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Katoomba Crushed Garlic and Ginger 1kg, $1.65 Was $5.50 @ Woolworths


Saw this at my local Woolworths this morning near the fresh vegetables section (the Glen, Vic).
Plenty of stock. Note it is the mixed garlic and ginger variety. I know the individual varieties exist, but they were not part of the display, unsure if they're on sale or not.
Product is not showing up on the website, probably a clearance.

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    Essential for making Chinese food

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      Real food would use fresh.

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      And also Indian. Katoomba is a local brand selling Indian frozen/ ready-to-eat food, by the way.

      • Is it Aussie made or imported from India? I prefer the frozen cubes of ginger and garlic, more convenient in my opinion but great price for this type of product.

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      Nope, chinese food don’t use paste or garlic-ginger combo paste, the use finely chopped garlic and shredded ginger. However, this is essential for indian cooking.

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        Found the 16 year old half chinese guy

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    Is that you with the beard?

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    Great found!
    Is this store specific or VIC wide?
    I am guessing it is made in China?

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    Innisfail wworths also had Katoomba-brand red lentils $1.75/kg, usually such is $4.50kg

    • That's a great price. I thought they only sell 'Pattu' brand.

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    Where is this from? I've been turned off buying garlic since I watched a doco on Netflix about them using Chinese prisoners to peel the garlic. These guys were losing their fingernails :(

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      Extra protein!

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      You think yhats cruel, its better then being harvested for organs…

  • It'd also be worth noting the percentage of garlic and ginger in these products. From what I remember looking at the crushed ginger only bottle, its ginger content was surprisingly lower than what I expected. Although for $1.65 its pretty acceptable.

  • It's roadtrip time!

  • What's Gi Nger??

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    The Ginger and Garlic are together??

    I remember accidentally putting ginger in a dish instead of garlic once and it tasted horrible.. Thus I never use them together.

  • This should be called pickled ginger and garlic. It taste very different to fresh.

    • Doesnt taste like pickled ginger though.. thats the pink stuff they use.

  • Suspect this might be state wide (VIC). Confirm spotted at Chadstone and wheelers Hill stores.

  • Well found OP.

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    When fresh garlic is $27.90-$32.00 kilo you should question how you can get peeled, crushed and jarred 1kg for $1.60.
    I think they're Chinese sourced garlic too which arnt very safe.

    • Valid point, but this is Ozbargain. Buy, eat, then ask questions :)

    • In my local Chinese veggie store, 500g whole garlic pack for $1.99 and they are also from China
      I am not sure where do you find $30/kg garlic?
      I usually buy $2.4/500g Woolies homebrand mince garlic thou
      which is similar to this brand's original price

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      I think they're Chinese sourced garlic too which arnt very safe.

      Why would anyone want to purchase food from a country that likes to mix plastic and pesticide in their food manufacturing process?

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        Dont forget about the report that found at least one major farm use human sh*t as fertilizer to cut costs. It didnt quite occur to them the many deadly bacteria they could be present on the soil surface, ecolli being the least concerning.

        • It's been a bad year for Australia with needles in fruits. These cases were acts of sabotage unlike the produce and foods that gets imported. These goods are contaminated by selfish companies and individuals for profit.

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        You sounds great, try to stop buying anything from China or Chinese related and let us know how you go with it

    • Use this to cook a lamb korma in a pressure cooker..

  • Good for keeping vampires away

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    Look out for beard hairs

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    Katoomba is an Indian brand so I would think the ingredients are from India, doubtful garlic in India would be sourced from China. Fresh is best but sometimes this is handy we have not usually used Katoomba for this, but we have used other brands in the past. Woolworths most likely has oversupply of stock they bought for Diwali season.

    • Isn't it dodgy to steal and Australian/Aboriginal name and use it as a foreign company? Trying to hijack the 'Aussie made' reputation?

      Or does Katoomba also have an Indian meaning?

      • Yeah, I assumed it was Australian too based on the name.
        No way I'd buy it now…

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    Bwhahhahaha everyone who liked this post was indian 😂

  • Warehouses clear out all their shit before Xmas (whether you stock it or not)….we get lots of products we don't usually sell! Got a huge box of Banana Chips (Philippines) the other day so out they go at 1/2 price…hahha

    • Which store?

    • Why don't you post them as deals?

  • Heaps of the plain garlic paste as well as the garlic and ginger one, still $1.65, Broadmeadows Woolworths

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