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Dell UltraSharp 27" IPS 1440p QHD Monitor U2715H $479.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Cheapest price I've ever seen for a Dell U2715H. Forget 20% off Futu or 15% off sitewide offers from the past which would get it to you for around $550. Nope - this is $479.20!

Why this monitor?

  • QHD 2560 * 1440p Display
  • IPS - good viewing angles, good colour consistency, bright.
  • 99% sRGB
  • Really good stand (swivels, tilts, height-adjustable)
  • Dell Premium Panel Guarantee w/ long 3-yr warranty

Original Dell 20% off eBay Deal

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  • +10

    I can't understand why QHD is not considered a minimum for a large monitor these days.
    The other Dell has <100dpi, which was standard in the 1990s.

    • +10

      This kind of questions keep me awake at night.

      Seriously now, why don't you want people to have options? Let the market decide what the minimum should be. Moving to a new minimum (when it is more expensive) should not be something imposed, not everybody needs a 480 AUD monitor. The prices will come down… people will figure that 1440p is good value compared to 1080p (it is arguably right now) and buy it more and more…. 1080p monitors will be phased out naturally like 480p was.

      • +1

        Seriously now, why would you assume I mean something silly?
        Its like you are deliberately taking an illogical interpretation for the sake of having an argument.

        • +6

          Username checks out.

        • I think his interpretation is sound.

          You are making the assumption that everyone wants high dpi monitors. That's not true.

          It depends on the viewing distance, and what you intend to do with it. Also what other hardware you have driving it. Gaming at 1440p requires more grunt than 1080p and if you have an older card it won't run as well.

          Scaling in Windows is also less than perfect on high res screens.

          And then cost. Some people have a lower budget.

          That's why I have multiple monitors of varying dpi, depending on what I want to do.

      • Its not about options its about economic feasibility

        Why don't we have black and white tv anymore, we should have options…

        Manufacturing is at a point where the price difference is minimal or in some cases more expensive to make older models

        I'm curious if they're still actively making TN type monitors

        I'm pretty sure I have this monitor, the 2012 I think bought for 1200. Very fine monitor

    • +2

      Back in the 90s was CRT. We used a measure called dot pitch. You'd have to convert the dpi into dot pitch. But I remember a good monitor being .25 dot pitch.

      However, that is at the CRT's maximum resolution, which will run at 60hz. 60hz is standard on LCDs, but on a CRT this will hurt your eyes because you will notice the flicker. Back then we either used a filter screen on the CRT, or we used a lower than maximum resolution. I always ran my monitors at 85hz which on LCDs have been rare until recently.

    • Vast of majority of Windows app where built assuming DPI would all-ways be 96DPI, and 99% of the content on the web follow the same convention and assumption. Windows have tried multiple attempts to resolves the issue but deep down most programmer have hard coded constants regarding DPI with physical pixels instead of em, mm, or inches.

      Everyone I've talked to from sales people to also typical users who do have 4K monitors find it a constant inconvience to having to fiddling around with settings and zoom levels to make the expierence of using some web-sites useful or some apps funciton with a DPI >120. You can use the windows high DPI aware functions but this all-ways comes down to either breaking or making the whole app look like crap even on a high DPI screen.

      As a hardware vendor and also the Entertainment industry wanting to make a profit. With the new 1080P standard it means they can consolidate their production line to a single resolution and aspect ratio that can supply both the Computer and or Consumer market for Monitors and TV's. The consumer not knowing jack shit about anything kind of re-enforced this cyclic feed-back loop.

      The only reason why > 96DPI is now is being phased out is because of the production lines now in China upgrading to 4K. It's actually the same cost now for most of them to make either 1080P or 4K Panel's, so the market is going in that direction.

      Slowly the migration for the vast majority of the legacy applications now are migrating to console or the web. This allows for break from the past and a break from the hard coded assumption of screen's DPI to be 96 DPI. The only real solution moving forward is to use vector graphics, but I think we will be stuck with the assumption that screen's are 96 DPI for some time.

  • Title and description is wrong - 2560x1440 is QHD. Quad HD = 1280x720 x 4 in 16:9 aspect ratio.

    WQHD is 3440x1440 - the ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio.

    Having said that……nice deal for a sweet screen.

    • My bad, I fixed it up :)

    • I've seen WQHD and QHD mean the same before. It is a wide aspect (16:9) screen.

      • +2

        Yes, people are using WQHD wrong a lot, on eBay and elsewhere.

        Quad HD (QHD) has an actual meaning - 4 times the original HD resolution (which was also a wide aspect). It's just maths.

        WQHD suggests wider than QHD, which would require a different aspect ratio.

        • +3

          Ah, but original HD computer monitors (not TVs) were 1024x768 , aka XGA. Then came the wide ones later.
          Its not like TV, where there are small number of standards.
          Life is easier if people just give the numbers.

        • I wish you were right and I had previously always believed the same, but it's QHD and WQHD that are technically the same, and it is WQHD that people incorrectly use when referring to 3440x1440.

          There is no specified standard for 3440x1440, LG (pioneers in the ultrawide industry) use the term UW-QHD.

          Logic would seem to dictate that adding a W to the front of QHD would perfectly represent what an ultrawide 3440x1440 is, however it just isn't the case.

  • Currently using U2713H, still pretty strong tho. Running 2K but you need 150% dpi.

  • +2

    Sweet deal!

    There's also one available in the outlet for $359. The outlet page doesn't seem to be functioning properly (for me at least) but I've checked and the online agent said "U2715H 27 REFURBISHED 359 C: Tested OK,deep scratch on the back, included power cable+mDP cable+DP cable+stand,(FP)". Might come in handy for someone.

    • I've been on the website too and told them the outlet pages are not working i tried on 3 different computers in multiple browsers. Wonder if its the same for anyone else? tried to tell them via email but they said it works for them and they werent that concerned.

      Was looking for a U2415 but they only have the U2417h at the moment going for $239 (as new) and $209 (used).

      • Same, web site not working.

      • It seems to jump from page to page for me after refreshing multiple times. I managed to snag the one S2716DG yesterday from all that time I spent refreshing the page though. Made it worth the effort.

  • any deal on the 144hz one they have?

  • +2

    Had this monitor connected to my IMac 27", sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't. Got rid of it and got the 4K LG monitor and never looked back. I wouldnt recommend this Dell unit to be used with a Mac device

    • Thanks nav71. Was just about to post a Q in regards to how it would sync with my MBP. 8)

    • i agree. Dell and Mac is kinda a bad match.

      have this screen, i never get used to the colours - it just looks so good

      • +2

        I have to dispute this one, I manage approx. 100 macs with approx. 150 Dell monitors completely issue free.

    • I… disagree. Been running one of these on my 2011 Macbook Pro since 2012 and it's been fantastic. This price is incredible. So much monitor!

  • Is this a good monitor for Xbox or playstation?

    • Will work fine. I don't think those consoles support 1440p though so it may display as 1080p instead.

      • Thanks…My sons PS4 pro apparently does 4K , so trying to work if 4K tv or this QHD monitor is better.

        • +1

          AFAIK it doesn't support QHD so it'll drop down to 1080 on this with a PS4 pro.

    • No.

      Go for 4K or FHD. The resolution in the middle is not a TV resolution, and consoles were designed to be played on TV. You're going to get multiple scaling and the result is not as good.

  • I'm looking for a 27" but am torn between [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] Use mainly for general internet plus Battlefield.Just can't make up my mind :(

    • +1

      What the hell are those resolutions… FPS gaming you definitely want high refresh rate if your GPU can handle it.

    • 27+ 2560x1440 @ 144hz + Gsync/Freesync :)

      But seriously if your use case is mostly general purpose this will be fine. Heck if you don't have a good GPU this will be fine - driving BF > 60FPS @ 1440p needs something grunty (GT1070+).
      I'd take the plunge unless you have the dollar for 1440p @ 144hz and the graphics card to match. This is insanely good value, too bad for me that once you see 144hz you can't unsee….

  • Damn. This is a good deal. May grab a couple for work.

  • Great price!

    Now lets see how lucky I am in the blasted panel lottery…..

  • how does it compare to u2717d which is like 40 dollars more? any advice?

    or is it worth going with u2718q which is 4k about 150 dollars more, but thinking 4k is too much on 27 inch.

    • +1

      I have the U2718Q and like it quite a bit. It also comes with a fake HDR. It's not real HDR but something is better than nothing.

      Whether I'd suggest it depends on what you're doing with it. If you're gaming on PC, you will need a beefy rig to handle 4K. For consoles it's quite good.

      If you're doing photo editing, why not?

    • +2

      Do not buy the U2717D if you plan on gaming. It has abnormally high input lag, 2-3 times as much as the U2715H. Look up tests done by TFTCentral and RTINGS. The only newer features it offers are slightly thinner bezels and physical buttons instead of touch. Everything else is basically the same. I bought a U2717D and returned it because it was unusable for gaming, and even noticeable on the desktop when moving the mouse around.

  • 16:9 is crap for professional use.

    • +1

      Apple's 27 inch display is also 16:9. Please inform Apple 16:9 is **** for professional use.

      • I can't explain Apples decisions, but their pro series of laptops are 16:10 whereas their macbook air is 16:9.
        As someone who codes, I value vertical space.

        • So get 16:9's and have them in portrait mode.

    • ????

  • 4k is the wayyyy

  • Was sent refurbished u2717h instead of the as new u2417h from dell outlet for $240. If it wasn't for the fact that it had a weird red banding issue and a stuck pixel would highly recommend.

  • +1

    Bought one of these maybe 2 years ago for similar price but later returned. Colour banding is noticeable, especially with green colour. I had the same issue with one of those Benq 27" monitor. Until I settled with UP2716D, which supports Adobe RGB.

    Would still recommend at this price. You won't notice if you are not doing editing work on a regular basis.

  • Just got one for $600 a few weeks ago. Great monitor, sweet price.

  • Always wanted one. This is a very happy purchase :) :)

  • Does anyone have any problem applying the discount code to the order?

    • Same. Code is not working for me.

      • +1

        Found the reason why it wasn't working for me. The country in which I created my account wasn't Australia, hence the code not applying. Got in touch with eBay and got it 'transferred' to Australia. Works for me now.

  • I have not purchased via Dell's Ebay store before so I am wondering if its common for them to not update the status on Ebay regularly? Apparently they are processed via Dell within 24-48hrs from the ebay store. I have ordered/paid on 11/10/18 and its est delivery is 19/10/18 but hasn't updated to shipped yet. Hoping to enjoy this screen on the weekend its replacing a 24" TN panel that has served me well over the years.

    • Ebay/Dell finally updated status this morning stating that the order is shipped. Estimated arrival 18/19th as originally intended. The suspense was intense :p

      • Received a response from Dell Ebay that new arrival time is actually by 25th OCT. TLDR: Ebay's est delivery was horse dung with Dell.

        It looks like it sat between Ebay + Dell between 11th-15th and now Dell has spent 4 days processing the order and if I'm lucky it shipped today but have to wait for the courier tracker (which I only received today) to update.

  • Is it really worth it for IPS over TN if you're sitting dead in front of it?

    • Probably not if that is the single criteria you are basing your decision on. Unlikely :)

      However my best answer would be to attempt to view an IPS/TN panel side by side in a store such as office works (though they seem to favour TN/VA) panels. Ensure they are directly plugged into a machine at their native resolution rather than daisy chained as that will wash out the image because various screens will scale the input. Stores have a habit of setting the resolution horribly low on larger screens instead of using Windows Scaling etc and finally "Worth it" is extremely subjective.

    • +2

      I own both a TN panel and an IPS panel and I feel that the higher brightness, better contrast and viewing angles were worth it - even if I'm sitting dead in front of it.

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