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LG OLED55C8PTA $2535 (eBay Plus) / $2704, LG OLED65C8PTA $4350 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


Best price so far for both the new 55" and 65" C8.

65" C8 Sold out. Available via new listing here for $4390.

Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal

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  • No post to Tasmania. Sigh…

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    Anyone who has read an OLED deal has probably seen me saying how I'm holding out for the right deal. I'm kind of glad in hindsight that I didn't jump right on the B7 as the advantages to the C8 (black frame insertion alone) make this gen my target. Having said all of that, $2.5k is the best price I've seen for this guy and I don't know if I'm going to make it through today without finally becoming the owner of one.

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      do it do it do it!

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      You're questioning whether to binge buy something on OzB? Hand in your membership card.

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        I've done my fair share of OzBingeing JJJ, don't you worry. It's not until we start dealing with 4 figures that I actually take my thrift seriously. With the end of the footy season fast approaching I feel this needs to happen sooner rather than later tho!!

        • 10 sold in one hour.

          you better get one or you will get none ;)

        • Pull a Nike and Just Do It.

    • Do it!!

    • Just hope for a major fault 4.5 years later and you've got a free TV.

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      You can do it. We believe in you!!

    • DO IT!! would of jumped on this if i didn't have a B7, lucky i paid just a bit over $1.6k. i actually watch my TV more ever since having one

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        Yeah, this TV is better than the B7, but is it $1000 better?
        You still got a top deal and for $1K savings, the B7 is still worth it over the C8 for that price!

        • B7 is enough, then you buy the Xiaomi Mibox (~$70-$80) to get androidTV OS 8.0. Thats perfect. The WebOS of LG can’t compare to android TV of Google

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          @n2h: just upgraded my shield to 8.0 last night, happy so far. the first menu was fine in 7, but they managed to make it better.

        • @n2h:

          B7 is enough

          Of course it is!!!

          Do you think that the C8 will be a night and day difference vs B7?
          There wasn't much difference b/n the C7 & B7 apart from the price, Dolby Atmos, Wider stand & Silver Bezel (C7)

          You need at least 2 iterations to notice a difference IMO .e.g C9


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          @vinni9284: the picture quality is the same mate. Don't waste $1000 for the look, use $1000 for the sound bar/home theater system or some thing like that. It's worth every cent.

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        You forgot to add $77 for the additional postage.

        • You're correct. I have a VP around the corner so can do free pickup.

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      I did it!

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        Just be mindful that the top half panel is wafer thin and exercise due care when removal from the box.
        Ironically, the instructions state to rest the panel flat to place the feet (it did on the B7 hence assume this will be the same)


        • Are trying to say the manufacturer has bad instructions?

        • @Diji1:

          Let me ask you a question.

          Would you lay the TV flat during transit?

      • Woot woot. Can I come over and watch?!?!

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          This is the most wholesome thread I've ever posted in.

          I'm picking mine up very soon so everyone in Brisbane is invited over!! Otherwise join me on Overwatch on PS4

    • In the same boat after the 3 $1579 B7's went in 1 second this morning, let's hope the C8 drops to under 2K by Xmas huh.

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    65C8 is in my cart and my body is ready.

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    Got the 65.

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    I'm waiting for $3500 for 65 C8, it will happen!

    • I'm waiting for some Harvey Norman AMEX deals which should bring the price down to that level (paying with multiple cards).

    • Well the C7 got down to $3400, so I imagine the C8 will too. That's when I'll hit the buy button. I can wait a little longer. Still got a few months before I get the NBN, so I doubt I'd be able to watch much 4K content before then anyway.

  • 55" oos.

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    HOLY SHIT just got the 65 C8

  • $2,079.20 (even less for ebay plus members) for this 65" OLED from Panasonic seems alright (manufacturer refurbished though)

    two remaining

    • What’s the warranty with these grays sales?

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      Refurb with 3 months warranty yeah nah.

    • that's 2017 model so compares to B7 etc not C8

  • 55" $2619.50 from Videopro since its currently out of stock here.

    • think this just got its price increased?

      • Looks like it.

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    Nice. I'm looking forward to the Christmas sales.

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    I am waiting for my son to stop touching the screen and then I will bite. Got another 3 years or so, though.

    • Should be the looking at a 77" F8 by that time ;)

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        All the more reason to wait :)

        Got a 10 year old Samsung 46" that won't die. Hopefully it lasts.

        • Same. Got a 10 year old Bravia that wont die, and a 2.5 year old. So likely I'll be buying a shiny new OLED at next years xmas sales because of some magical deal on OzB.

  • Got a 65 C8, But damn that price on the 55 is nice. Unfortunately a little bit small for my viewing distance.

  • Will 65" OLED ever come down to the price of what 55" OLED are currently? Perhaps a year or 2?

    • My plan was always to upgrade to a 65 but the prices have been super stubborn. $3400 is around the best I've seen.

      • Yep I missed out a couple of times pulling the trigger on the 65 C7 last year where the cheapest was around $3400. Unless prices for the larger sizes 77" drop, I dont see 65" screens, especially LG, dropping to 2k. Plus anyone who really wants a 65" screen cheap can pick up a Kogan/Hisense for much much less.

        • Can't justify a 4k plus purchase to myself or the misses. Yet she can justify a $6000 Chanel bag purchase from a couple of years ago as its actually worth $7500 now (only if she sells it of course). And she says to me, how much will that $4500 TV be worth in 2 years time 2nd hand? Yep…I can't win that argument.

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          @Sammyboy: sell the bag?

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          @theguyrules: And buy the TV and a cheaper bag.

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          @Trishool: Next minute… Eddieeee….I want half!

        • @Trishool: And another handbag.

          Thanks folks I'll see myself out.

  • I've been thinking of buying the 65 inch, but then thought the 55 inch is way better bang for buck. Shame it's out of stock now… :(

    Is a 65 inch too big when you're sitting 3 - 4 meters away?

    • Disregarding the done to death conversations on the net about TVs and viewing distances, I think its more about what you are comfortable with rather than what anonymous people on forums try to shove down your throat. Who cares what they think, you are the one watching it. I find a 55" at approx. 2.5 to 3.5 metres away OK. At 4+ metres I feel more comfortable with a 65" especially since when you watch a movie the black bars make for a smaller image, so the 65" makes movies feel substantial again. Others may prefer bigger or smaller but its personal preference. The only problem with closer and bigger is that you will be able to see more artifacts and blur in lower quality content which can get a bit ugly.

      • Yes those viewing distance convos have been done to death.
        So long as people know that viewing 4k material distance is diff to 1080p ;)

    • Go to a Bing Lee or TGG and check one out for yourself to get a feel of whats good viewing distance for you.

    • Decided to go with the 55". Better value and the room is not huge.

    • Diagonal screen measurements are deceptive, the increase in area from 55 to 65" is very significant.

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        I caved, cancelled my order and got the 65" instead…

  • 55" Back in stock

    • Ordered! Thanks :)

  • I have the 55 inch version of this TV and I have to say it is a spectaclur TV especially in 4K and HDR

    • do you notice anything weird with HDR content? i've been watching lost in space on netflix it's HDR, but some of the sky textures look really weird and bad. almost like there are some really hard compression artifacts.

      • netflix hdr has always been crap. I find amazon's hdr implementation much better.

      • Streaming is usually low quality, you should use Bluray to see what your set is capable of.

    • My X9000E does awesome HDR but I always can’t help but feel it would be so much nicer with an OLED.
      Those blacks and no bloom.

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    I know it's not comparable, but I got myself a TCL 65P6US, which is out of stock by now. With 25% off, gift cards and $200 bonus gift card via redemption it comes down to around $1100 delivered. Cashback and points on top of that.

    • Thankfully they put up a fresh listing, with new stock!
      Glad because i missed out on this deal originally! Very excited for it haha

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    Couldn't Resist - 55" come at me

  • Thanks mate I just got the 55 version also and it's arriving tomorrow :)

    Now what is a good wall mount that I can buy for this one? Any recommendations?

  • damn 65" now gone!

  • Can someone post the width of the stand on the 55”?

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      Can’t find stand dimensions but don’t know if this helps:
      Size without Stand (WxHxD) 1228 mm x 707 mm x 46.9 mm
      Size with Stand (WxHxD) 1228 mm x 757 mm x 230 mm

      • Thanks for replying but that doesn’t say the width of the stand.

        The width is the same.

        I’ve also been to the LG website and seen these dimensions.

        Edit: can see you corrected your post with the same observation : )

        • Yep the LG website and user manual doesn’t specify the stand dimensions by itself. Checked all over the website and nothing.

        • You can go into a store and measure. Or get an estimated measurement from the picture by using the width of the tv as reference.

      • From AV Forums
        Stand size
        900mm wide at the front, 340mm wide at the rear and it's 230mm deep

    • I'll measure mine when I get home buddy

  • still waiting a bit more til Prime day to see if amazon got any treats

  • Any recommendations for a wall mount?

    JB showed me this one but wanted to check first:


  • 65inch back in stock and cheaper than yesterday since free shipping to Perth. just purchased for $4,336.10 after cashback and PROXY :D (plus flybuys and double Amex points)

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    So are these Australian delivered with Australian warranty?

  • Thanks, I got the 55!