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Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: SMALL (365 Days | 3GB Per 30 Days) $152.10


Works out to $12.50 per 30 days.

You have to enter through the link in this deal or otherwise the price will be $161.82 (10% off) instead of $152.10 (15% off)

The unique Kogan Mobile voucher included as part of this product is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/12/2019.. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotional offers.

Valid for existing Kogan Mobile customers. Personal use only. Discounts available on Kogan Mobile Prepaid SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE 365 day plans and LARGE and EXTRA LARGE 90 day plans, including recharges, purchased before 11:59pm AEDT 30/11/2019 unless sold out prior or extended. Discount does not apply to subsequent recharges. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash.

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  • +7

    If you can stomach Optus Network, the Catch offer is cheaper.


    • +6

      I’m more concerned about losing my mobile number when I try porting out of catch connect.

      I know it’s not common, but enough reports for me not to risk it.

      • +1

        Yikes, didn't know that one. Not going near Catch then.

      • Yeah that happened to me with fn Vaya. Took 4 months to sort out.

      • -1

        We ported from catch to telstra and was completed in 30 minutes with no issues

        • That should usually be fine but porting within Optus MVNOs has extra complications so if Catch aren't cooperating with other providers that will definitely cause issues. That said, I don't know what the actual details of the Catch issues are.

      • +2

        There's always a catch…

    • +1

      Why do you think Optus is worse then Vodafone?

      • In queens park, local park, there is no Optus reception.

        • Which state?
          Queens Park WA has better Optus than Vodafone. Left Vodafone because phone would lose signal altogether sometimes and in shopping centres congestion was so bad I couldn't even SMS.

      • +2

        Where I live Vodafone is the best. Poor Optus reception too. Calls cut out all the time ON Optus, Optus data stops working on the trains. YMMV.

        • +2

          Same with me. Vodafone is the only network that works properly in my house, and the data performance is excellent too. I signed up on a cheap Belong deal back in July and made the mistake of putting my referral code into the Ozbargain random system, and quite a few of you pricks have been, and still are using it which I still have another 5 months to go on the $10 plan with about 20GB of data banked. In some parts of my house 1 or at best 2 bars of 4G and in others, not even enough 3G to make a data connection or a phone call. The data part doesn't bother me as I have decent NBN and WiFi at home and work, reason being why I have so much data banked but stop it! I want to go back to the cheap Kogan deals so I can walk into ANY room of my house wearing jocks while talking to <insert "your mum" joke here>

          One of the first questions I get when friends or family who are with Telstra or Optus visit is "Hey, do you mind if I have your WiFi password please? My internet barely loads anything". My wife is with Voda and can get 70Mbps on 4G sitting on the couch. I'll get 15Mbps with 2 bars of 4G if I'm lucky, but only while wearing a sock on my right foot and scratching my left big toe. If I'm on the throne my only choice is WiFi as the 3G just doesn't work.

          The weird thing is, I have checked the "Aus Phone Towers" Android app on all 3 networks and everyone who comes here connects to the same tower, which is about 1km away. It must just be the way that Vodafone have got their antennas pointed slightly differently or something, I really don't know. Anyway, I want to break freeeee, I want to breeeaaak free. But as an OzBargainer it is my sincere duty to put up with this severe pain because well, I still have $50 credit. 5 months you plicks!


          edit: wait, I just thought of a way out. What if I play 4k YouTube music videos while my phone is upside down on the front seat of my car every day when I'm driving to work? Obviously I won't be looking at it, but it might get me off the hook quicker. Someone send me a playlist please. ASAP.

          • @bonezAU: Maybe your phone is missing some frequencies bands for Optus and Telstra?

            • @demiurge: No, it's a OnePlus 5T. All phones I've ever owned have supported all carriers' frequencies, and most of the family that come here have modern iPhones, which being in the IT field I am forced to help them with their shitty purchases when things go wrong, such as storage filling up because they have no idea about Google Photos unlimited storage and think they just need to buy iCloud space, which thankfully they don't.

              My wife's phone is an Xperia XZ, probably due for an upgrade but as she hasn't mentioned it and wants a new car, I have some "buying" power behind me. Pretty sure that supports all of the relevant freqs too.

              The simple fact is that people come here with Note 9's and iPhone whatevers (latest) on Telstra and Optus and the signal sucks. Vodafone is perfect though. When we were walking through this place with the real estate agent the wife and I were both with Vodafone and didn't see any issues, so assumed the others would be okay too. Didn't turn out that way.

          • +1

            @bonezAU: That's exactly the issue I had with Amaysim's 6 month Groupon deals going for almost nothing. I couldn't resist avoiding those monthly charges. And the pricks on here kept coming out with similar Amaysim deals making me port out and in all over again.

            I finally put my foot down and left Amaysim. And now I'm stuck with 6 free months from Belong after I referred myself, generating a financial advantage I might find too hard to let go. What a prick I am!

      • They're still arguing with Telstra, via the courts, who has the no. 1 network.

        In my travels, I find they're both acceptable. But it's 2019,and I'm sick of everything/everyone chasing large amounts of mobile data, but still struggling to make a @$&#%+_ phonecall.

        So, it'll be Telstra MNVOs for a lot longer, for me.

        In regards to this deal, it's 2gb extra for $4.42/mth extra, compared to Aldi Super pack (My personal comparison). But not Telstra network. Still, It's another good option. The more, the merrier!

      • I've personally found Vodafone better for me in Adelaide in terms of less coverage blackspots than Optus. Optus speeds were better when I had good coverage, but I can stream videos on Vodafone without issue so that's all I care about, not chewing through bulk downloads.

    • -1

      Coles Prepaid is cheaper at the moment - 365 Day / 36GB Data is $150 in-store

      • How is 36gb for the whole year a cheaper deal than the catch one?

        • I find Coles deal cheaper for one reason that is no unused data…there's people out there 2gb is more than enough..,

    • If you're with Kogan, you don't have to choose between Vodafone and Optus: they do both.

      Kogan have a national roaming agreement with Optus.

      So Kogan = Vodafone + Optus

  • The unique Kogan Mobile voucher included as part of this product is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 28/02/2019. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotional offers.

    Appears to be for new customers only?

    • +1

      I don't see it, but I can confirm that this works for existing customers.

      • Fantastic. Thanks!

      • HMM,, so if i have a medium Kogan expiring on 8/3/19. I can use this to add another year? But of course lose a week of the current plan?

        Do i simply purchase this. And add the voucher to my account?


        • Yes, as long as you wait until 28/02/2019 to use the voucher.

  • The saving is not enough to commit for 12 months. $14.90 for lebara on the 3GB plan monthly plan is too good for a month by month plan.

    • -1

      So you paying $28.80 more a year, guess you on the wrong site

      • +7

        But you're saving money if you want to change plans during the 12 months if something better comes up.

      • +4

        Yeah, who needs a plan that you can pay on a monthly basis and leave at any time when you can pay $15,000 upfront for lifetime plan and save mega $$$. Anyone who would settle for a monthly or yearly plan should move on over to OzFools.com

        • +4

          Not really.

          Some of us value our time and quality of life, and are happy paying the equivalent of $12-18 a month on a 365 day SIM deal that fulfills all of our telecommunication needs. We don't have to think about it for another year.

          I'm a professional with a full-time job, if I charged myself an hourly rate the time it takes to:
          (1) constantly research various mobile deals;
          (2) go into various supermarkets/post offices to stock up on starter kits to save $$$;
          (3) having to activate a new SIM/voucher code each month

          then it overall costs me more per year to live like this. I upvote people who find all these loopholes, but it's far from foolish not to join them in their quest. My time off is for me, not for scraping the bottom of the barrel.

          • @RJK: Of course, I totally understand you not wanting to do the SIM hopping. I don't either. But actually, that's not what we were talking about here. Pidum was downvoted pretty heavily for choosing to spend $15/month without commitment (on a plan, not SIM hopping) instead of $12.50/month with a full year commitment. That is ridiculous - we all have different needs for our plans.

            My point was that it's not purely the $$$/month that should decide which plan to take. For some maybe the upfront cost is too much. For others, maybe they're not sure what the future holds (usage requirements, coverage areas). Whatever the reason, they shouldn't be shamed on this site for prioritising something above $$$. Which isn't too different to what I think you were getting at too.

            • @mekktor: Ah, I may have misread your post - thanks for clarifying. I didn't pick up on your initial sarcasm.

              • +1

                @RJK: Oh damn. I see now, especially if you focus on the second sentence, it comes across as if if written by a SIM hopping maniac :)

                I'm actually about to drop my archaic monthly plan for one of these 365 day deals. And then with all the starter kits popping up here I have to keep reminding myself it's not worth the hassle. But they're just so cheap! So yeah, it's a struggle, and I appreciate your perspective on it.

  • +13

    My 12mth Kogan plan is about to expire. I hope they would do a BOGOF soon!

  • Am already on the small and medium plans due to expire in Feb. Should I get this assuming it's avaliable to existing customers or wait for the BOGOF deal assuming it will be back in March?
    Will save about $60 but involves waiting and porting out and back.

    • +3

      Try Here

      Kogan medium 365 day plan $205

      • Currently on this. Paid $149 for 12mths to be on it….

      • Thanks, though this is not the best deal. I'm referring to the BOGOF deal which had the medium plan as $299 for two services. Dilemma as to whether to wait for that deal to occur again.

      • +9

        "We can't show you this man's face because he is a dentist"

  • I have two mobiles with kogan plan, and will expire in Feb. Hopefully there will be BOGOF deal soon.

    • Same here! We have 4 plans, 1 expires in 2 weeks and 3 in February. Hoping there will be bogof but will probably go to catchconnect if it doesn’t happen. Catchconnect is half price

      • Yes, catchconnect deal is better than current kogan deal, even pay minimum $19.50 catch club fee.

  • Been with kogan mobile for 11 mo now, no compliant about the pricing as it only costs me about $12/mo for 6GB data + unlimited calls/sms. But I have to say the reception sometimes really drives me crazy, I will definitely switch to Belong(Telstra) or Catch connect(Optus) next month.

    Prices for the two above do not vary too much if you:
    1. Got several $40 Belong packs for $13.5 each ($13 after cashback) from the last deal at mobileciti.

    2. Buy the similar plan from catch during its periodic 50% off 365-day plan promotion.

    • +4

      Go with Telstra then. Optus is pathetic compared to voda

      • Link to proof?

        • +1

          My personal experience with both networks along the east coast regularly shows voda to be the better network. Not scientific but even though I’ve stuck on Optus for another 12 months (deal definitely worth it), I can’t wait to go back to Kogan.

    • Belong is no better as its the old telstra network, not the new telstra Next G towers.

      Telstra NextG will be your best if you need reception then Optus

      • From Telstra web page:

        "Next G is our name for Telstra’s wholly owned 3G network"

        Just to avoid confusion I THINK you mean the new 4G towers and Telstra 4G?

        Sorry if you really do mean NextG, but that doesn't really make sense.

      • +2

        Telstra NextG will be your best

        Completely wrong. "NextG" is the 3G 850MHz band.
        Belong is the same coverage as ALDI, which is mostly the same as Telstra. You get all the same bands, including Band 28 (4GX), just not some remote towers where there is no Optus or Voda competition.

    • +1

      That’s a shame. I switched from Optus (after having been there for 4 or so years through various resellers) and find the service is significantly better, so I wouldn’t recommend moving to an Optus network.

      • What do you see wrong with optus network?

        • +1

          I would not go as far not to recommend Optus, but personally I found Optus did have reduced reception in-side of buildings\basements and more black spots. eg: I was with Optus and data always froze on the bus going over the harbour bridge or through lane cove tunnel and other points throughout the journey. Also when travelling to the country, far more black spots.

          • @DisabledUser247345: So your saying that vodafone has added point in building with telstra or have partnered with telstra to use theirs?

        • +1

          I just never had reception. About 1/3 of my house was no go zone, the rest of it was maybe 2 bars. On the train I only had service for about 1/4 of the journey, and this included during offpeak travel so it’s not like the network was congested with other commuters. Most of the other places I would go, if I was lucky I would have 2-3 bars, but never full service.

          I’ve had none of these problems with Kogan.

          Like I said, I was there for four years so I never really noticed how bad it was, until I switched.

        • Just to add my experiences
          Was previously with Telstra riding the t4 line from Martin Place down to Cronulla. No reception at numerous spots along the line.
          Moved across to Optus and am finding I get reception in the spots Telstra didn’t which is great.
          For me it was worth doing at a fraction of the cost of Telstra services.

          If you’re unsure grab a prepaid sim for each network and test them out. You’ve got time before the Kogan deal expires if you still were happy to proceed with it.

    • +1

      While I agree Telstra coverage is better, my daughter is with Kogan Mobile with the same phone model as myself, and I am regularly surprised that is some country areas she has reception when I don't. But then other times, I have Coverage and she doesn't.

    • +1

      $12/mo for 6GB data + unlimited calls/sms

      What is this plan you're on?

      • Thats the old promo kogan deal

        • Ok so I see the old deals for 6GB now. I guess my question really is whether the plan is still at 6GB or did it get upgraded to 13GB. From what I can tell all the plans get upgraded which is a pretty nice bonus, if it's actually the case.

          • +1

            @mekktor: Yes the old 6GB plan is now 13GB.
            The 3GB plan didn't get any upgrade though

            • @Dadidalol: well the 3GB plan went from 1.5GB then 2GB then finally 3GB

    • Don't forget you can use the Optus network as part of Kogan's roaming agreement with Optus.

      It's not an either/or proposition, you get both networks with Kogan…

  • I was hoping this small plan would get a bonus discount, looks like my time to buy is now. With discounted vouchers applied, I ended up paying $127.41 ($10.62/month).

    Thanks OP

  • When you port number over to Kogan from existing carrier does it automatically disconnect you from that carrier on success or must you still call them to cancel to prevent them from billing you month to month

    • Theoretically, it should be automatic. However, I usually phone to confirm that it has occurred a day or two after the event. I figure that's easier than having to fight to get my money back!

  • I'm on the small plan now quite happy. But I will be moving to the medium next cycle.

  • +1

    Guess we'll never see a repeat of the $114 and change deal I got for this back in July or so.


    • Was that bogof?

      • +2
        • +1

          Ah yep I got my medium plan on that. Unfortunately couldn't get the small one as a top up as it was out of sync with the anniversary by 6 or 7 months :(

  • +4

    Warning… Don't recharge early. It will overwrite your existing plan!

  • This isn't that good for Kogan. I'm on Telstra now, but when I was with them, before porting out I was paying $13~ a month for 13 gigs of data a month, unlimited calls and texts. I got the deal from the BOGOF with a Kogan discount code too at the time.

    • It’s good just not the best ever.
      Who knows if the BYGOF sale will be repeated.

      The medium is also good value $16 for 13gb every 30 days. Link (still active) from the earlier thread.

      • Yeah its funny there is a specific links that still work that are significantly cheaper. Over xmas we got 12 month recharges for relos who are now getting 23GB for $21ish

  • I bought this one

    Very happy with reception etc

  • Any ideas for monthly plans (not committing for a year)

  • Thanks, just combined this with my $20 store credit received from Kogan after not purchasing with them for a while, worked out to be $10.85 a month.

    • Warning… Note that this voucher code can only be used for recharging existing Kogan plans, it cannot be used for new users.

      • Just get the $4.90 starter pack first. Even if you could get this deal as a new user, there's no reason not go for the extra month at that price.

  • +1

    $152 buys a lot of 99c 40GB Kogan vouchers :D

    • +1

      Yes patiently waiting for that deal again :)

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