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Aussie Broadband nbn 50 & nbn 100 Unlimited Plans $59/ $79 for First 6 Months (New Customers)


This month we’re bringing back the SWITCH20 promotion for the whole month of November.
If you sign up using the above promo code at checkout you will receive $20 off either our nbn 50 or nbn 100 Unlimited plans for the first 6 months of your service. That means that you can get a nbn 50 Unlimited plan for $59 per month or a nbn 100 Unlimited plan at $79 per month for the first 6 months of your service.

Don't forget that if you're already an Aussie Broadband customer you can share this promotion with a friend and use our refer-a-friend promo to get a $50 credit on your account.

Terms and conditions apply:
New customers only.
Promotion applies for new nbn orders and pre-orders placed with promo code from 10:00AM AEDT 1/11/18 until 11:59PM 30/11/18
Offer only available on nbn 50 and nbn 100 Unlimited data plans.
One promo per application, highest value offer will be applied.
Available either online or over the phone.
Promotion cannot be applied to orders already placed.
Service not available in all areas.
See www.aussiebroadband.com.au for full terms and conditions

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$50 each for referrer & referee apply afterwards.

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  • $56.88/$76.88 @ Click Broadband for the first 6 months before Nov 30 (according to whistleout but still Oct 31 on website lol). No contract. Any good?

    • Would also like to know.

  • Honestly I don't understand why is so excitement with this deal.My personal experience with Aussie Broadband was very negative. Signed up with them at Sunday. Tried to call 4 times on Monday after 20 minutes of waiting time my two calls went to the message bank the next to call after long waiting time instead of go to the message bank it was a message "messagr bank is full" and disconnected. Don't want to deal with this mob. Sent them an email don't want to continue with the connection. Complete silence. So far the worsest experience with the internet provider.

    • Maybe because not everyone has shared a similar experience to your own…

      • What was the experience?

    • Sorry to hear your experience. My experience is different. Signed up on Thursday night around 8:15pm, less than 30mins my internet was actively ported over. Give a call to customer service yesterday around 5pm to ask about my phone number porting. Waited for less than 2 mins to speak the team member. He gave me a detailed update of my number porting. Hearing my experience, my friend is porting over soon.

    • Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience and I will check into our phone system. I'm a little confused as to the original issue though as there were quite a few duplicated tickets so I'm not sure if they were replied to or closed for all being duplicates. I'll be in touch with you for more information. Cheers.

  • If Aussie Broadband rep want to coment I'm happy to hear the other side arguments account number 1676139.

  • Hi Rep, Yesterday two representatives confirmed that my account has been closed. Last discussion was with Brendan all recorded. I was shocked to receive an email today that my account has been activated.Again all my calls going to the message bank. No one called me from Aussie Broadband. The experience is very negative so far.

    • +1

      Unfortunately, it was a public holiday/long weekend here with many taking Monday off before the Tuesday Melbourne cup day so things may have been a bit slower than what is usual for our call centre. We do apologise for the slow response. I checked the account yesterday, and it was set to be abandoned, however, nbn technicians get their orders 48 hours in advance so changes aren't able to be made with less than a 48 hour window. We did try though, in case they'd see it, but this is why the service went live. We have no way to contact the nbn technicians after that window as they don't provide us with their private mobile numbers. However, I can confirm that the account was immediately cancelled and any invoices have been removed. There is nothing owing on the account.

      Again, I'm really sorry that you had a bad experience with us, but we wish you well in your future endeavours.


  • Are static IP options available for the unlimited 100/40 plan? on fttc
    google seems to say so but when looking on your website and also proceeding in the checkout, there isnt information about static ips.

    • +1

      Static IPs are available as a $10 bolt on per month on residential accounts. They're automatically included in small business.

      • Argh, i was trying to find this out the other day, but no response.. is there any other difference between the small business and residential besides the static IP?

        i was going to sign up for a small business as i want to start something up… but mostly use it for residential…

      • Is the $10 bolt-on static IP public accessible IP? I have home server setup and I need to access it from remote location.

        • It’s a public address, same as their usual IP’s (don’t think they’ve implemented CGNAT yet).

          I have a server at home I access remotely as well, but I just use a DynDNS service with No-IP.com (it’s free, just need to click a link once a month to keep it active). May be an option to look into to save $10 a month?

          • @Porthos: Thanks Porthos for the info. Public IPv4 is all I need. I am with no-ip.com as well.

            I am with Mungi at the moment. Currently looking for alternative ISP as Mungi went into administration yesterday. While searching for ABB, I came across the news that CGNAT is in their road map. Just wasn't sure when they are going to implement that. Hate to stuck behind CGNAT like I did when I was with MyRepublic.

            • @ausdday: Just read then that they’ve started to implement CGNAT in Melbourne and rolling it out to other states soon, but can opt out at any time.

              Yeah I made the switch from Mungi yesterday as well to ABB, already was going to end of the month but a Mungi going under pushed up the timetable.

              Got really nothing to lose with ABB with this code, if you don’t like them then can always change again. The beauty of no contracts!

              • +1

                @Porthos: According to the forum response, opt-out is just a phone call away. That's awesome. Otherwise, you can just give them a call now, and have them unblock port 80 and 443. They will not migrate existing customers that had their default blocked port unblocked via phone call.


                CG-NAT will be the default option for new NBN services that terminate on our Port Melbourne POI starting tomorrow. We will begin migrating existing customers over very soon. If you would like to opt out ahead of time you can do so by calling the support team (1300 880 905) and request as much. You will be asked to provide a reason when doing so (requires port forwarding etc).

                Residential customers who have turned off the default port blocking will be automatically opted out of CGNAT. Note that there is no cost for opting out however doing so does not guarantee that your existing “sticky” IP will remain unchanged.

                Customers who are currently making use of the static IP bolt-on will not need to opt out & their IP address will not change.

                • @ausdday: Sorry could someone please explain CG NAT in layman terms? I don't game or stream apart from the odd 2 minute youtube clip. I also use TorGuard VPN.

                  • +1

                    @hexapling: Imagine you live in a house, with public address, you guests can visit you based on the address you give them.

                    Now imagine, you live in a tent, with thousands of others, in a gigantic warehouse, where all of you share a common public address (say warehouse 13). You give your guest the address (warehouse 13), you guest can knock on the door, but they can't go directly to your tent, unless a path is created. It's not a big deal if you just stay in your tent, and go out of the building from time to time. But if you are expecting guests (inward traffic), then it's going to be a problem.

                    Same goes with your internet behind CGNAT. It's ok if you just want to access the internet. But for someone who has home server setup, or IP camera, we will need public accessible IP address to allow us to connect back to home network from remote location.

                    • @ausdday: Many thanks, this has helped so much. So if I don't do any of the above, nor need to access home internet from outside, it's fine?

              • @Porthos: Mungi just turned OFF their service and a lot of users were kicked out with less than 30 minutes notice. I am with ABB now as well. The IP I received is public accessible Dynamic IP. So all good for now :)

                • @ausdday: Yeah I saw they’d done that. Not surprised though from what I saw when Telecube went down as well.

                  Seems getting out right away was for the best!

  • How does the churning take place if I sign up for NBN after 20th November? Do I still get billed by Aussie Broadband for the whole of November?

    • Why would you imagine that you'd get billed for time before you signed up?

      • I was unsure about the billing cycle back then. All clear now :)

  • I used to have a service, not any more. Can I sign up now for activation in February and use the code?

    • Try signing up and see if it works, only way to really tell.

  • if i customise the $99 plan to limit to bring it down to $85, is the $20 off still applicable?

    • No, only applies to the 100/40 and 50/20 Unlimited plans.

      • the 100/40 plan costs $99 and can be customised on their site to $85 for 500gb. i guess i will contact them to know.

        • +1

          If you customise it, it isn't the Unlimited plan any more if it's offering 500GB now is it? That's the entire point.

          They literally have said it in the deal title and the post:

          If you sign up using the above promo code at checkout you will receive $20 off either our nbn 50 or nbn 100 Unlimited plans for the first 6 months of your service. That means that you can get a nbn 50 Unlimited plan for $59 per month or a nbn 100 Unlimited plan at $79 per month for the first 6 months of your service

          Offer only available on nbn 50 and nbn 100 Unlimited data plans.

          • @Porthos: cheers

            • +1

              @yummycoot: Just sign up for whichever Unlimited plan you want for the 6 months, and then after that if you want to change to a plan with a quota then do it that way (as these prices are cheap for the quality of Aussie anyway).

              Just make sure you do select the 'custom plan builder' when signing up so you're not locked into a 24 month contract (where you do get a 'free' modem that if you don't stay for the 24 months, or you decide to change from one of the unlimited plans to a plan with a quota) then you pay out the $149 for the modem.

              Just signed up to them today as Mungi went into administration so enjoying the speed boost compared to Mungi!

  • Can I sign up for this plan now and have it activated in Jan next year with the 6 months starting in Jan 2019?

    • +1

      I believe you can sign up atleast 3 months before your service is due to go live. A call to Aussie can confirm the same.

      • Thats the question i had, my place and my parents place both are going NBN as in this month or in a couple of months.

  • 21/11: A member suggested that it might be a good idea to highlight this popular deal, due to Mungi Internet going into administration. You can also see all NBN offers here for those looking for a new ISP.

  • Thanks OP. Was going to sign up in the next few days anyway.

  • How far out can I move over to this plan and still be eligible? I've got 4 months to go with my current provider.

    • End of the month for the discount. Up to 3 months in advance for regular pricing.

  • I would like to know what happens when the six months is up?

    • It goes back to the full price ($79/$99)

    • cheers

  • Saw the Mungi forum post (didn't realise it had gone under yet) and within half an hour was up and running at the best speeds I've had with ABB

  • far out, only just signed up last week lol

  • requires 24months contract???!!!

    • NUP!!!!

    • Only if you want free modem-router.
      They do month-to-month as well.

  • +1

    I'm sorry ABB, I should have never left you. Glad to be back.

  • Hey OP,
    I have been referred by a friend, can I still have 6 months discounted price?

  • Last month or so, the speed has been shocking. I am on 100/40 and every night it drops down to below 50 for download and 10-15 mbps for upload. Nothing has changed at my place. When watching Netflix it can't even get to 1080p and it is stuck at 348p and goes to max 720p. I have tried everything from powering off the router and even resetting my TV. Netflix balming on the internet connection and I believe them as when I was with TPG no such issue.BTW I am on unlimited plan

    • +1

      Sounds like a nightmare. My Father was with TPG ADSL2+ and was getting download speeds via speedtest at about 14mb/s. He reluctantly finally switched over to NBN which costs more and he is getting 10 to 12. He is on a mid tier package but still it's bloody ridiculous. The NBN fibre to the house that Rudd proposed was to revolutionize Australia. Instead it's fibre to the curb, node, hybrid etc etc and it's crap. I'm hopefully getting the fastest package soon and was looking forward to Netflix and being able to finally watch boxing and MMA fights. So you are with Aussie now but we're previously with TPG NBN?

    • +1

      I still don’t get the obsession with ABB, TPG has been rated fastest major ISP by the ACCC. and even with ABB in the mix second fastest (missing out by a smiggin). But are heaps cheaper than ABB, yet people still choose to pay the ABB premium.

      Ozbargain is great for all things expect NBN, where it’s ozexpensive for little reason.

      • +1

        Paying for good quality, service and transparency can be a good deal too.

      • Yup. Will be switching back to TPG. Had enough of the slow speeds when I am paying a premium for it!

  • +1

    As someone looking to sign up to the fastest NBN plan I can get (hopefully Jan if they stop pushing it back). Can someone tell me why this is a good deal? I've seen others companies with equivalent speeds and prices. So trying to work out why this is getting so many likes? Are they known to have the best speeds? Great service? What's the catch? Thanks for your assistance.

    • They are just popular. Sure service is great but who regularly requires a chat with their ISP?

      But if paying $20 extra a month so on the off chance you need to call you save 10miins, sure pay up for ABB

      • Its not just their customer service, but their pro-activeness and transparency to things such as CVC upgrades that you don't see with many other ISP's. Its a premium service and you pay for what you get.

        • But if you if you have decent speeds on your ISP, why do you need transparency to things like cvc? The difference in speeds for most ISP is minimal from what I read on ACCC ISP report, you’re talking about a 1-10% difference in speed performance.

          TPG Is like 1% slower than Abb.

          Telstra is like 4% slower

          Optus is like 10% slower.

      • You jest but Ive had to spend approximately 12 hours on the phone to telstra over the 2.5 years ive been with them due to no fault of mine. Although their wait times are low, It's incredibly frustrating that the person you are speaking to has no idea what they are doing if anything deviates from a script for their role.

        I was also with internode for 7 years prior to that with maybe 15 minutes for support. My cancellation literally took about 3 minutes.

        • Begs the question why you switched from internode to Telstra. Telstra (known premium pricing) doesn’t deliver (like most premium serviced ISPs)

  • How can i know what speed / plan to go on as i am not sure how far my parents are from the node and they have fibre to the node and so do i.

  • I'm Dissponted for those who have just missed out on this deal and yet the service has not commenced. I was considering moving as there are some savings to be had but will have to think about it. After reading the reps reply

  • How about you reward your existing customers as well not just the new ones!

    • They do… with good internet speeds. ;)

      • I don’t know what coolaid your on but if you pay their prices, I’d be demanding good speeds, not taking it like it’s a reward.

        • Fair call. 👍🏻

  • Still think this is a better deal in the long run:


    18months 1TB of data @ 100Mbps for $79.95 ALWAYS with free modem

    Average User of NBN in Aus uses 148 gigabytes of data every month, according to NBN.

    • I’m not looking for a new ISP but for others who are, is there a risk with slower evening speeds with Spintel?

  • Hi OP, any plan or consideration to offer Opticomm services?

  • +1

    Far out, all these churners etc getting better deals than loyal and smart customers who made the right choice from the start!!

  • Rep,
    My NBN is planned to be activated at the end of this month, can I signup earlier and commence when NBN is activated?

  • Spewin! my NBN gets installed on the 6th of December

    • Pretty sure you can sign up now, and then point the activation date for the appropriate time.

      There was a field for it.

  • Just curious if this is better than Optus?


  • TPG NBN outperformed Aussie Broadband NBN this quarter https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/internet-phone/broadband-p...

    I was going to go with Aussie Broadband when the NBN gets here, they have such a great reputation, how could they let this happen?

    Now I'm seriously considering TPG for my NBN (which is something I would never have said if I didn't see this report, having been with TPG over the last few years on ADSL).

    • Due to the effect of this promo! LOL! As long my speed is still above 90/Mbps, I’m fine.

      • It's data taken over 3 months, but like you said, anything over 90 Mbps is fine (heck I'd be happy with 50 Mbps).

        Btw. TPG outperformed Aussie Broadband in every metric (except for TPG's slower page loading time, which was significant).

        TPG, critically, outperformed Aussie Broadband in latency. This is by far much more important to me than a few Mbps difference in download speed (like you said, anything above 90 is fine by me).

        Having said that, latency to international servers is perhaps much more important, unfortunately that wasn't measured (at least it hasn't been reported).

        According to this data, Telstra is now (arguably) the best NBN provider in Australia.

        I am shocked ABB got hammered like this in almost every aspect by a budget telco like TPG ! C'mon Aussie Broadband, you CAN do better !

        Ps. Optus - shame on you. Your results are shockingly bad.

        • Telstra is a solid provider but are less attractive due to traditionally higher costs and 2 year contracts.

          I don't think Aussie Broadband were 'hammered' in the tests and I don't think TPG could be classed as a budget telco. I think choosing any of the providers in the report would give a decent internet connection, but other factors come in to play like contracts and upfront costs. For example, ABB has no connection fees for either no lock in contracts (BYO modem) or 24 month plans (with an included modem). TPG offer 18 month contracts with no upfront cost (with modem) or a no lock in contract for an upfront cost of $100 (also includes a modem).

          • @ShortyX: Some very valid points.

            Looking at the data though, Optus is really underperforming, with key performance indicators (from memory half that of the competition).

            With ABB, They were the best of the best until recently. I even signed a friend up who is clueless about such things, he and his son couldn't be halpier.

            ABB getting 'hammered' is a relative term, considering most knowledgeable people would expect them to do much better, especially considering the competition.

            TPG has always been a budget telco in the ADSL market but I have no clue as to their NBN pricing, but I was surprised, shocked really, how well they performed.

  • Coming over from Mungi. Thanks guys!

  • +1

    Good on you ABB for helping mungi customers.
    I applied for it & got account activated .. waiting for line activation.. hoping to get it connected soon.

    Now, Mungi made me realise that I am internet addicted ;-)
    So far I had great experience with Mungi and sad this happned to these good guys. Now hoping for similar services from ABB

  • Happily signed up to Aussie since my Mungi connection unexpectedly died today without warning.

    Was a no-brainer really, wanted to go to Aussie anyway since hearing great things about them and with the 6 months reduced price and no contract, I can decide if I like them or not and it works out cheaper than what Mungi was too!

    Goodbye Mungi, it was pretty decent while it lasted.

  • Just signed up, great experience, great service. Hopefully they stick around. Poor Mungi..

  • I'm with AussieBB and could not be happier! Great service! And amazing speeds! I get 97/38 on the 100 HFC plan at peak times!

  • So you can't claim Switch20 & refer a friend?

    • You can, but only the referrer gets the $50. You can’t get the $20/month and the $50 for yourself.

      • oh ABB live chat said it was one or the other only (if you refer, you can't use switch20 or if you use switch20, you can't add a referral. Previously you could double dip.

        • Nah you can't definitely do both. Previously you couldn't as they only had the 'referral/promo code' but now they've separated it.

          Just as I said, if you use a promo code only the referrer gets the $50, you just get the promo code.

          • @Porthos: cheers I'll call up & try it

            • @DisabledUser35983: Why not just apply online? Much less chance of something screwing up that way!

              • @Porthos: Well I tried to sign my friend up who will be taking this lease over and PROMO code does not work. Keeps saying "Invalid promo code provided". This is for SWITCH20 and MUNGI20 (tried both) just now for the past 30 min.

                Wanted to get her signed up while this deal was on (so essentially a pre order to lock in the deal) so she didn't go to someone like Telstra by default.

                • @ozbloke36:

                  Well I tried to sign my friend up who will be taking this lease over…

                  Our conditions for the promo code will put a block on the address identifier to stop people continuously closing and opening services to accumulate promotions. If you private message me the address I'll let our sales team know the situation for your friend to use the code.

  • We just wanted to drop a note to let you all know that the SWITCH20 promotion will not be extended past the 30th of November, so if you wanted to take advantage of this get in quick. Don't forget that if nbn is expected in your area within the next 3 months you can still use this promotion to pre-order your service.

    • To port my FTTN service over from (contract expired) MyRepublic, do I need contact them, or can I simply order from Aussie and my service and account at MyRepublic will automatically be terminated/cancelled?

      • +1

        From my experience, I signed up with Aussie Broadband first and let my service fully ported over then I called up my old NBN provider to cancel.

    • Didn't even work when I tried it last night let alone up until the 30th.

      *****Update, tried again just now, still doesn't work.

      Also I put a in referral to her, she never got the email from your webpage (where I put in my details and hers)

      So a couple of things to fix there.

      • Also I put a in referral to her, she never got the email from your webpage (where I put in my details and hers)

        The rep explained to you why it didn't work, as your trying to sign her up for the exact same location you're in right now. If that was allowed, you'd be having every member of a house sign up for a 6 month period, and just keep going around and round in circles getting cheaper pricing as each new deal came along. They have a system to (rightfully) avoid this being exploited.

        Don't even bother with the referral email, you just have her put in your client number (it's on your invoices) in the 'referral code' box. But again, it won't work because you can't sign someone up to the same location as you're currently in as your location ID doesn't change (it's linked to your physical address and is unique). Only way it would work with signing her up is if she was in another house (so a different location ID).

        Although the rep did say to PM them and let them know your details to allow this to happen, I'd assume you'd need to then call them up to sign up so that it can be manually changed by the person on the phone as signing up on line no one would be there to override it as you're signing up.

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