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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Disposable Breathalyser Wingmate One ($45) With Free Shipping @ Livingstore.com.au


Buy 1 Get 1 Free with Free shipping.

Wingmate One Disposable Breathalyzers - The Only Australian Standard Approved Disposable Breathalyser at .05%. Affordable, Convenient, Accurate.

The Wingmate One Breathalyser is an inexpensive, disposable, Australian Standards Certified breath testing device which quickly and simply provides an non-evidential indication of a minimum presence of 0.02%BAC and an above or below indication against 0.05%BAC.

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  • +2 votes

    "Australian Standard Approved"? Means very little.
    What is the tested level of accuracy?
    Looks like an absolute pain to use.

  • +1 vote

    Disposable?, but how many uses in a pack or is it really $45 per test?


    Do these units 'expire'. I know with most portable breathalysers they recommend recalibrating every 6 months. Is there an effective lifetime to these assuming they remain unopened?

    • +1 vote

      Yes. there is an expire date "10/2018".

      • +8 votes

        Gee. I know having drinks 20 times between now and October isn't a lot, but to have 20 drinking sessions within 6 months that may push you past the limit when you need to drive just seems like a drinking problem to me.


        Knew there was a catch to these … guess its good if you are planning to share with mates or planning for a liver transplant in a few months.

  • +6 votes

    How’s this for a test, more than 1 beer you don’t drive?

  • +1 vote

    Doesn't hold up in court, moving on.

  • +8 votes

    Stupid idea.

    You've been on a the turps at the local club for a few hours and have had some food as well.
    Just before you leave you blow on this and it tells you your BAC is under the limit.

    HOWEVER, your BAC will most likely continue to rise because you've only just finished drinking, especially with dinner in your gut delaying the release of alcohol into your blood, so you keep drinking more because you aren't feeling the buzz and "feel fine to drive".

    Except when officer plod pulls you over and first does the roadside test (you'll be over because now the alcohol is in your blood proper), and then takes you back to the station for the proper blow (you'll be over even more!), you're stuffed and shopping for a lawyer to defend your drink driving charge in Court, and to try and get you a permit to drive for work because your licence was immediately suspended on the night.

    And your excuse is this thing? I wouldn't even mention it! The fact you tested yourself before getting behind the wheel will tell the Court you 'knew' there was a chance you'd be over, but you still drove!

    How about instead of relying on white man magic, you drink two standard drinks and then that's it.

    It's not a hard concept.


    they should make these cheaper - i dont need 20 testers that expire in 5 months cheap as it may be $2.25 each.
    Just sell them individually for that price and it will encourage people to stick a few in the glovebox. and refill every year or so. do good for the community too

  • +4 votes

    future forum post - "I bought some of those breathalysers, tested my self and was fine, then the police pulled me over and I lost my license for DUI. what are my rights??"


    Good deal, Dazza and Shazza they can have their personal device now


    These could only be good for maybe a place that has a liquor licence. Offer them as a courtesy if someone is worried about drink driving. But the whole drinking and driving thing is pretty stupid anyway. Why do people need to drink a tonne of grog anyway? Waste of money.


    20 with such a short date is not really needed… as somebody else said, if you half the price (i.e. 1 box for $22.50) I think you'll have more of a takeup.


    You can pretty easily determine if you are unfit to drive just by counting your drinks and the number of hours. I was pulled over at 7am in the morning on my way to work and blew .0318, I had my last drink at 2am and went to bed. I calculated the number of drinks I had and the time and it was almost a perfect match, needless to say I was shocked by the result. Be careful in the morning if you were up late drinking the night before.

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