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Free Public Transport for South East Queensland (Due to Flood Situation)


Public transport will be FREE across all TransLink services for eight days, until the final service on Friday, Jan 21 to assist with the initial flood recovery across South East Queensland.


Bus services will resume normal operations from Friday, 14 January, with the exception of Brisbane Transport.

  • Bribie Island Coaches normal timetable
  • Brisbane Transport (BCC) Sunday timetable
  • Caboolture Bus Lines normal timetable
  • Clarks Logan City Buses normal timetable*
  • Hornibrook Bus Lines normal timetable*
  • Kangaroo Bus Lines normal timetable
  • Mt Gravatt Bus Service normal timetable*
  • Park Ridge Transit normal timetable*
  • Sunshine Coast Sunbus normal timetable
  • Surfside Buses normal timetable
  • Thompsons Bus Service normal timetable
  • Veolia normal timetable*
  • Westside Bus Company and Ipswich FlexiLink normal timetable
  • Chermside FlexiLink normal service.

    • services terminating in the CBD will terminate at a suburban hub

Services that will not operate due to flooding:

  • CityGlider, 88, 100, 105, 110, 116, 196, 197, 198, 199, 261, 299, 300, 301, 310, 375, 411, 412, 415, 417, 425, 430, 433, 444, 460, 435, 428, 430, 433, 450, 470, 471, 475, 476, NightLink No NightLink services will operate Friday January 14.

Services that will be diverted due to flooding:

  • 125, 174, 175, 184, 243, 250, 251, 257, 261, 265, 267, 270, 275, 279, 281, 540, P546, 551, 555, 561, 569, 571, 573, 575, 577, 579, 581, 680

The Mater Hill, Southbank, Cultural Centre, Queen Street and King George Square busway stations have been closed.


  • Reduced hourly services will run on all lines
  • Beenleigh/Gold Coast line may still be impacted by flood waters
  • Ipswich line may reopen depending on safety inspection.


All CityCat and CityFerry services will be suspended.

For the most up to date public transport information and service disruptions, please continue to check the service updates on the TransLink homepage.

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  • Does this include the AirTrain?

    • not sure abt that. Airtrain is from different operator

    • +6 votes


      What is free?
      The free travel applies to all bus, train and Ipswich FlexiLink services on the TransLink network (ferry services are not operating until further notice). Services will be free from the first service on Friday 14 January to last service on Friday 21 January.

      There will also be free travel of Airtrain services to Brisbane's Airports.

      Do I need my go card?

      No, the ticketing equipment won't be operating for the week. Customers simply need to board their mode of public transport.

  • This is ridiculous. It should be free for people in effected areas, but why do places like Logan need it? We haven't been effected at all and should be continuing to contribute to to state government who will be strapped for cash in coming months and years. All the bogans will be catching it to the pub, not to help anyone.

    • People in logan still travel to other areas. The fewer traffic jams the easier they can do the clean up.

    • Have you thought that people in Logan would genuinely want to help and in that case it shouldn't cost them anything. We really need all the manpower we can get and not idiots like you getting on your high horse being all cynical.

      • Which is why I said it should be free to travel to effected areas, not every where. Otherwise pathetic people turn this into a "bargain" and abuse it.

        • And what would be the point of limiting people's movement? Just because some narrow minded people think that it will be exploited? How do you even keep it to affected areas? How do you think people from Logan or other relatively unaffected areas get to Brisbane to lend a hand? They would have to go past unaffected suburbs don't they?

          Get yourself off your high horse and your head out of your a**e mate. I think what they are doing is going to be helpful, and at this time it is what we ask for. There really is no pleasing people sometimes, no matter what you do and idiots will always be idiots.

        • I doubt this was posted by the OP as a bargain, its more a public announcement, people like myself will tell others about this that need it, and anyone in QLD at the moment needs a helping hand, even if they didnt have their life washed away, keeping everyone happy in a depressing time helps everyone, and if its a free ride on a bus to go see a mate that has had problems then why not. I for one am thankful it was posted as whilst i am in SA my mums in QLD and as a pensioner she can use this to get around rather than on the roads.

        • FWIW…in this case, it's affected, not effected. :)

    • I travel on Qld trains regularly and most bogans don't bother paying fares anyway.
      Their aren't enough ticket inspectors and the honour system is a joke.

    • I'm not so sure about Queensland, but I know that on the CityRail network, ticket revenue only accounts for around 20% of the running cost of the network. Are you suggesting that that should be increased to 100% to help the government that is 'strapped for cash'?

    • Complaining about a freebie.

    • There are a lot of Logan Residents catching the bus to help with cleanup from what I saw driving past the bus stops. ie people with buckets and brooms etc. If the "Bogans" catch it to the pub, hopefully they will be playing the pokies and therefore put money into the govt coffers….. It will also encourage people not to drive into the city to work etc (for those who have work in town still) and reduce parking and traffic hassles at this tragic time.

  • Not sure if anyone mentioned this on Ozbargain anywhere but Motorway Tolls have been waived "until further notice" as well so Gateway and Logan motorway travel is free as well.


  • +2 votes

    Is this really deserving of a neg? :(

  • Considering inner parking areas may not be useable, traffic will be better off minimised in the city areas, and that the clean-up will require free access to trucks and other machines this isn't such a bad thing.

    Don't worry about the loss of money from ticket sales. Almost all fares will be raised after this free period. We will be paying for it in the long run.

  • LOL @ people having a cry over a QLD Government initiative to assist the people of SEQLD

    I think someone should file a lawsuit against the QLD government for allowing free public transportation

  • Just to confirm, Airtrain services are free to and from the airport with services terminating at Roma Street.

    • Yep, I see they updated their website now:

      At this stage, there will be no charge for using Airtrain train only services in both directions of travel until the last service on Friday 21 January. Web site reservations are not able to be made for travel dates up to 21 January.

      • Forgot to add, the trains are running half hour services but the staff themselves aren't sure of the timetable (I called Airtrain), and when I arrived at the airport on Wednesday, the train left a few minutes earlier than the displayed time. But when I left for the airport again yesterday from Fortitude Valley it was running on schedule.

  • Does anyone know if Gold Coast services are also free??

  • Does anyone know when the Ipswich Motorway will re-open? I have a disabled family member. It makes using public transport difficult.

  • Can't believe some people…

  • nothing like a wet and wild coaster ride to cheer people up.

  • Great first post OP…at least transportation is one less thing SE Queenslanders have to worry about. For people who think this should not be free, please pay your fare here: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html (others welcome too)

    • thanks sacs2k1, just a tiny effort for flood relief. Will be going out today to help my friend in needs at Tennyson. Hope there will be bus services there. cheers

  • +4 votes

    Please dont abuse this service. QLD is pretty messed up, for once they've decided to implement something (albeit for a week or two) to make the situation easier on people with severe decisions to make about their future.

    This was implemented primarily because flood victims obviously dont have their Go Cards at the ready.

    By all means use this freebie to check on family & friends, and even better if your going to go and assist others with cleanup efforts.

    • Can public transport really be "abused"? Seriously, what is the difference if there's more people on buses/trains, even if they're not going anywhere useful? At least this encourages people to leave their cars at home.

  • I have an idea, lets sign up to ozbargain, and use something "loosely" defined as English to abuse other members.


    I think there has been enough arguing on this thread.


    • Don't clog up roads with your cars, take public transport.
    • Don't travel to flood affected areas for "sight seeing".