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Acer Predator XB271HU 27" IPS 165hz Gsync Monitor $787.20 ($762.20 with 5x Discounted eBay Gift Cards) @ Futu Online eBay


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  • Would like to get the 32' version of this :P

    • I was actually hoping for a 24inch version, I find 24 inches perfect for gaming, watching movies and the distance I sit from my monitor. 27inches makes me feel like I have to actually move my eye balls to look at the sides and corners of the monitor.

      • How far are your eyes from monitor? You should be in comfortable position without leaning forward.

  • I have the predecessor to this. It's very nice.

  • Do you need a gfx card capable of getting fps near the 165hz or…? I have a samsung 28" 2160p 60hz freesync with a RX480 but this adaptive sync stuff confuses me. I just run games at 1080p max settings with freesync off, its smooth and looks fine. But i feel like i'm missing out being able to play higher res smoothly.

    • I’m confused too mate, but think of it this way, if the (profanity) is good and your happy why change? It’s all relative.

    • +2

      If you have an AMD card (like your RX480) you can't use the G-Sync version of adaptive sync that this monitor supports. And since an RX480 won't run most current games at high framerates (at least on high resolution/settings) you also won't benefit from the 165Hz refresh rate.

      The good news is that the Freesync versions of high spec monitors are usually $150-200 less, so if you're inclined to go for the higher refresh rate you don't have to spend $760+

      • Yeah i am looking to upgrade.

    • +1

      imho its not worth upgrading to this monitor unless you have a 1080 minimum. Most games i cant get over 80+fps on high

      i doubt ill ever reach the 144hz. the one thing i miss going from 1080p is that smoothness of 100+fps. Youre not going to get that unless you have everything on medium or low. Get a cheap 60hz 1440p if you really want the higher rez but dont waste your money on this if you cant run it atits intended frames.

  • +1

    Great monitor with G sync. I just bought one 2 week ago about $100 cheaper when eBay has a flash sale for 15% off of everything.

    • Damn I missed out

      • First, buy some 5% gift cards from eBay, and definitely around Xmas, there will be some other offers!
        I will keep eyes open for you and if any promotion I will let you know ASAP!

  • +3

    ugh i'm after a gsync monitor, why do they all look like a kids toy? almost all of them are red and black with LEDs

    • Same boat, would love something with a little more class similar to that of a Dell Ultrasharp

    • Reminds me of an article, "I wish gaming hardware would grow up"

    • Agreed. I'm considering the Asus PG279 on a VESA mount. Should be nice and clean with the stand removed from what I can tell. The predator might be ok too without the ugly stand on the bottom…

    • Dell has a couple of G-Sync monitors. I'm thinking of getting the 24" one next time it's on sale.

  • This is just an OK price, and we should see some bigger drops soon as these AUO panel makes are about 3 years old now, with a host of new panels due to market starting this month.

    • +1

      Hopefully so but I've waited long enough to get a G sync monitor…. No more screen tearing here I come!

    • Wonder if Dell will finally join the 27" QHD IPS high refresh/adaptive-sync fray. Haven't heard great things about Asus/Acer customer service, whereas Dell have been minimal hassle in my experience, so I've been waiting (a lot longer than I thought, as it turns out).

    • Can you provide a bit more information on these new panels?

  • are there any graphics cards that can actually drive a monitor at 165 fps at any resolution other than 320x240?!?

    • At 1440p? Some on ultra settings, plenty on high. It also depends on the game.

      For the most part, you'd be looking at the GTX 1070ti and up, the RTX 2070 and up (maybe an RTX 2060 in time), and the Vega 64.

      Depending on the games you play, and how much you want to tweak the settings, other options are the Vega 56, the RX 580 and 590, the 6GB GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and if you can get a cheap second hand one, the GTX 980ti.

      You'll generally want at least 5GB of VRAM to guarantee decent texture quality levels at 1440p.

      • My vegav 64 is getting like 60~80 FPS on eso with everything maxed… that is 3840x1080 though, not too different to 1440p

        3.6 mp vs 4.1mp almost 13% more pixels I guess

        • +1

          Like I said, it depends on the game. Bethesda games are traditionally a shit shown in this regard, but there's not really a huge demand for high frame rates in an MMO.

          If you're sitting on a 100-144hz ultrawide and want to drive for that, google for an ESO settings guide to tweak some extra performance out of your card without significantly sacrificing image quality. Overclocking is also an option, usually with good results on the Vega 64 while undervolting simultaneously. Again, there's guides for that online that will help you out. :)

  • Got this monitor from ple as part of the previous eBay 15% sale. Definitely would recommend it, feels much nicer than my old monitor.

  • I'm close to finishing my gaming computer and just left with a graphics card. I was thinking either to get a 1070/1070ti for it. I would play games such as PUBG, BF5, DayZ, GTA, Assasins Creed and similars. Would this monitor be good as a main one for gaming, work and general use?

    Or.. is there like other monitors you guys can suggest?

    • Yes.

      • IPS has the best colour reproduction, and good viewing angles (i.e. it looks almost the same at different angles instead of ONLY dead straight infront of it)
      • 120hz or higher is good for fast paced gaming.
      • General use could use probably any monitor.
      • QHD (2560x1440) resolution, because who wants 1080 these days?

      I don't know how the 1070/1070ti runs games or what happens if you get less frames than the hz of a screen like this, but you may want to consider a 1080 something? (I also haven't followed how a 1070ti compares to a 1080 any model, so I dunno).

      This monitor (specs wise) is pretty much exactly what I want, but my budget is about half the cost of this :(

      • Thanks for this. I can't find a good priced 1080 at the moment. Previous deals are going for around 600-700$ for an 1080 (if not mistaken), so I'm hoping anytime soon that a good one comes up again.

        With the screen size, I've heard that gamers would prefer a 24 inch-ish rather than a bigger one? Any chance you know anything about this?

        • That may be true, but I can only guess at why.

          Usually 24" would be a lower resolution (e.g. 1080p) and thus require less grunt to achieve the framerate they want to achieve. The lower resolution may also make things appear 'bigger' in the game…

          I prefer 1440p for my general PC usage, I like to see a lot in Windows/apps etc. But I have (in the past) lowered my resolution and preferred that feeling when gaming. It's no longer the 'native' (ideal) resolution for the monitor, but I'll trade that off. In game I'm less likely to notice slight imperfections anyway.

          Maybe with a 24" they feel they can see the entire screen without using as much/wide of their peripheral vision - fair. The 27" is quite large if it's not far enough away from you - which is something you should probably consider. I want to push my (27") monitor further away if I could, it's about 70cm from me.

      • That’s why gsync (and freesync) is so important, it matches the refresh rate to the FPS, so you don’t get screen tearing…

    • +1

      I have this monitor with GTX 1070 ti. I think 1070 will struggle to provide solid 60fps for 1440p resolution with high setting. You should go at least 1070ti.

      • Would RTX2070 do?

        • RTX2070 is between 1080 and 1080ti. 165fps with 1440p resolution is demanding. You should check benchmarks results for RTX2070

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