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$9.95 for 4 Renewals of amaysim Unlimited 2.5GB Mobile Plan with 28-Days Expiry @ Groupon


Below is the description from Groupon


Enjoy this amaysim mobile experience with unlimited standard calls, texts and 2.5GB of data every 28 days
What You'll Get
The Deal
$9.95 for four 28-day renewals of amaysim Unlimited with 2.5GB per 28-days mobile plan (don’t pay $80)

Unlimited standard calls, texts and voicemails in Australia
No lock-in contracts
Keep your existing mobile number or get a new one
BYO phone
All amaysim plans are powered by Optus 4G Plus network
Get 2.5GB every 28 days
Price includes standard delivery of SIM card

The Fine Print

• Groupon Voucher code must be inputted into ''Promo Code'' field at checkout. Please do not choose voucher for payment this is the wrong field to select.
• Valid for new amaysim customers only
• Not to be used with any other offer
• Not to be used in conjunction with an existing amaysim service
• Redeem Groupon voucher by 14th Jan 2019
• Activate delivered sim before 24th Jan 2019
• Limit of 1 voucher per person
• Purchase up to 1 additional as a gift
• Not to be used with any other offer or in conjunction with an existing amaysim service
• No refunds for change of mind
• Excess data charged at $0.072/MB or $10/1GB
• Note that amaysim mobile plan services auto-renew on a 28-day basis. After the Groupon promo code finishes (4 x 28 days renewals), the normal prices will apply: $20 for Unlimited 2.5GB per 28 days; if you do not wish to continue your amaysim service it must be cancelled according to the instructions outlined at the website
• Before purchasing, please read the amaysim Critical Information Summaries, General Terms & Conditions, Special Conditions and Service Description and Fair Go Policy
• Price compared to www.amaysim.com.au
• Standard fine print for all deals

How to Redeem

• Redeem before: 14th Jan 2019
• Redeem online: Click Here!
(1) Select ‘Keep your current number’ if you are porting your existing mobile number from another carrier or ‘Get a new number’ if you want a new number.
(2) Click ‘Your details’.
(3) Enter your contact information, delivery address and delivery option (please note on Standard delivery has no charge) and click on ‘Payment details’.
(4) Enter Groupon Voucher code in ‘Promo code’ field and click ‘Apply’. Please do not choose voucher for payment this is the wrong field to select.
(5) Review Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Fair Go Policy then click ‘Continue to payment’.
(6) Put in your payment details and click ‘Complete order’.
• The product will be shipped to you in approx. 2-7 days from redemption
• SIM plan must be activated before 24th Jan 2019
• For enquiries go to https://www.amaysim.com.au/help/contact

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closed Comments

  • +12

    Good deal but Amaysim need to stop being tight and move on from 28 day plans.

    This equates to $2.49 per 28 days, plus 6% cashback @ Cashrewards

  • Nevermind, last deal expired.

  • -2

    I thought the $5 6x 1GB/28days was better value for light users

    • Is that deal still active?

      • +1

        Sadly no. I'm currently on it, expires sometime early next year.

        • An doesn't matter, just saw it's for new customers only

  • Anyone had problems when porting in /out with them before?

    • I ported out to Telstra and back in to Amaysim within an hour or two mid this year. I’ve been reading people say the speed of porting out and back in is being cracked down on?

      • Thanks for sharing

    • Yes. Last time it took them over 7 days to port from Voda.

  • is this for new customer only?
    can we purchase several coupon all together and stack them up?

    • New only.

  • Don’t forget that amaysim start your prepaid deal from the day u sign up not when the sim arrives so u lose up to 5 days of use.
    They might recreation u if u complain but most don’t.
    Might not seem like much but over all customers it adds up.
    Surprised the accc havnt hit em up on this

    • I found Amaysim kinda mixed on this one. Some deals I ordered, the SIM is preactivated when it arrives like you say and you lose usage. But typically you need to activate the SIM in your portal for it to work, and the clock begins ticking after you click the "Activate SIM" button in the portal.

    • I need to activate mine by putting in the sim card number on my portal.

  • What kinds of checks do they have in place for 'new customer'?
    Can we just create a new account using a different e-mail?

    • Just joined up, asked me for Driver Licence or Medicare or Passport…

      Dunno/doubt if a unique email would work becoz of these checks…

  • • Groupon Voucher code must be inputted into ''Promo Code'' field at checkout. Please do not choose voucher for payment this is the wrong field to select.

    Whats the "Voucher code" they speak of?

    Edit: OK u buy from Groupon, then they email u the code..

  • So I'm going back to Aus for a few weeks over the new year. Would this be a cheap way for me to get a prepaid SIM while I'm there?

    • Depends on your needs. If you need intl calls, then get their $30 plan.

    • +1

      If you only need the data then this might be great for you, for me 2.5GB is more than enough for few weeks :)

    • Yes but if you need more data you could get this one.

  • My sim never arrived the last time a similar amaysim/groupon deal came around. After much stuffing around, they finally replied to my many emails to let me know the deal had expired. Never again.

    • Instead of waiting for amaysim to mail a sim, cant we just buy a sim for $2, and activate? The total cost would be $9.95 + $2. It's still a bargain, init?

      • Has anyone done this. I would also like to know.

        • +1

          I asked online chat about this and was told we can redeem the Groupon voucher on a retail sim.
          About to try this tonight.

          Will let you know the result.

          Edit: Online chat with Amaysim

        • +1

          i did it. if you are activating this offer on a retail sim (instead of the sim that amaysim sends you) then you gotta transfer the offer onto the retail sim. The person on amaysim chat did it for me. the whole process took 30 mins to do.

  • Hasn't arrived :(

  • Got mine and activated, on the dashboard it says renews 23 Jan.. Does that mean it'll automatically recharge for $0?

    • +1

      Yes, also don't forget once your account is created you can change your payment method to Bpay. This will stop and further charges.

      • +1

        Good tip! Thanks just updated it.

  • I'm currently on amaysim and I bought this deal but it won't let me register my main phone no for a port because I'm still on amaysim.

    What's the best work around for this?

    • buy a $5 Telstra sim and port back?

      • I am still on amaysim but If I port I won't have an amaysim Sim until it gets delivered which might be about a week. Would I need to purchase an amaysim sim and activate it so I can use it before the other Sim arrives?

  • Enter code "CR30" = $6.97

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