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Xiaomi Power Strip 6-Outlets + 3 USB Ports $13.97 USD (~ $18.45 AUD) Delivered @ DD4


This is inexpensive,useful Xiaomi Power Strip with 6 AC sockets and 3 USB Port is on sale.Limited to 39 stock,AU and NZ only.

Original Xiaomi charging power strip for daily use
Compact design, save your space
6 outlets and 3 USB ports to meet your different needs
LED indicator: hidden lights, with downy light at night, easy to notice
Easy to set up and use
PC material, durable and reliable

Recommendation item:
Xiaomi Mini Power Strip with 3 USB Port for Cellphone Tablet Home Electronics = $11.28

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  • Is it au plug into wall?

    • It looks like it's Chinese, which is just an upside down AU plug.

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        It looks like it's Chinese, which is just an upside down AU plug

        The Chinese plus is NOT just upside down. There are dimensional differences, plus most importantly the pins are not insulated (which has been required by law in Australia for many decades.

        • -4

          No there are no dimensional differences, and current CN standard on these power strips is extremely strict. I use them personally and very happy.

        • @coolbbb888: read australian standards on the blade thickness it’s different to the chinese …….

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    Cant check out, https://www.dd4.com/createOrder.html bugs out

    • hi,hOmbre

      We have just updated the website. If there is a payment problem, please contact our customer service email: [email protected].

      thx for your support.

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        I repeatedly email you about this and no one has responded.

    • Has the same issue…tried it from Laptop PC and it went through fine.

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    It has downy light at night.


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    If only the 45degree angled sockets faced outwards instead of inwards. Too many vertical (powerpak)plugs that will take up the space of the opposite socket and render it unusable.

    • +1

      Yep. As this is designed for Chinese market, their plugs work opposite to ours. Can take it and make the most of it, or else leave it lol.

      • yeah tempting as i have another cabled rather than plug pack devices

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    Just a minor remind that these chinese products usually provides safety protection by default, which requires the plug to have all three pins. For thses plugs that have only two pins (for example, my oral-B tooth brush dock plug), it usually cannot plug in. But nothing should stop you open it up and remove the protection pad.

    Anyway, a good product from xiaomi, though. If you have ever opened it, you will know what I mean.

    • +3

      I just use a toothpick in the third hole, start to insert the two-prong plug, remove toothpick, fully insert the plug.

    • Confirming 2-pin plugs are fine on this power strip.

  • these are great took one of these bad boys on my trip through asia recently.

    can't comment on this supplier though

  • Absolutely potato site… Tried resetting password, verification failed after clicking link in email. Lol.

  • Thanks OP

  • hi,dyl,

    DD4 has updated our latest version.

    If there is a resetting password problem, please contact our customer service email: [email protected].

    thx for your support.

  • As far as shock protection etc; Would this be suitable for connecting my Ps4 ($400),Xbox one s ($300) , 4k Tv ($1,000), sound bars ($160, and $100) ??
    I listed approx values, to help understand and justify whether you all think I should invest in a more expensive powerboard (considering I have about $2,000 worth of electrical gear connected, atm to a $5 powerboard with just a circuit breaker button).
    Would the 1 in the deal be sufficient, or would you recommend buying a different powerboard, for the protection of my electrical items connected

    • +3

      U can get a belkin with 50k insurance if you're that worried


      • Thanks . Its not that im that worried that want insurance on it. It just seems maybe foolish, to have just bought an expensive new tv, and have all these items expensive connected, without some kind of surge protection.
        I used to think surge protectors were just for lightening strikes, and figured chance of that is 1 in million. But with all the people buying surge protection powerboards, there must be some need for it I guess (besides lightening strikes).

    • +6

      Yes, invest in a Australian certified powerboard. It won't cost much extra at your local big box retailer, will last for ages, often comes with a connected equipment warranty. Worth it

    • The question really is,….any Surge protection on these at all?

  • I have three plug one now which is good quality.
    I just order one, be quick only six left.

  • Can't sign in, reset password doesn't work, can't be bothered emailing customer service for something so basic. No point giving business to someone who can't even make a simple e-commerce website.

  • Thanks OP got one

  • OoS ! T.T

  • +1

    I have some from DD4, arrived fine. I would prefer the 3 plug version, I find the second row of 3 makes the first unusable. I have 1 x 6 point and use it as a 3 or 4 point only, I have about 5 of the 3 point and love them….. and my house has not burnt down either ;-)

  • -1

    Out of stock already within an hour something.

    You can't be serious? Is this even a deal?

    Is this breaking the rules? Mod please check

    • Over a thousand people clicked the link. Seems like it was a great deal.

    • 10 stock is the rule. Set up alerts if you are that desperate.

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    Is it certified for electrical use in Australia? If not, i personally wouldn't use it. Anything goes wrong with connected equipment…etc don't expect an insurance company to cover it

    • +5

      There's no way that this has Australian certification to use in Australia and so won't comply with the house insurance. I mean it comes with a Chinese power plug that's just showing right there that there's no Australian certification. Yeah i've been thinking too if that if the insurance company ascertains that a fire is caused by a non Australian compliant power equipment such as this power board that they may deny an insurance claim.

      Is that worth risking many thousands of dollars over skimping on for a cheap foreign power board sold and shipped directly from China with no Australian testing certification. Your whole house could burn down and you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars all because you bought a cheap power board from China and the insurer won't cover it. I bet people aren't thinking of that when buying this.

      To me i would rather go to Bunnings to buy a good power board which obviously has Australian certification (and a proper Australian power plug on it) even although you will pay more. But it's worth it for peace of mind knowing that it complies with the house insurer and so won't risk losing hundreds of grand with it.

      • +6

        Last time I posted that I got obliterated. Apparently around here, saving a few bucks right now is worth risking voiding your entire home & contents insurance in the future.

        • +1

          Yeah that's stupid to think saving $10 or so is worth risking your home over.

      • i'm interested in an australian certified version which will also allow the use of the US prong plug types like this one does (to power some amazon portable HDDs from another deal here), any suggestions?

        • +1

          What one which won't void your house insurance?. I don't think that there is one because it wouldn't be Australian certified. The only Australian certified power boards which i know of only come with an Australia power plug and only Australian power sockets.

          For $30.99 you can get an Australian certified 7 socket power board but with a 2 port USB charger (however the USB ports are 3.1A). But at least it's legal to use in Australia. And obviously doesn't come with USA power sockets or else it wouldn't be legal.


          But i might get scorned with people saying but that's a whole extra $12.54 you've got to be kidding. But hey that extra $12.54 could mean your house might not burn down or might mean you won't lose your home and contents insurance over.

        • +1

          @hollykryten: thank you

  • Word of warning: this is not good if you have big adapters. Because the plug sockets are upside down, an adapter that's long will eat up the slot below it, instead of hanging off the board.

    You don't have this problem with the 3 plug strip because there's not a second row of plugs.

  • I know it's a completely different product
    But does anyone have any commentary on the Broadlink MP1 powerboard?

  • This Xiaomi power board doesn't list any thing about surge protection. The only thing i found is there's overload protection. But that's not the same as surge protection. Overload protection just stops you trying to drawing too much power through the power board. There's no way i would use a power board with no surge protection if you care for your valuable power equipment such as your Computer or Television equipment. This would be no better in that regard than those $8 junk power boards which are sold in Australia which also only come with overload protection and nothing else. I'm just saying that wouldn't be good if there's a surge. Also the fact i said before there's also no certification to use in Australia. You use this you may risk your home and contents insurance over it.

    • Plus $7.49 shipping…

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