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Telecube NBN - No Setup - 100/40 1000GB $75/Month


Hello again Ozbargainers .. we've dropped the setup fee completely for this one.

Please click through the offer link below or click the [Go To Deal] button on the right to go to the offer page, you need to click through one of the offers on that page to get the special pricing.

Ozbargain No Setup Offer

The top plans in each speed tier:
100/40 1000GB $75/month
50/20 1000GB $65/month <== best value
25/5 1000GB $55/month

HUGE offpeak allowances and unmetered uploads.

Unmetered uploads.

Note: If you are on HFC please contact support before placing an order, in most cases we are unable to fast churn HFC services and downtime can be 1 - 2 weeks.

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  • Oh great! I just signed up today with setup fees! Can that be reverse?

    • +8

      Your setup fees will be credited back if you signed up through the previous offer

      • +1

        yeah I just saw the credit. Thanks

    • +4

      Isn't $50 setup fees with $60 credit better? Also you won't be charged setup fees anymore when moving to another plan while this one makes it difficult to change plan.

      • Yeah I just checked and you're absolutely right. Thanks

      • +1

        It is except you have to basically pay for 2 months up front .. with this offer you don't.

  • +5

    I like the idea of 1Tb limits . Not keen on subsidising mega leeches and using more than that has got to be over most ISP's Fair use policy anyway .

    • +5

      We like this too .. it leaves us with light to medium bandwidth users and allows us to run a better quality network.

      • +1

        Whats your Tech Support number ?
        I'm getting NBN next month (6MYL-24-17-FNO-001) and consider ringing tech support as about the best litmus test available .

        • +1

          Email is our preferred method of support, please send your questions to support at telecube dot com dot au

        • That's a great test, will try it out next time!

        • How do you find out what code thingy you have? My suburb has three and I don’t know which one I have - any way to find out?

        • @ihavecentsnotsense: try the ausaie broadband poi finder

    • I am not a leech, this month I have download 1.5TB and upload 2.7TB :) (not with this ISP though)

      • +3

        If you can schedule those downloads to outside evening hours we'll get on great. Upload all you like anytime.

        • Hmm yeah it looks like that would certainly be fine with you guys. I just clicked through and you weren't kidding when you said HUGE offpeak!

        • Hey, I am really curious if you could provide a clear and concise answer to a concern I have. I have moved over from NuSkope to you guys, but my prior connection is still active for a few weeks. I've been comparing download/upload speeds in a number of scenarios, and I have found that your upload speeds vary from 1-2MB/s difference, compared to Nuskope which has been pretty much consistantly maxed out at 4MB/s; this is a significant difference. This is for international uploading, not local. It worsens during the evening.

          I'm honestly considering cancelling my service, and continuing my time with Nuskope, even if it an additional $30. I'll admit, though, your download speeds are generally superb, even during evening peak hours. If I did cancel, would I get the remaining value of the money back, as I'm only half-way through?

        • @The Question: I couldn't really comment on why it's different, we would be using different international transit I expect.

          I'm sorry we can't do refunds for partially used months.

        • @telecube: What about the $50 credit on the account? That was the refund from the $50 setup fee from the last deal you offered— I would imagine I'd have that returned, yes?

        • @The Question: Sorry no, the offer is account credit not refundable as cash. It's clearly stated in the offer.

        • -1

          @The Question:

          Lol such an entitled world we live in.

        • +1

          @gimme: If I felt entitled, I'd have argued further. I accepted that that is the result. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • +1

        What do you really download? I don't even used 100gig a month and I watched a lot of pron. What do people download these days?

        • +18

          Linux ISOs. Lots of Linux ISOs.

        • @muncan: yeah and when that's done just catching up with the news.

        • @muncan: Those 4k Linux ISOs are particularly large.

        • +8

          @muncan: yeah i got 3TB of linux isos, new ones come out every week. also gotta keep the kids happy, my 3 yr old loves about 10 different linux distros

        • @xEnt: lol

        • +1

          I stream Foxtel Now, Netflix and Stan. A single 4K movie can eat through 20 to 80GB.

      • What are you downloading??

        • Game downloads and updates can be quite a bit.

        • Had to reinstall a lot of games as sadly my steam drive died. Also my family watch a lot of Netflix HD near constant on two 4K TVs it chews a lot of bandwidth. Although games and their updates are quite large these days, wouldn't say it's uncommon to use 300gb or more each month on game updates and to install new games is usually 40-50gb a game now and between PS+, Xbox live and humble monthly I get a fair few games a month.

    • +3

      It's getting to a point where I'm downloading around 3TB a month because of 4K and HDR files. Movies are anywhere between 20-80GB each, TV shows are much more. Not too many would be doing that but as 4K becomes wide spread 1TB will start to become the minimum requirement.

      • +3

        If you're downloading movies you could schedule them to offpeak if you wanted to though yeh?

        • +3

          The reason why I pay a premium for internet, with the fastest speed and unlimited data, is because I want it downloaded ASAP. There's no peak or off-peak for my deal. Some months it is about 1TB depending on which 4K content is released. Possibly moving soon so your company could become an option… But would like to see an unlimited plan available even if its much more expensive. Good to see uploading is not counted as that can be bad with torrents with high speed. Last month was 3.4TB DL / 1.9 TB UL used.

        • +29

          @Monstalova: We aren't an option sorry, there won't be any unlimited plans in the foreseeable future.

        • +10

          Thanks for telling the truth and not beating around the bush. Good to know reps are still honest out there

        • I’m assuming people are downloading from torrent websites so pirate bay a ok to go ape shit and download huge files then?

        • @prankster: in off peak yes.

    • Another provider in my area recently introduced similar data caps. A lot of people chimed in about how they'll have to manage their usage and how upset they were at the idea of a limit. Most people admitted they'd still fall under 1 TB but didn't like the idea of a cap. Anyway, one person posted a picture, he was downloading over 4 TB a month. I wonder how many more heavy users like him were out there hiding in the crowd of users. I completely agree 1 TB is a great data cap limit.

    • +1

      The concept of "fair use policies" sucks anyway. Just tell me what I can use and assume I'll use all of it. Unlimited sucks.

  • Hi Rep
    Do you use wideband or vocus backhaul in VIC?

    • We use both in Vic

      • Thanks Rep. Is it possible to determine which would be used in brunswick (thornbury POI)?

        • What's your service type?

        • @telecube: FTTP. Its a new apartment.

        • +1

          @kRaYziE666: We'll probably provision you on Vocus. There's literally no difference.

  • +7

    For those just out of contract with MyRepublic and about to be hit with the price rise: your MyRepublic modem will work fine on Telecube. I'm also getting much better speeds.

    • +1

      Sounds good. Looks like I'll be moving to telecube this week from myrepubsh#t

    • Yep. Signed up last Sunday connected by Monday afternoon. FTTN. Changed modern settings to PPPOE and put the Username and password and it worked no issues. Noone was home at the time, but I don't think there's much downtime. Apparently you used to have to wait until Telecube changed the status to provisioned, but that didn't happen until the next day and we were already up and running.

    • Did you need to reconfigure it?

      • Yes, you have to press the "setup wizard" button at the top of the configuration screen. Change authentication to PPPoE and enter the credentials provided.

        • Have you got your landline number ported over yet? How long did that take?

        • @lostn: Not yet. Seems to involve more DIY than with other providers and haven't had the time. And chose not to port, as it was $33.

        • @Make it so: Just as update: I got my new number working. Added new VoIP extension, set it up (not too hard, just copy settings), added new DID, set it to "forward" and punched in the number of the VoIP extension. Works fine (all using the $1 modem/router from MyRepublic).

        • @Make it so:

          can you upgrade your myrepublic TG789 using iinet firmware?

        • @edgar28: Upgrade from what to what? I have no idea about iinet firmware.

        • @Make it so:
          whirlpool forum stated can't use iinet latest firmware for myrepublic TG789

          latest firmware no:vant-6_16.3.8046

          myrepublic firmware File:vant-6_16.3.7xxx, wifi disconnect (in 1 to 2 hours then require restart to work again) when google home or chromecast connected

        • @edgar28: I don't know anything about what is possible with the iinet firmware, but my MyRepublic firmware is completely stable. As for the Google Home and Chromecast issue: that would be to do with the issue which Google fixed in January, where a GH or Chromecast would DoS the router when waking out of sleep. I only my MyRepublic router as a modem, not as my main router (don't know if it is secure enough).

        • @Make it so:

          Thanks for the information.

  • Can anyone pls provide feedback on Telecube FTTN speed in the ACT? in particular Kambah suburb. Thanks.

    • In Belconnen my modem/router is reporting over 70mbps max download on FTTN but am on a slower plan so it is limited at the plan speed. Once you're connected you can find out your max potential speed and can then change plan up/down if desired

      • Your modem will tell you the speeds that your connection is capable of on FTTN, the dsl sync rates.

        • Im with AussieBB at the moment and the sync rate is around 77mbps to 80mbps. Does it mean i should get the same sync rate with Telecube?

        • @akatsuki: You should yes.

        • Thanks :)

    • On Telecube in Kambah.
      50/20 plan
      Line sync 55/22, getting 47/19 ping 11ms to Syd, on speedtest,
      fast.com 44
      Local speeds very consistent.
      To the US though speeds vary more. I have seen 5, 10, 20, 40.
      P2P, Usenet, Steam seem to give 30+
      4/5 stars.

      • That's not bad. Thanks :)

        I'm happy with AussieBB so far, but it's kinda expensive so I'm considering to jump ship.

  • How long will this offer be valid for?

    • +1

      Until Sunday 22nd

    • TC always have deals. Don't sweat it if you can't sign in time. He'll be back with a new deal.

  • Skymesh user here on a pittance for data usage. What's involved in cutting across?

    Can't remember what my modem is, but it's the round tube-like d-link one that was recommended when skymesh were rolling out great deals for its time. Any reason why my current modem wouldn't suit or do I need more specific info on what model it is?

    • Ps: I keep putting off moving provider because I believe we'll be moving back into our renovated house in the coming months, what's involved in exiting? 1 month upfront/cancel before next bill?!

      • +2

        Advise us you want to cancel with 3 business days of your rollover day, we just need time to cancel the service before it rolls over to the next month and we incur more charges.

    • +1

      If you're using the modem with your current provider on an NBN connection it will work fine with us too. Assuming it's not locked.

      • Thanks for the response. I bought locally on whirlpool recommendations so it's definitely not locked. We are FTTP (Carlton, Vic).

        I'm interstate for work so I'll get my wife to confirm tomorrow. I've setup an account in the meantime, will this deal run for a few more days?

        • Yep in runs until Sunday week .. 22nd April

        • @telecube:

          Beautiful, and just confirmed, DLINK DIR-850L.

          Also, when cutting over, do you install a parallel fibre from the point of connection or do you just migrate the existing line across?

          Only reason I ask, is there was a bit of hassle upon first install where the technician was going to walk away (too hard basket), had I not been there (Electrician with Cert 3 telecoms and extensive fibre background). Long story short, it's an awkward run through a shop ground floor up to 1st floor and I more than likely won't be there to assist again.

        • @db87: We normally provision a new service on the next available port for FTTP as this allows you to change your router over at a time that suits you.

          If you specifically want a transfer instead and leave the service on the same UNI-D port please include this detail in the notes when adding the service.

        • @telecube:

          I figured as much.

          As much as it would be possible to provision a new service, we could afford any possible downtime in between transferring across to avoid the hassle of needing to meet a tech, etc.

          Thanks again for the prompt answers and apologies for all the questions. thumbs up

  • Do you guys service, Tumut, NSW. 2720?

    • +1

      If your address is NBN ready then yes. We can provide a service to anywhere nationally that is NBN ready.

  • +3

    Please keep these offers up till I get the NBN available in August 😬😬😬

    • +2

      I'll do my best ;-)

    • +2

      Please keep these offers up till…no idea actually.

      The nbn website has said “coming soon” for the past two years…

      • +5

        Grab a coffee and a good book and settle in to your favourite couch .. it could be a while :-D

      • +2

        I can understand th frustration! I’m the last be out of my immediate family to get the NBN yet I’m the one who wanted it the most 😂😂

      • +6

        I’m due to get NBN in 2015

  • Whats type of connection (wait) time might I expect? This will be the first connection of any type of internet through copper at this household (newly built house, telstra have run all the cables).

    edit: better english.

    • If the connection is new and there's no cabling in place at the moment then normally 5 - 8 business days for the tech appointment.

  • -1

    How does this compare to Aussie Broadband?

    • -1

      They're both NBN service providers

    • ABB run their own network to all 121 POIs mainly for that reason they are more expensive.

  • Hi I moved to new build house don't have any connection or telephone line can you please tell me how much it will cost me to setup whole thing and get this $75 plan please I am in WA thanks

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