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Samsung T5 USB3.1 Type-C 250GB Portable SSD - Blue $99 @ Harvey Norman / JB Hi-Fi / Officeworks


Gerry is at the party with another good deal.

Sleek and stylish, the Samsung T5 USB3.1 Type-C 250GB Portable SSD has an aluminium exterior and a lightweight, compact design, so you can bring your media library with you on the go.

Key Features:
Featuring a 250GB SSD, the Samsung T5 Portable SSD operates quietly and provides sufficient space for storing files, documents, and programs.
Shock-resistant, the Samsung T5 250GB Portable SSD can withstand drops from up to 2m.
The Samsung T5 USB 3.1 SSD has a data transfer speed of up to 540MB/s (10Gbps), letting you quickly transfer large files.

21/6: Note Harvey Norman is out of stock online, now available in store only. 22/6: now available online again

PU Edit: Also Available for the same price @ JB Hi-Fi thanks to the user lfak.

Also available in store at Officeworks

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  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • +13

    I thought OzB is boycotting Gerry Harvey? :p

    • +38

      Don't think OzB will ever boycott bargains.

      • +11

        I expect to always find a Good Guys or JB who will match Harvey Norman. I don't plan to ever shop there again.

        • +1

          I guess you dont have an AMEX

        • Why?

        • @ufsta: AMEX $100 cashback deals for purchasing item(s) at Harvey Norman over certain amount. Normally, there is one around Christmas / New Year holiday period.

        • @JDFenix: There's actually one on right now. $50 back from $350 spend.

        • +1


          That's correct. Even if I did, I wouldn't shop at Harvey Norman.

      • -5

        Discount AR-15s then yes

      • +3

        Hehe, OzBers are like cheap whores. They will jump into bed with anyone who is offering them a bargain :D

    • +5

      Shoud go to Officeworks for a price beat. 😜

      • OW says it cant be purchased online.

        • Uh, so they won't price beat HN? I'd much rather pay OW than HN.

    • +1

      GoCatch is where all the hate at right now.

    • +2

      I am. I've lived in Australia for 12 years and have never shopped at HN - ever, and never will

      • +7

        Gerry's never liked grey (haired) imports

        • +1

          He won't like me then!

    • +2

      I'm still boycotting HN and Telstra. Nothing to do w/ OzB Telstra sent debt collectors after me after I cancelled my landline account and they kept charging me. HN initially refused to refund or swap a damaged photo printing cartridge I had purchased the day before, saying I had to fill out a warranty form and wait for it to be assessed… I complained to head office and the ***hole who refused to do the right thing delivered it in person to my house.

  • thanks op - out of the loop and purchased

  • +1

    Damn you Gerry, you win this time!

    • +1

      Gerry will never win…

      • Might a well buy the lube now. Gerry always wins.

  • got one tnx

  • Thanks Op. Got this with CnC and not sure how useful this will be for me. Was thinking about trying my free Shipster account but then realised that I cannot claim this as something I got from work especially if it comes with an invoice. Crisis averted!

  • Portable SSD

    Big memory stick?

    • +7

      But much, much, much, much faster.

      • hmm any idea what nand is inside …normal tlc or 3d tlc ?

        • @O O:


          64 layer so same as evo 850 , seems city store has no stock so i will need to ask office works for price match ….

    • Big memory stick?

      Sort of. You need a cable though.

      It's more like a mini portable HDD/SSD.

      • +8

        Isn't a a mini portable ssd exactly what is is?

  • Ta, OP. C&C worked.

    Edit: Why did I think this was 500GB when I was buying it? Well, too late now. Lol

    • Well.. one part of the description says 1tb.

      I thought about complaining for a free upgrade.. but two out of three spots it says 250gb.. figured it wasn't worth the hassle. Especially because I don't want a 250gb one.

  • Thanks op. Used Shipster from this deal for free shipping.

  • is it a good idea to use this on overseas trips for storing photos/videos? I'm worry about the durability/shock proof aspect of the hdd…

    • +3

      This would be perfect and super resilient. Get the bigger version and always have another backup.

      If you're staying in hotels, upload your photos to a cloud provider like Google photos or icloud as another safety mechanism.

    • +2

      These drives are really good, super fast, small and lightweight. I haven't price compared but the drive is definitely robust and much better than a thumb drive in terms of speed.

    • -3

      Don't bring anything you don't want searched on it overseas. American border security will just send you right back home if you deny their invasive search.

      China will install spyware onto your private phone.

  • +1

    whats the difference between this and a ssd+enclosure?

    • +5

      The size, T5 is much smaller, (credit card size), almost half the size of any SSD + enclosure.

      The cost, a cheap SSD + enclosure price would be close, but this would be miles ahead in quality and reliability.

      The finish, the T5 is well built and looks better than any cheap enclosure you could get.

      If you want similar size, build quality and reliability, you could opt for a good m.2 ssd + quality enclosure. But it'll cost alot more. (the Samsung 850 EVO m.2 ssd itself cost $110+)

      The only reason for not getting the T5 was its price, but at $99, it's a steal.

      • This is more expensive that an SSD + Enclosure option. Ramsta 480GB SSD was $99 yesterday. Enclosures are under $10.

        • T5 is much smaller, (credit card size), almost half the size of any SSD + enclosure.

        • +2

          You think the Ramsta is gonna come close to this on speed? 😂

        • @cdaddy: I don't know, I've seen some pretty good speed tests of no-name SSD's recently. It's twice the capacity, and, how often do you wish that your external drive could copy more than 500MBs?

      • I had a T3 250gb, works wonders.
        However, when I wanted to buy a portable 1 TB SSD, it was much much much cheaper to get a 1TB ssd with enclosure - and live with the increased size.

        In short, if you can live with a portable harddrive size, go for an enclosure especially for larger sizes. If you must have it extremely small and light weight, buy this at a premium.

        (On a related note, for me getting stand alone + enclosure also means I can take it out of the enclosure and place it in my PC should I want to)

        • (On a related note, for me getting stand alone + enclosure also means I can take it out of the enclosure and place it in my PC should I want to)

          Technically I think you can do that with the T5 and probably the T3 too… it's an mSATA drive in there.

  • what's the difference between this and an EVO 860? Can this be used like an EVO 860? Looking for a SSD to build a desktop, TIA

    • +1

      this is a portable drive not an internal drive

      • Does it mean it can't be used as one? TA

        • +2

          i'm not too sure as I don't own one, but I don't think so. You can find internal ssd's with the same capacity for cheaper though so I don't think this drive would be optimal for a desktop build anyway

        • No, it's like under half the size of a 2.5" drive.

        • +2

          technically you could use it as an internal drive, but that would be dumb.

  • +1

    Hmmmmmmmm……I bought mine last week for $119 should I return it and get it for $99?

    • +1

      Only if you personally think $20 is worth the time and effort.

  • Does anyone know if the actual available storage is 250GB, or fractionally under? Would use this with my PS4, but there’s a minimum 250GB size requirement for external drives.

    • +2

      Once formatted with a file-system, it's guaranteed to be about 5% less.

      • +1

        I remember people making arguments to Seagate about formatted size and demanding refund on percentage absolutely hilarious.

      • +2

        It's 7%.

        But it's not to do with formatting but rather the deceptive way manufacturers define a GB compared to what a computer defines a GB.

        The computer defines it as 1024x1024x1024 bytes. The people selling them to you define a GB as 1,000,000,000 bytes, which is 7% less than what the computer treats it as.

        I don't know how they've been allowed to get away with this but the industry standardised on this practice long ago. Same way networking devices give you speed in bits and not bytes. It tricks a lot of people who don't know the difference.

        • +1

          Well, yes… but it's a bit more nuanced than that.

          Computer circuits are of course base 2, whereas human counting is base 10, which accounts for the discrepancy of 1024^3 vs 1000^3.

          Early on, the computer way of counting was the norm, just like programming in Assembly. Now, things are more human centred.

          Your information was correct a decade ago, but now the official metric definition of GB is in fact 1000^3, known as a gigabyte, with the prefix giga-.

          The base-2 representation, in the IEC standard, has been retconned with the GiB prefix, so 1024^3 is a gibibyte, with the prefix gibi-.

          So, no it is not deceptive marketing. Hard drives are in fact correctly sold with the metric definition of a GB.

        • Bit are the correct measure for networks. Not all network traffic can be neatly divided up into 8bit chunks, once you start factoring in MTU differences then the bits to bytes ration can be further out.

          As for data storage, due to the confusion of base2 sizes vs base10 sizes, the [most] correct way to refer to base2 data sizes is with KiB, MiB, GiB, etc.

        • From one stand point, the prefix Giga is correct in that it is 1x10^9

  • +2

    Do I need it? Well, not right now but maybe in the future.
    Am I going to buy it anyway? You bet I am it's a portable SSD!

    Great deal OP :)

  • if you use a C to MicroUSB adapter, will the microUSB conversion hurt the transfer rate?

    • 100% sure it will slow the speed down.

      Micro usb is based on usb 2.0 version which is theoretically max @480Mbps or 60MB/s (in reality, i think it won't go further than 40+MB/s) while this kind of ssd can reach the speed far from that.

      • Unless it's a micro usb 3.0.

        • Oh yeah, but the host with micro usb 3.0 is rare.
          Wonder which he used in this case

        • @JinK: They were popular on phones for about a year before USB-C took off, but I think that's the only place I've seen them. That said, micro USB wasn't very common on the host end except on phones.

        • @macrocephalic:
          I've just picked one from JB and found out the USB3.0 still bring down the read speed a little (may not effect in real case)

          Result of Crystal DiskMark 6.0.1

          (SeqQ32T1) Read speed/Write Speed
          * Type C 3.1v2: 549.6/499.8
          * Type A 3.0 : 444.5/449.0

  • +1

    Grabbed one, cheers OP!

  • +2

    Great deal. but not needed, thanks OP! leave to those who needs it :).

  • +9

    Nice -thanks. Bought and don't even have a device with Type C. Bought it just case I need it in future… when then I'll probably forget I bought one and buy another one when a deal comes up.

    • +1

      Are you my lost bro/sis ? You sound so much like me :) !

      • Your cousin here, hello lol

    • Comes with a Type A USB cable also….

  • Dumb question, but can this be used as a primary SSD for Windows?

    I don't want to use it externally, but am thinking of getting it to use in my new PC build

    • +1

      No, you would need to have an internal SSD. These are designed to be a better item than a Hard Drive.

  • Does this work with xbox one X or nah?

  • +1

    Purchased last night just when this was posted for click and collect at my nearest store (showed in stock). Just got an email saying it has been delayed as it is on back order :(

    Shame as I actually needed it for tomorrow!

    • Same here. CnC at Sunshine (VIC)

    • call and see if they can stock transfer?

    • +1

      JB HiFi have it for $99

  • Free shipping with Shipster kind of made me pull the trigger. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP. Great price.

  • Thanks OP just ordered one,, I have a question though,, can I use this as a storage device to play back on a smart tv, and galaxy S9+?, it has USB inputs but not USB 3. Thanks in advance.

    • USB 3 is backwards compatible with USB 2.

  • +2
    250G is not enough,this Amazon 500G deal is better!

    • +1

      That is $180 for 500GB shipped from US. I think I’d rather buy two of these for $198 and have them straight away (if in stock) and have local warranty. Plus the option of splitting them since it will be two devices. Each to their own though.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one

  • Thanks, grabbed one too!

  • +2

    No more stock online but JB hifi have it for the same price.

    • Thanks, I put it in the post for the OP for clarity!

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