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50% off Great White Shark 2015 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin at Perth Mint ($52.00 was $104), Shipping extra


I was looking at the Perth Mint for some silver coins to add to my collection. They always have some sort of sale going on but this really caught my eye.
50% off on this coin.

The coin was selling higher on ebay when I checked. I think this is a decent deal.
Also selling for much higher on other legit bullion stores.

Another coin I bought was

Again found it selling for higher on other stores. Shipping for both coins was $9.95.

Hope this is helpful to atleast some folks here. Thanks guys!

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  • huh, im quite informed of the commodities market but why would silver be on sale? unless this coin was overpriced initially? someone explain please

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      Silver coins are not pure silver, though claims to be 99% pure. What’s an ounce of silver worth?

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        You can get a generic coin or bar from the mint for < $27 or a 1kg bar for $739.9 (~$20.96/oz).

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      It’s a Proof coin (not a Bullion coin), and even after the 50% off, is still overpriced.

      Silver is around $21 an oz., so the coin is about 2.5 times pricier even at sale price.

      So… good for collectors. But not for investors.

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        You could argue that this sort of item is an investment… It's limited edition, has a monetary and a material value. If you were to purely cost jewellery on the weight of materials, the mark up is often 6-10 times… If I was vaguely interested in the value of silver, I'd be buying silver.

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          The point I was trying to make is that because Proof coins hold or lose their value based on collector interest, they’re not easily liquidated unless there’s a market for that particular Proof coin.

          In that regard they’re a much riskier investment than Bullion because the markup of Proof coins is usually twice or thrice the intrinsic metal value to begin with.

          Also, people usually don’t buy jewellery as investments.

          To each their own though. Cheers :)

        • You could argue that this sort of item is an investment but then someone might point out that if you did and you bought it 3 months ago you have just lost 50% on the "investment"

        • @novicenow:

          Which is somewhat wrong as the government can take your bullion and coins in time of need. Not jewellery.

        • These days - unless you are doing it seriously - don't bother.

          There is a reason why the have discounted these coins…

        • You could argue that this sort of item is an investment

          It is but a better investment (if you want to collect coins) is real currency IMO.

        • @novicenow: I gave you the upvote just for use of the word 'thrice'.

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      edit - beaten to it

  • Gold-pressed latinum from ST:DS9. Next level obsession.

    • Rules of Acquisition #1 Once you have their money, you never give it back.

      • I miss Quark and Rom in DS9. Those damn Ferrengis.

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    Different. Thanks for sharing

  • Only 64 in stock

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    i guess the traditional non special editions pure silver coins are a better choice for proper investment for oneself.. these are more like gift coins to elders and collectors!

    but bottomline is: With FIAT currency zeros adding to infinity in the world and unbelievable housing prices… and tiny interest rates… coins are a better bet against the world financial / Fiat currency collapse

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      Anything with a limited supply is better than non-asset backed fiat. You can't win against infinite money printing. However the bullion markets have been rigged for decades! Central banks own the bullion exchanges and can set rates to however they want. Cryptos and bullion will be hedges, cryptos (main coins BTC LTC ETH) will likely absorb most of the deflationary momentum once QE ends.

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      Guess I need to replace my tin foil hat with a silver bullion foil hat then?

  • Shows $47.27 in cart now for me. Not sure why, but it's five bucks less

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      I suspect it is the ex GST price you are seeing.

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    Dont buy this. still VERY over priced for the weight and series coins like this from the perth mint almost never ever appreciate in value but actually fall.(as it shows in this discount)

    Source: ive been collecting/stacking/investing in silver for over 10 years.

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      You can buy it if you are interested in collecting it though :-)

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      The opal series saw a good price increase

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        Average sale price on Ebay is below release price look at completed items not asking price.

  • It doesn't appeal to me, maybe if they had a special on a wombat coin…

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    Is the Perth Mint like the Franklin Mint?
    Do they just make thousands of variations of "Limited Edition" coins?

    • No, I don't think so.
      "Historic Perth Mint Mintmarks. Each coin in the pack is distinguished from coins struck at the Melbourne Mint by one of the mintmarks adopted by The Perth Mint between 1940 and 1964*. Mintmark types: Dot after the Y in PENNY; dot after the last A in Australia; dot between the initials K and "

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      Yeah, thousands of coin "series" thousands of limited editions, thousands of commemorative coins for everything, Even most movies on cinema.
      All not worth even a third of what they charge.

  • For $52 it is still overpriced.

  • high yield investment

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    Does it fit in vending machines?

  • I have a pile of those coins with different artwork commemorating something. Do I splurge and buy one of these? Seems a bit much for something that's essential $1. The star trek one is cool though

  • If you want to buy silver coins you can get the koalas or kookaburras for $26.39 / 1 ounce

    One ounce of silver is one ounce of silver.

    The other designs are part of many from Perth Mint to attempt add value to their products.
    Simply a different stamping print in the machine. Some add some colourings and some don't.
    Sure some may become collectible but that is unknown. So many designs though.

    I'd rather buy the bullion coin at close to spot price.

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    Nice find OP! Brought one for my Canadian friend who collects anything to do with Sharks:)

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      Glad to be of help :)

  • My father-in-law is turning 60 in September and he loves collecting coins. From my understanding he's got most coins that were in circulation, some quite old and obviously no longer used. The same goes for notes.

    Seeing this deal has made me think about getting him some kind of special coin/s for a birthday present. From reading comments so far it seems something other than this would be better. If anyone could recommend something I'd be greatly appreciated. :)

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      Maybe look into the Perth Mint bullion coins as suggested above or perhaps find something at a coin store like downies. They have historical and collectible coins and might have a sale going on now.