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OfficeOne A4 Laminator $4, A3 Laminator $8 @ Kmart


Found this in Merrylands NSW, might be nationwide. Many in stock.

A4 Laminator FEATURES:

Ideal for any small business or home office and perfect for projects using photo's, certificates, worksheets or printouts.

Create and protect menu cards, place mats, drinks coasters, bookmarks, posters, calendars or ID cards.

Whether it's a special photograph, certificates, menus or cards, you can now laminate all your important documents in the comfort of your own home or office with this laminator.

• Warm up time of 3-6 minutes
• Release button of misfeeds
• Uses pulse width adjusted heating method
• Laminates popular sizes from A6-A4
• Laminates 80, 100 and 125 micron hot or cold pouches
• Protects photos, certificates, colour print out documents, menus, cards and more
• Dimensions: 34 cm x 12cm x 8.3cm
• Weight:1.3kg
• Colour: Black

Best way to use the laminator:
-The laminator should be displayed horizontally in a flat plane with good ventilation

Overall: 340mm x 120mm x 80mm high
Weight: 1.3kg

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  • +1

    If you need to laminate A3, save $4 and buy the A4 laminator and fold your A3 sheet in half - troll physics ftw!

    • -1

      If the A4 laminator is the long side of an A4 sheet rather than the short side, then you could just turn the sheet sideways? A3 is basically just two A4 sheets side by side, by definition.

      If the machine does the short side, then it's a cynical cash grab 'coz it would've cost them virtually nothing to make it that little bit wider.

  • +10

    Will go well with Aldi's pouches on 6/6/18, 100 x A4 or 50 x A3 for $9.99.
    (The Aldi A3 laminator is $26.99)

  • +23

    I want to buy one for no reason.

    • +5

      I want to buy one for no reason.

      Reason is … when you work out your list of reasons, you can now laminate them 😉

  • +39

    Pfft amateurs, the real professionals do it at work for free.

    puts on sunglasses

    • +2

      haha just what I was going to say

    • +3

      somebody might be laminating nsfw content! in large quantities!

      • +3

        Laminating to allow repeated usage of this content, without damage, I'm sure?

      • Saw an adult bookshop that had a sign for "preloved books" - I just went ew!!!

        • +2

          "It's a pornography store. I was buying pornography"

        • @Bandit74: Saw the sign from the Tram I was on, but if you were there then you can confirm my story.

        • +1


          Homer Simpson quote identified.

        • +1

          @kahn: thanks for citing.


  • any where i can get the laminating sheets for better price

  • +2

    None in Mirrabooka WA.

    • +1

      damn, was going to check after work myself.

      • none at morley either. :(

  • +3

    Should be nationwide. A nationwide clearance happened on Monday.

  • Didn't see any at Kardinya

  • +3

    Helping to save SA OZB peeps time and effort, none anywhere in SA (according to Kmart Firle).

    • There are still few left in Adelaide rundle mall store

  • None in North Rocks NSW

  • +1

    None in Stanhope Gardens NSW

  • None in Rosny Tas. Also staff here weren't aware of having any at all. I don't doubt the deal, but they may have been long gone from here.

  • -3

    Good for laminating your Koran in Merrylands, one page at a time

  • None in Wanneroo or Warwick in WA.

  • None at Cockburn, VIC
    Or Chinaman's knob, VIC

    • None at Cock Wash in SA either.

  • +1

    I just spoke to Erina NSW. They told me K-Mart hasn't sold Laminators for about a year. I don't think they sell them anymore and Merrylands just has heaps of old stock!

  • +1

    Just went to Merrylands store. All gone I'm afraid!

  • +1

    There are still few left in Adelaide rundle mall store, just bough one. Thanks OP.

  • bought one at full price A3 and works like a charm

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