This was posted 3 years 2 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$2 Big Mac, $1 Large Fries, 24 Nuggets $8, $4 Cheeseburger, $1.50 McFlurry, $1 Lrge Thickshake + More @ McDonald's via App (Nov)


Maccas is running one of the years biggest promotions by having 30 days of deals during the month of November. All deals are redeemable through the MyMaccas app available on iOS and Android. It's running as one deal per day.

Deals are running from:

$2 Big Mac 1/11
$1 Large Fries 2/11
$8 24 Nuggets OR 2x Large Fries + 18 Nuggets 3/11 & 15/11
$4 Cheeseburger Small EVM + Extra Cheeseburger 4/11
$2 x6 Nuggets 5/11
$1.50 McFlurry 12/11 & 27/11
$5 Big Mac Small EVM + Extra Cheeseburger 9/11
$1 Lrg Thickshake 8/11

Entire calendar can be accessed via the link :)

Mod: Replaced image with text calendar.

27/11 - Generic code for $1.50 McFlurry: 9544

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  • More Fast Food Obesity..

  • +1

    man, Mcdonalds sure like to complain. Lucky for me, I saved the original picture :)

    • Hey any chance you can PM me the picture?

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    is a a limit of 1 per day or order?

    • +1

      1 per account per day.

      • +1

        Bloody hell really?
        So only one big Mac tomorrow? #Sad

  • +2

    my body is ready

  • Their app promo really make me eat more McD 🤤

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    Here's the version with pictures

  • Time to supersize ozbargain!

  • The Saturday & Sunday deals are looking the best. They should really run this promo in Winter, it's going to delay a lot of Summer bods.

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    Im going at midnight tonight so i can order a big mac and then a large fries. Late dinner…

  • Has anyone redeemed these via a kiosk or did you have to the counter and show them the code?

    • Kiosk you enter the code yourself if it can't scan your phone

  • Oh BOY November MACCAS challenge accepted!

  • +3

    Don't forget McOz small meals $5 everyday.

    • Between 12-2pm

      I should add this was at a Regional NSW store.

      • +2

        Anytime with the App, outside breakfast hours.

  • Anyone having issues adding to mobile order. Every restaurant I select days offer is is not supported by the restaurant

    • If the offer isn't supported by your restaurant what you can do is go in there and try scanning or typing the code at the kiosk.

  • Same here, probably Ozbargained….

  • does each deal appear for that day then disappear at the end of the day? or does it appear on that day, then pile up until the end of the month?

    • nevermind. Opened the app, and says expires in 1 day.

    • One deal per day.

  • I wish this promo didn't exist. It's gonna tempt me to eat maccas everyday for a month…. :/

  • +3

    Just an update on the deal.
    The deal has begun so I'd like to explain how it works.

    For people who are signed in, you should see the daily deals under 'My Rewards'. You can either add it to mobile order or scan at restaurant (kiosk or registers). For people who are not, there will be a generic code (today's $2 Big Mac Deal is 9552), and can be redeemed ONLY at the registers.

    • Hey do you know if the McOz $5 deal is still available?

      • +3

        It's available from 10:30AM - 2PM or it can be purchased via the app all day!

        • Ah thanks. I looked in the app before and lots of options were missing. I updated the app and it's there now, yippee!

  • These are some of the best deals to have come through the mymaccas app (excluding freebies), health down the drain

  • having jaw surgery next saturday with 2 week liquid/2 week soft food diet… anyone know how well these taste in a blender?

  • +4

    "All good things come in moderation"

    looks at calendar

  • They should have made it like a check-list. So you can pick whatever deal you want to get on anyday once for the month. Not have a certain day for a deal.

  • Technically 29 days (nothing on the 17th). Total spend is $104.50. Average of $3.60.

  • I just had Big mac. They don't let you customise the burger with xtra pickles and onion :(
    But hey its only $2 :)

    • Usually the crew just yells extra pickles at the kitchen if you ask them nicely

    • It can be added, the crew just needs to yell out to the kitchen.

  • Anybody else having trouble logging in? The app freezes after I get to the login page on my SIDE. Doesn't recognise touch input at all

  • I entered the code at the kiosk and said promo will apply at check out but the final price at check out still said $6.

    So I didn't pay there and take the ticket to the counter and ask for $2.

    Although the promo updated in the app but the McD app message only popup very late afternoon.

  • In related news the McDonald startup story/movie The Founder has dropped in price at Google Play store

  • How do you get the 2 large fries and 18 nuggets for $8?

    • Wait until the 10th.

      Today is the 24 Nuggets for $8

  • +1

    Today’s deal was $1.50 at the store I visited. The code wasn’t scanned either so it can be used again.

    • Me either kiosk machine did not work

    • Mine was doing them manually, guess they knew something was wrong.

      Rather sad as they were doing renovations/upgrades to the kiosks last week and had to shut one evening (24 hour store)

      The Booze/Drug bus was there for lunch, all the officers were enjoying it.

  • Ordered the Big Mac on the 1st thru the self serve kiosk, entered the code, selected. Pay cash and at counter took about 15 mins to get a receipt.

  • Can't add today's deal to an order…

  • +2

    On the original calendar image: each day's deal has got a number attached to it like 1, 2 or 3. What do these numbers mean?

    • +1

      Suggested Up sell

      See for a better version of the Calendar

      Would you like Fries with that? etc

      Never had it offered at my local, they are putting through a new team of trainee's though.

  • Is the generic code the same for each day? 9552?

    Btw we used the generic code at self service and got 2 big macs each the other day hahaha

    • +1

      No. There is a different generic code for each deal.

      • Would you be able to post it for those days where they're doing cheap burgers or fries?

  • Year's*

  • Will December bring similar deals?:)

  • This deal got a lot worse. Can no longer modify special deals!!

  • I've ordered multiple times over the last few days;
    1 - You don't need to sign in the app
    2 - The rep just asked for the 4 digit numbers and the numbers are the same for everyone per day
    3 - It's one per account as per the terms and conditions I believe but I've sent screenshots to friends and they have claimed it as well, also I have came back throughout the day and they said nothing
    4 - Also you really don't need the app, I went into mcdonalds and the "self-serve" screen had the deal on it…. so it's not really app exclusive

  • +4

    I know it's been like this for a while, but their McFlurry's are no where near as good as they use to be when they had the machine. Now it's just softserve with some toppings and they charge more than they use to. $4.25 is an absolute rippoff, $1.50 is better though.

  • +1

    Wow 550 upvotes for Maccas?? Sad state of affairs.

  • A maccas a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Hi everyone, went to the kiosk to make my order, receipt didn't come out. was not paying attention to the number, went to the counter, the staff did a new order for me, tried to make me pay $9.95 nuggets, I told the staff it's $8. The staff asked for the generic code for the Promotion today, I may overheard the staff say 9555 not sure, if someone can confirm? for the $8 24 Nuggets today. I was going to go to the kiosk and try but staff were standing at the kiosk.

    • +1

      my app gives a different code every time i hit "scan at restaurant"

    • +1

      You can actually use different accounts on the same Android phone. I registered a new account online and it didn't even require verification. Of course I had to clear app data in Android settings since the app is buggy as hell…

  • $1.50 apple pie…. sad.

  • Any codes for today's thickshake?

    • 9538

      • Thanks @Allegria, my posted deal was taken down as a duplicate so could not get the code there

      • Thank you allegria!

  • Anyone have the generic code for today's mcflurry?

    • I think it was in the old post but now I don't have it :(

    • Try 9544.

    • +1


  • I redeemed the thickshake offer last night via the app, got to the drive thru and the girl processed the order. Next window "oh sorry, the thickshake machine is broken".

    They then told me I could have a soft drink instead. Sorry, what? Had to argue for a refund.

    • +1

      wth? Thickshake and soft drink are not interchangeable!

    • I paid for a couple of ice creams for the kids as well the other day and ice cream machine was broken. You would think the manager would start the shift letting anyone know of equipment failures…

  • +2

    Got a big mac the other day. Havent had one in years but GOSH the size has really shrunken. Its about the same size as a whopper junior now. They should probably call it Small Mac now….

  • This is cunningly marketed. Some are "scan at restaurant only" so can't use app. Just tried to order today's mcflurry, added to cart then on checkout "error item not available". Can't be bothered with maccas anymore. They're overpriced as well.

    Big mac now tiny and what is left is full of spongy bread. You know the bread that never goes off, for unknown reasons.

  • Makes you wonder how much profit they are making off their regular prices.

    This just confirms what I have always suspected…fast food is way over priced in this country.

    But this was always going to be the case as the price of goods and services are directly attributable to value/price of land. And in Australia it is massively over valued.

    • Don't forget they have to pay wages. Perhaps they are running at a loss with this campaign, but are doing it for the sake of promotion?

  • -1

    Hungry Jack's is better!

  • Anyone tried today’s special? What’s the generic code?

    • +1


      • Thank you
        Edit: Lunch was sumptuous!

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