Melbourne to Vancouver from $783 Return on China Eastern (Feb-June) @ FlightScout


OK, this is NOT a short flight. We're talking 52 hours, with two stopovers. But it IS cheap! And that's the ozb spirit, right? ;)

Airline: China Eastern
From: MEL
To: Vancouver, Canada
Route: MEL->PVG (Shanghai) -> NKG (Nanking) -> Vancouver
Dates: various Feb-June
Alliance: SkyTeam

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    Has anyone flown with them? How are they as an airline?


      So far so good


        Just got back from Shanghai to Brisbane flying China Eastern.

        Decent leg room in economy which was a pleasant surprise.

        Movie choice is severely lacking. From memory a selection of maybe 8 movies max and TV series didn't seem to work.

        Had a 11 hour or so flight and got food twice. Choice of two different meals (plus vego if pre arranged)

        Not much else to say.

        Would happily fly with them again.


      Have flown them twice. Never again. The main issue was service/lies - and if you can't trust an airline, well… - but it's the only airline where the meal was so bad I couldn't eat it either.

      I guess it all depends how much you're willing to accept. It's not unbearable. But if you're spending this much on an airfare, for a substantial amount of time, I'd rather spend the extra with a quality airline, and be comfortable in the trip.




      was about 5 or 6 years ago, Perth to Vancouver via Shanghai… terrible! Main two things were the really old plane (with the dropdown CRT screens) and bad food

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    China Eastern Economy trip report from my sis from last night: Seats were too hard and narrow, only 3 bathrooms for entire economy, and food tasted like rubber.

    It might not be worth the discomfort but the choice is yours, I've personally been fine with them.


    Looks like you can do stop over in Shanghai. I used to enjoy a few hours kip in airport chapels/pray rooms. But some of these look like you can do an over night there, which breaks it up.

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    Also note that this flight would require a double entry Chinese visa (one each way) due to the domestic leg.

    This is an extra $140


      So not saving much then?

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      PLEASE READ THIS EVERYONE!!! Others have been caught making this expensive mistake…

      Firstly, it kills the deal (if we're going by "cheapest prices", you can get a single stopover in Shanghai with the same airline for a similar overall price or a bit more).

      And secondly, [it kills you] don't take 50 hr flights if you're not the type of person to sleep on transport. I almost reached the 72 hr hallucinatory stage and didn't even get to do all the "sight-seeing" I envisioned. Or maybe I did and I hallucinated a false memory of doing nothing…

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        Single stops in China are great if you have the time. Transit visa on arrival is free. Most airlines provide a hotel for the night for free if you arrange this with their customer care in advance. Check the rules on when this is provided - 6-24 hour layover, check the rule for the particular airline.


          It is not a transit visa.

          It's a visa exemption / landing permit with strict conditions - that this ticket does not meet.

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            @sambutler9876: Comprehension skills -1.

            There is a difference between a single stop and a double stop. There are also enormous differences between port of entry.

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              @factor: It is not a transit visa. A transit visa must be applied for at the application Centre.

              I totally understood what you are saying and the visa free status is not available for the flight posted in this deal.

              Also great work in the personal attacks.


        I’ve done an 80+ hour flight, on 2 bookings and whilst cheap I was certainly hallucinating by the end.

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        I’m negging this deal because of it. Hear me out:

        Many people will need to take an extra day or more off work for this per leg. Which means lost pay.

        On top of that, you pay extra visa costs.

        Thirdly, you’re wrecked and can’t enjoy your holiday.

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    Great if you want to do ‘birth tourism’ like these folks

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    China to Vancouver leg might be a full flight if China decides to release the Canadians in detention

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    Visa b/s ruins this

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    Book ahead with Air Canada, direct flights Melb to Vancouver and you’ll only pay $1100/$1200
    Example dates 25 Aug to 15 Sept
    15/16 hour direct flights

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      Their seats are a bit thin compared to when I last flew their 777 product about 5yrs ago and compared to United's 787, but flying direct is so worth it if you want to arrive in shape for a vacation. Especially from MEL or BNE, saving 5hrs+ in connections in the US helps too. I've never had an easier time with jetlag than flying direct from/to BNE. Get on the flight a bit tired, sleep as much as you can, and you arrive right at the start of the day in your destination.

      Plus, if you want to fly in/out of a focus city, it's of little extra cost usually and saves time compared to a bus (which may not even exist anymore after Greyhound packed it up in the West).

      I think it's worth it just not having to transit the US or SYD, let alone spend 2 days in China.

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    Its cheap but how much do you value time especially if you are using leave from work.


    Kudos to anyone willing to do the flight time


    You'd be stiff as fk after such effing around on flights lol

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    No deal boss. Y post if it ain't cost effective??

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    The flight is cheap but 52 hours…that is 104 hours thats assuming you got no delays and lets be honest you probably will…


    What about Brisbane?


    The visa requirement kills this.
    Just fly with air Canada. They have direct Vancouver flights from the east coast of Australia for around $1200.
    They aren't a great airline (tight seats etc) but direct flights are worth the price if you value your time and/or stress levels.

    I avoid international transit at all costs. Especially in the USA.

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