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ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card - 80,000 Bonus Velocity Points ($225 Annual Fee)


Usual criteria applies (not held same card within last 12 months, minimum spend) - read T&C for details.

Original source is an email from Virgin/Velocity I just received.

I don't think I've seen a sign up bonus this high on this card - I signed up a while back at 60,000.

Been happy enough with this card (and been travelling so much) that this is one of the very few cards I have kept longer than 12 months.

EDIT given some comments/suggestions.
Some key features and why I've kept the card past the first year - no forex fees, domestic return flight with Virgin (selected routes - options are shown on ANZ website), Virgin lounge passes x2. You can use BPay and still earn points, which is something many cards seem to be lacking nowadays.

You earn 1.5 ANZ Rewards points per dollar spent up to $2K/month. This converts to 0.75 Velocity points but can be transferred to other airlines too. What I personally do is sit on the points until there's a bonus offer from Velocity to transfer points over - 15% bonuses are very often, which ANZ normally matches bringing it to 30%. But once a year there seems to be a 15% bonus by Velocity, which ANZ increases by 35%, meaning a total of 50% more points. This can push the card past 1 point per dollar (0.75 x 150% = 1.125)

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      • i thought they waive the Additional Cardholder Fee for the first year? can some one confirm this? otherwise its best to get one card and let wife add it to her google pay saving the $10 and $ 55 fees?

  • Can anyone let me know whether,

    If I'm currently holding a ANZ Reward Platinum, can I still apply for this card and get the bonus point?

    I'm thinking then transfer my existing ANZ rewards point to ANZ Adventure and close my Reward Platinum?


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      Read the thread.

      • Really helpful.

  • Hmm, I've never paid an annual fee for a rewards credit card, but this one is tempting. Good thing i'm holding 4 cards at the moment or I would be very very tempted!

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    So many people jumping on credit card deals!
    Aren't you people worried about the effect this is having on your credit history and capacity to borrow for investment property?

    • home loan lenders doesn't really care about credit history or credit score. Bad credit rating usually effects on applying small loans, credit cards or mobile accounts.

    • Who can afford an investment property when the mortgage on your primary residence these days is so high?

  • +1

    Looked at insurance, no excess on flight delay is pretty good although it has to be more than 6 hours.
    No excess on luggage delay as well.

    For VA lounge, do I have to take VA airline?

    Also complimentary VA flight is not transferable right?

  • I just applied for the Bendigo and got approved. Is it too soon to be applying for this?

    I earn pretty well ~150k and 100K + is savings.

    • Depends on the number of applications for credit you've made recently, the total amount of credit you have on your current cards (not the balance) and your credit scores. I like to wait 3 months between apps.

    • what's your credit score?

      • Score is 659. I have about 33k credit on 4 cards atm. No mortgage.

        • thanks. keen to know if you do end up applying and getting it :)

        • @freestyle16:

          Hahah..i was waiting for you to advise and not use my data for comparison.

          • @d39833: Update: I applied while having a similar score. only 1 other card 6k. No major debts/loans. Got it easily.

            • +1

              @freestyle18: @freestyle16 My credit score jumped to 739 this month. must be because of the bendigo bank card

              Shd be easier to apply now

        • 5 cards might be a bit much.. but i'm not that experienced with all the factors working together… also quite bank dependent.

  • Question. If I wait for a promo period where there is an additional 15% bonus when converting to velocity points. Can I then use the velocity points to transfer to krisflyer?

    • Yes you can.

      But this bonus 80k will transfer immediately to your velocity account by anz. You cant hold it at anz rewards account. Only rewards you earned from spending can be transfer later when there is a promo bonus.

  • Great idea. Don’t transfer until a transfer offer hits which is usually every quarter. Extra 20/30% points.

  • Can my wife open this card independatnly of myself (i.e. not a seconday card holder), thus getting the points x 2? Any reasons not to do this (as we both need a CC)? Thanks

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      Yes, it's fine to do that. Although if the objective is collecting bonus points, I usually try and alternate card opening with my wife, like so:
      * one of us applies and take a credit inquiry hit (call this card 1).
      * put any spending on card 1.
      * reach the min spend on card 1 for bonus points, plus some padding (just in case any transactions are flagged as ineligible - government transactions are the main gotcha)
      * pay off card 1 in full early, and remove card 1 from wallet/PayPal/etc, file away, and never take it out again, and start waiting.
      * One week before the above, other spouse applies for card 2, and takes a credit inquiry hit. (Usually takes 1 week from application to being able to use the card).
      * Repeat above process for card 2.
      * claim any non-point bonuses on card 1 (e.g. lounge passes)
      * when card 1 bonus points received into FF account then close card 1, and record the date for 12 month exclusion period.
      * Repeat from beginning.

      From what I have read, the ideal is if it takes 3 months for this process (i.e. 4 cards per person per year). That way you're not applying so frequently for cards that it causes the applications to be rejected, and your credit rating reaches an equilibrium, rather than going down all the time.

      Obviously in the case of this card it's much less of an issue because the min spend is so low ($1500) mostly due to the upfront annual fee, but if it's $3000 min spend (or say $6000 in the case of the Westpac Altitude Amex + MC) for us it helps to alternate it like this. Plus you'd probably want to take your included flight together. So in this case, applying at the same time seems reasonable, especially if you don't plan to churn through cards and/or your planned flight isn't more than 6 or 7 months in the future.

      • Awesome reply @nickj, thankyou. Minimum spend is easy to cover but for a long time lurker on ozb I feel I've done my membership a disservice (stayed with Citibank Platinum (fee free for life). Time to get into this CC game.

        Edit - signed up now.

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          Glad to help, this site has helped me so much, especially with credit cards!

          And we were exactly the same with the Citibank fee free for life until earlier this year :-) But once you get into it, you realise that the rewards ratio for the Citibank Platinum has been falling since it was introduced (was originally about 1%), and is currently about 0.53% (get a $100 Coles eGift card back for $18,900 of spending on the card), which is really low. But the ratio for some of the better cards is 20% to 30% during the bonus period (e.g. the ANZ FF Black earns 75000 Qantas points for $2500 spend = 75000/2500 = 30 + 1/ $1 normal = 31 points per dollar spent, and 1 QFF point is valued at 1.2 cents usually, so that's a 37% rewards ratio). So now we only use our citibank card when we're using the citibank dining program free wine offer, other than that we hardly use it now, instead everything goes on cards in their bonus period.

          Would suggest doing the following:
          * Good idea for you both to register at some credit monitoring sites, so you can monitor your credit reports & inquiries, and see what the banks see. E.g. Credit Savvy is still free: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/290213 , and it sends out a monthly report each month & notifies you of any activity. You have to give them a lot of info to set it up, which feels pretty invasive, but it's good to get visibility on this information. There's also CheckYourCredit, which is free and similar but another agency, but you have to manually request a report, it's not automatic, so I prefer Credit Savvy.
          * Reduce any credit limits on your other cards, if possible and you don't need it. Lower overall credit limit helps when applying for cards. Unfortunately Citibank have raised the minimum credit limit on the platinum to $6000 now (it used to be much lower, was $500 when we applied back in 2007 and it was called the Gold), so they won't let you drop it below this minimum level, but if you're already below this they won't/can't make you increase it.
          * If you're going to apply for cards, you will have the option of some AmEx cards. AmEx have some bonus promotional offers - Vogue Fashion week has just finished (early Sept), and Shop Small is in November - where you spend $x and get a credit back for $y. The payout ratio varies, but it's generally 40% to 50% for those offers, albeit for small amounts, but you can get free supplementary cards for each other (e.g. if you both get AmEx and add each other as supplementary card holders = 4 AmExs). So the ideal is to try to time any AmEx cards to be open from the beginning of Sept to mid November.
          * You really have to make a spreadsheet of current offers to know which card to apply for next. The main benefit is the bonus points, and costs are the annual fee, and the minimum spend, and the number of credit enquiries (usually 1, but 2 for some bundled AmEx cards). If you sort by rating based on that criteria, it's pretty clear that currently for Qantas points the best offers at the Black level ($75k+ income) are Westpac Altitude Black Amex & MasterCard, and ANZ frequent flyer black, and at the Platinum level ($35k+ income) the AmEx Westpac Altitude Platinum Bundle, and the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum. That's because they all have no annual fee, achievable minimum spends, and large bonus offers. (The ANZ offers are still available in Internet Banking if you're an ANZ customer).
          * I've been talking about Qantas points since that's what I'm targeting, and this offer is for Velocity. But it helps to have an objective in mind. My objective is for travel round the world in business class on one-world airlines, so that means I'm primarily interested in getting to 840,000 Qantas points. But it might just as simple as "a return flight for 2 to <holiday destination>", but that alone will tell you which airline or airlines is most useful, and how many points you'd need to both get there.
          * It's very easy to lose track of cards and and what you've spent, and where you're up to, so set yourself calendar reminders, use the Credit Card Manager app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.thesimples... (for reminders for bill due dates), and the sign up for PocketBook: https://getpocketbook.com/ and set up the app on your phone and connect it to new cards that you sign up for (to categorize spending, and monitor total amount spent), and be clear about who is responsible for what (I'm quite details-oriented, so I'm good at monitoring cards, checking we get the bonus points when we should, saying when to apply for cards, close cards, etc).
          * Lastly it's very important to try to only spend what you would otherwise spend. It can be tempting to think of the points when spending, but you have to keep the ozb mentality of spend only what you would otherwise, but when doing so, make sure you do it in the most effective way possible.

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          @nickj: Amazing reply, genuinly appreciate the effort in the above. Thanks.

  • Has anyone come across an expiry date for this deal???

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      31/10/2018. From the fine print, point 1: "Offer available to new and approved applicants who apply for an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures account through the ANZ offer promotional website (https://www.anz.com.au/promo/personal/credit-cards/anz-rewar...) by 31/10/2018". That's also why the expiry date under the deal says "31 Oct".

      • Thank you!!

      • do just have to apply by 31st oct or be approved by then?

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      end of october

  • I'm off to England & Europe in December - could anyone recommend if this is the card to get to make life easy for such a trip? I've never been overseas & want to ensure i'm protected but also not paying higher costs than I need to. Any advice RE accessing cash would also be appreciated!

    • +2

      Yes this is good for overseas but not for accessing cash while there. Look at the Citi plus bank account and some similar ones for access to cash

      • will do, thanks!

      • I agree. I travel a lot and use Citibank Plus all of the time. Great to use to get cash out as my destination has a Citibank, and also great for online purchases in a foreign currency (eg. Some ebay purchases are in foreign currency and I dont use the ebay conversion)

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    Anyone else having a similar experience?

    Minimum annual salary for the card is $35K, I earn $110K or so and submitted all documents required via the website. Received a follow up email and call asking for last year’s payslips, YTD earnings and a plethora of other income details outside of salary.

    When asked why all these details are required, I was told “laws have changed”. Never had such trouble gettting a card approved, even for more “prestigious” cards.

    Weighing up whether I should bother submitting all these details…

    • Had mine get delayed despite meeting the criteria - ended up having to provide:

      2 pay slips (most recent)
      1 pay slip YTD for prior year
      bank statement with 4 months worth
      savings statement (proof of balance)

      approved this morning

      • I just had to do two payslips on the website. Wont proceed with application if I have to then go look at last year (what's that got to do with anything) or bank statements

      • What was the total turn around time for your application if you don't mind me asking?

        • Two days

          Day one
          Initial application - uploaded bank statement
          Got a call asking for two most recent payslips + YTD for FY18 total
          Got another call asking for Savings Balance
          End of day one

          Day Two
          Got a call asking for bank statements for the most recent 4 months

          Approved within an hour after that.

          Card to arrive Friday or Monday… But I'm unsure of when the Velocity Points form will be sent/how it'll work

        • @Unorthodox: A follow up for those interested – second call and they require more documents. Apparently due to changes in law and an overwhelming number of applications…

  • Hi

    Shadowsfury or someone know

    is this targeted offer as long as other user apply through this link would be fine?

    AND is it expire at the end of October? 31/10/2018?


    • I saw it via an ad on Facebook recently, I doubt it's very targeted.

  • I know you can't book for someone else but can you book for the additional cardholder. Surely this must be allowed?

    • Amex allows this but I don't know about ANZ… looks like only Primary Card holder.
      Edit: One complimentary flight is available to the primary cardholder each year until the card is cancelled

  • +1

    Just applied.

    But they dont ask for your Velocity member no during the application, does anyone know what is the process here? Will we be able to update it on netbank after we got the card?


    • +3

      Have you bothered to read what people wrote?

  • +5

    Thought I'd give an update on my application so far.

    (Will upvote when the points situation is confirmed)

    Day One
    - applied midday so probably when everyone else was applying
    - 60 second assessment was pointless and asked to submit documents.
    - uploaded Bank statement (90days)

    • received a call an hour later requesting two most recent payslips and FY YTD payslip
    • requested to upload savings statement

    This is now around 6PM and I get a call from the assessment team and I think they're pretty annoyed by the workload from today because come 6PM he hangs up and I receive an automatic DECLINE.
    I call back and it turns out he had clocked off for the day… So they reopened the application due to the suspicious assessment.
    - the assessor has been noted to have a chat with management

    NOTE: I would recommend you do your due diligence if you get declined without reason OR you have someone who rushes through your assessment due to the influx of apps.

    • asked to call back tomorrow

    Day Two
    - Asked to submit bank statements for 4 months

    • APPROVED within an hour. Card to arrive Friday or Monday.

    My circumstances easily met the requirements and shouldn't have had any issues but I suspect that your assessor really matters. Especially if they are stressed and want to clock off. I only had one bad contact with the assessor and all others were good when they called.

    New lending criteria wasn't mentioned at all. I think it's just that they probably received a mass of applications during that time period.

    • Thanks for the insight. Good to hear it was only 2 days for approval, as I'll need to apply right at the end of October due to it being a year since I last had the card.

  • My card got approved today after a call from the assesment center it was a strange call and weird questions. First time I've had this ive had about 9 different cards over the last 10 years…. Abyway card should come next week

    • Exactly, I asked them over and over "are you sure this is standard procedure"…it seem really odd to me. Good to know it's not just me.

  • Well I just got declined, $100k salary, 4 investment properties (3 positive geared), no loans apart from mortgages.

    • +2

      me too, despite a 120k+ income & positively geared property. I actually use ANZ for all of my day to day finance, so have proceeded to cancel my $15k black card & am now taking steps to move both my mortgage and savings accounts. It seems the more they have you the less they care or something - truly can't understand the reason for being declined.

      I'll probably reapply towards the end of the period though as I do want a good credit card ahead of a trip to Europe in November.

      • What about your credit rating? You can have 10 million in income but if they cannot access your credit file they still wont approve it. Have you applied for other cards before and after the ANZ one?

      • you should have downgraded the black to a first card kept limits and called the assessment dept directly quoted app ref no. and asked to do a split limit of at least 6k onto the new card and they would have approved it on the spot like i have dont many times.

    • Please read my comments above regarding your decline.

      It may have been impromptu or not done properly.

      I'd hate for you to have a decline on file due to a possible assessor error/lack of due diligence.

    • Me too.
      I earn more than $120K and have one mortgaged & rented investment property.
      I applied Saturday and was declined today.
      I supplied the two recent pay slips, and was not asked to provide any other information subsequently.
      I already hold the ANZ Black card.
      The email I received said I will receive a letter within a week explaining the decision to decline.
      I wonder if I stuffed up answering the credit limit question - the online form re: other credit cards talks about disclosing the credit limits for all non-ANZ cards. …So did not include the ANZ Black credit limit of $15K.
      (I hold 3 other credit cards, and while I cancelled one of them last week I still disclosed its limit because I am waiting for official confirmation of closure there)
      Let's just say I'm annoyed about the hit on my credit rating which until now has been 'Excellent' but will probably now slip into 'Very Good'.

  • Received the card today, nothing included regarding the bonus points.

    • Same here..

  • +8

    Once you've spent the $1,500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months of approval, you'll get an email from ANZ.
    I (sadly) took up this offer a few months back when the bonus was 'only' 40,000 points.

    Hi Beau,
    Thank you for your application for an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures credit card.
    Your 40,000 bonus Velocity Points are waiting to be credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer account.
    Please visit anz.com/Velocity to submit your unique promo code and Velocity details online or contact ANZ on 1800 504 872 to provide these details over the phone.

    (with a promo code in the email)

    • Thanks for the heads up! Very helpful!

  • Got approved today. The application process was a bit tedious. Ended up providing 2 x Payslips, 1 tax statement, and bank statements over the last 6 months just to make sure the document process wouldn't keep going back and forth.

  • Would health insurance premiums paid be considered as a part of $1500 spend requirements to receive the bonus points?

    • Yeah. Don't use BPay though

      • Thanks, good to know.

  • -1

  • I called them up and they said that the velocity points won't show up until 3 or 4 months later. FYI for those who were wondering

  • RE the lounge passes, do people just request them straight away so that they don't need to remember the 4 weeks notice date? or is there a set expiration on the passes when you request them?

    • +1

      You can do. Mine took less than 3 business days to arrive

      • So we just keep it handy until we need it?

        Thanks :)

      • Do they have your names on them? If not, anyone can use?

        • No names. Just an expiry date (12 months). Anybody can use as long as they’re flying with virgin

  • I applied last Tuesday Morning, I had to upload my latest two payslips during the process. On Wednesday I got a call telling me that I need to send them my last Payslip for the 2017-2018 financial year, with YTD amounts showing, which I did. I then didn't hear anything until about 10 minutes ago when I just got a notification that my application was successful and that my card will arrive in 3-5 business days.

  • Have yet to provide my velocity points number but signed up through the OP link, approved and received the card today.

    Anyone know how the 80k bonus points is applied?

    • I called today. I also didnt get the email but applied through the link. they confirmed im eligible for the offer and took down my velocity number.

      • Thanks, will do that tomorrow :)

  • Need to pay for an exam in USD soon! I think I have found the perfect card.

    Seems no ozbargainer is complaining about paying the A$225 annual fee. So this must be decent :P

    Thanks guys!!!

    • +1

      That's mostly because you get a free domestic return flight each year, it basically offsets the annual fee.

      • Where can the flight be to and from? Is easy to west allowed?

        • Goto the website for the card, enter your origin City and it will tell you all the possible destinations

        • Yes, but it depends on which airport you fly out of. Syd, Mel & Bris all go to Perth. Canberra is my local airport so I can only fly as far as Adelaide or Brisbane. That's not a big deal for me as its only a couple of hours drive to Sydney which I do often anyway. From there you can go pretty much anywhere, Darwin, Cairns, Alice Springs included.

  • Is the requirement to spend at least $500 per month for the first three months totalling at least $1500 or is it simply to spend $1500 within the first three months so if I spend $1500 in first month and nothing in second and third months, it will be ok? Thx

    • $1500 in total within the first three months in total.
      you could do all $1500 on day 1 if you like

      • Thanks - spoke to ANZ and they confirmed too $1500 spend within first month works but points won't be credited till after the third month.

  • -3

    So annoyed. SIgned up to this in June before leaving a job "incase" i couldn't get it. THen they had no sign on bonus at all. Shortly thereafter there was a small sign on bonus? 40k points or something? And now its 80k? jeez! Straight to the heart haha.

    what's worse is i read a comment above about the pros vs cons of this card in another ozb post and realised you need to book > 60 days in advance, so I can't even book my mid November flights over to Melb anymore! Jeez!

    I do miss the old Amex platinum edge cards. Always availability, easy to book, no "60 days" notice. Just get on the phone and bam, one free flight. SO bummed since they moved to $200 credit only.

  • DOes anyone know roughly how long after closing this card before the refresh time for signing up again gives you the sign on bonuses? Is it 12 months? Wondering whether to cancel my card by time 12 months is up and to wait it out so i can get the next sign on bonus…

    • 12 months, i cancelled my adventurers june 2017 so have re applied for this as it has passed 12 months hoping for the sign on bonus.

  • During the application process it didn't ask for my velocity account#, where and how do I supply this info so I get the bonus points when the time comes?

    • n/m, you get the instructions in your "welcome on board" email.

      • That URL didnt work for me, did it work for you?

      • I don't think I got that email, and neither did I receive a Promo code. Where did you guys get that from?

        • Interested to know this also…

          • +1

            @DooDah: Received the Welcome Aboard email about a week after verifying my ID (new to ANZ) and having spent some $$ on the card.

            Promo code is in the email^

            • @Unorthodox: Thanks mate. I verified ID (new also) on Tuesday and have since spent $$'s so I guess I'll expect the email in a week or so.

              • +1

                @DooDah: I just received my email, so you'll probably receive yours soon as well

              • +1

                @DooDah: I just got a new email saying "Your 80,000 bonus Velocity Points will be credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer account in the next 2 months.".