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ANZ Simplicty Plus Owner Occupied Home Loan - Principal & Interest - 3.65% p.a (Comparison 3.69% p.a.)


Effective Thursday 2 August, ANZ is making changes to the ANZ Simplicity PLUS Special Offer and some ANZ Fixed rates:


For applications for new or additional lending from Thursday 2 August 2018, ANZ will increase the Special Offer Discount available for eligible customers on the advertised ANZ Simplicity PLUS interest rate for owner occupiers paying principal and interest borrowing less than or equal to 80% of the property value.

Based on current interest rates, the new rate for ANZ Simplicity PLUS Home Loans for owner occupiers paying principal and interest borrowing less than or equal to 80% of the property value1 will be 3.65% p.a. (Comparison 3.69% p.a.), which is the Simplicity PLUS Home Loan Rate of 4.55% p.a.* less the Special Offer Discount of 0.90% p.a.
For owner occupiers paying principal and interest borrowing greater than 80% of the property value1, the rate will remain unchanged at 3.99% p.a. (which includes a Special Offer Discount of 0.56% p.a.)

Eligible applicants must satisfy all of the following:
• For applications submitted on or after Thursday 2 August 2018.
• Applies to new or additional lending of $50,000 or more under ANZ Simplicity PLUS Home Loans.
• Eligible for ANZ Simplicity PLUS Home loans for owner occupiers paying principal and interest.

Offer is ongoing until further notice and may be withdrawn or changed by ANZ at anytime.

• For eligible new applications in the system that are submitted on or after Thursday 2 August 2018, the new discount will apply.

With Cashback customers will receive on average of $3,000 cashback rebates for a $500,000 loan.

Talk to your mortgage broker or contact us for further details:

With Cashback
1300 685 008
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Credit Representative Number 502385 of Australian Credit Licence 498325

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  • Hi Rep,

    How much is the interest rate on the investment property. From the website, it appears that the rate is 4.09.

    If you have 2 properties, is the cash back is on both properties or single.

    Also, how much is the ANZ additional cost for each settlement.

    Appears they are trying to match other banks like HSBC and CBA offers, which are currently in the market.

    • Hi Dealma,

      The interest rate on investor loans are 3.95% for 2 years fixed, 4.19% for 3 years (with breakfree discount).

      Cashback applies to each loan.

      Settlement fee from memeroy is $160: refer to https://www.anz.com.au/content/dam/anzcomau/documents/pdf/pe... for full fees

      • Hi Rep,

        I'm also in the market for an investment loan refinance. How does this compare to the Macquarie Bank Investment Loan? Does the latter qualify for cashback as well? Thanks.

  • With offset account?

    • ANZ Breakfee package includes offset account.

  • Make the title more meaningful.

    • Updated ;)

      • is there an offset ac?

        • -1

          Yes with the ANZ Breakfee package

        • +1

          @WithCashback: anz website shows rate of 4.30% for breakfree package. My current loan is 3.90% with offset..

        • @stockastics: Who is this with? the 3.9% with offset?

        • @flashi007: AMP bank..

        • @stockastics: BANG!

          Thank you

        • @stockastics:

          any annual fees ?

        • +1


          3.69% ING with full offset. But has $299 annual fee.

        • +1

          So your comparison rate is higher than 3.69%. why neg?

        • @stockastics: @flashi007 3.68% (4.00% comparison) for ING Orange Advantage with 100% offset

        • @phunkydude: $300..but refunded by broker..so no..

        • @flashi007: I have an investment property as well..so both owner occupied and investment- paying principal + interest- 3.9% with $299 annual fees that is reimbursed by the broker

        • @flashi007: I'm with Mortgage Ezy and have similar. I thought Loans.com.au was also similar.

  • +4

    So with breakfree package, you won't be eligible for the 3.65 correct?

  • Offset account included?

      • +29

        Haha you cant just keep saying Breakfee package. People want to know if the 3.65% interest rate applys with an offset account. Youre talking like a politician.

  • Interest rate for break free package?

  • What about construction loan for investment…?

    • check anz website.

      • Thanks

  • +20

    Come on rep - you keep writing about the "break free package" but don't give us any details about it. And the post is about the "simplicity plus" special offer.

    Why not give us more details on what us ozbargainers want to know and stop beating around the bush?????

    What is the interest rate on the package with the offset account? Do you get cash back with that package? is it 100% offset???

    • -1

      Hi there, I had the original offer uploaded but Ozbargain removed it and redirected it to the ANZ website.

      • -4

        Interest rate is: 3.65% p.a
        Owner Occupied Home Loan - Principal & Interest

        This is in the title and body text.


  • +7

    No deal.

    https://www.withcashback.com.au/about-us/ they are essentially a broker service (hence commission for the rebate) with little service. This is usually very important when things dont go right, esp on time sensitive deals.

    1. Where's the comparison rate as per requirement for advertising credit?
    2. What are the fees? My experience with big 4 is that they advertise a low rate on variable. But usually comes with alot of fees, and/or no offset facility (very important for many).
    3. Variable rate considered a deal? (Yea… right).

    So. What is the deal?

    • +2

      at <3.65 var you can't even get offset from any 'bank' apart from BoS deal

      loan app fee 600 waived in this deal

  • St George's 3.68% or 3.69% comparison rate basic home loan with no annual fee is much better. No offset account though. But it's the same rate even if you are borrowing more than 80%.

    • I got 3.59 at PCCU last week with offsets.

    • Depends on your needs. An offset account can save you thousands of dollars depending on your loan amount and spending habits.

      • Agreed - depends on individual needs. Another option to save on the offset package fees is to just move as much funds as possible to mortgage (and move back when needed).

        • just move as much funds as possible to mortgage (and move back when needed).

          And lose your maximum deductible debt if you decide to make it an investment in the future…

        • @tg: Great point, forgot to mention that! :)

      • is there interest calculator that i can plugin my balance + interest rate difference to find out how much extra interest i'm paying ?

        not looking for repayment calculator

    • Why did you say St George’s loan is much better?

  • I’m with Citi bank. 3.63% with offset sccount originally last year. Then they raised it by 0.15% due to rising borrowing cost. But asked my lending manager to bring it right down to 3.63% again.

    299$ annual fee however!!!

    • one of my friends has a loan with citi and every time they try to raise the rate, he calls them and threatens to leave…seems to be working for last 2-3 years..

      • Anz will do the same thing with this no doubt.
        Been a previous customer, rate rises at there own discretion.

  • BankSA has been 3.64% (3.65% comparison rate) since Nov last year. It is pretty much an identical type of homeloan (i.e. no offset, no ongoing account keeping fees etc).

  • +1

    Checked with ANZ, no offset account possible.

  • +1

    All these offset 'packages' negate in many instances what you will save by having an offset. 299pa seems to be the norm. Which is 25pm. If you are just making standard payments you may as well not bother as we were saving around 15pm on offset but then paying 25pm fees. Obviously this changes if you are making large overpayments and offsetting will work in your favour and your 299 'package fee'becomes worthwhile but many seem unaware of this.

  • Bank of Sydney is 3.58% pa (Variable Interest Rate) and 3.59% pa (Comparison Rate) https://www.banksyd.com.au/LimitedTimeOffer

    • This is a great rate, we have been informed that the offer will be expiring next week.

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