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Telecube NBN - No Setup - 100/40 1000GB $75/Month


Hello again Ozbargainers .. we've dropped the setup fee completely for this one.

Please click through the offer link below or click the [Go To Deal] button on the right to go to the offer page, you need to click through one of the offers on that page to get the special pricing.

Ozbargain No Setup Offer

The top plans in each speed tier:
100/40 1000GB $75/month
50/20 1000GB $65/month <== best value
25/5 1000GB $55/month

HUGE offpeak allowances and unmetered uploads.

Unmetered uploads.

Note: If you are on HFC please contact support before placing an order, in most cases we are unable to fast churn HFC services and downtime can be 1 - 2 weeks.

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      It's very likely there will be a $300 new development charge if there hasn't been any phone or internet in the place previously but if you email support with your address details and ask someone will be able to let you know.

    • It sounds like you will have to pay the new development fee which is $300 but if you send an email to support with you address and ask the question someone can do a lookup and confirm.

  • What backhaul will you be using in Canberra, i am with mungi atm and sick of the vocus' international speeds especially to the US. So i am probably looking to switch.

    • +1

      We use Vocus for backhaul and transit out of Sydney but generally the speeds to the US have been reasonable. Perhaps ask in the whirlpool forums for people on our network in Sydney to show you speed tests.

  • do you provide access on Opticomm fibre ?

    • We do in Vic and NSW at the moment. We will be bringing WA and Qld online through May.

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    Hi I am not very tech savvy . I am using TPG FTTB in my apartment. I am currently on lower speed and called TPG wanting to upgrade to higher speed but was told I need to cancel service and reconnect again??? Anyway, after several phone calls I am really fed up with it. So thinking of taking up this offer with telstra. Does it mean i am transfering an existing service from FTTB to telstra?

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      This is Telecube… not Telstra.

    • If you're on the TPG network at the moment and NBN is available in your apartment then we could transfer you across yes, I'm not sure but I think that is what you are asking .. is it?

    • +3

      You may be fed up with your customer service because customer service might not have an idea what you are saying.

      Just like reading your question here we’re all a bit confused at what you just said.

      You are confusing Telstra wth telecube, you don’t transfer from FTTB to any provider, you transfer between providers. FTTB is the technology.

      It’s possible it’s not even NBN as TPG can sometimes build the fibre to the apartment instead of NBN.

      You probably need to be more educated in your internet if you want some help on forums.

  • Hi Rep
    If Voip as well what costing am I looking at ?

    • Our voip is PAYG the rates are here

      • Thanks Rep will have a look .

        • It's a bit strange the rep directed you to that VOIP product. Telecube own Siptalk, and Siptalk's rates are cheaper, see the PAYG rates here:

          There are other VOIP providers too, there's no need to go with Siptalk or Telecube. VOIP is just another service supplied over the internet, similar to Netflix.

        • Hi Russ thanks for your reply , when I get a chance I'll have a look at Siptalk

  • Do you guys offer Static IP and how much do you guys charge for excess data?

    I'm leaning towards Optus with their $115 Plan for Max Unlimited NBN and Unlimited Home Phone.

    But if you also have an Unlimited plan I might switch to you as you seem cheaper.

    I use around 50 - 80 GB a day.

  • Yeh no unlimited and at the moment excess data is $30 per 100GB

    I don't think we're suitable for you unless those 50 - 80 GB can be scheduled to offpeak hours.

  • +1

    I like your plan but cannot join it now.
    I was told 'NBN available' few months, and it is HFC, then suddenly it was changed to 'Upgrading the network' with a delay of 6-9 months. Now still waiting …
    Just wish your plan is still available when NBN is available.

  • It looks like the price went up for some of the plans, for example the 25/5 100GB used to be $40pp,now it's $45.

    FYI I'm with Telecube, happy with connection so far. I'm with 25/5 100GB plan and was thinking of upgrading to 500GB,which used to be $45pm, now it's $50pm. So not very good for me.

    • We also made uploads unmetered and have huge offpeak limits on these plans.

      • +1

        For the off peak, is it based on the time zone of Melbourne, or based on my house location? I'm in Perth and I'm not sure when that midnight to 7pm off peak period is.
        Thanks rep

        • +1

          It's based on the time zone of the POP you are connected to, so in Perth it will be WA time as you will be connected to the Perth POP

        • +1

          Good to know there is a Perth POP .

        • @troyww: Also Melbourne, Sydney and I think Brisbane is now online as well.

        • @telecube: Don't suppose there is an Adelaide POP as yet?

        • @sween64:
          I guess having a POP in other states helps game server pings if your playing on servers located in other states ?

        • @monkeybunt: No note yet. It's next on the list.

        • @troyww: You will simply connect to your closest POP. I think it helps when your accessing something local to your own location, all traffic will be contained within your own state.

    • Yeah I want to go down to the 100GB $40 plan coz I’m on the 500gb plan as I don’t know how I will download that much ha ha

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    Any recommended modem router with VIOP for WA Perth FTTN? I have pre-order NBN 100 with Telecube which my NBN should be ready in June. Currently using TP-Link Archer D9 AC1900 with my adsl. I cant find modem is selling on the website

    • +2

      We do sell a Netcomm NF18ACV for $149 configured and delivered, if you want one of them please email support or leave details in the notes when adding the service.

      • If I purchase the NF18ACV, I just need to plug in my old phone then it will work? or i need a new phone?

        • +1

          If you purchase it off us we will configure it ready to plug in your standard phone and it will work.

    • I bought a TP LINK VR600V for $189 from ple using a VIP discount code:

  • Do you guys use static IP? Keen to have static IP for DDNS.

    • +2

      If by DDNS you mean dynamic DNS what's the point of having a static IP? Haven't checked lately but from memory a static IPv4 address was $5/month. The free dynamic IPv4 works fine with a dynamic DNS service, just set the TTL to 5mins if you're desperate with resolve lag when your IP address changes.

  • +1

    I’d like to trial Telecube speeds vs ABB on FTTP. Any chance for a discounted first month?

    • +1

      Sorry we can't discount the price any further than this.

    • TC used to offer a refund if you cancelled within 21 days…

      • Only of the setup fee .. there's no setup fee with this offer

        • Ah I thought I wasn't remember everything exactly.

        • +1



  • +2

    I like Telecube but, the latency isn't good for gaming…

    • How bad is your ping? And can you say what tech you on and state?

      • I am quite curious too

      • Wow, I hadn't pinged for a while & I am getting 6ms! I dunno if its time of night (10:55p Sat Sydney) or an upgrade has been done. I used to ping often & it wasn't too good.
        I don't game but I know if you are in the 20ms range, its not the best. Well done Telecube!!!
        DNS is faster since I changed my server to & secondary to Its fast & secure &, open source. Check it out at

        Cheers :-)

    • Are you in Qld?

      If so it's probably because transit is still running through Sydney at the moment.

      • Any ETA on when that will change?

    • What game and what servers? I've had no issues playing RL on Oceania and PUBG on Oceania and Asia.

      • How is dota ping in Vic?

        • Not sure. I can do a tracert for you.

        • @sween64: Server IP: Thanks a lot!!

        • @kRaYziE666:
          Tracing route to []
          over a maximum of 30 hops:
          1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms []
          2 9 ms 8 ms 8 ms
          3 9 ms 8 ms 8 ms
          4 21 ms 27 ms 25 ms []
          5 21 ms 21 ms 21 ms []
          6 * * * Request timed out.
          7 21 ms 20 ms 20 ms []

        • @sween64: Thank you

    • How's your ping? I'm on tpg and in QLD and getting 41ms. Afraid to sign up If telecube will be worse. I don't download much but game alot

      • Try ABB.

  • -1

    Note: If you are on HFC please contact support before placing an order, in most cases we are unable to fast churn HFC services and downtime can be 1 - 2 weeks.

    Perhaps clarify that this means ‘cable’ internet, a term more people will be familiar with than HFC. Also, is there a logical explanation for this downtime? I don’t think anyone would like to be without internet for 2 weeks these days.

    • HFC is used for cable internet yes, but some people use the telstra HFC cables for their NBN.

      • is that the delay having to churn from Telstra to another provider?

        • From Telstra cable internet to NBN there is no churn.

          The NBN service will be installed and activated without touching the Telstra service. You will then need to cancel Telstra.

        • @spaceflight: so where does the downtime of 1 - 2 weeks come from?

        • @venomx2:

          The delay is churning from a HFC NBN provider to telecube (I don't know if it is the same for other NBN providers).

          If you have Telstra cable internet then you are not churning as you don't have the NBN.

  • I’m new to NBN HFC. I dont have a modem other than my ADSL modem. I can’t find your list of supported modems. Do you have a list somewhere? Can I buy a modem from you?

    • With HFC you just need a router that you plug into the HFC modem.

      • Is the HFC modem supplied when you first connect to HFC NBN, or do you have to buy it?

        If it is supplied, who owns it? Is it the property of NBNco, or the ISP?

        • It's supplied by and remains the property of NBNco

        • @telecube:

          Thanks. Maybe you could clarify this on your webpage, where it says "No modem is included with any broadband plans", to say "We don't supply modems. But if you are connecting via FTTP or HFC, NBNco will supply a modem when the NBN is connected to your premises. If you are connecting by FTTN, you have to buy a modem yourself." I think that's more accurate?

        • @Russ: You still need to supply a router, you can't just plug into the HFC modem, it's essentially just a bridge.

          Likewise for fttp

        • @telecube:

          Finally a rep who understands basic networking. The number of people who use the term modem to mean a router is mind boggling. The NBN provided NTD (HFC) is essentially the modem and users only need a wifi and router but most RSPs call this a modem. Even the nbn techs I've had over have asked me where my modem is (after checking the NTD) when I tell them I don't have/need one here's my router, they just give me a blank look.

      • Thanks. So any wifi router with a wan port? Does it need specific features to connect to nbn?

        • +1

          Yeah that's it. Only thing to remember is that few providers require a router that can do Vlan tagging or Vlan ID (same thing) so best to check with provider first as some routers aren't capable of that.

        • +1

          @gimme: We don't require vlan tagging, it needs to be disabled.

    • +1

      Does your ADSL modem have a WAN port or does it have a setting that lets you turn a LAN port into a WAN port?

      If it does you can use it for NBN HFC.

      • I don’t think it does. But good to know thanks.

  • what about phone line or does it become nbn phone line or through the modem?

    • We provide the phone across voip, you will need a voip device to make and receive calls with our service. Many modem/routers have voip built in.

    • Rather than buy a VOIP device, you can just add a VOIP client app to an old mobile phone, and leave that in your home. The mobile phone will be connected through WiFi, so you don't need to put a SIM in that phone.

      Also, with some VOIP providers you can have several mobile phones with VOIP clients installed, and all of them will ring when a call comes in on your incoming VOIP line. Whoever answers first gets the call.

      • thanks, any good VOIP app you can recommend?

        • My phone is an Android.

          I used to use Sipdroid, and it was good, but it doesn't work properly on my current phone. Sipdroid uses a "slide up" action to end a call, and my current phone won't do that. Not sure if it's a fault with my phone, or with Sipdroid.

          I'm currently using cSipSimple, and it's just as good. It uses a tap to end a call.

  • Hi Rep, Im currently with TPG HFC in Wheelers Hill VIC , the modem model is Huawei HG659 with Arris CM820B. if I sign up with Telecube, do I need new modem?

    • Is the Huawei HG659 in router only mode? When using HFC the Arris acts as the modem, after that all you need is a router.

  • Hi Rep, do Telecube pay for fast transpacific links or is the bandwidth you offer only guaranteed when connecting to Australia servers?

    • Search here for international speeds or ask for someone to perform some for you.

    • We currently don't pay for any dedicated international bandwidth, it's all part of our overall transit.

      • Thanks Rep. I'm in Perth. I'm currently with MyRepublic. When I do a speed test it connects to a server in Melbourne because MR don't have any Perth servers. Do Telecube have servers in Perth or like MR will my traffic route through an Eastern state?

        • We do have routers in Perth, you will connect locally for local traffic.

        • @telecube: Fantastic. I like the fact you offer month to month. I think I'll make the switch. My current 12 month contract with MyRepublic ends on May 3rd. Can I sign up now and delay connection until closer to the date or should I wait a week or 2? Everything is setup at my property. MR is currently on UNID2. TPG used to be on UNID1 but that's now free.

        • @Jasonx: Yep, just specify the details of when you want the service activated in the notes when adding the service.

  • HI rep. Really looking forward to using your service- I ordered an fttp NBN account Friday week ago, but still not churned over yet. The new Port is showing lights (activated), and I sent through an email on Thursday, but got no reply. I was told a couple of business days for the churn. cheers

    • Can you message me your details please and I'll check everything is progressing normally.

      • thanks. will do. sending a pm

  • I'm a very happy TC customer and have been for almost 9 months. HFC in Nunawading, VIC. Speeds are constantly great 93/37. Peak congestion is very rare and is relieved quickly.

  • Looking forward to fast churn HFC. Will switch from Aussie BB

  • Hi telecube, moving into a unit at spring hill, QLD next weekend. I've been informed they do NBN (although not sure which type like fttp etc). I also have a spare optus NBN modem from when I was with them for FTTP(sagemcom 3864). Would I be able to use this? Anything else I need to check before booking this (first time).

  • Can people preorder this plan? I want it but I'm in an area not on NBN yet and affected by the HFC freeze

    • Yep you can, we'll just mark it as non-rfs and wait for you to contact us when your area is ready for service.

      • I'm running through this now with availability coming in a month or two - should I proceed past the payment step or have I already secured the price and no setup fee by just initiating the process? I'd rather pay once actually available.

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