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Dell Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop Intel i5-8400 8GB RAM 1TB HDD GTX 1060 6GB $999.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Same specs/price as the last time it was posted.

Intel® Core™ i5 8400 (6-Core/6-Thread, 9MB Cache, up to 4GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology)
Windows 10 Home (64bit) English
8GB DDR4 at 2400MHz
1TB 7200RPM 6Gb/s
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5
802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.1, Dual Band 2.4&5 GHz, 1x1
Dell Multimedia Keyboard KB216 Black (English)
Dell Optical Mouse MS116 Black
1Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty,InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
Front Ports
1x Audio Combo Jack
1x SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C™
1x SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A
2x USB 2.0

Rear Ports
4x SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A
2x USB 2.0
1x RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet Port
1x Full Size DisplayPort
1x Microphone Port
1x Front L/R surround line-out
1x Rear L/R surround
1x Center/subwoofer surround
Memory Slots
4x UDIMM Slots

Expansion Slots
1X PCIex16, 1X PCIex4, 2X PCIex1
CPU Cooling Options
Air Cooling – Smart cooling thermal solution
LED Lighting
Polar Blue LED illumination
Intel® Z370 Express Chipset
Form Factor
Mid Tower Desktop
460W with Air Cooling, Polar Blue LED lighting, and Tray load Slim ODD DVD
Height: 458.86 mm (18.07") x Width: 216 mm (8.5") x Depth: 437.53 mm (17.23")
Starting Weight: 13.74 Kg (30.27 lbs)
Built-in High-Definition 7.1 Performance Audio Solution
Qualcomm DW1810 1x1 802.11ac Wi-Fi Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1
460 Watt Internal Power Supply

Link to original 20% off 26 Selected Stores post.

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  • +1

    Any m.2 slots on this one?

    • +3

      From the eBay listing description:

      Easy upgradability: Your gaming machine comes with up to 460 Watt Power Supply Unit (PSU), and support for up to 4 storage devices for future upgrades (2 HDD, 1 SSD, 1 M.2).

      • Thanks, I'm assuming this means it has 1 m.2 slot and 3 SATA slots.

        I've heard that the m.2 slot in this does support nvme speeds, even though it is not explicitly stated. Can anyone confirm??

        I've also heard that the ryzen models of the Dell Inspiron Gaming computer have 2 m.2 slots (one limited to sata, one nvme) however I haven't seen any evidence of this for myself so dont take my word for it.

        • If the slot in the Dell is not NVME then you will lose 2 of your SATA ports by using it (unless it's on an adaptor cars rather than directly in the board)

        • Got this from the last deal and purchase a Samsung 960 Evo 250gb Drive and got that today, Samsung magician quoted me 3084mb read and 1526mb write when I installed it, not to sure if this is nvme speeds. Hope that helps

        • @Agret:

          What are you talking about? You do lose SATA ports when using NVME. You lose the lanes on that were used for the SATA.

        • @syousef: sorry I mean if the Dell doesn't support PCI-E based NVME drives

        • @syousef: Do you mean it physically blocks the SATA ports? Apologies, semi-noob.

        • @jerum3030:

          No. The motherboard disables the 2 SATA ports when an SSD is detected in the M.2 port. There are only a set number of PCIE lanes to the CPU. The motherboard will redirect the lanes that it used for the SATA to be used by the M.2

          Here's a quick video explaining PCIE lanes, although it fails to mention that there number of lanes is also dependant on the chipset, and the motherboard design determines how the lanes will be used - it's not something the user can change (unless there is a BIOS setting of some kind)

  • +4

    In my opinion this is a really fantastic deal, I've been getting back into PC gaming so I'll probably get this. Thanks OP

    • -3

      dont forget to get 3.5 % cashback from cashrewards

      • Thanks, although isn't it 1%?

        • +7

          @codebased: That doesn't apply to Dell eBay unfortunately

    • If it came with an RX 580 8GB instead then I'd buy it. Can only find that card for $470 online, about the same as a 1060 6GB.

  • +1

    Same price as last time. Good deal for the price!

    Actually different model number (5680 v 5675) but can’t tell what the differences are?

    • The 6GB 1060 over the 3GB model I believe
      edit: I am wrong, apologies

    • +10

      The difference is 5.

      • Smart arse haha. I mean this is the same as the one I linked to which is then 5680 but can’t tell any differences between that and this one (the 5675).

        • +1

          Odd that it is a different model number in the post but links to the same eBay listing as this one.

    • +1

      I thought difference between 5675 and 5680 is Ryzen vs Intel with slight differences in USB ports/card reader on front face.

  • I ordered 2 days ago. But I am having doubts. How good is 1060 for occasional Fifa 2018 game? Can it do 4k?

    • How good is 1060 for occasional Fifa 2018 game?

      It is the next best thing after 2 Titan Xs in SLI.

    • +3

      1060 is a really solid card. It should play fifa fine at full HD.

      • I have xbox one thst does 1080p. I was hoping for 4K.

        • +8

          4K is very demanding, keeping up with ultra settings and wanting 60fps for smooth play is asking a lot of mid tier GPU when playing most games. However, Fifa 2018 isn't demanding and it can play at 4K on a 1060 6GB GPU at above 60fps.

          Someone tested:


        • +2

          Depends on the setting you select and 1080p with fast frame rates is better than 4k with slow frame rates.

        • +1

          @FabMan: thanks. It seems it can do 4k with no issues. 60 FPS is fine for fifa.

    • 1060 is perfect for 1080p gaming. Doubt you can get much from it at 4k or even 2k in terms of frames

    • Apparently very easily averaging at nearly 120fps at ultra presets


      Keep in mind that in general, 4k is very difficult to run. So don't expect anywhere near this type of performance for most games

  • My PSU just died and motherboard seems a bit wonky, so maybe this is a good time to grab a new one.

    Anyone know if more RAM can be put in to this?

    • new PSU is cheap, what gen is the mother board and CPU ….. power supply issues prior to death might have been why motherboard was "wonky" … new PSU and it might be fine.

    • i feel your pain. I've just been there to - cheap psu dieing causing issues. After much reading I got a Corsair TX650M PSU and a Cooler Master Hyper 212X CPU Cooler.
      Result - i'm back up and running again and no need to replace the pc during these crazy gpu/ram crypto prices.

      Besides. Even if those parts i bought hadn't have helped, they are both more then god enough to go into any new pc i build to replace the current

  • +3

    Can this pc even run crysis bruh?

    • +3

      I heard two women calling each other Bruh today, I usually only hear it in ironical use. Today, I got to hear it in the wild! I shall enter this into my diary.

  • +3

    If you're looking for a quick delivery bear in mind - I ordered one last Saturday as part of the previous deal, and my estimated delivery is between 22-28th May.

    Oddly, my old PC has started crashing a lot more since I ordered this new one as well….almost like it knows its getting replaced.

    • +5

      How dare you replace me, prick.

    • +3

      You're being replaced, not the pc.

    • +2

      I ordered one in the last deal as well and dw the eta was way sooner than what it originally stated so you should get yours fairly soon.

      I think mine took under 2 weeks.

      • Did they send you a tax invoice with GST?

        • Yep

      • +1

        I got a notification to say it has been dispatched today. Currently ETA still shows end of May but you've given me hope it'll be here sooner!

  • -2

    why do they include mouse and keyboard with these gaming pcs? its as if theyre just trying to get rid of them

    • +2

      I agree, but I also imagine it costs them very little to include them.

  • Thanks OldBugger, order placed!

  • +1

    pity the OS is only home, you'd think they would just give you pro

    • +1

      Why? And why would you even need pro?

      • +1

        Some people use for networking i think. I used to use pro for language features but now win 10 seems to include all

      • +2

        Some people have to have the best even if they have no need for it.

      • Remote desktop host would be the main thing I imagine.

        • remote desktop, group policy but the main thing is joining a domain

  • Good system for lazy people who don't care about upgrading. Past commenters have lamented about psu and dell support. Buyer beware. If no issues ur golden

  • Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble sourcing an m.2 screw? I really don't want to take one from the Io shield of the graphics card unless I have to.

    • +1


  • +2

    by grabthar's hammer what a savings

  • Can someone tell me a decent monitor for this desktop?

    • +1

      Here is another nice option for a nice 27” QHD screen for a good price if you live near an MSY or umart.

    • +1

      Not without knowing something about what you want.

      Big screen? Low price? Rich colours and picture quality? 4k? Fast motion?

      Just gaming, or work and movies too? E-sports like PUBG or immersive cinematic gaming like Witcher 3?

      Every monitor will work fine with this PC, just like with any PC, but people can help you if you give them some idea what you need.

  • i haven't been looking into pc market for a few years now as no need for a new pc/laptop.
    could someone shed some light on the overall current pc price for me?
    i do often hear the bitcoin mining boom was pushing up pc prices.
    is graphic card and memory disproportionately more expensive than say a few years ago?
    is it worthwhile waiting now that the mining boom is settling down?

    • +5

      So your asking when the Bitcoin price will drop in addition to an analysis of the overall PC market?

  • Can this support dual monitors?

    • +3

      Yes - I purchased this a month ago and have two monitors attached.

    • make sure the video output ports match your monitors and cables.

      • That being said HDMI, DVI and display port can more or less be converted with very cheap adaptors for most situations.

  • +3

    The profile picture is actually a little misleading. It doesn't come with 4 front USB3 ports even though it looks like it does in the picture. If you click through the pictures on the actual ad down the bottom you'll see it only comes with 3 front USB ports and only 1 is USB3. So don't get caught out thinking it'll come with the 4 of them at the front.

    I purchased this same one a few months ago See here. This one has 6GB graphics card whereas my one was the 3GB graphics card… Great machine!

    • My profile pic is misleading too. I don't smoke.

      Hopefully someone else who purchased can chime in confirming the front ports.


  • +1

    Does anyone know if this is a Dell proprietary atx power supply?
    Is a standard atx power supply able to be used?
    My experiences with small form factor and mini tower servers power supplies makes me question this.

    • What are your experiences with SFF power supplies? Good or bad?

      • They work for the application they are built for. Often they're low powered, inefficient compared to more mainstream power supplies, but they work in a corperate environment and generally have low failure rates.
        My question had more to do with the type of power connector pins on the Dell power supply intalled with the unit.
        Corperate and consumer grade are very different products.
        Sold out now but good for next time.

        • Oh ok, cos I was about to say they are pretty efficient even though they are low powered. I'm currently running a HP Elitedesk G1 which comes with 240w PSU and I have 1xSSD,2xHDD, DVD Drive and 1050ti graphics card.

  • I missed out :(

    • Make a search alert to email for the product and it will bound to be coming up again soon.

      • will do, thanks.

        What's the limit on search alerts? I have a few :)

        • In the past several times this has come up, it has gone out of stock, and then been restocked, within the deal period. Keep your eyes on it over the next day or two.

  • Its back in stock for those who missed out

  • +1

    Just received notice that my unit has shipped. I placed the order on 17/4, and was given an ETA of last week of May. Now it's due to land by end of April, which is great! I'm happy to open the unit and share info if anyone has questions.

    • Thanks for the update. Maybe let us know how many front USB3 ports there are, as commented above. Cheers

      • +1

        Sorry weeks later… yes confirmed as above. Front has no SD slot, only 3 USB type A, one of which is USB3; also one type C. Only complaint is noticeable HDD noise when using headphones through the front socket. I'll fit a choke to see if that helps. The surprise was blinding blue LED lighting inside the case; it's quite muted with the cover on but scorching if you look direct at them. Bundled with a basic keyboard and mouse, but the keyboard can't handle even 2 keypress (think jump while running in FPS). Graphics card has one DVI, 3 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI. Motherboard has one DisplayPort, 4 USB3, 2 USB2 and a cluster of audio sockets. Overall, happy with the purchase, it's running Fortnite at 1080p highest quality and never drops below 90fps.

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