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Catch Connect (Optus Network) | $15 for 90 Days | 45GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | $5 Cashback | New Customers


This very popular deal is back. Subsequent 90 day recharges are $89 if you wish to remain connected. New customers only. Catch Connect is powered by the Optus 4G Plus network. Offer expires 11am Oct 6th. Enjoy :)

Use Cashrewards for $5 Cashback. Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

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Catch Connect
Catch Connect

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  • +5

    Cashback for 30 Day Plan - 3GB/6GB/15GB: $0.70

    Makes this deal $0.29 after cashback :)

    • +10

      Thanks I can afford this deal now.

      • +8

        Only getting this if they have Afterpay.

  • YAAAS have been waiting for this deal to return! Thanks TA :)

  • Awesome deal returns, Optus > Vodafone. Going to buy another batch.

    • +1

      Isn't it just for new customers and needs to be activated in 30 days as usual?

      • +4

        It is but I have a dual Sim card and will use new email to sign up with a new account. I use Sim 1 as my main and 2nd Sim for deals like this, once done, I throw away the 2nd sim and get new ones as new deals come about.

        • Don't they go by the details they have on record? Like your drivers license number required for activation?

        • +1

          @Jessicat92: not that I'm aware of, no.

        • Hi, I've got dual sim but have to switch between the 2 sims for connection to network. Is there a way to keep connected on both sims at the same time? I currently have TPG and kogan.

        • +1

          not sure I understand your question. on my note8 I can set preferences for which sim to use for what. so I have set to use sim 1 for calls and txt, and sim 2 for internet. and I can receive calls on both because both are active and connected to their respective networks (vodafone and telstra).

  • If you own two phones, one with Optus, can the other phone be used for this deal?

    • +11

      No, the other phone has to be with Telstra otherwise they will both explode.
      Just kidding, they will be fine.

      • -1


        • +2

          You having a seizure, Jules?

    • +3

      Depends if the other phone is locked to another network.

      • -1

        While inserting new SIM, you may also need to hide the phone from the original owner.

  • Has anyone tried port out and port back to Catch Connect yet? Was it successful? Do you guys remember we had OVO mobile deal with $1/month before and I tried porting out and in again but it was unsuccessful.

    • Have you tried kogan porting? So you buy the $1 sim and port out then come back

      • Preferably to a non Optus network

        • +2

          I ported out to Telstra from OVO mobile. Then tried to port back to OVO movile but it was unsuccessful. Chatted with a OVO guy and got told :" You are not new customer any more to get the new customer discount" LOL It was so awkward!

          Donnt know if it is happening the same with Catch Connect or not.

        • @Dhandoftime: Bugger. Got this deal last time. Mine runs out in 21 days :/

        • @Dhandoftime: did you buy/register the new sim with the same Catch Connect Account? Or did you sign up using a new email address?

        • @rye: I have not tried yet bro but probably new email address will be more likely to work. Please let me know if you have tried.

          • @Dhandoftime: I've used the same email and I ported out from Catch Connect only 2 weeks ago for a 1 month 32GB deal with Kogan for 98c. The new Catch SIM has arrived so I'll port back in about 2 weeks :)

  • how long do you have to activate

  • does anyone know if im eligible for this if im currently with optus prepaid?

    • Following

    • You would be a new customer to Catch so i think you would be eligible.

  • +1

    I assume this can be used just for data if I have a 2nd phone ? am with telstra but keep going over my GB as have to use 4G as a hot spot for new job so this is heaps cheaper

    • +3

      Use for data only would be fine - 45GB of the stuff

  • +1

    According to live chat support you can't pay for this using Catch gift cards.

  • +2

    I didn't have a good experience when last I ported to catch connect. Took me two days.

    • +1

      me too

      • Current living the issue.. my service has been down for 3 days and counting..

  • Can we port our existing number or it has to be a new service?

    • +3

      existing number is fine

      • thanks for that.

  • -1

    Is ShopBack having the same deal/ cash back amount ? Just checking in case I missed something…. 😑

  • What about international calls ? Specially India ?

  • Just got a spare new phone, how do I get this deal? I've been trying to buy it but no luck, do you need to be a member of Catch connect?

  • Nice one TA

  • OK, so just to clarify - is this 45Gb for the 90 days? So 15Gb each month? Or 45Gb each month for the 3 months?

    • +1

      45GB total for the 90, based on my (current) experience with Catch.

  • I assum I can put the sim in an older iPad and just use data?

    Sorry if noob question.

  • I am already on this plan which is finishing soon. Can I port to another non optus provider and port back to this plan? Has anyone tried of know about it?

    • Shouldn't be a problem.

    • Thinking of doing the same. Have the kogan deal for the next month when this expires in a week or so, but then go onto this before Oct 4th

  • Can I switch from Optus to this?

  • Superb deal!

  • The "Go to Deal" link at top of this page goes to https://catchconnect.com.au/products/mobile/90-day-promotion... and the Critical Information Summary link on that page is to https://catchconnect.com.au/catchconnect-pub/catchconnect-do... which is for 30 day plans. Bit confusing.

  • Perhaps this is the correct one for this plan? https://content.catchconnect.com.au/catchconnect-pub/catchco...

  • Perfect timing thanks!

  • Catch Connect's website shows Double Data on all 90 Days plan — thus it's 90GB for the $89 plan. Safe to assume this promo will apply to this offer as well?

  • +6

    Watch out for the default enabled auto recharge.

  • I was about to pull the trigger but then saw some terrible reviews.

    Any comments or suggestions on user reviews like below one?

    "Optus is usually good when its on its own but with a MVNO on Catch is not a good idea. Constant drop outs as well out of nowhere and then it ends calls due to it having no service all of a sudden. Their prices look good but the service itself isnt what I recommend. "

    Source - https://www.productreview.com.au/p/catch-connect.html

    • It depends on where you are.

  • I've also noticed that some high ping speedtest.net servers are blocked, such as telstra melbourne. Still works on more obscure servers though

  • +1

    I am a current customer of catch connect, can I go kogan for 30 days then to Catch? What happens after 30 days if I don't top up kogan? Will I lose my number?

  • Any way you can remove the Credit Card info from being stored after purchase?

    • -1

      No!, It's theirs to keep, the only way to do it is to cancel your current credit card and renew it.

    • +2

      Turn off auto payment?

  • If I connect to this will I then be ineligible to any Optus new customer offers that come up? Or is this not technically Optus, just using Optus network?

  • does anyone know what information required to register the SIM card?
    thinking of getting this SIM card for family that is coming from overseas for holiday then throw it away after they went back.

    • They can use their passports.

    • +1

      Why not just put it in your name?

  • +3

    Just ported from Vodafone and activated to this plan. Took about 33mins for successful porting and activation(sms from CatchConnect saying sim is active). I think the trick is to do it on weekdays between 9am - 8pm (AEST). CatchConnect 4G signal is only 2 bars in Sydney CBD, Kogan gives me 4 bars. Please remember to turn off Auto Recharge if you do not wish to renew the next 90days @ $89/45Gb/90days.

  • My Kogan finishes up this month, was going to try TPG half price for 6 months but might just have to give this a crack first.

    • +1

      TPG still has $11 port out fee.

      • Submit a request through customer support and they will waive it.

        • I spoke with their online support, they said $11.

        • @Wardaddy:

          Tell them you will file with TIO, give them 3 days, still no response then goto TIO, they will fork out more than $11

        • @jpl:
          TIO said they wont care.

        • @LoveBargain15:

          This has been done many times. Check whirlpool.

          Ask politely first from tpg but with a firm 7 days response time given.

          If not file a case at TIO.

  • -1

    I've lost all my messages on my iphone when ported over.
    Make sure you disable the auto recharge.

  • can i do this in 1 single day?

    catch connect (current) => port out to Telstra (free sim) => port back to Catch Connect?

    • following this too. If not 1 day, how long have to be out of catchconnect to become a new customer again ?

  • Wow, I thought porting was meant to be quick. Clearly not with these guys. Going Telstra -> Catch, I received a text from Telstra at 8am saying a porting request has been made, but I still have Telstra service now.

    Okay, it ported right after I made this post. But data doesn't work at all. 4 bars of 4G, APN using 'yesinternet', nothing.

    • I had to restart my phone for the connection to register. Have you tried restarting?

      • +1

        I would hope so after 6 days!! :)

        I didn't need to restart, it just took another 20 something minutes to work after I got signal.

  • I ported today from kogan to catch and it took less than ten minutes! Guess I just got lucky

    • You just wait when you port out from CC

  • Thanks OP.

    Finally took the plunge and joined Cashrewards too. Appreciate your efforts.

  • +3

    Seems the date has changed to 11 am on 06/11/2018.
    90 Day Plan 45GB
    What you get
    $15 for first 90 days
    For new customers purchases until 11am 06/11/2018 Sydney time (unless withdrawn earlier), enjoy an initial cost of $15 for the first 90 days.

  • What's the difference between this and direct with Optus? Is it speed limited to 100mbps?

  • +1

    Damn it! Forgot to cancel the last one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/378612

    Just got charged $89.

    Oh well, if it make me feel better, averages $17/30days for 15GB data, not terrible.

    • Thanks for the reminder, unchecked auto recharge in my account… the other option is to use one of those visa gift card with a low balance if you got a few without the card fee :)

      • Where do you un-check auto-recharge? Can't find it.

        • +2

          Login > My Dashboard > Check it out > What would you like to do? > Manage auto-recharge > Un-check Auto recharge > Update

          • @Rosace: Thanks! Probably not the most intuitive selfcare portal.

            Wish I had click the "What would you like to do?" button earlier, thought it was just link to FAQ and did not bother.

  • I bought this simcard on 27th Sept posted to me on 28th Sept arrived on 2nd of Oct. Do I still need to activate by 11am 4/10/18 the original date (the date has now changed to 06/11/18) or this new date and/or within 30 days of purchase. Thanks

  • +1

    30 days of purchase. Apologies, meant to reply to Queserasera.

    • Thanks slowFTL i will make sure I activate it before 30 days and un-check auto-recharge

  • Has this one been extended until 11:59 PM 06/11/2018 (on CashRewards page)? Original description still has 11am 4th October for expiry.

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