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Sony 65" KD65X7000F LED 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV $1149 Delivered @ Amazon AU


****out of stock again****

Amazon now shipping TV's.
Free delivery on all TV's sold by Amazon. No Prime needed.

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Sony KD65X7000F
With 4K X-Reality PRO, every image is upscaled closer to true 4K quality for remarkable clarity. Images are sharpened and refined in real time.
ClearAudio+ fine tunes TV sound for an immersive, emotionally enriching experience that seems to surround you. Hear music and dialogue with greater clarity and separation, whatever you’re watching.
Go straight to YouTube and enjoy all your favourite videos. YouTube button on the remote control for easy browsing.

Ships from and sold by Amazon AU.

This TV requires Sign on Delivery
Please ensure availability at home to receive delivery

Brand: Sony
Model: KD65X7000F
Model Name: X7000F
Model Year: 2018
Part Number: KD65X7000F
Display Technology: LCD
Screen Size: 65 inches
Display Type: LCD
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Image Brightness: lumens
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration: 2.0
Power Source: AC
Batteries Required" No
Refresh Rate: 50 hertz
Includes AC Adapter: No
Includes Remote: Yes

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • -1

    Geez so cheap….

    How does this compared to the Hisense P6?

    Edit - I can see this only has 50hz refresh rate.

    • +6

      Still cheap as for a Sony and entry level 4K tv. Amazon is dominating Black Friday sales, I think the haters can be put to rest.

    • +2

      From other thread,

      If you're looking to watch any 4K HDR content it's nothing special. But if you haven't had a 4K TV before obviously the clarity is great. You need to get the higher end models as the brightness is the same as standard TV's thats been around for years. Although the colours are good. It's an IPS panel so poor brightness and contrast including grey blacks. I would wait for a special on the 9 series if you're after a Sony, which uses VA panels. Otherwise the Hisense P7 has local dimming and is the best of the mid range TV's. Only get the top brands if it's a high end model. There's not too much difference between mid range models. Rather get the one that's cheaper.

    • Ugh another post of people not understanding refresh rates v motion smoothing.

  • +1

    Jebus that's cheap!
    I had to re-read the heading three times…. Sony, 65", 4k, HDR, under $1200 delivered?!? Damn.

    • +2

      +8% Cashrewards ;)

      • +3

        OP needs to put this in, that's another $90!

        • Done!

  • -2

    50Hz refresh rate im out

    • It's 60hz… Check Sony's website.

      • +2

        Its fine. You are confusing refresh rate with motion smoothing. Google and learn.

        • +1

          This comment! Hz is only one factor, let Google be your friend

  • +1

    exciting if amazon are getting into TV's as it will push prices down big time.

    I paid about this for the 55 a year or so ago and I thought that was a good deal.

    Same model I think ?

    • Nope, this one would be internationally known as the x700f. x750f is one series up.

  • Where do I find other brand? I couldn't even find TV category at Amazon AU

  • Wasn't it like 1699 only 8 weeks ago with 107 upvotes?! This will surely sell out

  • +4

    This is the part where I say I told you so to the people who negged my comment

    • +2


      • +1

        Nope! He thinks everyone negged him for the 4K reductions part lol

        • -3

          Clear didn't believe me that prices of 4k are going to drop further. 2 weeks later and this TV is $250 cheaper

          Bet this deal did BLOW you out of the water lol

          • +1

            @easternculture: Clear didn't believe that you were right about 8K TVs.

            • -4

              @Clear: Mhm changing our stories, aren't we ..

              • +1

                @easternculture: It was never clear from the get go what I was referring to was it? I never specified until now

                Btw will I see you at the Sydney meetups? :)

          • +1

            @easternculture: wow, 1 TV has dropped in price and thus proves your entire argument.

            • -1

              @altomic: If you noticed hisense also have recently started to heavily discount their TVs

        • +3

          Looks like Clear and easternculture really love each other. You two need to get a room ASAP.

      • -1

        Samsung and LG launching in mid 2019
        Rumour is Hisense will launch last first quarter 2019

    • +1

      Bit precious aren’t we EC?

  • god damn - lucky I passed up on the p6 deal at HN

  • So cheap

  • +1

    For the love of God, please do not comment 'It does not have 200Hz refresh rate with Ultra blacks and motion sensors and RGB that lights up like a disco'.. it's $1k, it is what it is.. lol

    • +1

      Thats motion smoothing not real refresh rates anyway. People are incredibly ill informed on this.

  • How do I return such massive TV to Amazon if I didn't like it?

    • You pay a courier I suppose and they refund you later.

  • +1

    829 for the 55". That a good price?

  • This or Samsung NU7100 4K TV 65" FOR $1360…

    • +1


    • +4

      Where is the Samsung at that price?

      • Fell adleep. $1613 on Ebay plus 15% off sitewide that they had.

  • +1

    Great deal, thanks OP

  • +1

    Purchased to upgrade from my older LG 60". Thats a great price including delivery to Tas for a TV of that size. Thanks OP

  • +4

    buy this and do what with my panasonic plasma? dammit! why won't my tv just die..

    • +1

      Yes, yes, YES, googoogaga! My problem as well! I have a 50" Panasonic plasma that I bought 10 years ago to watch the Beijing Olympics. Has NEVER missed a beat - not once! Now when I want it to die, it looks like the only way that's going to happen is if I put a hammer through it! Even a wayward Wii controller hitting the screen about 6 years ago caused no damage! And if I did go ahead and hit the go button on this deal, what DO I do with a perfectly-functional 50" plasma> Aaarrrrggghhhh!

      • with 8k around the corner i'd just wait and love the fact a tv has lasted over 10 years.

    • Fortunately I have a 65inch Pana plasma.

      I won't replace it until it dies or I can justify the price of a 85inch TV.

    • I have the same problem. 6 year old 55" Panasonic plasma that is going strong. No way another TV gets budgetary approval while it is still going and I'll be buggered if that is what I am spending my pocket money on.

      • Plasma consumes heaps of electricity. Somewhere in there there is some false economy in not replacing it. Do it for mother earth!

  • Just fyi, this is not an Android TV

    Vodafone TV or NVIDIA Shield TV will make this better!

    • in that case meh. Sony's big pull was the built in android

  • Gee I hope they get the 9000 series in! Was looking to buy one soon, might hold off to see what Amazon do

  • So this or 65" Hisense P7? Which one would be better?

  • +1

    It is just me but once Amazon entered Australia the other retailers like JB hifi, Big W, Target, Harvey Norman etc, started to had better deals than they used to had before?

    I just moved to Straya on May 2017 and then I saw games between $79-99. Then amazon entered and now I'm seeing new releases for $50-60

    Damm hell of a price for this television and also you can stack it with Cashrewards.

    • For sure. Loss leaders like this TV deal really puts the pressure on others.

    • Welcome! You have assimilated to OzBargain very well :-)

      I don't think it's purely to do with Amazon, but it does influence the competition. I think 4k TVs are the new standard and when produced in volume and with newer generation manufacturering processes will lead to price reductions. Games have also dropped lately but often do, particularly around Christmas.

      For reference I picked up a no name 55" 4K in 2016 for $399 from Big W, not even in the same league as Sony but there were still good discounts back then. Though the dollar has fallen since so this is still an excellent deal!

  • Has this already been removed from Amazon or did it completely sell out already?

  • Looks like its sold out bois

  • Does this have Android?

  • Back in stock! Now for $1149.

    • I don’t see add to cart anywhere, do you have to be signed in?

      • neither can i :-(

  • Back up. @ $1,149

  • +1

    Cannot for the life of me work out the Sony models and the differences, never seen such a pointlessly long and varied set of numbers that are indicative of nothing

    Is this deal much better than the Costco x7500f deal at $1349? Not that I was particularly impressed with that tv in store

  • Got Sony kiosks to match it. $100 back from 2 amex and $60 from cashrewards.

    • How did you do that? Could you please explain a bit more. Many thanks.

      • +1

        Amex 1 $300 got $50 back
        Amex 2: $349 got $50 back
        Visa $500 got $60 back

        • Thanks and did you ask Sony Kiosks to match the price? Or how much is the TV before all those cashbacks?

          • @hc02225: Price match amazon $1149

            Final price $1149 - $160

            • @snvl: Wow. Which Shop did you go to? Unfortunately, Amazon has no stock so I guess they won't be able to price match?

          • @hc02225: Their price is $1399. Not too far from Amazon, they might match it even if Amazon is out of stock

    • How do you get cashrewards when buying from a kiosk?

  • Does anyone own this TV?

    I bought one - want to know what its like?

  • The item is back in stock for $46 more.

  • This Sony or a Hisense 65P6 ?

  • Fyi this is back in stock again.

  • So tempting..

  • Price going Up n Up now its $1395 :( Coincides with price rises to 55 and 65 inch X70F on the Sony website.

  • +1

    I just received my TV today.
    The Panel is bleeding light in the top middle part of the screen. Basically its like the frame and the panel are not sealed properly in that area.
    I rang Sony and they said the best they can do is organise a repair (not a swap).
    I requested a refund through Amazon (bought through Sony on Amazon) - and now the only option is for me to Ship back myself to Dandenong (from Sydney). I have to repack the whole TV, organise a freight courier to get my refund.

    Stay away from this TV

    • Far out that's really unlucky and must be so frustrating

      Could it be something that occurred during shipment?

      • doesn't look like a shipment issue - the box was in good condition and TV well insulated within it. It looks more like poor build quality / quality control

    • Sorry to hear that. Amazon should refund you the return postage.

      I bought mine from Sony kiosk, no issues with the Panel here.

      • Amazon will fund max $17 dollars of the return (so far the best quote I got for the return parcel is $54)

        • max $17 dollars

          they shouldn't be selling heavy TVs then

          • @snvl: I agree - never again. Even Kogan has a better return process.

        • +1

          Better to leave a feedback on the site re the bleeding issue, as well as the poor return policy, so that others are warned and know what they're getting into. I bought the 55" which is due to be delivered today so I hope I won't getting into a fight with them.

          • +2

            @AussieDaddy: how did you go with your 55"?

            Update: Amazon rang me and gave me a $100 dollar voucher and apologised for the bad experience. They also said they will pay for the entire cost of the return (not just $17). After Amazon rang - Sony rang me and gave me an excellent price on the better 65" model X9000f - I did pay significantly more but I am super happy.

            • +1

              @LongMemory82: Glad to hear that both, amazon and sony, did the right thing here. Congrats

            • @LongMemory82: Hey. I was trying to set mine up on a TV stand I bought from eBay, but silly me forgot to purchase the screws for the Vesa holes on the back of the unit. So I've just set it up on the floor and so far so good. I see no bleeding or any other issue with my 55" unit. Hopefully it stays that way as I have no energy to go through claim and return process at this time of the year. I am glad to hear both Sony and Amazon came through to help you out on this issue, and hope they'll do the same for anyone else who's experiencing this issue.

            • @LongMemory82: Hi LongMemory82, which freight courier did you end up using to send the item back? I am still trying to return this TV back to Amazon but it seems that no courier would take this the TV back due to the huge size and weight.

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