This was posted 3 years 6 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nike+ Sport GPS Watches $49 + $4.95 Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi Online


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  • Bought one thanks OP.

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    $29 one gooone already. That was quick!

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    Yeh it sure was. Stock level was 100% at the time of posting

  • Pricing error? Is now back up for $49

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    FYI the LG G Watch never got an official 2.0 update. No idea where they found stock of such an old watch. Doubt they’re new.

    • Yeah, four year old hardware and no official support for Android Wear 2.0+, no NFC or GPS. Puzzling how they came across such an old product.

      At best it's a "cheaper" way to try out Android Wear, but even even then it's missing a lot of what is now Wear OS.

      • Lmao at JB HiFi I got Verizon wear 24 for same price off eBay.

        What are they thinking even trying to sell the LG Guys watch

    • Years ago Harvey Norman put that on sale for $78 and that was when wear os was unheard of Jb is no longer the price leader it used to be now they only put a heap of rubbish on sale and not even at rubbish price for rubbish goods.
      In fact Jb is now the most expensive ever.

  • The Huawei W1 would be close to the cheapest price I've seen new. Sure it's getting on a bit but I'm a fan. That's still a deal.

    • No NFC i think though..

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      It was $88 Here, once in a blue moon deal though.

  • Red and white still available

  • why do I have this impression that today is the price error (PE) day? We should have a PE day once a year to remind us of those bargain that were no more than mistakes… I can still remember the Dell one when I reckon that I bought at least 3 laptops… I still cry when I remember how cheap it could have been!

  • Nike links can RIP … got 1

    • It comes with a catch - opened box, used watch, scratches all over it, waiting for a full refund.

  • The blue band watch could have been a pricing error due to it being cheaper than the other colours.
    But bear in mind these are old stock watches going back a few years

  • Isn't the Nike watch from 2011? How do they even have stock?

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      Unless Nike decided to go out and release another version on their own, these were the ones that they commissioned TomTom to make for them.

      After it 'failed', TomTom went on to manufacture their own range of fitness watches, which eventually culminated in the Spark, Runner 3 and Adventurer etc - great watches.

      The original Nike one is yonks old!

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    The LG G watch is a really good android wear product BTW

  • There were design issues with the watch. Straps are kind of small, tight fit with an average wrist. You have to also baby the strap as it has holes in it and easily breaks over time. Or gets moisture into the watch. There is also issues with docking, no app for ipad etc, just an website sync. Recommend keeping your receipt and box so you can claim for a 50% Nike voucher.

  • For anyone that missed out on the Nike one and doesn't mind older tech, this Garmin watch is a great buy for $99. It'll only do running, not cycling or swimming, but it does running very well:

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    FYI - Not sure if these use the same NikeConnect feature but they discontinued support for these watches so you cant actually upload your run information. You can track your runs but the watch memory will become full and basically unusable, very cheeky from JB Hi-Fi if the case. Had this watch for nearly 7 years it was great but poor customer service from Nike here IMO, lost me as a customer that's for sure.

    More info -

  • These look like the original Pebble watch…

  • Just got my 2 and they look like returns or refurbished units. Ohwel. Price was ok.

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    Anyone received the Huawei Watch? I reached out to JB and they confirmed that items in the factory scoop section are refurbished items. Bit annoyed as some items are clearly marked as refurbished in the title while others are not. The watch wasn't.

  • Ended up returning it for a Full Refund. Looked like a Refurb/ Return unit and would not charge past 50%.

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