This was posted 3 years 2 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $304.76 + 2000 Points OR 54900 Points (Free Delivery) @ Qantas FF Store


Ozbargain favourite new noise cancelling headphones is now on sale at QFF store. Platinum Silver and Black available.

Additional Click Frenzy 10% off until Midnight Wednesday 14/11/2018.

Better price than TGG and best price ATM.


This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2018

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    Dangit, was just about to post this.
    Almost pulled the trigger last night, but very happy I waited until this morning. US flight in December, so TRS on top makes this a great buy!!

  • How does one purchase this without Qantas Points?

    • +3

      Got a friend who is a member? Most ppl should have 2000 points lying around.

      • Thanks, don't know anyone and couldn't top up points so I went to JB. JB can't price match off online stores so I got David Jones to price match Good Guys and will pick up Thursday. Am in a rush because I'm travelling in 10 days so at least i'll get TRS which brings them on par with this price!

  • Got it. Good to have a set of noise cancelling headphones for my Japan trip next month. TRS gets it below $300 so I'm happy.

    • Is TRS 10%?

      • Yeah 10% if you purchase 60 days before your flight.

        • +14

          1/11 not 10%

          • @cheapo999: Fair enough. GST is a value added tax of 10% on goods and services but when you see an amount for an item, the GST component is 1/11 of that amount.

            Just had a look at my tax invoice and the GST is $27.71.

  • Nice. Was a little salty about these getting down to $339 the month after my birthday code ended, but this makes up for it.

    • Was it cheaper last month with the Qantas birthday code? Or same price?

      • It's 10%. Same as this, but my birthday was in October.

      • Same price but only if your birthday was Oct. This is available for everyone.

  • Great price

  • This really isn’t a good use of points,

    To put it into perspective one way to LHR is 60,000 points.

    The 2000 points + $304.76 is alright I guess.

    • Yes works out to be about $330.

    • +7

      The flight would be 60,000 points + $265.14 in taxes.
      You can fly the second date for about $460 one way with royal Brunei. If you redo the maths without so much value on only Qantas you'll find the classic rewards are worth far less

      • +6


        I recently blew all my QFF points on stuff from the Qantas store because the taxes/charges is a rip off. Rather just collect velocity points for flights because it pays for everything.

        I was saving for flights to Hawaii for the family when basically the taxes were about half of what I could buy the flight on sale for anyway. Just didn't see the value in it anymore.

        Plus in a few months the points will be devalued once again. Always a race against time with QFF.

        • Yeah, new accounting rules say airlines need to show FF points as a liability, so Qantas is devaluing them.

          • @RedHab: Damn, I've been hoarding these. How much will they be devalued by?
            Will velocity points suffer the same fate?

        • Whoa. What’s happening in a few months?

        • I can't find anything about this, got a link? Your post here is one of the Google results lol.

        • You guys are doing it wrong. The best way to use points is to buy a regular economy ticket and then use the points to upgrade to business class or premium economy. It only cost me 50,000 points to upgrade my recent flight to Japan to business class - value wise/cost-to-price ratio that's a much better use case for 50,000 points then using to acquire a $330 pair of headphones.

          • +3

            @merajaan: You're doing it wrong as well.
            It's like only 60,000 points to book the business class flight directly…

            • @JDogman: Yeah but then you have to pay taxes. Upgrading a cheap economy fare ticket that you nab from a random special and then upgrading that for 50K points, you avoid taxes and any surcharges completely.

              • +2

                @merajaan: You can't easily upgrade sale class fares

                • @swimmingtoad: Upgrades have worked for me every time and I'm a gold status member. Of course it's easier when it's easier to get approved when it isn't a packed flight.

      • It is still cheaper to use ff points if booking peak-season tickets.

        • +2

          They never make FF redemptions available in peak-season.

          There are two main uses of points: short notice domestic flights, where availability is generally good, and commercial fares are high, and long haul business and first class, where commercial fares are unjustifiable for most of us.

          • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: Agree Qantas FF are useless. More value can be had from other frequent flyer program such as: Alaska Airlines, Cathay, British Airways Avios, etc.

            Only benefit of Qantas points is that it's easy to collect.

            • +1

              @nightelves: Exactly. I didn't pay a cent for nearly 200k of QFF points accumulated over <12 months. But even with that many, I just couldn't find a good value flight deal. Ended up just pumping up on velocity points via other rewards cards points (flybuys etc) and using them.

      • Fully agree.
        Just double checked and our annual trip Cairns-Bali (direct with Jetstar would cost me 115,200 points plus $911.44 !!
        For two adults and two kids. That is actually more than we have paid in the past when we booked during the jet-star sale (plus the points)!!!
        Only 540 points till lifetime Gold and than I'll focus on the velocity points only!!!

        And now that I ave double checked I'll treat myself to a pair fully paid in points ;-) (hope the are worth the upgrade from the mark 2)

    • Yeah but this is actually 55k of points not 60k.

  • +6

    Just find having to unpair and re-pair between devices sounds like a hassle. I would like to move between phone, tablet and two computers…

    • +1

      yeah don't know why Sony doesn't allow this, QC35 allowed it from the first gen onwards

      • I've been scratching my head at the same thing, its been this way since Gen 1. Both crap pairing methods and phone call mic quality. Bose had this one down pat from day one.

        Only guessing perhaps royalties or intellectual property rights or something.

        • I always thought it was because at the time, the QC35 was up against the Backbeat Pro wireless ANC headphones - which had a 24hr battery life and could pair 2 devices at the same time, pretty much exactly what Bose offers.

          • @blonky: Yeah not at that ANC level though, only real competitors in that space was the Sony MDR1000/XMs and Sennheiser PCX550.

      • QC35 allow 2 devices to be paired. that is why

    • +7

      Sony: "Let's make it difficult, so the customers buy 1 pair for each device."

    • Oh really, was close to buying a pair but this could be a deal breaker for me.

      • +3

        No you don't have to pair every time, you have to click "connect".

        More hassle than Bose I agree, but for the life of me I can't understand how people are having such major issues! Are you swapping between devices every 3 minutes or something?

        • I want them for work, I usually listen to music/podcasts through my phone but but also have the headphones bluetoothed to my laptop so I can hear the phone ring. Use a set of Backbeat Pro's for this at the moment but I find them very uncomfortable (and the software is buggy, I often have to restart them).

          I suppose I could buy these as my home/travel headphones and bring my QC35s to the office.

          • @stublu: If you specifically want a pair in each place, yes. If not then while better, XM3 isn't a huge upgrade from Bose.

  • Anyone tried pairing this with the BDAYNOV18 code? It's not working for me, even though Qantas sent me the promo code on 1 November.

    • -1

      The system validates against your real birthday month.

      • +2

        November is my birthday month.

  • Anyone know if extended warranty from credit cards work will apply if you purchase from here? I feel like partial payments (even at 2k QFF points) will mean you don't get it.

    • -1

      I would argue yes if the majority of it is paid on the card. All they see is a transaction for x amount of dollars. Not sure when you go to claim if you have to produce a bona fide receipt. Check you cards T&Cs to see if it states a 100% purchase must be made on the credit card.

  • +3

    my Oracle told me till Xmas this will be 270 ! I never saw a product of this type being discounted so heavily.

  • Finally ordered them.

  • -1

    Where and how does this Qantas points works? Thanks.

    • Google

    • +3

      I dont know of a person called qantas points nor his place of employment

  • Do you get invoice straight away? What’s the price on the invoice?

    • +1

      Yeah got one straight away. Stated points and price on it.

  • Going on a cruise to NZ, can we TRS at Sydney ports?
    Have to depart within 60 days?

    • Yes . within 60 days of purchase.

    • +7

      Yes, TRS keep a vault of QFF points and they'll transfer it to you but you need to make out you're a family member!

    • +5

      Youll get 10% of the electricity and internet usage back that you used to process the order

      • And 10% of the time you took placing the order (which in my case was a while as the system wouldn't allow my credit card to be added for several hours)

  • Anyone else having issues in checkout?

    • Yes- I am. It disappears from the cart when i try to checkout and then it says i don't have enough points, which i do.

      • +7

        Persistence paid off. I kept clicking and eventually got to payment stage. Then when I added a credit card I went back to the beginning. But kept clicking, and eventually got through to order confirmation.

        Now to see if I've ordered 368 pairs of headphones…

        • lol thanks. I tried multiple times and got there in the end.

  • +1

    Awesome price.

    I need to stop myself from buying one….. cos i already have one

  • Missus grumbled about spending too much money….. New Watches, Gimbals, New phones. Meh….
    But I grabbed a silver pair of the Sony and the Sennheiser PXC550 ($277 + 2000 points). Good deal: All up for 4000 points + $582!

    • Always the case with the missus….

    • +1

      7 weeks to Xmas!!!

      If you got he Sony, why get the PXC550?

  • How long do these take to ship? We're going away soon so just a bit concerned.

    • +1

      Mine came in under a week. Well before the estimated date.

      • +1

        Same here… ordered on Monday, got it on Thursday

        • I ordered mine on the 9th and are yet to arrive, it says 'In process' on the qantas site, how was it for you?

          • @comrade: To be honest I never tracked cause I thought it was gonna take them a month to get them to me.

          • @comrade: Please do post back when it does arrive. Would love to have a sense of timeframe to wait for mine to be delivered.


  • -1

    Hmmm, tempting even as I have funds left over from a higher than expected tax return. If I use all my Qantas points, I can get it at $126.50.

    I did get myself a new phone and it has no headphone jack, so I'm looking at getting a pair of wireless headphones. I did think about buying the Audio Technica M50x Over-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones when I first saw the ad, but they don't have noise cancelling and this price beats it.

    However, I don't think I'll be travelling any time soon by plane, so are noise cancelling headphones too much for just everyday use? Atm, I'm using a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-CK7 in-ear headphones. My favourite, but unfortunately they're not available anymore and I don't want to lose them or damage them.

    Also, are the batteries in these headphones easy to replace? I would prefer to get wireless headphones that take AA/AAA batteries as I have a whole heap of Eneloops that I'm not using, but I haven't had much luck searching on Google for any, besides those that come with a dock.

    • +2

      1) Use noise cancelling whenever you want. Part of the nice thing about noise cancelling is the filtering of constant and low range 'environment' noise - means you don't have to turn your volume up as loud to drown it out. Note, noise cancelling doesn't filter out higher pitched noises, or disjointed noise (i.e. some voices) no matter how good the noise cancelling capability of the headphone….but it will certainly take the edge off

      2) These have non-removable batteries - I don't know of any current headphones which take AA/AAA batteries - but having a pair of Bose QC25s which require a single AAA battery - I can say that constantly removing batteries and replacing can be a pain. Obviously the down-side is you can't carry a backup battery - but take into consideration that these will last you about 20 hours of a single charge, there is not likely many times you'd need to worry about running out of battery mid travels/use.

      • Note, noise cancelling doesn't filter out 
        higher pitched noises

        Damn, so im still gping to be able to hear my girlfriend???

      • Thank you bluedez_man.

        I’m just at JB now and they had this pair plus the QC35II. While the QC35II is light, I just like the fit of the Sony WH1000XM3 pair better.

      • There aren't many headphones that use AA/AAAs any more, but they do exist. Have a look at the table on this page.

  • Why pick these over the bose QC35? Ozbargain used to love the QC's, what's changed?

    • These have superior sound quality, however the Bose are more subjectivity lighter and comfortable.

      GO try them in-store before purchasing anything, if the Sony's are remotely comfortable, they'll be worth it. If not, get the BOSE

      • +1

        thanks, i'll go to jb tonight

        • XM3s have substantially better noise cancellation.

  • showing 61000 points now.
    Or 339.90 + 2000 points.

    • proceed to check out and the final price will show up as $304.76

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