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10% off $100 eBay Digital Gift Cards (5 Cards Max) @ eBay via PayPal


10% off $100 eBay Gift Cards via PayPal. Offer ends at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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    • been waiting almost 3 hours here

      • Yeah I'm with you, ordered 3 hours ago and still not here. I need it for the Switch FFS….

        • same, so anxious its 91% sold. Might have to try get a refund on the giftcard

        • @kerodean: Yep this is really bullshit considering other people received it within 20 minutes.

  • +1

    Guess it's like the egiftcard wait all over again… at least this time I'm not sitting outside a Big W waiting!

  • Got 5 and wait for next mid-high value stuff

  • Mine came through in 10 minutes. Must have been lucky.

    • go buy lotto, now!

  • +1

    What is the current error people get?

    Currently I get a login loop. Check out with paypal. Would you like to save paypal as a default checkout (yes or maybe later makes no difference. Why can't you turn it off?!?!) Requires a new login. SMS code comes ebays checkout says it's invalid. So deal is unobtainable for me.

    • I just got off the phone to eBay. They mentioned they've received a lot of calls lately regarding this issue and to try again later as they're working with their IT department (and Paypal) to resolve this.

      EDIT: Tried creating a new Paypal account and received the same error. Bugger.

    • Also getting this same error

      • I tried creating a new Paypal account and this hasn't helped. Still stuck with numerous issues. Contact eBay and PayPal hasn't helped as they're fairly useless.

        • +1

          It worked for me with one additional ebay account, same pay pal account. Did not work with the 3rd ebay, tried with multiple pay pal accounts.

  • +2

    I'm still waiting, ordered 3 hours ago. WHY?

  • Look at the history. One transaction every 5 sec!!!

  • Mine came through really quickly too! Within 10mins.

  • Thanks TA. I ordered 10 minutes ago and received the e-gift cards already!

  • Ordered one 20 minutes, still haven't received it.
    Seller, said that it could take up to 4 hours?

    • +2

      Been almost 4 hours for me and nothing yet.

      • -1

        JUST received mine at just over 3 hours from order, what a terrible system

  • I'm sure ill find these useful sometime in the next 3 years ;)

    • and already arrived

      • Are you sure they're working though? If you send them to me, I can test them for you.

  • +1

    Code is one time use FYI, even if you don't buy full 5 in the order… Was gonna get them via only1 visa cards lol, only able to get the one.

    • Nope,

      "After using your eBay Gift Card, any remaining balance is attached to your eBay account.

      To redeem the remaining balance, enter your redemption code at checkout, and be sure you're using the same eBay account as your previous purchase."

      • I meant the discount code here. For example, I bought one gift card using the discount code, I'm now unable to use it to buy a second despite not hitting the 5 limit.

        Not an issue for some, but as PayPal doesn't allow split payment methods (the Only1 visas are $100 each) i have to purchase these on seperate orders… As such I'm effectively limited to one.

        • oh sorry, misunderstood…

  • Funny, Paypal sent me an SMS saying the transaction was flagged as suspicious, I had to reply to confirm my Paypal payment to Paypal was legit, lol

  • FINALLY received mine after about 3 hours and 20 minutes

    • +2

      4hrs since I paid and still nothing

  • Thanks I grabbed three.

  • Finally able to get 2nd order from other account working.

    Haven't received with - first order done 12.06

  • Ordered at 12:03pm . Received now.

  • Yay, 4hrs later and finally got mine also.

  • Just received my 5 codes :)

    Thanks !

  • about 1.5 hours now, still waiting. :(

    • +1

      If you're like me, you still have at least another 3 hours of waiting (it's been 4.5 hours and counting lol).

      • +2

        oh joy! :P

      • Just arrived - 5.5 hours.

        • Mine took 4 hours and 8 minutes.

  • How long before they email the giftcardd back to you. I ordered mine 2 hours ago. Still nothing
    Never mind. Read above.

  • +3

    I don't care how long it takes, I AM READY for the next site wide or store code :)

    • +2

      What if the next site wide code is in 36 months and 1 day's time? ;)

      • use the gift cards to buy more gift cards

        • You can't unfortunately. They don't allow you to buy any other gift cards with a gift card.

      • I don't need that type of thinking, so I'll just ignore it until 36 months time

  • Any way to get more than 5? Is this linked to paypal or ebay account?

    • +1

      You'll need a second ebay account.

  • +1

    Have been trying for an hour on desktop and phone, am in a constant PayPal login loop and keep getting "Something went wrong. Please try to check out again."

    • Same here. Created a new eBay and Paypal account to no avail.

    • Do you have 2 factor authentication on your paypal account using your mobile? I have the same problem and I disable it and then it works. After I complete my purchase I enable it again.

  • +2

    Argh! What a nightmare. Got 2 eBay accounts linked to the one PayPal account.

    First lot went through fine but I forgot to add the discount code.

    Second lot wouldn't accept the code. Called eBay got account changed from USA to Aus. Codes work but PayPal wouldn't work. Called PayPal (after ringing Budget Direct in error) and they can't verify me and there's nothing they can do about it.

    Not my day today.

    • What is Ebay call number that you used? I can apply the code and price codes down by 10% but PayPal won't allow it.

      • +1

        It's PayPal you need then so they can manually verify your account. 1800 073 263. Ebay won't be able to do anything. Then again, PayPal probably won't either.

        • Woohoo…after calling PayPal 2 times they were able to solve what was holding up the payment. Gone through now:)

        • Nope, PayPal won't do anything. I called twice. Each time they said "We can't offer Paypal's buyer protection for this transaction so we've not allowed it. I would suggest trying another payment method". They're obviously reading from a script.

        • @wdmhbbbwctcdlbc: Can you elaborate a bit on what the issue was for you? Each time I've called Paypal they've been useless.

        • @tryonthis: On the checkout Ebay would constantly give error of "something went wrong!..". So, I called PayPal and said this error happened and they said there is some security issue with your account. Confirmed with me all the details including phone number, bank account, etc.

          Then they said to try in 15 minutes, which was pretty much what I did.

        • +1


          The annoying thing is that it'll work on any other item other than the Gift cards. So obviously my account is verified enough that they'll let me use it for something else..

        • I had something similar happen. Took two escalations to speak to someone (I assume in Paypal US) to actually fix the problem. The others were just script reading robots claiming their 'security algorithim' stopped the transaction to save me from fraud…..

        • @gooddealmate: same issue

        • @gooddealmate: For me it didn't work on another item too. But the error was different. It would come back from PayPal saying PayPal cannot be used with this transaction. Maybe that random item I tried was not set for PayPal; I did not do any more checks.

  • Looking for Xbox One X, anyone been able to get one for around $500 with these cards? Already bought 5 x eBay Cards. Oh and I'm eBay Plus member too, cheers

  • +1

    For those who are facing an error: So, even though your registration address might be Australian, your account registration country can still be the US or any other country (in eBay's records) if you opened your account while you were living abroad and this purchase won't work in that case. Registration country needs to be Australia for it to work. More importantly, you won't be able to see or change it from your account. I called eBay when nothing worked and they explained me this and fixed it for me (by changing my registration country to Australia) on their end. PayPal had no issues.

    Ideally, eBay error should clearly state what the issue is. It kept on showing a random error and no one would know what the actual reason of the error is and how it can be fixed. Weird.

    • Seems to be many reasons why people are experiencing errors.

      I've created a new eBay and Paypal account (both registered in Aus) and still have multiple errors. I've called Paypal and eBay support but I've got nowhere. Might try later on tonight but not holding my breath.

      EDIT: I can seem to purchase other items on eBay but whenever I try purchase these gift cards it won't work. How odd.

    • I called them and they said my account registration country is Australia, still getting the error :(

  • Thanks TA! Ordered and waiting for the codes to arrive.

  • Mine just came via email about 5 hours after ordering.

  • 5 hours later, just got mine

    • Still waiting after 5 hours.

      • Got mine after 5 1/2 hours

  • +1

    For those like me who have yet to recieved their codes, I've message the seller via the app and got a quick reply:
    Thank you for contacting PayPal Digital Gifts and for being our customer.

    In many cases our digital gift cards are delivered within minutes, however it can take up to 4 hours. If you or the recipient has not received the email with the the stated 4 hours, please contact us again and we will be glad to review the order and re-send the email if necessary.

    PayPal Digital Gifts

  • Still waiting on my codes to after a few hours

  • 4 hours and no codes.

  • I just bought a MS Surface laptop 2 days ago for $800… damn…

    • From where?

      • MS ebay store

  • +1

    got mine 5 hours later

  • 2 1/2 hours still nothing =/
    Guess I got a long wait to go.

    EDIT: For anyone that received a gift card, what email did it come from?

  • +1

    5.5 hours and counting, nothing!

  • gift card incoming, only took four hours

  • order 5.24pm, received all 5 @ 5.30pm

  • +3

    Something went wrong. Please try to check out again.

    Error codes: 70245 70132


    • +1

      Haven't received mine yet

  • +2

    Another coupon code that has the 'an unexpected error has occurred try again later' message.

  • Got my 2nd lot after 5hrs.

    But the lot ordered a few min earlier at 12:05 has not arrived yet.

  • 18,184 sold, Cha-Ching!.. No wonder they're taking a while to process ;)

  • Where do i enter the coupon code? Cant seem to get the discount

    • On the Checkout page, down the bottom.

      • Do i have to pay with paypal?
        There seems to be an error with Paypal and i cant choose it to pay, says 'contact paypal support'

  • +1

    I resolved my 'unexpected error' message. You need to call paypal customer service number +61 2 8223 9500. I tried few different things but nothing worked for me.

    • +1

      What did Paypal actually do for you though? I've called twice and both times they said there's nothing that can be done.

      • I don't know what he did- but he asked me to purchase again and it worked. I was happy that it resolved hence didn't ask more questions. Sorry can't help you further.

    • Yeah more details please

      • Add per my comment above, calling PayPal worked for me on the 2nd try!

      • Now I keep getting "Sorry, this payment option isn't available. Here are your options:

        Contact PayPal Customer Support to resolve this issue."

        How frustrating.

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