expired Huawei Mate 10 Pro - 128GB Single Sim - $666 Delivered (eBay Plus Required) @ Allphones eBay


Awesome price for Aus stock - sad I jumped on the $716 last week :(

Mad respect for Allphones who did a reverse-price jack from $895 down to $888 for the sale!

Original PROXY 25% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

And don't forgot your 2.5% cashback from Shopback

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    Beast of a price!

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    If I sign up for eBay Plus now, would the code work for me?

    Also I have a few other questions. Firstly, I'm not very knowledgeable or familiar with new phones. I've been using iPhone 6 for the past 3-4 years. I only need a phone for calling, messaging, browser and some phone mmorpg games. I would like one that would last another 3-4 years. My current phone is quite laggy now and the battery seems to die very quickly. How does it compare to other brands like samsung etc? The price seems quite reasonable. I don't want to pay over 700. I quite like the simplicity of the iPhone but don't mind adjusting to android if it would save me a few hundred. Would anyone recommend this phone? Is warranty service with Huawei good?

    Thanks, I appreciate any and all responses.

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      Yes, the code will work if you sign up for Plus now.

      I'm using the Mate 10 Pro to type this comment. I got this in January on contract and the price on the box from HN was 1199. I've had many android phones but never an iphone. However, this is an excellent phone for $666 in my opinion. I get asked what mine is due to the look / finish quite a bit. It' 2:30pm and I took it off the charger at 6:40am and have 90% battery right now. I've actually never run out of juice before bed with this phone. Performance matches other recent flagships imo. If you have specific questions I can try to answer them.

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        Agreed on the battery life - Easily got two full days with 20% leftover with light usage and can't see myself using a full charge in a day even with heavier usage


        I tried to do some research on this phone for the past hour or so. The eBay page says 24 Months(AU) Warranty, in the case that I need to claim warranty, do I have to deal with Allphones or Huawei? Did some research on Huawei warranty and saw some complaints also so I'm quite unsure at the moment.

        It also mentions 'Optus - Unlocked', I'm currently using a Virgin Mobile sim with a 12 month contract on it from a previous deal posted on here, is this fine to use with this phone?

        Anything else important I may need to know before buying this?

        Also another quick question regarding eBay Plus, if i sign up for the 30-day trial, can i use the code?

        thanks again!

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          The branding on the phone Optus is but that only shows as a loading screen when you turn on the phone - the phone isn't network locked. I'm on Telstra and getting great 4G speeds.

          Re: Warranty, pretty sure that inside of 24 months you could choose to claim through either Allphones or Huawei (both are liable under Aus consumer law based on what I have read) but after that you'd be dealing with Huawei directly.

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      You might want to make use of this offer from Apple, to get some more use out of your current iPhone.



    If only this was dual and good custom rom support..


    This is better price than an one plus 6gb 128gb.

    Better camera comparing to my one plus5t.

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    This or the Xiaomi Mi 8? The xiaomi gets a better score for the camera on DXOMARK. But what about everything else?

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      Was considering the same thing, but for this price I jumped on the Mate 10 Pro

      Despite the mi8 probably having a mildly better camera, this phone has over the mi8:

      • More overall battery capacity 4000mah vs 3400mah
      • IP67 rating
      • 24 months Australian Warranty/ local support
      • B28

    No headphone jack and no micro SD slot.


      Same deal with the pixel 2. A lot of people can live without it… But that's what the adaptor is for when you really need it


    Damn this or the Mi Mix 2s next time in comes on sale….hard to decide.


    This or P20? I'm leaning towards the p20 as it is newer, but the mate 10 pro has so much going for it despite being last year's model.

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    Ordered on Saturday received on Tuesday, pretty happy with the service from all phones.

    Only downside to this deal is the Optus splash screen when turning phone on and off.. but my phone is on all the time anyway so it's not a big deal

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