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[Targeted] Free $15 eBay Voucher with Email Opt In (No Min Spend)


Possibly targeted. See notification below. Good luck!

As of July 1, we will no longer be sending our Daily Deals email. If you want to continue to receive the best eBay deals, sales & events, sign up below. We’ll even send you a $15 voucher to spend on anything you like on eBay. How good is that? So opt in now, don’t miss out!

Opt in link here.

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  • Got mine as well on the chat. Den is really nice and helpful.

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    Got Vidur (who says he's David) on chat twice and got standard 48hr waiting spiel. Thanks to Adele today on chat, easily got the voucher applied within minutes.

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      Adele for the win! Also, if struggling to find something right away, use it to buy a $15 eBay gift card to buy more time!

  • No luck the last three nights with chat. Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

  • Tried with "Til" just then - no dice

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      I just had Til before. Wouldn't let anything slip besides the 'Please allow another 24hrs'.

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    Just got mine via Chat.
    Add "Cheryl" to the list of helpful chat responders.

  • Add Jessame to the list also, just got mine generated after checking a few details.

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    …so did anyone actually receive a voucher without prompting via live chat?

    • Most probably yes, but given that everything was all hunky-dory with their voucher, they have no reason to come on here looking for answers.

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      I got the offer emailed to me and signed up before the deadline and I’m still waiting for the voucher… but am guessing it will never arrive so will have to try via chat.

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    Got Octavia again today for another issue I had…and once again she was very helpful :)

  • So uh…. anybody get this?

    Edit: oh right, I didn't see the full thread… trying my luck with chat now :)

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    If you had been told before the voucher will arrive at xyz time, and on the 2nd chat , stand firm on getting the voucher on the spot. I was in that situation for my wife's account - was told first the voucher would be in the email by midnight - of course nothing will arrive - I knew the B**t but just had to let it take its course. On the 2nd chat, got a guy very apological but refused to get the voucher for me just repeating to refer to its non-existence " customer concern department " , I just told him put my chat to his boss as both of him and his colleague were lying to me as a customer, he resisted for about 2 minutes , and got the voucher generated. In short , if you knew you are right , and eBay is wrong on this matter ( that they sent you email offer and you did sigh up ) , stand your ground as you've given them once to fix it.

  • First attempt at chat today and got the response that “many others are waiting and I’ll have to wait 24-48hours for marketing department to generate it”
    I might try at a different time of day on the weekend and hope I get someone else

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      Yes, as if the marketing department are gathered around a conference table in the boardroom, with a long list of eBay users on a notepad and a bucket containing dozens of pieces of paper, each with a single letter or number printed on it, and bit by bit they construct each code..

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    Failed the last time I tried, last Saturday, they said I would get it in 24-48h. Just tried again with an operator named Marc and he generated the voucher and added it to my account :)

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    Had Anshul and he was a real SOB. I have noticed that you get poor service if you get an indian dude on eBay chat support. Well this is what happens when you outsource… Apparently, eBay doesn't care about customer service anymore.

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      There was a time when eBay cared about customers???

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      eBay support are infuriating, you end up wasting so much time and they ask for so many details, even if it's for something as simple as a voucher which you are entitled to. Not impressed at all with their customer service. They all say different things.

  • Hmm i was told today I will get mine soon… still waiting

    • I spoke to someone 11am this morning, and just tried again tonight at 9:30 since I didn’t get it “soon”, and was told I have to email them the original email they sent me. I’ve emailed it so will wait for nothing to happen haha

      • I got a reply to my email to say Joel had generated the voucher today, then 1 hour later got another email to say AJay (who was no help to me previously) had generated a voucher to my one and only account - I checked but only got the one voucher… finally :)

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          This sorta ting should be illegal, for no other reason than with the amount of time spent chasing up these $15 vouchers, you end up getting less than minimum wage!

        • +2

          Most definitely. They must have a lot of people just give up chasing it up. It was very time consuming and slow to chat with them. I even forgot I was chatting to one of them who had asked me to wait 3 minutes while they looked into it when I get distracted by my baby and remembered one hour later haha

          I hardly ever get any targeted offers so was going to make sure I got this one after seeing other people’s success.

          For anyone else still chasing theirs Mukesh, AJay are no help on chat with lame excuses, but Rupak was the one who told me to email proof.

        • +1

          And now I’ve had an email today from mukesh with a voucher.. oops I guess I shouldn’t have been so impatient haha
          3 out of 4 did eventually help in the end

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    Got another one with another account. Joel generated one quickly.

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    Got aother 15 with the other account. Yeepy!
    Got two of them quickly on the chat. This time was with Krisca.

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    +1 for joel

  • +1

    +1 for Erika

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    Guys, just a warning for anyone who uses one of these voucher codes through PayPal for a purchase that is eventually cancelled - seems you'll be refunded for the entire value of the purchase (including the voucher component) in PayPal, not to mention the new voucher code you'll be issued once you get on to eBay CS chat, meaning you're now effectively burdened with $30 to spend somehow.


    • Interesting. I just had my order cancelled and pending a refund via PayPal. So your PayPal transaction doesn't show a separate voucher component? It just mentions the whole order total (including voucher) was refunded to your PayPal balance?

      • +2

        Ok I'm confused by this now. My purchase total for the order in question was $95, of which $80 was funded by me, and $15 from the voucher.

        The day the refund came through, my PayPal balance definitely increased by a total of $95. Now when I go into the transaction details, it's showing an $80 refund to me, and $15 to the voucher, which might actually make sense as the original voucher came "good" again a couple of days ago - it was evidently reactivated by eBay. But checking the 'Notification of a Completed Refund' email that PayPal sent me the day the refund was finalised, it simply tells me a total of $95, without mention of the voucher. Monty1089, did you receive a similar email from PayPal, and if so, what figure(s) did it give?

        So perhaps it eventually balanced itself out at PayPal's end, and then refunded the original $15 voucher, reactivating it? It should be easy for me to check, except that since the refund showed up in PayPal, I've had another 19 transactions come through (payments received as well as payments made), so I'd need to work backwards through them to determine if my PayPal balance is still $15 more than it should be - a job for another time.

        Regardless, I've still ended up at least $15 better off thanks to eBay CS chat generating a second voucher when the first one was still showing as expired despite the refund being flagged as complete.

        eBay's systems must be all over the place if even the staff can't follow this stuff properly!

        • +2

          Hey dm01. I just checked my PayPal balance and it says total refund of $36. The item cost was $23 for me. Minus the $15 eBay voucher becomes $8. I paid the balance via PayPal.

          Without eBay plus subscription the shipping was $13 but with eBay plus i got free shipping. So $23 + $13 = $36 refund. But once the refund is checked & finalised i will only get $8. They will minus the $15 eBay voucher from the refund and also minus the $13 shipping fee from the refund as well due to eBay plus.

          Like you i assume PayPal will make eBay reactive the $15 eBay voucher and not refund me the value of that to my PayPal account. I have already contacted eBay chat and got another $15 voucher.

    • i thought voucher does not get refunded?

      • It seems like dm01 got the voucher amount refunded to his PayPal balance. Normally you get a refund for the order total excluding the voucher amount. You then need to contact eBay live chat and get a new voucher. But surely eBay would work out they refunded the voucher amount by mistake then you also managed to score another free voucher?

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    My voucher is meant to expire 3 Aug 2018, but appears to have stopped working already. Anyone on same boat?

    • +1

      Yes same here

    • after all the hassle of acquiring the voucher…why leave it so late??

    • Yep, same here.

      Update: I've just been on live chat and the very excellent Joy has sorted it out for me by generating a new code. Whew, what a relief!

      • As you are one of our valuable customer, I can generate a new voucher code of AU$15.00 and it will be valid for 1 month on 1 transaction.

  • Forgot all about this, never received any email response, signed up when this went live, just got onto chat and now have the voucher!

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