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15% off eBay Gift Cards @ PayPal Digital Gifts eBay (via eBay UK)

This deal is expired but can still get 10% off through eBay Germany. Finishes at 959 AEDT.

Here we go again. EBay UK account required.

Should apply for all PayPal digital gift cards.

Alternative Gift card link

Tested working

Min spend £20 (A$35.05), max discount £75 (A$134.63). One redemption allowed.

15% off sitewide.


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      • updated my address to au address and it worked

    • Manually update your ebayUK delivery address to Australian address.

      Most of the info you need are on the first page of the deal. GL!

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    Thanks OP, bought $900 of gift cards….this is not healthy for my wallet.

    Does anyone know if I can create a second account and buy more, but use everything in 1 transaction even though I bought the cards from 2 different accounts?

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      Yes, you can. The cards aren't linked to the accounts you purchased them from. They're only linked to an account once you've actually used them on an account.

      • Thanks! This is wildly unhealthy for my wallet….

  • The funny thing with me is, I just can't create another eBay account. I have tried a couple of months ago when the US deal was on, and I couldn't just log in to the account after I created it and I tried to add an address (it asks you to log in again, and that's when something goes wrong). I gave up on that US eBay deal due to that issue, and now it's happening with this one. Not sure if eBay is blocking it, or there's something wrong on my end. Has anyone else had issues with creating a non AU eBay address?

    • Did you use disposal emails or real emails like gmail,yahoo, hotmail etc

      • I used a real email, a Gmail account that I hardly use (after someone said I can register with another email, as there were a lot of competing and contradicting info flying around here). Just make sure to add that other email account to your PayPal account and verify it before you make a purchase (unless you've already figured it out).

        PS: OzBargain used to send me a notification when someone replies to my comments, but somehow stopped doing that sometime early this year or late last year, not sure if it's only me or not. Have only just seen your comment.

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    With so much money on gift cards, I wish we could link them to our ebay account. I would hate to find in 6 months that some lucky bugger figured out the lengthy unprotected code of my gift cards

    • I know. They've complicated it way too much. They know we're buying the gift cards, so they could have made it easier for everyone involved. I somehow can't seem to add address to the account after I create it as I can't log in. This is headache and useless.

      • I managed to create a UK account just to get the gift cards, used a unregistered phone number (my gf) and I was on VPN set in UK ( i don't know if that helped). Put the address in UK, went to my account, change the primary address to one in australia … profit?

        • I am not using VPN, nor do I have access to another phone number, so will try it once more and if it doesn't work, then it wasn't supposed to be. Thanks anyway.

          • @AussieDaddy: HotSpot Shield VPN on Android, sign up to the free trial and don't forget to cancel it on the spot
            For phone number … it's late but try using a $2 sim card if the deal is still on tomorrow (quite unlikely)

            • @Bubbleshark: So I can't register with an AU phone number? I thought a few people here were saying it's OK to sign up with an AU phone number. I am stuck at this stage and if I change the country from the drop down list it takes me to AU eBay.

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                @AussieDaddy: I don't know if the VPN is necessary but I had it on when I created the new account.
                For the address, just go on google maps and find whatever address in UK and paste it in
                As for phone, I changed the country of the number (+61) by clicking the flag and put my gf's number

                • @Bubbleshark: Thanks. Appreciate the help. I have managed to add the UK address and the AU address (though it's hard to tell which is the primary and which it the registration one on their site). Fingers crossed, it will all work out.

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      If you're really concerned, you could use each of your gift cards to buy a low value item (<$1) in separate transactions. That would link the cards to your eBay account, as you've partially used them.

      • Tried to buy a dollar item, it didn't synch to the account … I checked the value of my gift card on ebay and it got reduced by $1


        Maybe there is a minimum spending

        • That's odd. It should be linked after first use, regardless of amount.

          So, when you go to check out another item (don't buy it - just put it in your cart and go through eBay check out without paying), you don't see your gift card with a check box at the bottom of the page before confirming payment?

          • @the shadow: I used gift cards before and they behaved as you said, I don't know why it didn't link after my dollar purchase

            • @Bubbleshark: It might just be taking a while to show up? Have you tried using the gift card on another eBay account (for <$1)? I think you'll be denied.

  • Thanks OP! Bought $900 GC, codes came in less than 10 mins.

  • Can use the code twice, so no need to create a second account

    • Unless you need more than 2 codes, which I did (I have a total of $800 now)

    • paypal digital gifts seller has max of 5 cards, so more accounts = more gift cards

    • I did the same and on my third account with same paypal "We ran into a problem and PayPal isn't available right now. Please select a different payment option."

  • Overspent already for Christmas.

    Just got $500 only :D Thanks OP. Thanks eBay.

  • seems like my paypal works for everything besides gift cards on ebay uk :(

  • I am stuck here: https://imgur.com/a/mfo9XDt. Changing the country in the drop down list takes to me AU eBay. Does anyone know how to go past this?

    • +1

      Leave the country as UK and put in a dummy address.

      Verify your account with an Australian Number

      Go to your Account settings afterwards and add your own Australian Delivery Address

      • Ta. Have just realized this is the step where I am supposed to add that stuff in. I was having trouble creating an account, so I thought it was another step. Cheers

    • create a new account and add your address before checking out

  • "We ran into a problem and PayPal isn't available right now. Please select a different payment option."

  • Already spent too much on ebay so I think I will be passing on this deal…

    The code will expire at 7am-ish* AEST (according to the promo email I got for my ebay uk acc).

  • Can someone help please? I'm getting this:

    Sorry, we can't process your payment. Here are your options:

    Use a different credit or debit card.
    Pay with a PayPal account.

    I'm paying with a debit card.

    • PayPal only.

      • But according to the T&Cs #4: This coupon is valid only when you pay with PayPal, credit card, or debit card.

    • According to the comments above, I believe the code only works when you pay with PayPal.

    • same here see my screen shot above.

  • First batch came 20 minutes after purchase. Second batch, 2.5hrs no luck. Seems very random

  • Bought 3x$200 ones now, after what looked like an eternity of creating a UK eBay account and registering details. Hope the 10% off AU eBay deal will still be active when these eGift Cards arrive. :D And thanks, OP.

    • wow im still trying to get pass paypals "We ran into a problem and PayPal isn't available right now. Please select a different payment option.""

      • Damn! My biggest problem was creating the UK eBay account. After that went through, PayPal didn't give me an issue. It had asked to verify my identity by sending me a code to my phone, and after I entered that it went through fine. I've already got the confirmation email from eBay UK for the purchase. All I am waiting for now is the GCs in a separate email, according to the confirmation email. Hope it will work out for you soon.

        • i think they are limiting aussie paypal accounts to pay now with this code.

  • Thanks!!! just bought 5x$100 GC!

  • Thanks OP. Easy save…Got the gift card within 10 mins.

  • Too late miss all Woolworth gift cards :( , which is a "true" saving. Bought eBay gift cards instead and looking for not spending it too quick :(

  • Why am I the only one getting error message "To buy a gift card, you need a US eBay and PayPal account." when I try to buy the eBay gift cards?

    • same here……

      • +1

        Read the first page, you have to enter your Australian address as your primary on your eBay UK account

        • Thanks

        • Thanks allegiance86 :)

    • +1

      Put an australian primary delivery address and it will work

      • I feel dopey. Thanks for your help doweyy!

  • Thanks OP. Got 4*200$ in 5 mins.

  • Signed into my eBay UK account.
    Keep gettin
    "This code can't be applied to your order."
    When using code POWPOW15

    • Do you have a primary UK address when entering the code?

      • Yes. Use my UK address as primary address.
        Delivery address in Australia.

        Signed into eBay.co.uk account.

    • I am getting the same

  • Can someone help me buy gift cards? I've tried everything but payment doesn't seem to be going through :(

    • same here…chose paypal but when I login, it will redirect me to pay with normal cc, which is not going to be accepted I presume?


    • correction: MADE

  • As someone mentioned in the comments a while (can't go through hundreds of comments to find it), the T&Cs actually mentioned that the coupon should be redeemed in one transaction:

    The coupon must be redeemed in a single transaction. When using Cart, it can be used when purchasing from multiple sellers. If your Purchase Price is less than the coupon amount, you will lose the unused amount.

    What the hell! Are all eGift Cards like this, or this is something unique to this deal? If this is the case then it sucks!

    • +2

      That is the T&C's for a coupon, not a gift card. Gift cards remain in your account if unused fully.

      • +1

        Have just realized and was about to edit it when you've replied. Thanks for the peace-of-mind comment, doweyy. :D

        PS: Don't know why OP added this to the description though. It almost gave me a heart-attack. lol

  • Does anyone know when this deal ends? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    • It should end at 8PM GMT, or 7AM AEDT.

  • Has anyone tried buying another batch of eGift cards using a second UK account since you can only redeem the code once per account?

    • Scratch that. Payment for the first order didn't go through successfully. I have tried my PayPal account, a credit card and a debit card. I get this error "Sorry, we can't process your payment. Here are your options: Use a different credit or debit card. Pay with a PayPal account.". Most unhelpful.

      • yeah gave up…. same issue here

  • +1

    Purchased $200 worth of JB HiFi gift cards at about 1am with no issues. Been trying for the past 1.5 hours to purchase more but getting the message that others have been posting about re "Try another payment option" Tried PayPal, tried VPNs, tried it all. Looks like they are clamping down.

    • Have you created another UK eBay account? You can only use the code once per account.

      • Thanks - should have included that in my post. Have opened three new ebay accounts using VPN via UK and still not having luck.

        • Try creating a new Paypal account

        • Not sure if this will be helpful, but if you've registered with a new email address make sure to add that email address to your PayPal account and verify it. See if that will work.

  • 1st uk account got wish gift card within 10 mins. 2nd and 3rd uk account still waiting.

    • same here. risking $900 ;)

      • Just got my Ebay $800 worth. Now waiting 3 of 3 on the wish $500 batch

  • So the GCs come at different times, do they? I bought 3x$200 GCs in one transaction and only 1x$200 came through after an hour and four minutes.

  • Thanks OP! Got a few Ebay and Hoyts gift cards, got the GCs 5mins after purchase.

    • Do they email them as a single gift card code, or they come in separate codes, depending on how many gift cards you bought? I bought 3x$200 eBay gift cards once and they emailed me the code for only one $200 gift card after an hour of purchase.

      • +2

        3 emails. If you use Gmail, you probably need to scroll down for subsequent emails and expand entire email content.

        • Wow! I am glad I've asked this. You're right, they were all there. Gmail is not my primary email address, so I didn't know it does that (unless this only happens to eBay/PayPal GC emails). Thanks! :D

      • +1

        Ii its clumped up in one email, open the email sent to you and scroll down, you will see the other GC's

  • A shame they keep running out of stock despite the fact that they’re digital goods. I usually miss the grocery store cards but at least I filled up with more Uber credit.

  • Still can't bloody buy, even with creating new Ebay.co.uk account.

    • Try opening a new browser eg Firefox or Chrome. I had the same problem until I logged in on a new browser and then it worked. Hope this helps as I was getting very frustrated too with same problems but now sale just went through on my Aussie CC

      • Aussie CC via Paypal or direct? I've had 3 sales go through and they cancelled each after around 10mins

        • -1

          Same problem for me. The transaction appeared to work but I got an e-mail shortly afterward stating that the payment had not gone through. On the second check-out attempt, the procedure repeats itself.

  • how many gift cards can be used in one transaction? is there a limit?

    • Found it

      "No more than a total of $2000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of $5000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month. Further, you may only redeem a maximum of eight Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers)."

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