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10% off $100 eBay Digital Gift Cards (5 Cards Max) @ eBay via PayPal


10% off $100 eBay Gift Cards via PayPal. Offer ends at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Information on eBay Gift Cards

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    Can I use it on my UK and US accounts we used to stack the Woolworths $240 vouchers?

    • No, they are eBay AU gift cards, and the nominations are in AUD and don't transfer across regions.

  • Are gift cards transferable to another eBay account?

    • can i buy the giftcards but my partner (different ebay account) use them?

      • Yes, as long as it's the full card value. So once you use a partial amount on an account you can't use it anywhere else

    • It's just a voucher code which is emailed to you, so it's not linked the eBay account you purchase it on.

      • +1

        correct. once is used, it is linked to the account.

        if it is a $50 gift card. and you buy a $30 item, the remain $20 cannot be used on a different account

        • once is used, it is linked to the account.

          That's correct, thanks for clarifying.

        • ok understand now

  • -2

    Can I buy a giftcard with a giftcard for infinite gainz?

    • read post from the top

    • There are limits on redeeming eBay Gift Cards, including time and spending threshold limits. Additionally, eBay Gift Cards may not be used to buy other eBay Gift Cards, third party gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, coins, paper money, virtual currency, or items generally considered to be "bullion" (for example, gold, silver, and other precious metals in the form of coins, bars, or ingots).

  • bohoooooowww pointy code expired

    • Wait for next one!

    • +1

      Along with PLUSIT15.

      • Use plug5, or wait for the next 10/15/20/25%

    • So sad with Pointy and Plusit15 :((

  • Must use paypal account to pay.

    Unfortunately, you can't use a credit or debit card to pay for this order. This option might be unavailable if:
    We don't accept credit or debit card purchases on this country's site
    A seller doesn't accept credit or debit cards
    You've applied a donation

    This sucks

    float paypal

    • To be fair, the Gift Cards are sold through PayPal.

      • I thought ebay?

        • Sold by PayPal Digital Gifts through eBay.

    • I just used my CC that's linked to PayPal.

      Was hoping I'd get the extra flybuy points too but that doesn't appear to have happened. (fair enough)

    • I tried to purchase $200 and received the same response, "Unfortunately, you can't …". I could not see why it should not work with my PayPal, so tried again. Fortunately, without changing anything, it worked on the second attempt.

  • +2

    Sounds good on paper but then we can't use our price protection for major discounts and price drops.

    • exactly…

      • Don't get me wrong it's still good but not everybody has a 28 degrees credit card and we can still buy stuff that dosnt depreciate in value every few months.

        Like I'm interested in buying this and get an EB games gift card, then wait for Nintendo eshop 15% off sale so it'll end being 25% off.

        • The Gift Card also may not be used to buy eBay Gift Cards, third party gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, coins, paper money, virtual currency, or items generally considered to be "bullion" (for example, gold, silver, and other precious metals in the form of coins, bars, or ingots).

        • True…I only bought $200 for small purchases here and there. Most big ones I actually hope to get price protection :)

        • @ronnknee:

          Damn there goes that plan… I'm sure I'd use it before the 3yr expiry sooner or later.

          3000 sold in 15 mins!

    • It is good for used items

    • I am wondering how price protection works if you split between gift card and 28 degrees card

      • you claim price protection on the percentage you used 28degrees card for

    • +1

      You're talking as if everyone owns and uses a credit card for all online purchases.

      • I would imagine the majority..but hey, it doesnt matter coz I have a few and still bought 2 for other transactions.

      • Should get into the habit of using them, flybuys points per $1, 1 yr price protection, get a head start to building up credit for future loans etc.

        People don't understand the convenience of just chucking all your bills 1 day after the statement date, don't need keep money in bank account or worry about overdrawn etc.
        And it's basically $10 off guarantee a month with the flybuy points.

        • I understand the convenience, and I'm considering getting one myself, just weighing up options at the moment.

        • Using credit or debit cards changes spending behavior and not in your favour. You lose money by making payment convenient and incentivising spending.

        • +1


          You lose money by making payment convenient and incentivising spending.

          Only if you are unable to control yourself.

          I know lots of people who use credit cards to their advantage racking up points, taking advantage of price protection, travel insurance, and security. If you only use a debit card or PayPal account linked to your bank account to shop online, if your card number or PayPal login gets stolen, it is your money that gets stolen. The bank will investigate and likely eventually refund the money, but in the few weeks it takes to investigate, you have lost your money. If you're on holiday overseas that can be disastrous.

          With a credit card, it's the bank's money that gets stolen - your own money is untouched.

          If you get into the habit of paying for that purchase as soon as you make it on your card, you have all the benefits of a credit card without going into a debt spiral.

          So in essence, if you do not have self control, do not get a credit card. If you can get into the habit mentioned above, credit cards have many benefits that cash/debit cards do not.

    • +1

      what do you mean for price protection?

  • I am getting "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later."… :(

    • what time is it now?

      • +3

        Not noon

    • +2

      Try at noon

  • ahhh… I overlooked that…

  • +2

    This is exactly the 19% off people have been asking.

  • Does this mean that in the future, if another 10% sitewide ebay coupon comes by, I can stack em with these gift cards for a total of 20% discount?

    I'm planning to buy a phone on Ebay so this would be perfect timing for a total of 20% discount, please tell me this is true?!!

    • Yes.
      It’s a good way around these regular 20% off price jacking deals.
      A solid real 20% off!

      • +6

        Technically I think it would be 19% off this way. You'd be getting 10% off the discounted value.
        $100 less 10% (code) = $90.
        $90 less 10% (using gift card) = $81.
        $100 - $81 = $19 off

        • Yeah but then factor Cashrewards in for both of the transactions and you end up throwing a spanner in the works of the equation :D

        • +2

          Most likely you won't get cashreward because this code and the gift card codes will not be on their ok list.

      • +1

        Lots of people don’t know their maths.10% off on top of 10% off does not = 20% off

  • Are there expiring dates? The gift card have to be used on the purchased account?

    • +2

      It used to be 3 years, I believe it's now indefinite.

      • Awesome. Good to know. I had the same question.

  • 5 per account?
    PayPal or Ebay?

    • eBay. You don't actually need to have a Paypal account to buy these gift cards, nor are these cards considered "Paypal" credit.

      • I needed a PayPal account to buy them, they don't accept any other payment method as far as I could tell.

  • Can you combine payments? Gift cards for some and credit card for the small remainder?

    • tYes

  • +2

    Buy 1million dollars worth.. there is your sydney property 10% off!

  • 3 mins to go!

  • Delivery instant?

    • +1

      "Your order is confirmed and will be delivered in a separate email, typically within a few hours of purchase."

      • So people that want to buy Switch may not be able to do it with this.

        • Ah shit, do I gamble and buy $400 of gift cards and hope switch is still in stock…?

    • +1

      In the email I received after purchasing:

      Your order is confirmed and will be delivered in a separate email, typically within a few hours of purchase. Please look out for an email directly from your seller, paypal-digital-gifts.

  • Cheers boss ;)

  • So buy 10 split to two accounts. Can I use all 10 just on one account though? Not linked to such account are they?

    • It does say there is a limit of 8 in a transaction (including coupon codes). However, some users have said they've been able to use up to 16 (first page)

  • +2

    ITS ALIVE!!!

  • Got one right at 12:00
    Thanks OP

  • Just worked for me :)

  • thx!

  • You saved AU $50.00 on this purchase

    Thanks TA.

    • +1

      Lol I was hesitating between 3 and 5, saw the 3yr expiry and said screw it, I'd probably $500 in a yr.

  • Great way for paypal to get heaps of money, good for cash flow.

    float paypal!! they suck

  • Wow they just sold about 500 in 2 minutes. I don't think these will last long.

  • 1000 sold

  • woot got 5

  • have nothing to buy lately but just got 2 gift card. Can we get cash back on these transactions?

    • no

  • Says this code cannot be applied to your order

  • Why I am getting error msg: This code can't be applied to your order.

    • Refresh?

      • doesn't help, not sure if it is targeted

        • Do you live in Australia?
          and not UK or USA?

        • @Turd: I finally figured out that the code only apply to the specific giftcard from OP'link but not the eBay gift card from the search result, which I tried to make the purchase before.

          All sorted now, thank you!

    • Make sure you have a max. of 5 cards in your cart and that you are using the correct code, PGIFT10.

      • Yes, that is exactly what I did, maybe eBay hates me lol

  • Thanks TA! Site didn't go down!

  • Thanks Ta. Just bought 5. does anyone know how long it takes to receive cash rewards tracking email.

    • These won't track or cashback. When you use the gift card to buy an item, it might track.

      • It will when you buy items with it 100%

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