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eBay 10% off Sitewide ($75 Min Spend)


Get 10% off eBay sitewide when you spend $75 or more. Full T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Discount capped at $300 per transaction. Limit 2 transactions per person. Purchases in the following categories are excluded: Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Other Lots More Items (88433) and Gift Cards (172,009).

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    • You may be better off with a fixed wireless service such as Vivid and a phone service.

    • I'm using an Optus Wireless Gateway Huawei E5186s-61a router.
      Great device and it is my primary means of Broadband at home.
      Can be picked up brand new off eBay for under $160.

      • Thanks for that.

      • Can you use a Chromecast with that device?

        • Yes, it’s a router.

  • Haha….. Again!?!?!

  • +6

    Q1 target needs to be met!!!

  • Gonna look for a printer tomorrow.
    Any recommendations for a reliable cheap laser colour printer?

    • Do you print much? If you only need to print every now and then I'd suggest an inkjet

      • +2

        Colour lasers are expensive to change toners but inkjets printers don’t like being used “occasionally”.

        They will dry up.

        So maybe tough choices.

      • +1

        I don't print much, which is why i'm trying to avoid inkjets.

        • As long as you've done your research on the cost of toners vs ink cartridges as they both degrade over time due to oxidisation

          Alternatively just use Officeworks printing facilities

        • We have an inkjet we use only once every two months… Brother and using cheap cartridges… has not dried up yet

    • +1

      Bought my parents a Xerox CP205w about seven years ago, still going strong.

      Bought myself a Brother MFC-9330CDW a couple of years ago. Prints OK, but the interface (eg: for the scan-to-email) is horrendously bad.

      Wouldn't buy an inkjet with somebody else's money.

      • Ah, I've was looking at the 9330CDW earlier, I just need something that doesn't come out terrible and last me some time.

        • Can't complain about it from that perspective, it's just incredibly clumsy to configure scan-to-email and a bit fiddly to subsequently use, even with "shortcuts" setup.

          Mine is approx two years old. Doesn't get used that often. But I can turn it on after 3+ months of non-use and know whatever I print will come out fine, first time, without having to spend half an hour running printer head cleans and hoping it doesn't run out of ink.

        • @drsmithy:
          Ah nice, its probably still better than my 1 page at a time scanner. Thanks for the info.

  • just in time for a wifi AP hopefully

    any ubiquiti experts?
    what do I need from their range if I just want to add a decent wifi AP to an existing Asus RT-AC86AU (well, a linksys running asus firmware, and its wifi isnt the best)

    • +1

      Or LR if you need it go distance.
      No expert, only a user

      • Thanks
        Grabbed a Lite.. only $106 with the other 20% off selected sellers deal

  • Bidding on a few items closing in 36 hours. Hopefully another one comes up soon.

  • I just bought something today for 5% off eBay code. is there a way I can cancel and use this

    • Can try msg the seller and ask them to send a cancellation request from their end.

  • -2

    Might have already started, I was looking at Samsung s2 9.7, and found 1 for $399 this afternoon, gone now

  • +2

    When is 15% site wide, that will be cool!

    • +2

      Hang on just jumping in my DeLorean now, will let you know.

    • Prob eofy judging by last time

    • asked this (kinda) a few posts earlier myself

  • -2

    Just make it permanent 10% off and done with it.

  • -1

    10% is now normal sitewide…. need 20% or more to get me excited!

    • +12

      I've heard that happens as you get older.

      • Wouldn't think 20% would make it a hard deal.

  • damn it Starts right as one of the listings i wanted ends !

    • Buy first, pay later.

  • +6
    • +1

      Cheers, great work! Was just looking for this.

      • +1

        No problems, here to help!

    • -2

      Was it necessary considering 10% is site wide?

  • Hopefully there is good value kindle paperwhite deal tomorrow.

    • I got mine with 20 percent off at good guys

  • +5

    This is getting the same for me as Woolies and Coles. Once they offer a product half price I will never buy it for more than that again, I stock up.

    Now I only buy in ebay with a code.

    • Or dominos. Only a mug buys pizza without a code lol

  • +1

    Does this include gold or silver?

  • Any woolies voucher?

    • You can buy $5-500 value gift cards for face value - 5% eg. $95 buys a $100 gift card.

      At cashrewards.

      • More hoping like the $170 and $200 voucher actually..

      • What are these gift cards called? Do you just buy Woolworth gift card through cashrewards and then redeem it at Woolworth for actual ebay gift card?

  • Thanks, a new supplier with a headlight for my car just popped up. 10% off $265 is not bad!

  • Why are bikes always excluded in 10% off deal?

    • +3

      why would anyone buy a bike? those oBikes are lying around on the streets, the trees, the rivers.

      • It is the automotive category so they mean motorcycles

  • +3

    US eBay had 20% and 15% site wide in the last weeks … and we get this.

    • yep, i saw that.

    • was it restricted to US addresses ?

  • +2

    Code should be FUAMAZON10

  • +9

    Can anyone recommend a store that sells adhesive tape? Preferably with an abrasive surface. I'm asking for a friend's cricket team. A colour that matches well with a red leather surface would be ideal. In hindsight, they reckon bright yellow wasn't very tactical.

  • -2

    They should just have a permanent code

  • Im sure this has been said before but on sunday where final value fees are $1.

    If I list an item for $3k and my "friend" buys it. They pay $2.7k for said item and I get $3k for it? Netting me a ~$300 profit?¿

    • Yes, that would easily work, especially under Local Pickup.

    • +2

      No, you still have to pay via paypak which takes ~3% so you are only getting 210 lol.

  • I just went to buy something and I used another code 'PROJECT' and got 20% off?

  • Anyone recommend any good hybrid bikes?

  • Is anyone else's Super Sunday $1 listings promotion working? Every (profanity) week since about a month ago I see the banner but can't opt in despite being able to at the start of the year and every time the live chat's answer is just list and we'll credit your account for any fees.

  • Anyone got this working yet? Just tried to use it on a kindle paperwhite from officeworks and it would not let me apply the code.

    • +2
      • Thanks man - maybe because mine was originally a UK account…

        Will sign up for a new one

      • Do you have any pull with Ebay Tightarse? If so are you able to get them to sort out their Sunday listings promos?
        I see the banners plastered everywhere but in the past few weeks haven't been able to take up the offer and the ebay reps are no help in getting it sorted.

    • Apply at checkout

      Just bought Samsung tablet from Officeworks

  • Any recommendations for products under $25 with FREE shipping?

    Kathmandu looked tempting on a pair of pair of socks but not for $10 delivery. :(

    I have an auction I'm watching, currently on $52.

    • Is anyone able to get the code working with this it would be much appreciated.

      • Code is not working on this item.

        • Thank you for trying I’ve tried every time this week on all the 10% off codes and none of worked

        • @Dusto: Happy to help.

      • It's because it's listed under "Coins", send a message to the seller to ask them to change it to another category.

        • Ok I’ll try that thanx for the info

  • Does anyone know how the 10% code works when requesting combined postage from a seller? When I click on the 'request total from seller' link it shows the full price of each item and I have no option to enter a code. If I request a new total will I be able to add the 10% discount code at a later stage?

    Apologies if this has been answered before, I couldn't find anything on this.

  • Got $80 off an iphone 8 thanks

  • any phone suggestions under 500? looking for good camera and 3.5mm jack hard to choose

    • LG V20?

      • Using lg g6 at the moment not good selfie camera at all its time to upgrade looking for something recent

      • Also checked reviews for nokia 8 which arent that good unless anyone who is using it could tell how it is for battery life

  • Can you use the voucher to pay for an auction item or is it just buy it now items?

    • +1


  • $330 poorer now
    Thanks TA :)

  • Nice! Got myself some wall hooks and gutter brush.

  • For some reason, the code only gave me 5% discount when entered.

  • Yeah baby FINALLY got a graphics card upgrade without needing sell a kidney. MSI GTX 1070 coming my way $550 inc postage.

    • -1

      lol i got that price Nov 2016. Graphic prices are insane

    • You need an amex man. I got mine for $500 for Harvey Norman last year thanks to the amex deal and a price match.

  • Where is the Easter coupon ?

    • Yeh I missed out too. Thought it would last till easter friday. Oh well, at least I have my cart ready to go next sale.

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