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Pakistan Golden Indus 12 Days Expedition $5525 - 12% off, Fully Escorted by Australian Guides, Book by 18/1 @ Undiscovered World


Walk in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Moguls & Viceroys in this ancient land that few tourists experience.
Join our incredible expedition along the Golden Indus and see River Gypsies, Mystic Sufis, Glorious Desert shrines, and Vibrant bazaars all with expert guides and accompanied by Australian Foreign Correspondents.


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    Travel insurance will be very expensive;)

    • +1

      Covermore insurance provides an affordable travel insurance package for Pakistan with comprehensive coverage.

      • +11

        Nice try. Do they provide affordable life insurance too!?

      • -1

        I used Covermore once, never would again.

    • +21

      How do you insure against terrorists?

      "At least 595 people, including Pakistani security officials, have been killed and 1,030 others injured in 262 terror attacks in the country during 2018, according to a report."

      • +24

        This is OzBargain , use smart ways to save money

        Men - Grow a long beard, shave off moustache
        Women - Wear the ninja costume

        the most guaranteed comprehensive insurance whilst saving $$$$$.

        • +1

          you realise most of those who were killed were locals, right?

      • +16

        Oh man. That was last year! Terrorists be making new years resolutions bro.

      • Awesome focus on the negatives.

        You seem like the same kind of person who would read the Herald Sun.

      • +4

        How do you compare this with other countries let’s say US?

        “The CDC figures show that 14,542 people were killed in firearm homicides in 2017, a rate of 4.6 per 100,000 that held steady on the previous year. That was up from an equivalent rate of 4.2 in 2015 and 3.6 in 2010.”

        Original article;

        Stop believing what the media says about Pakistan. Speak to people who have been there. The media loves to exaggerate so that people keep reading their stuff. Many of my friends who have been there absolutely loved it!

        Also New Delhi is a rape capital of the world. Does it mean that women from Australia stop going there just coz of that reason?

        There is a smart saying, never judge a book by its cover. ;)

        • +2

          and what if 'the cover' is right? Best scenario you spend a shit tonne of money and have some mediocre fun, worst case scenario you die in a terror attack.

    • +8

      Travel insurance to Pakistan is 50% cheaper than to the USA. Allianz and others will do free quotes.

    • +7

      I wouldn't take Donald's advice on pretty much anything, let alone travel advice. Although I hear Moscow is lovely this time of year…

      • +2

        if you took Donald's advice perhaps we wont need to trawl for bargains? Moscow is probably a billion times prettier and safer,

        • +1

          I bet you've been to neither but are an expert nonetheless!

      • Hurr durr ORANGE MAN BAD

    • -1

      Perhaps he should look at his own country for once and see that it's also becoming into a third world country. The crime rates already show it.

      • -2
        • +2

          Well looking here or here or here or here show that it's gonna take a long time. From most of the websites I've seen you'd literally think the US is a third world country if you just looked at crime rates. You can continue being their slave if you want :)

          • +1

            @Ostrk: This is part of the reason that travel insurance to the USA is so expensive. It's a lot cheaper to get insured for a trip to Pakistan.

  • +5

    What type of security team is included?
    Also might help price in title.
    Also how much is accommodation?


    • +26

      An absolutely pertinent question. Pakistan, and indeed much of neighbouring Afghanistan, is very picturesque and beautiful and by and large the inhabitants are peaceful, but the lack or total absence of government presence in many areas means tribal militias, robber gangs & bandits or proper extremist elements can pretty much do as they wish. Foreigners attract a hefty bounty, in addition to being laden with expensive gadgetry and other items of interest namely passports and cash. Unless this was an escorted trip with support from either the army or police I'd be thinking twice about wandering around outside of a city over there, let alone inside one.

        • +18

          But you're an expert on the personal affairs of someone online you've never met, let alone know their circumstances or history? Cool story pal.

          Exactly which part(s) of the statement made about those countries is untrue?

      • +4

        It’s definitely a concern. I’ve done some silly things while travelling but I wouldn’t want to go on holiday in Pakistan until the security situation changes.

      • +1

        Totally wrong statement being made here, yes this the view of Pakistan if you've only seen it in Homeland Series.

        Both countries mentioned are very different and definitely the statement made "tribal militias, robber gangs & bandits or proper extremist elements can pretty much do as they wish." is wrong.

        I have been there and you can look it up on youtube. The areas are very much safe and well worth it.

      • +3

        How can you come out and say all this without ever being there?

  • What do you get for your money?

    • -2

      Four child weddings and a funeral.

  • -4

    Should we legally convert religion too for safety purpose?

    • +3

      I understand you take media propaganda very seriously.

      • -1

        Pakistan is a Muslim majority country, predominately all the terror attacks were carried out against the Muslim population.

        It would be foolish to think terrorists have anything to do with religion…

        Pakistan has some beautiful valleys to see like the Gilgit Baltistan region, but until the security situation improves dramatically would not advise anyone to visit.

        • +2

          …predominately all the terror attacks were carried out against the Muslim population.
          It would be foolish to think terrorists have anything to do with religion

          Attacks against muslim civilians by muslim terrorists does not mean it has nothing to do with religion. On the contrary. ISIS and other Islamic extremist/terrorist groups are attacking muslims they believe to be heretics. It has everything to do with religion: it is in the name, motivation, rhetoric, and their choice of targets.

      • +1


        Fact: Asia Bibi blasphemy case.

        People are correct to be cautious of travelling to Pakistan.

  • +21

    Seems expensive… Light on detail and only 2 days to book for "fear of loss" discount.

    Unless you have already been to India, you could get 90% of the experience for 1/4 of the price and 1/3 of the risk in Rajistan, Amristar, Shimla etc

    • Is Pakistan more expensive than India?

      • +4

        on this tour it is….

  • +3

    Sounds violent

  • +31

    Happy to provide detailed responses to anyone who would like to contact us directly for more details. Full details on the tour and itinerary are located on our website. The tour is not taking place in an unsafe or tribal area of Pakistan. The tour is fully escorted by Australian experts and local guides including security. We prefer not to engage directly in responding to hateful comments about our tours or destinations, including Pakistan which has much to offer sophisticated travellers.

    • +2

      Well said!

    • +8

      "Full details on the tour and itinerary are located on our website" ……. Nope……

      People want to know what hotel they are staying in and where they will be going / doing…. Unless there is a secret section its not there….

      • +3

        Probably so the Taliban doesn't know where they are

    • +10

      "sophisticated travellers"

      • He is referring to sophisticated travellers like Otto Warmbier.

      • +1

        That's industry talk for individuals with more money then sense.

    • +14

      The tour is not taking place in an unsafe or tribal area of Pakistan.

      The entire country is marked as reconsider need to travel or simply do not travel. I’ll take the advice of our government who are making recommendations based on our (and our allies) security intelligence, rather than a business who needs to say it’s “safe” to make a profit.


      responding to hateful comments

      Facts hurt sometimes. That doesn’t make them untrue. I’m sure there are lovely places and people in Pakistan, but there are also other lovely places to visit that are safer.

      sophisticated travellers

      Guess this deal isn’t for me anyway. I don’t own a top hat and a monocle. 🎩 🧐

      • +1

        @PainToad Well said. People stating facts and making their own risk assessment shouldn't be dismissed as some kind of hate speech.

      • anyone having any concern about security issue give mark weins pakistan tour a watch. you'll thank me later

    • +1

      hateful comments about our tours or destinations

      There's nothing hateful about stating the truth: https://smartraveller.gov.au/Countries/asia/south/Pages/paki…

      While I'm sure that it's a beautiful country with a rich culture and a lot to offer, it's not worth the associated risk.

  • +58

    I am from India and hope the circumstances in Pakistan soon change for the better. I have heard that the country is beautiful and the people are great hosts.

    I hope someday soon our differences are resolved and we are able to visit each other's countries too.

    • +7

      Ozbargain comment of the year. Best wishes to you, mate!

    • +1

      The world would be a better place if everyone started thinking like you. Kudos to you, mate.

    • +7

      I am from Pakistan and couldn't agree more!

      We look like each other - talk like each other - like the same food and even the same movies.

      It's about time the political and any other semantic difference is set aside and we open our arms, hearts and homes to each other.

      Life is short.

  • +3

    I'm sure there is some stunning picturesque natural scenery and incredible human stories to be collected along the way, but it's hardly a holiday for the vast majority of travellers, whether or not they're "sophisticated". I've travelled to a couple of third world countries for a holiday before and given the confrontational encounters and the constant anxiety of feeling your safety is imperilled I wouldn't be eager to repeat the experience again.

    Also you wouldn't want to appear in the latest version of this guy's "it happened again" video. :P


  • +10

    Pakistan is a great place to visit and many people speak English. It is not what media portrays. If you do this trip without the guide then it will be much cheaper. But good to see that Pakistan Tourism is being promoted but that price is quite high.

  • +5

    As a Pakistani-aussie i would love for you all to visit the beautiful country, but as someone said above, i would advise travelling outside of major cities. Most people are friendly and love tourists visiting, just a lot of bandits in the tribal areas that would happily rob or harm u. If u do visit, stay south and travel only in daylight

    • Not sure about staying south, maybe east

  • +2

    Apparently more people visiting Pakistan from Australia….

    A professional photographer taking people on photography tours to Pakistan and helping local schools as well.

  • +11

    I would definitely recommend everyone to just out of curiosity jump on YouTube and search Pakistan and videos made by foreign tourists if you can spare a few minutes…

    For a start, below is a link to one of the videos recently shared by a female tourist


  • I hear… boom boom..after reading the post
    Btw, is this a bargain or a life challenge??

    And I think my phone will be tracked by AFP/FBI once my passport is stamped with Paki visa :)

    • Are you Boom Boom Afidi's fan. You should definitely visit. 😉

  • Detailed itinerary and brochure available for download on our website;
    Click on the various tabs - Highlights / Inclusions / Dates / Prices - for more details.
    Price is fully inclusive of all 4 or 5 star hotels / air conditioned luxury transport / Security / All meals / Australian & local guides & entrance fees and filming permits for 12 days.

  • Unfortunately the itinerary does not include the most breathtaking parts of the country https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowUserReviews-g317116-d6696…. May be due to safety concerns.

    • +2

      This will be offered in our Northern Pakistan tour in October 2019.

    • +1

      The more breathtaking areas are actually safer than where this tour goes

  • Go on this tour and never come back lol

  • +1

    Advertised price is 5525 but website says there is an additional 900 USD extra charge for single travellers?

    • Yes, there the additional charge is for single room only. The advertised price is on a twin/share basis.

  • +8

    A beautiful country actually - travelled there many times - Karachi is a bit basic - Islamabad is an exact copy of Canberra and Lahore is an old English city.

    • -2


    • I dont know why, I always read Lahore as La-whore. Is that the right way to pronounce it ?

      • Pretty much if you just take out W and keep it La-hore

      • as La-whore

        Never read that one before 😂

  • Lol the comments

  • +16

    Anyways potshots & jokes apart, on a serious note -

    Please be(a)ware once you have Pakistani Visa Stamping, you will have to go through more checks and scrutiny whilst visiting any other country. For people who travel alot for work (as I do, hence giving first hand info) you will have to answer more than normal questions even after ESTA or Visa on Arrival at immigration especially in US-Israel-UK-India-Singapore-Russia-China-Euro which are major business hubs currently
    It happened to me & 4 other colleagues at work, so just beware.

    And Yes, i did travel to Pakistan and then to these countries in the last 3 years so I am sure of what I am saying.
    I understand for some it might not be an issue.

    Happy & Safe Travels !!

    • +4

      I have been in this situation before.

      Best is to plan and request a new passport. Yes it will cost you $150 but will remove this issue.

    • +11

      Good comment as its a valid issue.
      I am half Indian half Pakistani (Aussie born) and have had increased scrutiny post my visits to Pakistan.
      India is probably the worst as they'll delay your Visa etc, I should have an OCI soon so that will help and hopefully after the elections things get better because I love travelling to both Pakistan and India.

      USA was fine, just some additional questioning upon entry but they were extremely nice during the process and explained it all very well.

      AFP gave me some grief when leaving Sydney but nothing too bad, just held me for an additional 5 minutes or so and didn't say or explain anything.

      All in all worth it because Pakistan is an incredible country to travel to, full of natural beauty and extremely hospitable people. Also the food!

      Admittedly, being Aussie born and not really being able to speak my mother tongues Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi, I was actually a little afraid the first time I visited because subconsciously you start to believe all the stuff you hear.

      However once there, I never felt unsafe and had a ball, as did my Aussie born Chinese mate who came with me. Although Chinese people could easily pass as Afghans when in local garb.

      One thing is for sure, Pakistani's love tourists and go out of their way to accommodate you.
      I think maybe because tourism suffered a massive hit over the last decade or 2 and is only just starting to pick up again.

  • +12

    Can't Complain, you visit USA and won't get a hit. I felt more unsecure, when I was on my first visit in Vegas and then the massacre happened after that. Walking along the strip to explore would be great but no one can promise.

    Where u like to go, Germany, France, UK,India, Bangkok?? or give some advice to visit the St Kilda beach in Melbourne, these thugs are everywhere you name and you have the thing. but people are still living. Can't imagine the experience of late night walk through to Melbourne City station and looking around and there are teens looking for trouble, and no one will assist you but u have to wait for police.
    We all are in this trouble and experiencing this directly or indirectly. The answer is simple, if you don't feel safe don't go. If you want to go on adventure, go for it. Don't judge someone by its country, we may have more problems then the others. Even wonder, why our suicide rate is so high and why media doesn't publish these reports?

    • No one ever feels unsafe in Singapore though. One of the safest places I have ever been to. So are some cities in India - just because they are lit and crowded everywhere, safety is almost assured.

      I feel far more unsafe in the US as roads are almost empty (even downtown) in the dark and you won't find a single pedestrian who will even watch you, leave alone protecting you or helping you as most of the people are in cars passing by.

  • -7

    BTW, I thing the op post something which may not attract the right audience. This is oz bargain. We don't talk her for stuff going for over 1-2k. This is to do savings even in pennines. Your 12% won't work and I hope this is not through Malaysian airlines as we can argue a lot more in this. ozbargain like travelling only via Emirates, quantas, like stuff and in business class especially,when we talk, but we haven't think going beyond then bali/Fiji, New Zealand, and only via jet star /tiger in practical.iam saying in general but I may be wrong.

    • I think you're forgetting about AMGs, and also a 2% cashback increase and the world goes crazy.

      • Lol.. That was the best.. Haha

    • +2

      If only your education was at the same level as your arrogance. You could have been a superstar

  • +3

    Safety aside, this is really expensive. Just spent 3 weeks overseas in Europe for much less than this

  • +7

    Hi guys

    Pakistan is not as media or news portray. It used to be 10-15 years ago. But now these tourist spots are really safe. Bad fishes are every where. Just google the foreign tourist videos to see. 1.7 million foreign tourist went there last year. Great hospitality, great people and most of all an excellent place to visit. I have been there and believe me I enjoyed more than any other places i have been to. This is the same fear i had in mind before visiting this country. I can only say worth visiting place. This tour is quite expensive though ;p. Some of the videos are


  • +5

    Went to Pakistan in August, it's a lot safer than most people believe. There are obviously no go areas like Baluchistan, but Gilgit Baltistan is safe and very relaxed, most dangerous things are the roads.

    But this is very expensive, we hired a private van and guide for 14 days for less than this in total. Obviously paying for foreign experts.

    Pakistan was awesome though, amazing scenery and adventure

  • +4

    The Northern areas of Pakistan are just wow!! Lets keep the racist comments away!! Imran Khan is now the PM, and he wants to change things up. There's even talk of the Australian cricket team going there towards the end of March to play 1 or 2 ODI's.

    • +3

      I am not a big fan of current Australian team. But I don't think they deserve that kind of punishment for their poor performance in test matches ;)

    • +3


      Imran Khan is now the PM, and he wants to change things up.

      I wouldn't get too excited about PM Imran Khan. Just because he was an international cricketer and lived a somewhat western lifestyle doesn't mean he has plans for liberalising Pakistan.

      See his political alliance with Islamic nationalists which was vital to his election win and pandering to extremists with his handling of the Asia Bibi blasphemy case.

    • There's a reason I don't idolise people or believe in hero worship:


      It seems everyone suddenly becomes openly racist in their 60s, but that would be ageist.

  • +2

    I am from Jammu, India and my grandfather (who migrated to India because of separation) would always tell me about how beautiful the Baltistan/Gilgit area is. My dream is to go visit Pakistan one day.

  • -1

    Don't get kidnapped

  • -1

    free stopover in Gitmo

  • -1

    Does this package include life insurance, dead body retrieval and funeral costs etc ?

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