expired OPPO R17 Pro (6GB/128GB) $719.20 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Allphones eBay


This is the cheapest I've seen this phone for so far!
Of course there are better phones for this price, but it's speedy enough, and the battery and cameras are great. Also the notch is one of the nicer ones.

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    Wait until we have 5G. All phones probably would start at $2000!


      This can be so true since they have kicked out Huawei equipment.


        Just wondering how Huawei's telecom equipment is connected to the price of the phones…I'm still a novice, would you be kind enough to elaborate?

        I always thought telecom equipment is connected to plans and services cost…It seems I was wrong all along.

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          Basically more phones than you can imagine use a huawei developed lte chipset.

          Most 'other brands' lease designs from huawei also, so just because its a fine looking chipset to the consumer, it might be unavailable.

          Not to mention since 5g kind of moved core routing to the edge devices, there actually arent a lot of decent options out there with decent hardware solutions.

          They exist…. Just nowhere near as tested and proven.

          Without huawei, we have 'big american brands' only. And they are expensive.

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            @MasterScythe: problem is also standards and chipsets for handsets, huawei and ericsson own a lot of the patents and have done the development , ericsson don’t make handsets, so will be a while before 5g chipsets come from qualcomm, broadcomm or mediatek etc.

            we will be waiting for american companies to catch up, and having an ericsson only network means when we have outages due to bugs, it will be all 3 carriers with same potential problem, currently we have mixture of ericsson and huawei in australia for 4g ….

            we’ve experienced telstra outages based on ericsson, cisco, juniper architectures and we will see more as they try to integrate and cisco and juniper aren’t really RF carrier builders, more routers, dslams, etc ….huawei is only company that has built end to end from handset, to edge through the core for 5g ….. politicians botched the non, now they get a shot at 5g …..lucky they left 4g alone.


              @garage sale: Having lot of players interested in 5G domain other than Huawei like Lenovo, Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE, Cisco,and Samsung is in fact good for the competition. Monopoly of one player hinders innovation and increased end cost to the consumer in long run cause they can charge whatever they like.


            @MasterScythe: Are you sure? Because it seems more phones than you can imagine use Qualcomm's (who is world leader in LTE and holds more patents than you can imagine in the sector) LTE chipsets. Which phone manufacturer other than Huawei use KIRIN 980???

            Also, just to increase your general knowledge they have kicked out Huawei's core telecom and tower equipment. You can still buy Huawei's phones with their LTE chipsets here. Phone chipsets and core telecom and tower equipment is separate things, don't get confused.

            And no, Huawei don't have a 5G LTE chipset yet. Qualcomm SD855 will be world's first 5G chipset.

            Please do some research before posting and don't spread wrong information. Thanks


    Does anyone know how do Oppo models compare with those overseas? (Indonesia etc)

    F7, F9 correspond to what in Australia.

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    Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
    GPU: Adreno 616


    Not good. I got oppo find x for 670$

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    “Of course there are better phones for this price” — why this phone then?


    Damn, i was really keen for this.

    Want to buy a top of the line phone before the new bill passed today might start affecting aus delivered firmware.


      with the encryption we went through same saga when they wanted to stop 256bit in early days as it couldn’t be cracked back then, so people bought european encryption technology as it bypassed us and australian restrictions.

      will be the same with the new laws, people just won’t buy australian software dependent on encryption as they know it has or will have back doors …..

      bigger issue is browser eg google chrome, microsoft edge, apple safari, etc being forced to have back doors either by US agencies or australian.
      though i imagine google would ignore australian agencies and can’t see scomo banning chrome due to national security concerns, but then he is dumb enough to think coal is clean.


        And thats exactly why you compile chromium from source. :)

        Nah my concern for things like phones is that backdoors in firmware/kernel could be mandated.

        Meaning we gotta be sure to buy taiwan phones with b28 to avoid tampering.


    This or Oneplus 6t or mi mix3 /8 pro

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