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[Targeted] Free $15 eBay Voucher with Email Opt In (No Min Spend)


Possibly targeted. See notification below. Good luck!

As of July 1, we will no longer be sending our Daily Deals email. If you want to continue to receive the best eBay deals, sales & events, sign up below. We’ll even send you a $15 voucher to spend on anything you like on eBay. How good is that? So opt in now, don’t miss out!

Opt in link here.

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    ebay did not give me $15 but just more spam email

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    From eBay CS chat just now:

    "The Marketing team has started rolling out the voucher today until tomorrow morning."

    "It would be best if you'd wait for it, do not worry if you do not get one, we will manually generate a voucher for you."

    "I am confident you'll get it by later today or tomorrow at the latest."

    • I haven't received yet

    • +1

      Ha. I’ve heard that from eBay chat about previous vouchers several times before.

      • Yeah, same.

  • I remember I have received that email but couldn't find it now. I signed up but no voucher yet.

    What is the subject like?

    • <Your first name>, want a $15 voucher eBay voucher?

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    I contact live chat too. Apparently all getting processed on the 3rd (tomorrow).’if not, to contact back in

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    Just received mine now. Took almost 4 days but it arrived eventually.

    • +1

      was it an email? or in your ebay account page?

    • you have an animated avatar for these sorts of occasions…nice. :D

      me waiting too…are they typing these up on manual typewriters or something??

  • i asked for it from customer service and got it too.

    • how do you contact costumer service, via chat?

  • From this morning's chat with eBay CS:

    "Oh I see so its with the Daily Deals coupon. The offer has been actually re modified and thats the reason why you did not get the voucher. However please do not worry because once the modification will be done, you will just receive another notification for it."

    "Just in case if you wont receive any then by Monday nex week, you can simply provide us a screenshot of the offer that you received on your personal email address then we will personally provide it to you."

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      look like each time you contact someone, they come up with different answer.
      They told me, next two days, lol

      • No matter how much I asked, both CS reps have been adamant they can't manually generate the voucher, so those others here saying it happened for them seem to be lucky.

        • Yep but the user above, NotAnAudiophile , got it via chat? lol

        • +1

          Yep. I got told that for previous vouchers “marketing will not allow us to generate. just keep waiting”.

          They all never came.

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      Just to add to the CS chat, I contacted them just now and was told:

      "I would like to inform you that I have received an update from the Promotions & Marketing team and got a response that they are generating the voucher to the eligible members. / AU$15.00 Voucher Code by the end of todayi.e July 03 / Please wait till today to receive the voucher code."

      I guess I feel pretty confident I'm going to get a voucher now. For some reason I feel like, Yeah, I'm absolutely gettin' it!

      • +1

        OK, the night passed with no voucher! But I got onto eBay Chat in the morning, still feeling confident, and instead I run into a brick wall. When I told the guy that I hadn't received any kind of email since signing up - not even 'Daily Deals' emails - he said:

        "In this case I am sorry to inform you that you are not eligible for this voucher. / Because our team has started sending the vouchers to all the members who received confirmation email for this promotion. / Yes. Once you will receive a confirmation saying "you have subscribed for the promotion successfully" then you will get AU $15 voucher from our promotion and marketing team. / PLease try to understand if you have subscribed for the promotion successfully then you will surely get a confirmation email regarding it on your registered email address."

        I don't want to give up at this though. My heart is so set on this $15 voucher. Plus, it sounds like others on here signed up the exact same way as me, had the same lack of email as me, and yet talked to Chat and got it sorted, so I figure I shouldn't give up just yet… But I'm starting to kind of waver here. It's starting to seem like I might never get this voucher…

        • …was it anshul? did he ask you for a screenshot?

        • +1

          @franco cozzo: No, it was a cold-hearted gentleman by the name of Shobhit. And no request for a screenshot.

          And the other thing, he couldn't even confirm whether or not I had signed up for the email. It's like, surely you should be able to see my subscriptions and what emails I've signed up for and when I signed up, but he had no answer for this.

        • @garworsby: shobhit & anshul….what a pair of c&^%s… :P

        • +1

          @franco cozzo: I got it now, just so you know there's reason to hope! Some lady called Katrina came for me in an instant. No screenshot, no argument, just pure coupon!

        • @garworsby: trying now with leona…. she reckons i need to wait 1 week???

          "I've already added you in the list for not receiving the email for the $15 voucher. Please allow us more time to a week while we are waiting a feedback from the Marketing Team regarding those members that did not receive it yet."

        • @franco cozzo: Anshul asked me for a screenshot.

        • @Reveen: i never want to hear anshul's name again as long as i live…

  • They told me to wait a week on chat

    • Yes, the story has changed again. It was next Monday, then once I'd mentioned I'd been told yesterday it should come through either last night or this morning, the CS rep read through yesterday's chat record, and changed it to probably today. Further details from this morning:

      "The replacement for the $15 voucher. The exact offer you accepted was again phased out so the voucher that were giving out today is the replacement for the one that got phased."

      "They modified it in the first place since most of the members had issues with it. I believe you wont want a voucher with several issues on it?"

      "Issues would include purchase details which got messed up and discount not properly applied. Modification does not really happen most especially if we dont find any need to so."

  • So can we safely assume that they've screwed this promotion, even for the ones that received the emailed offer?

    It doesn't give much hope for the newest price matching process that came this morning.

    "We’re so confident we have the lowest prices that if you buy an item on eBay and within 48 hours you find it at a better price on an approved online retailer’s website, we’ll give you an eBay coupon for the difference in price, plus an additional 5%!
    Our guarantee covers over 70 million items, so you can shop the products you love for less.
    Don’t make the same mistakes Warnie did, embrace no regrets shopping when you shop first on eBay.
    Claiming is quick and easy
    1. Obtain your item ID from your eBay purchase (found on your confirmation email) and a link to the product on the online retailer’s website.
    2. Simply chat to or call our Customer Service team and provide them with the item ID and link.
    3. If approved, we’ll provide you with a coupon for the difference in price, plus an additional 5%.
    This offer is eligible on all new, fixed price items. Happy shopping!"

  • +5

    For those who still have not received the $15 voucher, go ahead and chat with them, they will check if you are illegible, then give you the redemption code to use, mine expires on 3/8/18 (spent already, a couple of minutes after receiving it) . I only waited for bout 30 seconds in the queue before they started to respond.

    In case you don't know where to initiate the chat session, On Ebay website, click on the Help button at the very top of the page (same line as 'ebayplus', eBay Deals'…), on the Help page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on 'Chat with us' > Account > Fees, credits and invoices overview. You should be good from here.

    • They refused for me.

      • I'll give them another go now :D

    • Thanks @jd…got mine in a few minutes! Looks like it's targeted to new plus accounts, if I'm not mistaken.

  • Oh hello…

    "Octavia 16:38 PM
    Im sorry for letting you wait. How about this, I will process it now and you can wait for it about 2 minutes. Is it okay?"

    • +1


  • Just tried chat and was told to wait 24 to 48 hours.

  • Contact live chat again. Was told to wait as their marketing team are processing the vouchers. I asked why others are getting theirs manually and was told this was their work around for last time but was assured I was getting my $15 voucher either today or tomorrow

  • Just tried chat. They asked for my name and then said it would added to my account by 11:59 pm today. So, I guess I should trust that. Oh, but I've been hurt before…

  • Just chatted with a Rep … no fuss, code generated for me in 2 minutes - only asked for my name and what is the reason for my contacting eBay.

    • my guy didn't have any idea about this promo

      • start another session …

        • got the same guy and got out straight away

        • +1

          @tesse112: I got Octavia who was so wonderful, no sweat, just fixed it for me!

        • @oldrocker: Octavia FTW!

  • They wont give it to me, said they added me onto a list and to wait up to a week.

  • +1

    We received a communication from our Marketing Team that they are still distributing the vouchers.
    They said that the latest would be end of today, 23:59PM AEST.
    Most likely, yours hasn't been processed yet.
    Don't worry. I'll make sure to escalate this for you.

    I had the same issue with a voucher previously and was told the same thing about 3 times from agents
    Including that it would be escalated
    And that was months ago
    I never heard a thing

    I'm sorry to hear about that.
    Anyway, I'll make sure that this will be escalated.
    I'll also make sure that you'll get the voucher.

    By midnight?

    The latest timeframe of distribution would be midnight.


    • eBay
      If you won't still receive one by midnight, you may contact us back and we'll request for it to be created manually.

      • yep just chatted with them got the same message…

  • 6 minutes to go 'til Midnight - anyone else had theirs come through as "promised"?

    • Nope

      • +1

        Should be there now - we're now beyond the "latest timeframe of distribution"! :D

        • +1

          Still nope.

          Back to sitting on chat. Oh wait, they're closed.

          Anyone else have it say “less than 1 minute” then still take another 15 minutes when they were trying to chat earlier?

    • +2

      Nope. They lied to me. Again. Sheesh.

  • +1

    Damn it no 15 bucks from eBay. No such thing as free money…

  • +1

    did anyone ever get the $15? I got the email for subscription but no $15.

  • Just have a chat with them, they asked me if i have received email confirmation that I've been successfully subscribed. Only those who received this email will get the voucher. Anyone got the email?

    • tried. not today…'anshul' (you bastard) handballed me to the marketing dept.
      i hate the f^%&^%n ebay marketing dept

  • just tried live chat….absolutely useless. wasted 20 minutes of my life…
    they want screenshots & email response blah blah blah….couldnt get it done there and then…wait 24-48 hours whatever that means…
    already more trouble than its worth!

    • +1

      "already more trouble than its worth!"

      Yeah, that's what I'm starting to think too. I really want this voucher but already it's like I've put one hour into it and now I'm into the second hour.

      • +1

        Double-or-nothing time!

        • yup…just kept insisting on resolving it until she caved in :P

  • I just spoke to CS 2 times for my 2 accounts and they've both been accepted to creating a voucher no questions asked. They just said, "Since you've mentioned that it was supposed to be sent out to you last night I will make one now for you". I already verified the first voucher that it works. (I spoke with Jessame the second time)

    • Bravo to Jessame , she ( should a lady ) also was the one get it done for me … well done ! ebay - Promote her , she is the asset to you !

  • +5

    Just got off live chat with eBay (Plus). Too easy!

    I initiated the live chat with the message "Opted in to Daily Deals to receive a $15 voucher, however never received the voucher"

    When connected, the live chat rep then asked for my full name, and already replied with an apology that I didn't receive the voucher, then asked when I opted in.

    I confirmed 30/06/2018 when I received the email from eBay, then they said they'd review my account.

    Came back and said give them 3 minutes to generate a voucher code for me.

    I received the code… Happy days!

    • +2

      Ha! I had given up on this but then I see your message and I try one more time and it worked! I even decided to just copy and paste your opening message to see if that helped. Maybe it did or maybe it didn't, but I ended up with the $15 voucher!

      For those, like me, who've tried before but gotten 'stonewalled' by grumpy chat people, I recommend trying again. I got some lady this time around who sounded a little silly but at the time was real insistent that I absolutely get the voucher, I didn't even have to make a case for it. I spoke to two people this morning. One that made it sound like there's absolutely no way I'd be getting it - that said I was "not eligible for this voucher" - and then the second was cool and easy - she said "This is a valid eBay promotion and we be held liable for this as per Terms and Conditions" and then she followed up with the coupon!

      • Yep…eBay's CS agents give wildly different advice and interpretations depending on who you speak to.. Always a good idea to try speaking to several if you don't get a favourable outcome.

        Glad you finally got it sorted, garworsby!

      • finally. 2nd round still took a bit of convincing and screenshot….and 26 minutes (!!!) of chat…but got a voucher in the end.
        jesus bloody christ that was painful!

    • Cheers for the advice mate. Followed with your starting line and then just responded to Lee with exactly what happened (which luckily was the same as what you had advised).

      Too 3min and now I have the code.

      In my best young Edward Furlong voice: "Easy money!"

  • on live chat now: what the hell does this mean?

    me: this was supposed to be provided to me within 24-48 hours of signing up according to the email?
    the T&Cs clearly stated that…

    "That's correct, however, since we don't have the list as to who are the members who signed before it ends on 11:59pm July 1, we request it to the Marketing Team so they can check and if they miss out sending the voucher, we can make it right to you so long as we have feedback from as to why you haven't receive it in 24-48 hours after signing up."

    "Don't worry because you will still receive the voucher, just please keep the email you received from them"


  • +2

    What a screwed up promotion that is from eBay :)

    • Not the first time, either. I've had to chase them on several previous occasions for vouchers that were never sent. I cannot think of a more shambolic organisation I've had to deal with.

  • Just got an email reply from ebay support with voucher code. What I did, went to subscription page via promotion email I received on 30th June. Reenter login details and take a snapshot of subscription confirmation screen. Reply chat conversation and attached the photo.

  • Spoke to Octavia

    Hi Jacob. It seems that we need to wait for the voucher to be processed for couple of days.
    But since I dont want to give you more hassle, I will be processing oe for you.


    • Octavia FTW!!

      • Octavia will be very busy.

        Is it possible to ask for Octavia vs Chat?

  • Maverick also fixes this on the spot in chat.
    Cheers OP & posters.

  • Online chat and Ian fixed for me.

    I remember I saw that email on my phone but I couldn't find it now but I just told him I did receive that email.

    All fixed.

  • got onto Jessame. $15 voucher created… woohooooooo!

  • I just finished a very quick online chat with Dennise. She fixed it right up for me and generated a redemption code. No minimum spend as well, how good is that?

  • god ebay are clueless…keep in mind ive spent better part of an hour on 2 live chats earlier today and provided screenshots and was finally able to crowbar a voucher out of them which is now visible on my account page….just received this now:

    Sorry for the late response.
    Thank you for taking time to send us the screenshot of the eBay deals offer.
    I understand you're waiting for the AU $15 voucher to be generated, having accepted the eBay deals.
    Don't worry, we already have this escalated to our Tech team in Sydney. And they are much aware of this and are currently working to resolve this immediately.
    Rest assured, we will be updating to you once this has been resolved at a reasonable time.
    Thank you so much for understanding and for your cooperation.
    Franco Cozzo, we value you as a member and thank you for choosing eBay!
    Customer Service Representative

  • +1

    Thanks to AnDyStYLe for the suggestion of using 'Opted into Daily Deals to receive a $15 voucher, however never received the voucher'.

    Got Anthony. He generated my code in <2 mins.

  • Vidur17:56 PM
    As per your concern, I would like to inform you that our marketing team is resending the vouchers some members were missed.
    Vidur17:56 PM
    as **
    Vidur17:57 PM
    The same will be added to your account in 24 - 48 hrs.

  • no voucher yet…

    want to buy a jacket lol

  • Great, mervick helped with instant voucher. On my second account nitin didnt not want to help me straight away and instead told me he will escalate it and I have to wait 48hrs.

  • Didn't get the voucher - went onto chat from My eBay - voucher sent via email within 5 minutes and the code appears under My eBay as well. :)

  • +1

    Finally. I tried about 6 different agents the past few days. Today I got onto eBay Plus "Premium support" and Mikee processed the code for me.

  • +1

    I just received the voucher after chatting with online support. They generated it for me straight away. To everyone who hasn't received it can try it with chat support. They are pretty quick.

  • No luck getting second coupon on account 2, They told me that e-bay's system detects account with same info lol.

  • I spoke with Chat, didn't get one straight away, but will be getting it, they said the matter had already been escalated etc.

  • +2

    Has anyone got the voucher in the account apart from contacting chat and them adding it during chat?

    • Yes, would love yo know how many people didn't have to chase this up.

  • Done mine then Rep gave me voucher code ebay chat thanks guys

  • Rohan aint giving vouchers out - gave me the old 'Marketing Team' 48 hours spiel

  • +1

    Octavia you bloody legend.

  • Thanks for the tips, got the voucher after the chat ..but damn this doesnt stack with the existing discount codes

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