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Free Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 with Audible Membership Subscription $16.45 Per Month @ Amazon AU


Just received an email.
It states targeted.
Check your amazon email.

Can “cancel anytime”

Mod 7/11: Thanks to PChinna this deal is now available until 15/11 and should be available to more people. Ensure you see the "Join Audible today and receive a free Echo Dot" text after signing in to Amazon.

Thanks to Tech5 you can select 2 Echo Dots (of the same colour) for $20.

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  • Amazon Prime membership is compulsory for to take this offer as i can see this offer but i am not a prime member..?

    • +1

      Nope, prime not required, just ordered on my non-prime account before for 2 for $36.45 Delivered.

  • redeemed

    Got 2 for $36.45 ($20 + $16.45) then possibly 12.5% cashback

  • Thanks OP.

    On trial prime membership, didn't receive the email but clicked the link - dot coming on Friday.

  • Thanks. Got one!

  • +1

    Just make sure you cancel properly. I (profanity) it up somehow last year and got charged for another month.

    Edit: also, if you buy a book, make sure it's the full book. I've accidentally bought a "summary" of a book a couple of times (and the real book is only available in the US).

    • How do you cancel properly?

      • I have done that mistake myself especially when u have multiple email accounts. Make sure you remember which account you have used and ensure you cancel that email account linked to it.

  • I had the email so ordered an its coming Friday. Worth a try for $16.45 at least.

  • I don't have amazon prime and didn't get the email, but the offer appears for me when I click the link in OP and log into my account. Does it appear for others/ work?

    Would be keen to use this deal but don't think I'm meant to be eligible?

    • Yes I did the same. Subscribed, purchased Echo Dot, get 2 audio books and cancelled, all in 10 minutes.

    • I didn’t get the email but used the link and ordered the free echo. I did have prime already.

  • make sure before you cancel your audible, that you spend your 1 credit (1 free book). if you cancel you lose the credit.

    • +2

      Also make sure before you cancel to select the 1 Free Credit to keep the membership, use both, and then cancel straight after.

      • +1

        oh cool i didn't see that one heh

  • +3

    How long after signing up to Audible did people receive an email with the code?

    • i signed up and bought the membership, and still waiting for code to be applied to my account. I've got the email, but the link doesn't activate the code…

    • +1

      I too have signed up to Audible, but only getting the $99 for 2 in my shopping cart. Any help would be appreciated.

      • +1

        Click on checkout page and it should up as a promotional balance. Mine did in 30 minutes from signup.

        • All it shows is:

          Items: $158.00
          Delivery: $0.00
          Order Total: $158.00
          Promotion(s) Applied: -$59.00
          Order Total: $99.00
          Order Totals include GST. See details.

          Is there supposed to be a coupon code sent to your email?

          • @benchman: Are you selecting 2x Black? I believe 2 for $36 only works when you choose 2x black.

            • @doweyy: Yes, It says black haha.

              • @benchman: Hmm that's weird, the offer should have given you a $79 promotion when choosing 2 unless they've fixed it?

                There's no coupon, just a promotional credit for 1x Echo Dot

    • I'll reply back once I get it :)

    • A second after signing up. Then again, I only signed up yesterday before the T&C change.

    • Also haven't received code. Contacted support and they tried to tell me I'm not eligible as I don't have the promotional email

  • I'm not a Prime member and it worked fine (had Prime trial before, but cancelled last week).

  • +3

    Got one last time while I was on trial with Amazon Prime. And I have to say it was not worth the effort. I thought the Echo was a bargain but out of the box it doesn't work with the various Chromecasts I have around the house, and it now sits unused. Regretting opening it up instead of selling it for $5 profit, and regretting going through the whole thing in the first place - not worth the $16 and the time I spent on it.

    • +1

      me too the sound quality i horrible compared to the google home mini is now sitting in the cupboard have home minis in most rooms to control everthing.

  • Thank you OP. Ordered.

  • Thanks OP. Had trialed both prime and audible memberships before, and also account is with Amazon US, but was able to successfully get the code and redeem.

  • +3

    I signed up using the link, I was apparently eligible for the free Echo Dot as per the banner. Paid $16.45, received no email to claim the unit. Contacted support and was told I wasn't targeted. She cancelled the Audible membership and refunded $16.45 to my credit card. No Audible now, now Echo Dot and most likely will not be eligible to even trial Audible in the future. Sad.

    • There is no actual code to redeem the dot. Have you tried adding a black one to your cart and reviewing the total?

  • Successfully ordered 2 x Echo Dots for $20 (existing Prime member).

  • +1

    If this is no longer targetted, wouldn't it be cheaper to create a new account and each echo dot + audio book would be only $16.45? rather than buying the second for $20 without a free audio book?

  • ordered 2 x echo for $20. got email within 5min of subscribing to audible. Did not have promotional email but just used the OP's link. I am an existing prime member.

  • Visa ****
    Order Summary
    Item(s) Subtotal: $143.64
    Delivery: $7.27
    Total Before GST: $150.91
    GST: $15.08
    Total: $165.99
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$160.99
    Grand Total: $5.00

    • +1

      ????!?! what did you buy? and how?

      • Must have had previous promo attached to account?

        • Managed to get two generation 3 via chat. Bargain.

          • @okokok3: Care to share how you negotiated such a good deal?

            • +1

              @Master Bates: I think the troll is strong with this one, considering they signed up just to post this.

              I'm talking to myself again!

  • +1

    Got the free echo banner, signed up but no code and no promotion applied in cart :(

    Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Yes, seems to be anyone who only had the banner and no email.

      • +1

        It worked for me.

        I wasn't targetted by email
        I did have a big banner across the top of the page after signing in
        I did also see a smaller side banner

        Maybe it's contingent on the big top banner?

    • +1

      No code for me. Saw the banner on the audible home page (not via OP link), so figured it would work.

      Now dealing with Amazon support to fix.

      Ughhh… what a PIA.

    • Same here

      • +1

        Same here , got it fixed

        Audible support comments

        I can confirm that you have successfully signed up with Audible.
        The payment still in Pending. Our billing system still waiting for your bank authorization to charge your credit card.
        Once the payment successfully processed, you will receive an email with a link to redeem the free echo dot on Amazon.com.au with in 24 to 48 hrs.

        • Oh nice! I tried Amazon live chat and he said that Audible support will email me regarding my query. Here's to hoping I have similar good luck.

        • My payment has cleared. Any luck with yours?

          • @Gabehcoud: Mine cleared yesterday morning.. no email yet, did you end up with one?

            • +2

              @nothommus: Yes, but not through an automated process. I contacted them by chat yesterday, advised I didn't receive a code. They asked for a screenshot of the offer presenting on my screen. I sent it through via email to be forwarded to some special department.

              This morning I received an email confirming I was eligible and here is a generated code. Entered it and it worked a treat.

              Recommend you have a chat with them as there does seem to be an official process now for those that never received a code.

              • @Gabehcoud: I dont get it, i saw the banner when i first signed up, but now i cant see it anywhere that i can see? Seems a bit dodgy…

                I'll have a chat with them and see how i go in a few hours.

                • @nothommus: Yea, mine stuck around for a little bit but coincidentally vanished about 5 mins after the chat ( I was just going back over the T&C's)

                  If you need me to I can send you the same screenshot I sent to them.

    • It doesnt apply in cart, only once you press continue to chekcout

  • +3

    Just went through one of my arguments with self. "Do I need 2 more Echo Dots?" NO!! "But they are soooo cheap"
    Thanks OP just ordered 2 for $20

  • Not a prime member and it worked for me only on a single black echo spot.
    The discount on two units as others have suggested did not work in the following configurations:
    1 x White Echo Spot
    2 x Black Echo Spot
    2 x White Echo Spot

    • Spot or Dot?

  • What books did everyone end up getting? As I was cancelling, I was allowed to get another 1 credit to stay. I took the extra credit and cancelled anyway so I was able to get 2.

    • +1

      the barefoot investor and the first GoT book.

      not bad.

  • Damn should have read the comments first LOL — I just put my order through but forgot the cashback offer.

    I got 2x Amazon Echo Dot for $20 + $16.45 (Audible Membership):

    Item Subtotal: $143.64
    Postage & Packing: $5.45
    Promotion Applied: -$130.91
    Total Before GST: $18.18
    GST: $1.82
    Order Total: $20.00
    Selected Payment Method: Visa

  • Thank you op. Just grabbed two echoes with subscription and additional $20.

  • +1

    Hi guys,
    Wouldn't it be cheaper if we create 2 new accounts and claim the free echo dot ? Cost $16.45 comparing to ($16.45+$20)/2=$18.23?

    • I think I’m missing something

      Wouldn’t that be 16.45 x 2?

      • Yeah, still cheaper to buy 2x$16.45 rather than $36.45 (16.45+20) for 2

        • Just to save a few dollars? It's already a really good deal

          • @BlazinPast: Wouldn't we do it as a true Ozbargainer?

        • +1

          Ah now I get your point, yep that would be cheaper but this whole thing of being eligible seems to be a spanner

          I signed up through the banners and haven’t gotten an email for 1 yet

  • +1

    Yep, I just signed up to Audible for $16. Then after 5 minutes, I was able to purchase two Dots for $20. With free delivery. I am not an amazon prime member.
    Delivery is expected in two days.

    Now just have to work out how to cancel the Audible membership.

  • +1

    Cost me $10 for the additional echo. not sure how. No amazon prime either

    2 x Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), Black
    Sold by Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd
    Item Subtotal: $143.64
    Postage & Packing: $5.45
    Promotion Applied: -$139.99
    Total Before GST: $9.10
    GST: $0.90
    Order Total: $10.00
    Selected Payment Method: Visa

  • -1

    I now have 4 dots…2 more ordered. $20 + $16.xx. Bargains!

    And online help said it wasn't possible!

    • On the same account?

  • Nice, they sent me an email offering me another free trial. Now I've gained 3CP. (2 from the first trial + 1 this time).

    • Not quite understand the flow. So, you paid the audible membership then cancel once you have the Dot. Now they offer you for another free?

      • Yeah so for the first trial you receive 1 CP. As I cancelled they offered me another 1 CP to stay. I accepted that and then cancelled anyway. Then today I received an email that they are offering me another trial. So that's 3 CP.

        • So you pay another $16.45?

  • Got mine yesterday, loving it so far.


  • +1

    Had a play with the Echo today and here are my tips;

    • Make sure to change the location in the Alexa app. I had a dummy American address way before Amazon launched here and because of that, I was told the weather for said address when I asked.
    • Pandora is alive! (The music-streaming app that went kaput here). And with no ads!
    • Change the default music streaming apps from Amazon if you want.
    • For news reports, go to the Alexa app and enable SBS or ABC newsflash cards in the "Skills" shop (pre-written voice commands).
    • For setting alarms, follow these voice commands "Set an alarm for [every weekday/ select day/ etc.)" > "[Insert time]"
    • Lastly, that Amazon logo on the front does not look nice (IMO). Cover it up with your creative output - for mine, I slapped a black Forza Horizon 4 sticker. It now goes faster.
    • Pfft. Won't go faster unless it's a red sticker

      How to get Pandora?

      • +1

        To get pandora, sign in on the Alexa app, then say “play pandora radio”, then “[name of playlist]”.

  • Anyone looking to offload a dot? PM please!

  • Thanks OP. Had to contact customer service to receive my code, but purchased 2 for $0.

    • $0 or $20?

      • $0. I was able to use a $5 monopoly play money voucher which I converted to an amazon $20 off a $79 spend.

        • Nice! You just reminded me I have a $5 Groupon voucher from Monopoly.

  • +1

    I don't know about anyone else but all I've had with this offer is grief.

    I signed up through the website banner on Nov 7th, the banner said "Join Audible today and receive a free Echo Dot"
    I got an email saying I had joined Audible, but no info on how to claim the free Echo Dot.
    I have contacted support a few times (phone and chat) and they say an email would be sent out within 24hrs on how to claim it, however I haven't received that email yet. Yes I checked Spam and also I'm receiving emails fine on that address - I received the Audible welcome email and I also get all the customer service chat transcripts on that address.
    They keep saying, "We're looking into this, blah blah". Same deal today. They said we'll look into it, and contact you within 3-5 business days.
    I said, well the promotion will be over by then - will you still honour it?
    "Yes, we will try our best for you to get the promotion."

    I'm not holding my breath. It's just weird that it only appears to be me that's having this issue.

    • +1

      Just try adding a black echo dot 2nd gen to your cart, go through checkout past delivery address, and then when choosing your payment option see if it offers you credit

      • Tried, however no credit. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

  • Received mine (had ordered 2)today.

  • received mine today,

    got the 2x echo dots

    curious to know if anyone else is running google home at the same time?

  • +1

    Support told me that I cannot claim again since I had claimed last month despite receiving the offer again. I have asked for a refund of my $16.

  • Can confirm (from tonight) I joined audible.com.au as new customer and was able to purchase 2x Echo Dots for $20 after subscribing to Audible for 1 month for $16.45

  • Just wondering if anyone has signed up after 15/11?
    Is there any similar active offer?

    • There isn't the link anymore in the website and no similar offer that I know of

      • Thanks!

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