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[eBay Plus] Huawei Mate 10 Pro - 128GB Dual Sim - $674.25 Delivered @ Futu_Online eBay


Credit for glengood that inspire me to look for Dual SIM version

Add another $8.25 to go from single to mingle, Badadam Tsss dual SIM card.

You can get 5% ebay gift card by buying eWish giftcard , follow these steps below

Credit to someone in OZB (forgot his username), it goes like this:
1) Buy eWish gift cards via Cashrewards for 5% off.
2) Install the Woolworths Money app and attach the eWish cards to the app.
3) Go to a Woolworths and grab a bunch of eBay gift cards. Redeem the eWish codes at the counter. Depending on what you're buying, get the $100 eBay cards if you can, as there is a limit of 10 codes (sale promo codes/gift card codes) that can be used in a single transaction.
4) Redeem eBay cards at checkout on eBay.
You might want to call before going to a Woolies, as quite a few seem to be sold out, or only have either $100 or $50 eBay cards.

Also don't forget to use Cashrewards for 1% cashback, don't use adblock or whitelist the cashrewards website

Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal

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  • +2

    Dual sim or single sim? so confused. One the ebay titled as Dual sim, under the specification it says single sim? Any confirm? Thanks.

    • +1

      Dual Sim
      Confirmed with Futu_Online themselves
      They even said it include GST which is great if you're travelling overseas in couple months, 10% off GST

      Only this colour though


      This is dual sim, we only have this in this colour at the moment unfortunately. We don't have the black model. A full tax invoice with ABN and GST will be emailed out to the email address you have on the order when it ships out. Any issues at all, get in touch with us and I'll do what I can for you.



      Also I feel that this is their first time trying out to sell the phone


      I think we are trying out this stock first, if it is successful, we may look at expanding the range so I would say we likely wouldn't get stock of any black units for a while, I'll just let this one ship out as normal.



      • Thanks, mate

  • +1

    is it that bad? Big price drops in the last few months

    • +2

      Its a great phone with this price. But Mate 20 might be announced in 2 mths.

  • +1

    Build a shrine to it [chep pallet style] has BAND 28!

    No head phone jack kills it for me

    • Definitely prefer a headphone jack……….but it does come with an adaptor cable for those that aren't too fussed.

  • +1

    This or the Samsung Galaxy S9+? I care more about the camera than anything else.

    • +2

      tbh you can't go wrong with either especially for daylight. I'd imagine the s9+ would be better (slightly) at night, due to it being a newer phone.

      • +2

        Nope ai stablisation on night mode has been confirmed for mate 10 pro in the upcomig few months. Will be an absolute beast with long exposure shots with no tripod

    • +4

      Depends on your preference, I don't think any is better or worse. I have the mate 10 pro and girlfriend has the s9+, prefer the portrait mode and hdr of the 10 pro but it is very very sharpened but photos of landscape and food if you are into that looks better on the s9 IMO. However the s9 is alot more expensive so I would go for the 10 pro

  • That'd be me that wrote those instructions for the gift cards. :P

    To add to the instructions though, I was able to redeem 12 codes on a single transaction (could have a limit still, not sure what it is). EBay customer support has no idea what they're talking about.

  • Just bought yesterday the single SIM version. Didn't know about that 5% eGift trick which would help save $30 more :(

    • Depends on what perks you get from your credit card though - I buy most of my electronics using my Amex Platinum Edge for the extra year of warranty and 90 day accident coverage.

      • Warranty has no value given ACL exists. So really you're paying 5% for 90 days of accident insurance.

        • It looks like you're right, Samsung's website notes than even after their 24-month warranty expires, consumers still have rights under ACL. Only question would be what ACCC considers the expected useful life of a phone - probably time for me to start stocking up on Ebay giftcards though.

        • @glengood: Given that even phone manufacturers are acknowledging that consumers are keeping their devices for longer (often 24-36 months), you could argue for repairs on a phone that's around 2-3 years old.

  • Why you have to save the woolies egiftcard to woolies money app? Will this skip the approval from woolies staff?

  • Great phone. Though very slippy…….be careful if you prefer your phone bareback ;)

  • Price increased to $925 pre discount

  • How long does it take for the gift cards. Been waiting for 1hr

  • Huawei's software is atrocious.

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