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Samsung Cashback 10% (was 2.8%) on Galaxy Note 9 ($1499) & Galaxy Tab S4 ($979) @ Cashrewards


This is a huge cashback increase for the Samsung Note 9 (512GB, 8GB RAM) and Tab S4. I couldn't believe it and had to ask TA for confirmation.

The cost of the devices after cashback -
Samsung Note 9 - $1499 less 10% cashback = $1349.10 (saving $149.90)
Samsung Tab S4 - $979 less 10% cashback = $881.1

If you're intending to buy these devices outright, don't forget this cashback!

Special terms -
Cashback is not available on purchases made via the Samsung Education Store.
Follow the Shop Now button to visit Samsung and view the list of postcodes eligible for express shipping (next business day delivery if ordered before 2:00pm AEST).

Cashback Schedule
Notification: 1 to 7 Days
Estimated approval: Up to 75 days

Referral Links

Referral: random (4033)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    • CR tracked my Note 9 purchase in roughly 7 minutes yesterday.
      The confirmation mail took around 9 minutes from purchase.
      So, for this purchase I can confirm that things have gone smoothly so far and same has been confirmed by other members above.

    • I had a similar thing with them not tracking big purchases but each time I contacted them they fixed it up in a few weeks.

      • Yeah they fix it then but when the time comes to withdraw it, they say they haven't been paid. I sent them all the invoices of purchase but they still didn't pay. I actually lost money by using this as the same product was cheaper on another site without considering cash rewards.

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          Please don't twist the truth. I'll try to explain. Remember first and foremost that your sale didn't track (for any of a number of reasons), but most likely because your last click was not from CR. When you contacted us, we added the transaction as pending while we sent the merchant your invoices on your behalf so they could analyse the transaction and provide attribution details. When they responded that in fact their analytics showed we were not your last click, they (not CR) declined the sale and paid commission to whatever partner was your last click (Google, OzBargain, Staticeice, TopBargains, ShopBack etc etc). To further complicate matters, if/when your sale fails to track, we have no visibility of cancellations/returns/refunds/exchanges which is why we rely so heavily on the merchants analytics. At no stage were these 'pending untracked funds' promised to you. As above, they were added to your account to trigger an investigation with the merchant.

        • @tightarse:
          There's no twist to the story. How come this happens only for big ticket items and not petty cash backs? I used exactly the same steps for all purchases. Closed all browsers. Opened a fresh session, go to cash rewards, click on store link, add to cart, purchase.

          No different to big purchases.

          You are speculating in your comment and I'm telling the facts. Still you say I'm twisting the story?

        • @tightarse:

          And this wasn't a one off case. Happened on multiple occasions.

        • +8

          @zerocritical: I have no idea why this happens to you specifically. I'd need to look into your account, and I'd need to speak with the merchants in question. I want to get a full analysis of your clicks and transaction data. Feel free to provide ticket numbers and I'll personally look into this for you.

        • @tightarse:
          Thanks for the offer TA. Its been a while I've used my CR account and dont intend to use it anymore. So dont worry about it.

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          You are speculating in your comment and I'm telling the facts. Still you say I'm twisting the story?
          How come this happens only for big ticket items and not petty cash backs? - zerocritical

          I don't know what happened, but as a happy CR user, here are my facts.
          My high value purchases tracked
          Exhibit A - year and a half ago
          Exhibit B - this year, $7998, $3389, $2399, $499 all tracked and paid out

          My big ticket items of $7998, as seen in my CR history have tracked successfully

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      You must be real doing something odd. Check my post above, largest CR cashback of $764 successfully tracked and payment received earlier this week for a Sony TV direct from Sony for $5099.

      That's my single highest cashback received in 3 yrs. Have totalled over $1300 in cashback.

  • The big problem is not the Note 9 it is class leading in terms of hardware features.its that it ships with Android Oreo and won't get Pie until mid or even end next year. Other manufacturers who were part of the P beta program eg xiaomi and OnePlus will get it by this fall as Google said.

  • Literally bought one yesterday. Any way I can apply this?

  • For those who received their confirmation cash rewards how much was it.

  • 60 days for CB is a joke.

  • Hi all,

    How do I trade in my S8 plus for this deal while buying through CR? Or I have to trade in my phone separately on Samsung website or in store?


    • +1

      I believe it gives you the trade in option during checkout

  • Do you guys think Harvey Norman can price match the price?

    • +1

      The invoice price is 1499$. So I dont think there is a case for price-match.

      • darn that sucks, was hoping to use harvey norman gift card.

        • +2

          Post 23/08 the 512Gb will go to 1799 and even with discounts may not come down to 1499 for sometime. This makes the 1349$ with CR a really good deal considering that the S9+ is selling at almost the same price.

        • exactly in the same situation.

  • Can someone please advise the cash rewards amount received from their email confirmation, is it $136.27 instead of $149.90? as i believe its calculates exclude GST.

    • Cashback will only be payable on eligible purchases, excluding freight, delivery, taxes and GST.

      • +1

        Hey TA, how long does it usually take to show up as a transaction on CR?

        Did mine before but nothing is showing on my account yet :)

        edit: NVM it just popped up $149.88 cheers CR ripper deal!

        • +1

          Hey there. Tracking for Samsung takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 hours.

          Edit: thanks!

        • Mine hasn't showed up yet. Placed order over an hour ago :(

    • from my previous transactions with eBay, all were calculated exactly 1% of the original price excluding delivery charges. So, I guess in this case too, it will be $149.9. I might be wrong though.

    • Can confirm it is 149.88$ as shown in my cashrewards.

  • Does anyone know if I checkout with GE interest free if the purchase is still eligible for cashback?

  • Dammit, I put in $300 deposit at Samsung store.. I wonder if they will refund

    • They will. You haven't received the item yet.

  • +1

    Has the Galaxy Tab S4 gone up in price? I'm seeing it for $979 not for $949?

  • How long is the bonus 10% promotion last?

    • On the website, says:

      Expires: 11:59 PM 23/08/2018

  • I caved. Too much bargain in one transaction.

    Traded my old iPad 3+4G for $185. Price at checkout is $1374, 10% cashback is $137.38, and $60 remaining trade in to be applied when device is sent in. So ends up $1176

  • Does anyone know what Samsung's speed of delivery is like? The FAQ's say it'll ship on 24th August but doesn't say how long it will take to get to the destination.

    • 1-2 days according to their express post option on checkout.

      YMMV but I believe they've been sent out the day before in most instances in the past, generally turning up either on the day or the day later.

      • Great, thanks!

    • My order confirmation says it ships Express on 23/08/18 and the delivery is 1-2 days.

      • Thanks for the feedback!

  • So if I trade my good condition s8+
    For $505
    I get another 10% off. Will it be off $1500 or $995

    • When you trade in you get $125 off the price staright away. The rest of trade in cash comes later when you send device back.

      So the cash back is 10% of 1374.

      • +1

        Ahhhh very goood….

        Much better.

        Trs here I come

  • Hmm this will be cutting it close for TRS refund, I fly on the 25th

  • I had a tracking issue with cashrewards buying an item through ebay, it was only for a very small amount (only few $) and cashrewards actually cover the cost of the cashback out own their pockets, which is awesome! Not sure where went wrong.

    However in the response email, the cashrewards actually say this "unfortunately tracking technology is never 100% perfect.". So there is always a risk of the transaction not being tracked, especially buying something with cashback of ~$150.

    Snippet of the email:
    Occasionally the tracking we use from our advertisers does not work for one reason or another - unfortunately tracking technology is never 100% perfect. We use the advertisers cookie based system and rely on this to pay cashback to our members. eBay has told us their decision is final and they do not investigate unrecorded transactions when queried. We highly recommend checking out the store page for more information on possible reasons as to why this may have occurred (e.g. clicking on advertisement banners, sponsored links, Google etc.).

  • Just read that someone had their order tracked by CR within 5 minutes of ordering but post description states 1 to 7 days. What is everyone's general timeline on knowing if it has worked based on recent note 9 orders?

    • Got it after 15-20 mins

      • It was less than a few mins for me here.

        The money actually turning up in your account will vary.

        • I'm still waiting. How am I even to know that it is going to work before preorder finishes just so I cancel and try again?

        • +2


          PM or shout out to tightarse (OP). He's very helpful, even when people's orders haven't tracked correctly.

          This thread being a good example of that….. I would have caved and given up on helping well before he has (still yet to).

        • @db87: I just sent him a PM. Hopefully he can look into it for me. Like you said I can imagine he'd be getting smashed with enquiries

        • +1


          Cancelled my order, then TA guided me through the whole process and happy to say got two tracking emails within 10 minutes for case & phone

        • @Boulders:


  • -2

    I cant believe half this thread is about cash rewards. Geezus

    • +1

      It's a cash rewards post/link

  • Hey guys..is anyone using Samsung Finance on this? Similar to HN and TGG no interest..

    • I did with GE. I wonder if maybe that's why it hasn't come through for me

      • im also keen to know if cash rewards works when you choose GE option for payment

  • Which color is better and can last longer ?

    Ocean Blue
    Midnight Black
    Metallic Copper

    • Midnight BLACK should LAST LONGER.

    • Ocean Blue with contrasting Yellow pen is very pretty.

    • wonder if anyone will buy that metallic copper at all!! Ocean blue looks cool, except that highly contrasting yellow pen. Black has always been popular and I believe has a better resale value. Easy to pair up cases, etc but again each person has different preference

      • +2

        I will be getting metallic copper. Pimp stylz.

    • Which color is better and can last longer ?

      I find that blue (the little blue pill), makes me last longer

  • I have an iPhone X but my partner just got a Samsung S9+ today (he is not interested in the Note 9), and after seeing his lovely big screen I am jealous. Makes me want to go back to the Note (my last was the Note 4), but I think I'm tied in to iOS after being on it so long - Apple Watch, AirPods etc…

    • +2

      Apple will have something bigger (and dearer) for you next month.

      • Yes I know - always more expensive. Sort of regret dropping almost $2000 on an iPhone X.

        • Still worth at least $1,000 from MobileMonster for an as new 64GB. I’m happy with the size.

  • +4

    Big shout out to TA. My first attempt today was unsuccessful so I sent him a message and cancelled the first order from Samsung.

    He responded promptly and guided me through the whole process and within 10 minutes got both the case and phone tracked and credited to my CR account. Needless to say I'm stoked!!

  • Hi TA, does this 10% cashback apply to business store associated with Samsung? I am working in a bank where there is exclusive member discount for Samsung products. The website is actually the same online shop from Samsung: https://shop.samsung.com/au/multistore/auepp/xyz_au (where xyz is the name of the bank). Would you be able to find out please?

  • +1

    I preordered metallic copper note 9 and CR tracked my transaction in less than 10 mins!

  • +4

    Hi all. For those that have asked in this post and via PM, I've just received confirmation from Samsung that cashback applies to trade-ups and finance options as well. Please note that your initial tracking email may show cashback calculated at the full pre trade-up price. This may be adjusted to the post trade-up price by Samsung at a later stage. Will respond here again once I receive confirmation re business store cashback. Thanks!

    • +1

      Thanks TA! :)

    • Any chance of tge deal coming back as it has gone down now to 4%.

    • Hi TA, any update re business store cashback? I need to action before Samsung changes its mind again…Thanks!

      • Hi again. Heard nothing back whatsoever as the query was directed to a specific area of the business. My guess is that it will be ineligible. Sorry I don't have more clarity on this.

        • Hi TA, at the end I bought the phone via the normal Samsung online shop
          However I bought the cover via business store and I got the tracking email from CR
          Having said that, I still rather not to risk to get the phone from business store as Samsung can decline the reward afterwards…you never know.

  • +1

    I made the purchase before I knew it was on cash rewards, can I still claim it?

    • Unfortunately not. The only way you get cashback is if Cashrewards is atttributed with your transaction.

      • +1

        Thanks, I cancelled the order, then made sure I used the link and ordered just now, how can I make sure it went through? As 7 days, it would be over.

    • I had a problem with my first order not tracking. Rang Samsung customer service and was able to cancel the order immediately with no issues. Only problem is that I have to wait 5 to 10 days for the first order to be refunded into my account. If that doesn't bother you either then just go ahead and cancel then place the order through CR

  • From the cashback site, it expires on 23/08. Have they ever changed their expiry date before? cause I wanna wait til 20 or something and see if anything else better comes up.

    • +1

      They heard you. The offer has expired. Down to 4% now.

  • would this be coming back or was it just those two days?

  • It says expires 23 August so waited a few days and now it's 4%. How come? So pissed..

  • Expired?! I was just about to place the order tonight

  • +1

    Shopback still offers 8% if it's any consolation.

  • +3

    wow!! thought of placing an order after finishing work and now I see this. Such a misleading expiry date of 23rd Aug for 10%, unless Samsung had a restriction on the no. of units sold through CR. Disappointed!! I will hold on for a while to see if TA has any updates on a +ve note, before pulling the trigger via ShopBack.

    • omg i was planning on ordering today as well!! quite pissed this has happened!!

  • I was holding off for a couple of days too thinking it was going to expire on the 23rd! :(

  • +2

    Pm-ed tightarse and this is the response I received from him. Thought I should share this so everyone can stop bombarding his inbox! :p Let's just wait for his update tomorrow

    tightarse on Thu, 16/08/2018 - 20:34
    Hi champ, not a glitch at all. Samsung expired the offer to us at 5:30. We're in a meeting with them first thing thing and hopefully we'll have some good news. I will PM everyone if/when we increase. I have 50 PMs so far lol/

    • Thanks mate. I have confidence in CR store reps to provide us with a positive update, especially considering ShopBack still has it at 8%.
      I guess Samsung just wan’t expecting that many units to be sold via CR?

    • +1

      If no cash Back at 10% I ain't buying. Was going to preorder today as just cleared cc funds.

  • +2

    Like all the others, I am disappointed they changed the expiry date without warning.

    • +2

      Hard to understand the signal they were sending. The 128GB has no chance with the 512GB offer, and 10% on top. Not sure if this could affect mobile phone plans. I’d rather buy outright and go BYO!

      And all this is before the new “flagship” even (er…) shipped!

      • trying to cash-in as much as possible before the next iPhone release? doesn't ever happen to see people queuing up in the night to get Note 9 as compared to any iPhone :P I myself own an iPhone from last 2 years, but ready to get back on to Android, as Note 9 really is a beast.

  • Disappointed this offer was expired before then advertised expiry date. I'm hoping this gets resolved in our favour, soon.

  • Was feeling crappy missing this, but alas, communal-misery and now just slightly less crappy.
    Do you best tightarse - credit card itchin to be dented.

  • +1

    You rock
    Nothing else to say but thanks TA

  • -2

    $1000 for a Android Tablet? (profanity) off Samsung.