaged and not working right. It still runs but now have to froth the milk second as opposed to first, no biggy but just annoying as it doesn't always release the steam so if you don't you don't do it in this order you burn the coffee, my advice buy it, but get the extended replacement warranty, in case like me you get a dodgy one which apparantly there was a dodgy batch made.

    • I thought thats the way these machines worked. When you pull a shot through it fills the boiler, then residual gets turned to steam for frothing.

      • You're supposed to froth the milk first and then the shot of coffee, so the coffee isn't sitting there going cold whilst waiting for the milk to froth. After you've finished with the milk it lets out all the steam so as to not burn the coffee and it does that (or at least used to) and no burnt coffee, unfortunately mine doesn't release the steam until a good several minutes after if at all, as I said no big deal just an annoyance, especially if someone decides they do want a coffee after all or someone arrives after you've just finished making one.

        • +1

          Pturtle I saw this on You Tube a few days ago of how that problem is solved (I can't find that clip Gail at SeattleCoffeeGear using a Rancillo) but just now found this one it's the same technique

          https://youtu.be/pjS8h5DSW3M?t=140 from that spot he after he steams the milk the trick he shows is to Turn off steam, Turn on Hot Water and run for a few seconds it's to lower the temperature in the chamber ……let us know if it works !!

        • You're supposed to froth the milk first and then the shot of coffee,

          Coffee first then milk.
          This way you know the water is as the right template and the minute it takes to heat the milk makes no difference.

          If your espresso can't last while the milk is steamed you need to adjust your grind or get better beans.

    • +2

      your not alone, my parents got this broke down multiple times under warranty & now stuffed out of warranty & breville dont want to hear about it even though they fixed it multiple times, good while it works but if anyone buying dont assume its a long lasting product, buy with a credit card that gives you an extra year warranty

  • +1

    For the price you pay, this model is a great choice. Convenient and produces good coffee.
    Yes, dual boiler is better, individual grinder is better but how can you compare these to this model?

  • +2

    For my use - a few coffees a week this is ideal. I don't make a lot so a single boiler is fine, plus the integrated grinder makes the machine compact. In fact, I havent bought any coffees in a year. I also only use ALDI coffee beans - not saying they are the best, but cost effective and fresh roasted right here in Melb.

    • Can you comment on which beans you buy specifically? I am trying to find cheaper beans. I typically buy Campos 1kg for $40.

      • +1

        I buy the Aldi beans also, if you like a stronger coffee go for the red ones, the gold are a slightly smoother taste and not as strong. At the price though cheap enough to try both and see which you prefer.

      • +1

        Aldi Dark Roast (Red/black pack) 1kg is about $15.

        • +1

          Aldi dark and medium roast are under $12 kg. The medium roast is OK tasting. Good value for money.

      • -1

        How do you get campos beans for that price? I've been paying $49 for superior blend 1kg?

      • That’s actually pretty cheap for Campos. I usually pay about $49 for them or $45 for Fonzie Abbott or Merlo.

      • The difference between Aldi beans recommended and Campos is light years in favour of Campos.

        • -1

          This sentence doesn't make sense

        • @Quantumcat:

          Yeah it does, read it slowly.

          You could make it better with punctuation tho.

        • @serpserpserp: ah ok, if there is a "the" added, it makes sense

  • +2

    Wanted to chip in, that I've owned this unit for ~3 years without any faults. Use good quality beans & milk and after a little practice you'll be able to make excellent coffee. Had pretty heavy usage too.

    • +2

      Regarding good quality milk, as someone who grew up surrounded by dairy farms I can tell you there’s only one tanker that collects the milk from the farm gate… so milk is milk unless you are looking at super pricy single farm origin.

      • Raw milk from the farm gate gets processed by the middle man into all sorts of varieties. So milk isn't milk.

        • +1

          Sorry, not buying it. This is what Choice said earlier this year which sums it up perfectly:-

          The coffee myth

          Some baristas would have you believe that cheaper milks – like the supermarket brand products – will give you a poorer quality coffee as the milk doesn't froth as well. They say the lower fat content of supermarket brand milks is responsible. But our analysis says otherwise.

          To confirm our findings, we asked our resident coffee expert and coffee machine tester for his opinion. He said there is some variability in milk according to season, but regardless of whether it's home brand or premium you should be able to get a good foam – so rest assured, your morning cappuccino is safe. He steamed the supermarket brand variety for us and we couldn't tell the difference.

          Urban myth or vested interests say otherwise :)

        • @lolitsme:

          I think the key words there are "should be able to get good foam". Yes if you have enough practice you can get foam with all milk, however if you are in a café you are after consistency as you need to put up not just good, but perfect foam almost every single coffee. So yeah, you have to buy milk that has certain qualities.

          I could serve you a coffee tomorrow with the lowest fat, cheapest milk you could find and another with the most expensive milk, and I can make them look identical, but that doesn't mean I've done a good job!

          Also coffee aside, do you close your eyes and buy any old milk off the shelf at the supermarket? Or do you buy a particular brand for taste? If all milk was the same, why even bother with different brands and types (I fear the conspiracy theories I'm going to hear in response!)

          Kind of like bottle water, its just water, but different brands of bottle water taste different.

  • +2

    Have the black version of this and it’s a great machine, easy to use, upgraded to a bigger milk jug though

  • +1

    Chiming in. I've got this unit. Had it for 6 months. If you are sitting on the caffeinated fence then I'm another +1. This is a BUY. I love it. Daily. Multiple times daily. Enjoy.

  • +2

    I’ve had this unit for for 3 years now. Overall it’s a really good coffee machine + grinder for the price.
    It takes a bit of time setting it up to the settings I like. I can’t seem to get the extraction correct on the double shot. So I use a single shot but i press the two cup button. The grind amount is also very difficult to find correctly. It’s always on low or the lowest setting. The milk wand stick is great, just takes a while to get enough steam strength somedays.

  • +1

    Pulled the trigger, thanks OP and people who have posted their experiences. I've been looking for something like this for quite a while, this is the push I needed :)

  • We have one of these. 1 year on absolutely no complaints.

  • I am getting the code rejected when trying to order with a pickup. Any advice appreciated. Cheers.

  • Owned one for a couple of years. Absolutely no issues with it at all - highly recommended. We clean it as per the recommended advice, including taking the grinder mechanism to bits (actually not difficult at all) and it has produced an average of eight cups per day every day for this coffee-addicted family.

    • I'd hate to see how many coffees a day you do in peak season!

  • Sunbeam EM7000 is pretty good. Not quite a dual boiler (dual thermalblock) but does the job. Mine's still chugging along since June 2014.

    • Thermoblock definitely has it's advantages over a dual boiler though (not saying it's better, just that it's not inferior either).

  • I have been using an older model of the of this product for about 5 years now and had no issues with it. It has been cleaned regularly and well looked after, and it constantly makes good coffee. Go ahead and get this if you love coffee, especially if takeaway coffees are breaking your bank atm. You will make up for the cost within 1-3 months.

  • Have one of these in the office - 20/30 a day for 3 years - used and abused - still going strong

  • Thanks OP have grabbed one for the office, hopefully be able to sneak under expenses.

  • Just pice matched this at jbhifi pacific fair Gold Coast !!!

  • -1

    Hey Guys and Girls,
    Still having trouble with the PICK20 code. Tried entering it for a couple of days now and keep getting rejected. Am I entering it in the right box (before payement in the voucher/code box)?? Thanks for any help!

    • worked for me? are you entering it at checkout where it says COUPON at the bottom,

    • I'm having issues too. But receicing errors upon clicking Commit and Pay:
      Error msg: Something went wrong. Please try to check out again.

    • Then afterwards if click on 'View order details' I have the following msg's: Your order is being prepared.Your payment is pending.
      Finally after about 30 minutes the order simply drops away out of my purchase history. I've contacted Good Guys about it.

    • Latest eBay error msg: Order service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL.

  • Just bought one from O'Connor WA - noticed someone else had one on order :)
    Bought 1kg Delonghi Signature Blend beans - Not bad, wasted about 400g of it trying to find the perfect grind settings
    - Still not 100% :(
    Seems that pressure is a bit high everytime I get extraction > 23s…

  • Thanks for the post, just bought this from Good Guys for $543.20! yeah, going to test it out…

  • If you are going to be buying good fresh roasted beans you may want to try to the Grinder adjustment. It involves taking part of the machine off, but well worth it in my opinion.
    I found that i had the grinder on the finest setting and was over dosing and over tamping to try get a decent extraction. Once i adjusted the grinder internally though it works a treat!

    • Any link to a guide in doing this?

      • http://coffeesnobs.com.au/brewing-equipment-midrange-500-150...

        Guide is a little old, but quick guide:

        1. Take out water container
        2. Remove screws across the back panel and the front (from memory above the tamper and on the right side)
        3. Take off the top cover.
        4. there are 2 cogs, a small white and large black. The white one should be directly below the grind amount dial.
        5. at the bottom of the small white cog shaft pinch the two ends together to allow you to lift the white cog (remember its position).
        6. once the white cog is lifted enough to not be touching the black cog spin the black cog anticlockwise only 2-3 teeth (any more can cause the burrs to jam)
        7. drop the white cog back in place.
        8. clean machine thoroughly while you are at it and put the machine back together.

        I would only suggest this if you are already on the finest setting with your beans and are having to over tamp and over dose to get a decent shot. Also once done make sure you dial the grind back a little bit, as mentioned depending how many teeth you roll back and being on the finest setting can cause the burrs to jam.

  • Hi all. Need some help. I’m torn between this machine and the oracle manual.

    We need a good coffee in the morning. We both have long blacks. Time is a factor for both of us as we can barely make it out the door. Which machine will make a darn good cuppa and quick? It looks like the oracle will do it all but I’m weighing up the big price tag difference and the fact that the oracle is inconsistent in its coffee? But then the 870 will require some fiddling to get it just right?

    Thanks all for your help!

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