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Optus Sport - Free Streaming Services through to August 31 (Previously $14.99) - Includes World Cup and Start of Premier League


In response to the absolute clusterf*** from the Optus World Cup coverage , Optus have handed over all the group match coverage to SBS, with the hope to rectify their service in time for the remaining games.


"Optus has made a decision to leave its app and sport streaming services free and open to everyone in Australia for the remainder of the World Cup and through to August 31. The telco says Australians who have already paid for the service will receive full refunds. That move would allow Australian sport streamers to also get the opening few weeks of the 2018-19 English Premier League season free through Optus."

EDIT: Optus appears to have removed the pay wall now, happy watching.

iOS app
Google Play app

Enjoy :)

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  • Yay

  • Can anyone post iOS link for the app?

  • +7

    can we claim mini fetch if we sign up now

    • Maybe, but if i remember correctly Fetch is linked to Optus. So the box becomes quite useless once you leave Optus.

      • FYI, I hired a mini fetch when I signed up with Optus last year for the EPL. It works fine with with my iiNet broadband.

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    Thanks Optarse

    • +2

      Thanks Floptus!

  • +10

    Free stressed volume testers for Optus yay

    • Spot on. There was no way they could have a full service up and running in 48 hours without proper stress tests

      • +2

        they could have if they planned for it. It's 2018 and youtube has been live for decades

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    awesome! it also says "The telco says Australians who have already paid for the service will receive full refunds" :)

    • That's what I read from the article too but the OPs description says otherwise though.

      • have updated their article now to say that refunds will be given :)

    • +4

      ACCC will take action if they don't refund customers for a service they haven't provided so in tne end they just conceded defeat

    • The telco says Australians who have already paid for the service will receive full refunds".

      If we just subscribe and pay today, are we still eligible for refunds?

  • -2

    World Cup final is on July 16 so not sure how August 31 works as only group matches.

    • +33

      August comes after July…

    • +3

      SBS will show all remaining group stage matches.
      Everything on Optus Sport is free until August 31. So you can (try to) watch all remaining World Cup games through Optus Sport.

      • SBS had something like 34/60 games… so come time after group stages I imagined SBS would be showing the rest of the tournament.

        • they get one game a day - so you'll definitely get the final and semis on SBS, plus one of the quarters & r/16 each day.

      • SBS gets 1 game a day for the entire tournament (plus these additional).
        So they'll pick the best of the day for round of 16 and quarters, then the semis and final will be on SBS

    • +1

      its on SBS until the end of the group matches - has nothing to do with the free Optus Sport offer.

      • SBS gets 1 game a day for the entire tournament (plus these additional).
        So they'll pick the best of the day for round of 16 and quarters, then the semis and final will be on SBS

  • reckon i can get a refund if i cancel the service aswell (which i started less than a week ago)?

    • I think either way you should get a full refund? I suggest you check with Optus before you cancel…

      "The telco says Australians who have already paid for the service will receive full refunds"

      • +1

        i cant even request a refund because apparently an optus sport account isn't eligible for a "my account"

        hopefully they just do them without requests as they should

  • Uhh still shows me the $14.99 a month when i go to sign up?

    • Just press skip when the sign up page appears - it worked for me :)

      • Looks like this is at the bottom.

        [i] Any customer who has purchased or does purchase an Optus Sport subscription for the World Cup will be provided a refund. This offer includes the first three rounds of the Premier League and includes matches between Arsenal and Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal and Manchester United and Tottenham.

        So we have to purchase and they refund ?

        • +5

          Oh yeah I see what you mean. When I went to watch a clip it still prompted me to sign up. I tried a free account with no luck. Maybe time will tell…

      • It works until you actually want to watch something worthy and it pops up again after rego.

  • Refund or no refund?

    • Refund is happening. article has been updated.

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    SBS scores!

  • +1

    Singapore headquarter will not happy :-)

    • +1

      Brian Lew will resign

  • Awesome!

  • +1

    Is the data free for Optus sport? (like Netflix on Optus)

  • +9

    Optus really dropped the ball on this one.

    • +8

      Well I'm glad they got the ball rolling again by offering everyone a chance to watch it for free

      • +6

        I wonder if their shares will take a dive after such an own goal.

        • I was wondering the same; they really ended up behind the 8-ball after this latest debacle.

        • +4

          Sorry, but you've gone off-pitch with that one - wrong sport.

        • +1


          Bummer, well let's hope Optus recover from this quickly and hit the ground running with their next venture

        • @montorola:

          They're taking it one week at a time.

      • Now that itโ€™s free, the ball will well and truely stop rolling.

  • So all games till end of WC are available on SBS?

    • yet to decide knockout round

    • Group stages only.

      • +1

        If Optus is still having problems by the end of the group stages (and you can bet they will be), I'm sure they will just keep extending the SBS broadcast arrangement.

      • +3

        And the semi-finals and final which were already on SBS. It's only the round of 16 and quarter finals that are still in doubt.

        • r16 + quarters are on SBS already at the moment, but just one match a day (they get to pick).

  • +2

    Oh, Floptus. Never change.

  • +4

    Andrew Penn will be one happy man today evening after going through a heck of day today morning while announcing 8000 job cuts

  • +7

    Fairplay. good on them

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    For those with Android TV boxes and TVs, I ripped the Optus Sport app from my Fire TV Stick, and it's working nicely on the Shield, Vodafone TV, Foxtel Now Box, and various TVs (no luck on the Mi Box, but post back if you do get it running):!PaJQELqY!dg3wVzOFIybj6an5Yeq7PA

    • Worked great on shield tv but is sideways in mi box

      • Sounds like you might be using the mobile version, and not the Fire TV / Android TV one in the link above?

        • There's no android tv version. Shield tv auto rotates it mi box doesnt

        • @FeZZa21:

          Check out the Fire TV Optus Sport app above - has full remote support and works with nearly every Android TV device (and no auto rotating or air mouse etc needed).

        • @kirt:

          Cool will do

        • @kirt:

          Just tried on mi box didn't work. Asked for Amazon app store, installed it, then complained the Optus sports app was not up to date.

      • Have you tried it with an app called rotation control or something similar? I had some sideloaded apps that appeared sideways on Mibox but the app that forces rotation fixed it.

        • Yeah tried rotation control but won't let me sideload it.

          I went back to home then back to file manager I could then install rotation control. The phone app is now forced to landscape mode.

      • +2

        HAL launcher has an option to force all apps to landscape. Works well.

    • casting to shield tv is much easier for me

      • Yeah I'm a big fan of casting too, but check out that app if you get a chance - it works perfectly ;)

    • This asks me to login to Amazon App store. Do you know of any work arounds?

      • Nah not for the Mi Box :(

        • This is on a Sony Android TV

        • @caramellokoala:

          Oh - haven't heard of anyone having a problem on a Sony TV.

          One guy solved a similar issue on his Shield running Oreo by loading the Amazon Appstore (but not signing in) - you could try that - Amazon Appstore app in link above.

          Edit:…and make sure you're using the latest version - 1.4.1

        • @kirt:

          Cheers, I ended up reloading the amazon app store and it worked.

        • @kirt:

          Thanks 1.4.1 worked on mi box with Amazon app store app

        • @caramellokoala:

          Sweet :)

        • @FeZZa21:

          Oh nice - did you use the Amazon Appstore app linked above, and did you have to log in?

      • +1

        Hit login then back

        • Thanks mate. Got it working on my Mi Box now too :)

    • installed firetv version 1.4 ..and can't get past the login page..can't even input my email ad in the field..

  • +3

    Ok so free for non working apps? No thanks

  • TV Guide has not been reflected to show the update.

  • +20

    Wow, hats off to Optus for this response.
    Sure, they absolutely muffed their initial execution, but as far as public responses go - this is a pretty good one.

  • +3

    Anyone having issue playing the video after pressing the 'skip' button? For me, it's still asking for login details.

    • +2

      Same thing. Another f`up from Floptus?

  • +2

    In response to the absolute clusterf*** from the Optus World Cup coverage

    That's putting it mildly.

    • The honourable PM called the CEO, it's that bad.

      • +3

        It's also probably an election year.

      • Honourable? I don't recall Turdbull doing anything of honour.

        Kicking people on penalty rates to the ground, cutting health, education, ABC, SBS (which contributed to this mess) and so on.

      • Oh so honourable of him. Not!

  • how to cast this on TV?

    • Chromecast is available on iOS and Android apps.

    • You can donload the app on Xbox as well if you have one.

    • +2

      change the channel to SBS

  • +5

    Just download the SBS app

    So many more features

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