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Abrasives World
Allphones Online
Atomic Cherry
Bargains Online Australia store
Boutique Cellar
Camera House
Chalet Online
Costume Bay
Creek Auction
Dell Australia
Discount Brands Australia
Dukes Surf & Snow
Finer Parts
GFL Marketplaces
GraysOnline Australia
Gruffa Sports
Grunt Nutrition
Hobby Warehouse
KG Electronic
Kitchen Warehouse
Klika Living
Knives & more
knives online
Life AU
Linen Dreams
Lucky Pet Supplies
Manchester Factory
Mount Media Posters and Prints
My Beauty Shop 7
NO Frills
Outbax Camping
Oz Electronics Inc
Ozplza living
Popular Costumes
Sello Products
Shoes On The Go
Shoes VB
Shopping Express Outlet
Shopping Square
Shopping Square Australia
Simply Healthy Life
Sky Fit
Sony Australia
Super Hobby Store
Taurus Hardware
Tempered Glass King
TGV Online
Tuff Winch
Ugg Express
Videopro Australia
Watch Winder Works
Xero TV
Zzz Atelier Outlet Store

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  • +128
    • +5

      As always, thanks mate - what would we do without you?

      • Three cheers. Our saviour.

    • +6

      Thanks! Why cant ebay supply such a simple thing!?

      • +4

        They used to!

      • +2

        Because they want you to browse the entire site and not just the sale.

        God I hate eBay

    • i searched for tv's under your link and it shows no results.

      • Works fine for me. Were you searching on mobile?

        • I'm using mobile and finding it difficult.

  • same code as the lego deal?

  • +10

    nothing to be sneezed at

    • Don’t know about you but I am starting to develop allergy to these selected eBay sellers deals, especially sensitive to those price jacking.

      • myers dont. just used the 20% off and saved bigtime

        but yes, most of the others pricejack sales, despite it being ilegal!

  • +32

    Boycott Allphones Online. They were removed from the last sale for intentionally inflating prices before the sale, way over the RRP.

    • +9

      items ive been watching from different sellers have definitely increased in < 7 days so you should technically boycott all sellers.

      • -12

        Boycotting one seller is pretty useless. If someone doesn't do their own research before buying, they deserve to pay the higher price.

        • +4

          no point explaining to all the internet keyboard warriors here mate

      • Ummm…. liberal price setting is the basic postulate of Capitalism. Anyone who's ever lived outside this website would have seen it happening everywhere in the real world. Try buying a new car, property, or shop for a surgeon or any other medical specialist etc. Has anyone ever tried to get a quote from a tradie, builder or similar? Do you know how arbitrary everyday prices are? I have had about 10-15% taken off a builder's quote only by asking a question.

        • I don't understand why you got negged for stating these facts, not saying that price jacking is not unethical but it literally does happen everyday whether you complain about it or not

    • +11
      • +7

        Interesting article. You can see the circles Ebay is running around to deflect the issue of liability. Ebay is not going to crack down on this until forced to do so as they don't want to lose being seen as the best (doesn't a 20-30% off price imply that?) online marketplace for buyers to get the best price. Ebay is basically saying we give 7+ days notice of upcoming sales if you want to join, but you can't increase price within 7 days of sale start. Call me Captain Obvious to see the clear flaw in that system with Ebay shrugging its shoulders saying we have addressed the issue but its not contrary to our T&C to raise the price on day 8.

        I'm curious why the ACCC hasn't started looking into this or at least made a statement concerning the practice given the large number of people that could be affected. The last line of the article clearly shows the attitude of Ebay - however marketplace or not, it is an E-commerce site like any other under the control of one entity. Rather than concentrate of the sellers and price changes, maybe look at the Ebay sale advertising being misleading by reference to those prices.

        Maybe its likely the case that the ACCC is scared of Ebay and the resources it could put into defending a complaint and the ACCC preferring to go after softer targets.

        • +5

          I'm curious why the ACCC hasn't

          Because the ACCC is either too powerless or gutless to actually do anything (depending who you ask).

        • +5

          @PainToad: agreed.
          Email/ask ACCC, they reply you to look for Fair Trading. Fair trading ask you to go to tribunal(Court). LOL

        • @PainToad: I wouldn't call them powerless, they do go after businesses, look at the most recent proceedings started by the ACCC against Trivago.

          Maybe you were agreeing with my last sentence :)

        • +2

          @samedream: I agree its a joke, misleading or deceptive conduct is clearly within the ACCC jurisdiction. They just pick their fights so they don't blow their budget fighting someone with deeper pockets.

          ACCC kowtowing to Ebay on their website:

          A ‘before’ price is the price an item was sold for during a reasonable period immediately before a sale.

          Businesses often advertise products in several places at once, including in-store, their own website and third party platforms such as eBay. Prices may fluctuate in line with sales or promotions.

          Third party platforms such as eBay may also offer their own discounted promotions, for example, 10% off everything.

          If a third-party sale starts shortly after a business-led sale has finished (for example, a few days later), it may look like the business has inflated its ‘before’ price immediately before a sale. However, it may just be that the price has returned to a non-discounted price following a business-led sale.

          Seems Ebay must have interpreted or got agreement from ACCC that 7 days falls within the definition of "a reasonable period". Clearly ACCC aren't going to do anything about it and its a joke to think Fair Trading is going to do anything about it.

          Anyway, here end'th my rant :)

        • -1

          I'm curious why the ACCC hasn't started looking into this

          The tech lobby pays more money to government to control the country than any other lobby.

          If you continue to vote Labour and Liberal then you will continue to be ruled by unelected leaders like this and you will continue to be stripped of your money to further enrich billionaires.

        • +1

          Not Ebay, but I contacted the ACCC months ago regarding Nutrition Warehouse's practices. That should be a cut and dry case. The company I used to work for supplied them with a particular product and we gave them an RRP to sell it at. It was the same RRP that every other store in Australia sells it at. They bumped up the "RRP" on their site 40% from what they told them, and they are charging the actual RRP with a so called "$12 saving".

          So I looked up the rest of the products on their site, and its exactly the same situation. Haven't heard boo from ACCC..

        • @PainToad:

          Because the ACCC is either too powerless or gutless to actually do anything (depending who you ask).

          It needn't be either or, they are likely both.

          It also probably doesn't help that the government doesn't put consumer protection high up on its list so their budget is probably pitiful.

        • @ATD: >they do go after businesses

          Somehow they always manage to investigate medium size businesses that are actually providing competition to the largest players while never investigating the largest businesses. eg MSY.

          Which is why I'll be pleasantly surprised if they ever go after eBay but I highly doubt they will.

        • @pfunk09: Sorry mate, companies are now allowed to set a price their customers sell at.

        • @sm007h:

          This comes straight from the ACCC site, and it's exactly what they're doing.


          Misleading prices may include:

          ‘savings’ or ‘discount’ statements when compared to the recommended retail price (RRP), but the goods have never been sold at the RRP or the RRP does not reflect a current market price.

        • @ATD: ACCC does just enough for the PR machine. Yes, all the law can be there and on your side, but somehow accc still pretty useless. I'm sure they are hamstrung by the government ever since they got rid of Allan Fels, who was incredibly productive at hitting dodgy big business.

        • +2

          @pfunk09: Yeah, I understand that. Misleading "sales" is illegal, but a company setting RRP and asking their clients to sell at RRP is illegal. Two different issues. A company can decide to sell above the so called RRP of the manufacturers for as long as they like - this is not illegal. If they set a price for one day and then put a sale on, and they list the higher price with a strikethrough, this is illegal. However, if any company can show they have listed at a higher price for a reasonable period (even if this price is higher than RRP), and then have a "sale", this is NOT illegal.

        • @pfunk09: Sony SDR-DH590 RRP $599 https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/av-receivers/str-dh590
          List price supercheapeverythingptyltd $979.99, "Discounted" AU $288.28 (29% off) to $691.71 https://www.ebay.com.au/p/Sony-STRDH590-Home-Cinema-AV-Recei...

          Final Price inc 20% Discount is $552.80, real discount = 7% ($46.20), purported discount 43% ($427.19)

        • @Diji1:

          The tech lobby pays more money to government to control the country than any other lobby.

          "tech lobby" - I think you are just making this up.

          By the way, this is retail, not tech.

    • -12

      That was Allphones not Appliances Online

      • +6

        That is what I wrote..

        • +7

          Yes you did.
          Reading is hard without glasses.

        • +11

          @spaceflight: Should've boycotted gone to SpecsSavers?

    • +1

      Wow. Good move by eBay finally. Will see if Futu gets slammed as well in one of the eBay sales.
      Also wondering the mob who used to support these adjustments fair due to sellers bearing some rate of discount.

    • TBH the problem is probably more with ebay than specific sellers. I would argue that despite the price jacking, some of these sellers are STILL cheaper after the 20% off than everything else online. What is misleading is the "20%" off part, but it is still cheaper than some of the average bargains that is posted here.
      If they were a bit more honest about the actual discount as opposed to "20% off" then it will be better overall to the public.

  • Still no Dans :-(

  • +2

    Isn't allphones supposed to be banned?

    Is ebay legitimizing illegal price jacking?

    • +2

      items ive been watching from different sellers have definitely increased in < 7 days so you should technically boycott all sellers.

      • I love dcxpert.. they don't jack.

        • +1

          Sadly they do. I was watching the Sigma 105/1.4 lens before this set of back-to-back 20pc off codes started, and they had it at below $2k. Once the 20pc off sales came up it went up to near $2200.

        • They do, I purchased some propellers from them and they were jacked by about $2 over RRP ($19 vs RRP $17) for the 20% off sale. Mine you its not that big a deal but a jack is a jack.

  • Time to check to see any jack and complain.

  • +4

    Abrasives World

    I wouldn't shop anywhere else but Abrasives World for my abrasives.

    • +2

      A low grit sandpaper will get rid of the scab…Scab.

    • +4

      Have you been to The Abrasives Hut? It is down in the Abrasives district.

      • +1

        Is that the big place on Abrasives Avenue?

        • +2

          No, that's Abrasiveworks, they have a price match guarantee.

          Find a cheaper abrasive and they'll beat it by 10%.

        • +1

          10%? Ouch, I hope their competitors don't mind being rubbed the wrong way

        • @promethbastard:

          You've shown a lot of grit posting that.

        • @Scab:
          Hopefully I don't get too many abrasive comments about it, and people allow it to be smoothed over.

        • @promethbastard:

          Smoothing takes abrasion.

          At first is going to be rough when the coarse abrasion comes out but the finishing abrasives are not as harsh so the pain will get less as things smooth out.

        • @spaceflight:

          the pain will get less as things smooth out

          I'll tell that to the misses.

    • +7

      Its where the Australian cricket team shop

  • Lets hope Allphones have learnt from last time

  • Bought a zzz atelier mattress @ 5% yesterday grr. Oh well

    • +1

      eBay price guarantee.

      • +1

        Only for external websites apparently :/

        Support said best thing to do would be cancel the order and order again

  • +4

    You'd think with a promo code like POLLEN they'd be selling antihistamines. Nope sniffle

  • +1

    when was the last time ebay DIDN'T have a 20% off deal?

  • +2

    Been keeping an eye out for an MX Ergo. One seller has it, for $166. Retail price is $129, most places have it for $99…

  • +2

    Pretty must no deal in terms of duplo:

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LEGO-10863-DUPLO-My-First-Animal... - $40.50 - less 20% = $32.40….. $29 at KMART or BIGW!


  • Don't forget 2% cashback through CR.

  • +7

    I'm so glad Sydneytec is part of this deal. Now I can get these Airpods for 20% off $2439.80 - as long as they don't price jack at 10am!

    • +1

      what the heck…LOL

    • You could buy those and then use the eBay best price guarantee!

      • eBay price guarantees only refunds $150 max lol, they covered themselves in the terms

        • I thought that was $150 max as part of beating it by 5% but it isn't.

          So that means the eBay "best price guarantee" only gives you something if competitors are less than $142.80 cheaper

          If you can find it elsewhere for more than $142.80 cheaper than the eBay price then there is no reason to buy it from eBay.

          So much for "best price" lol

    • They changed it. Check this deal out. :)

  • -1

    Any bargains?

    • +1

      If only the first post on this thread had a link to a search…

  • Link no worky - error 404

    • It works for me.

      • yeah works now i was too quick on the draw

        • +1

          What ping are you running?

        • @Scab: All of them

  • +1

    Jackty Jack

  • +1

    Allphone Online, I believe I just saw the price of P20 PRO was 1019 AUD at 9:59am, I closed my browser, disable adblock, go cashrewards and it went up to 1175 aud ?!! I mean, is there something wrong with me or there's a automatic price updating system?
    *edit: it's now back to $1019
    **edit: it's now up to $1119 after 2 sold at $1019

    • Now it's at $1119?!

      • Yeah as what I can see. I think they might not be aware of this sale or something. Price keeps changing, you can see another listing of the same phone, they have it for $1099 if I use the search link, but when I went to the product link, it is $1175 which is their usual listing price. And their pricing system got problem.

  • +1

    I was hoping to take this opportunity to buy some pc parts from Shopping Express but their pricing seems a little sus…
    RRP $658, currently $458
    RRP $899, currently $659

    Has anyone tried price matching them with their own online store?

  • 480gb ssd drive jacket from 129 to 139. Fk this sale.

  • Looking for an AUS Canon 5dmkIV - Camerahouse had them for $3999 before these sales started up.

    When the sales went live, they took them all down and only have super jacked body/lens kits.

    Guess I'm SOL on finding another one like that in the sale.

    • As an owner of a 5d4, why would you want one now? Get on the R mount asap

      • 5dmkIV is plenty for me thanks

    • +2

      $3,499 isn't price jacking as with the discount nobody will buy it.

      They only have 1 left and probably do not want the listing to go before they get more sock.

      I have seen lots of items listed at prices which do not make sense.

  • I think the ozb community should stage a boycott of such sales until ebay does something about the utter dirty price jacking.

    • +7

      In the mean time lets plus the deal

  • I bought a DSLR from RYDAONLINE eBay store for 1900. The same DSLR was listed on their webpage for 1800. When I asked why is there a price difference of 100 Bucks.. They replied, "We have to put costs to maintain stock for eBay listings"… Seriously wtf… JB HIFI was the same but when I walked into their shop on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. they had a promotion and I got the lens for 889 where as RYDA had it on 20% sale for $1099

    • RYDA has always have their eBay items more expensive than their webpage. ALWAYS. They don't increase the price just before the 20% off sales. Like other sellers.

    • +2

      Don't forget ebay fees they have to cater for.

  • Any search links please?
    I'm chasing a logitech g920.

    • Funnily enough i also need a search link to find a g920……

    • It's the first comment.

      • Was only pinned recently, wasnt there before

  • -1

    Any bargains, or same/same with std, price jack>?

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