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Japan 4G Travel SIM Cards $10 off ($19.95 Delivered for 7 Day Japan Travel SIM Card) @ NorthSIM


Hi Folks!

For those who missed out last time, we've got another $10 off deal for our Japan Travel SIM cards.

If you're also heading off to Korea simply add the South Korea option!

Our SIM cards use the Softbank (Japan) SK Telecom (Korea) 4G LTE network and can be bought for 7/14/21/30 days, meaning you don't need to bring 3-4 SIM cards and swap them out. The SIM cards come in a Triple Cut SIM which will have standard, micro and nano sizes. APN settings are usually not required - however if you run into trouble we've put up guides on our site. SIM cards come with data only (no voice).

All our SIM cards come with, a SIM card sleeve and SIM ejector tool. Activation is a matter of plugging in your SIM card once you land. No personal identifiable information is held on these SIMs so you can dispose of freely. Our SIM cards will still work even if you go over your daily allowance (albeit at slower speeds), meaning you won't be stranded in the middle of nowhere without data.

Prepaid Japan Travel SIM Card - Data only

  • 500mb per day (resets every 24 hours)
  • Also heading to South Korea? Simply choose the Japan + South Korea option
  • 4G Softbank (Japan) SK Telecom (South Korea) Network
  • Data service only - no voice
  • Unlimited 3G data afterwards (OK for browsing OzBargain/Reddit/Google Maps)
  • Cheaper than the SIM cards from vending machines or BIC/Yodabashi Camera in Japan
  • Free Regular Post via Australia Post for all orders
  • Ships from Sydney
  • Make sure to take a look at our SIM guides before you fly out -
  • This offer is for SIM cards which have an activation expiry date of 10/04/2019
Days Inclusions Price
7 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day in Japan $19.95
14 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day in Japan $29.95
21 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day in Japan $39.95
30 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day in Japan $49.95
7 + South Korea 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day in Japan and South Korea $24.95
14 + South Korea 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day in Japan and South Korea $34.95
21 + South Korea 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day in Japan and South Korea $44.95
30 + South Korea 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day in Japan and South Korea $54.95

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Japan 4G Travel SIM Cards $10 off ($19.95 for 7 Day Japan Travel SIM Card) Free Shipping @ NorthSIM

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  • +1

    Thank you all for the amount of support from the last deals. As always here to help and answer any questions.

    [email protected]

  • Went to purchase a 14-day Japan-only SIM - however the coupon isn't working?
    "Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to selected products."

    • Hi spark,

      This should be fixed now.

      [email protected]

      • Thanks!

        Just FYI - your guide says the sim only includes 300MB of data?

        • Hi spark84, originally our SIM cards only came with 300mb of data - this has now increased to 500mb!

          We'll need to get that updated. But rest assured it is definitely 500mb!

          [email protected]

  • Is there any options to have more than 500MB per day? I'm going to be there for 22 days, and looking to get something like unlimited data or a high amount of GB for a period of 22 days, rather than per day.

  • If people looking for a better sim which uses Docomo, and 5gb 21day expiry, then look at Bmobile:

    • Hi lplau,

      The SIM card from Bmobile is a good option. However our SIM card is delivered to your door and at 500MB a day it's equivalent to 10.5gb.
      For many travelers with late arrivals - pickup at the airport isn't a viable option as the post offices are closed.

      Feel free to check out fl360's user report on Softbank vs. Docomo here:

      [email protected]

  • I am thinking of buying a couple of 14 day sims but won't be in Japan until 18/4/2019, is there any way of extending the activation by date?

    • Hi zcube, we'll have more SIM cards and deals for travelers heading out later in the year.
      Feel free to checkout our Facebook page for updates on promotions and products.

      [email protected]

  • I leave for japan in 4 days, how long is the delivery to 3781 Cockatoo, Victoria. Or is there a pick up location

    • Hi EYarker,

      Given the Australia Day long weekend - for our Express Post option to 3781 Wednesday is the earliest it will arrive.
      Unfortunately we do not offer pick-up for our SIM cards.

      [email protected]

  • I'm traveling to Japan at end of may, will message you to see if you can get my a later activation date please.

  • Hi rep

    So I’m looking at the 14 day one, this will make it $29.95 is that correct?

    If I need to buy for multiple people, do I need to make separate orders for the discount to apply to all?

    How do we ‘activate’ the sim? Do we choose an activation date?

    I’m travelling to Okinawa on the 4th April, then Tokyo days later. The sim will stay active for the 14 days as long as activated before the ‘activate by date’ right?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi coln2002.

      That's correct $29.95 for a 14 day SIM card with the discount code.
      You do not need to make separate orders - the discount applies to each SIM card once added in your cart.
      The SIM card is activated the moment you plug it into your phone.
      As long as you activate the SIM before the 10Apr2019 you will have the full 14 days to use it.

      [email protected]

  • What's the best way to get 15 or 16 days of coverage? Can you add on days to any of the SIMs?

    • Hi cyssero,

      The SIM cards come in 7/14/21/30 day allotments. You may want to take a look at the 21 day SIM card if you are travelling for 15/16 days. We are unable to add additional days onto the SIMs.

      [email protected]

  • Can anyone comment on this SIM vs a "Pocket Wifi"? I'm unsure which one to get.

    • get this.
      it's cheaper, more convenient and better than pocket wifi.

  • +2

    Just got back from Japan, and I was hoping these guys would post again so I could say just how well their sim worked.
    Really fast, reliable internet. No need to carry around pocket wifi, or pick up/drop off anything (unlike pocket wifis). Delivery of sim was really prompt, and their instructions on how to use it (as well as a handy sleeve to keep my normal sim) were super helpful.
    Only once did I go over the 500mb daily limit, because I decided to watch a 40min youtube video. Even once over the limit, using the reduced speed 3G internet (which was unlimited) was more than sufficient for googling and google maps, which were my primary needs.

    and no, they didn't rob my house ;)

    • Thank you for the kind words thumbybumbi!


  • Hey Rep, how do you pay via Credit card, it's only got a paypal option.

    • Hi Nutrino, all our payments are processed through PayPal.
      To pay using a credit card please sign up for a PayPal account and add your credit card.

      [email protected]

      • From your site…

        Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

        • Apologies Nutrino.

          To pay using your credit card simply click Proceed to PayPal once in the shopping cart.

          You can pay with your credit card via PayPal by clicking the grey box "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" on the PayPal logon page.

          [email protected]

  • +1

    Shame it's not valid past April, would buy if it was valid for late May/June but I guess I shall have to wait and hope for another deal!

    • Hi elision,

      We'll have more deals for May/June expiry SIM cards in the upcoming months.
      Feel free to follow our Facebook page for updates to our products and promotions.

      [email protected]

  • What date do I put in for Travel Dates?
    Im buying the 14 days sim but going for 15 days. Do I put the dates that I plan to use the sim?

    • Hi pandamonster88,

      You can put in the dates that you're travelling. The SIM card is activated only when you plug it into your phone. Inclusions only start to count down once the SIM has been activated.

      [email protected]

  • How long does shipping take? Need it for Western Australia but leave on Friday!

    • Hi eve,

      With Express Post the SIM card should arrive to you by Wednesday if you're in Perth CBD or Thursday if you are outside.

      [email protected]

      • Thanks. Are all cards sent by express or is that a special shipping option? If we don’t get it in time, can we return it?

  • Ive got a 14 day Japan SIM from the last deal that is valid until May 25th. My Japan plans fell through (BestJet) so am keen to give this away to someone.
    First to PM their postal address gets it.

  • Hi guys just wondering if the connection can be tethered as my partner also wants to use it too!

    Thank you for your answers

  • I booked for Japan for Christmas 2019! Hopefully you'll continue to have some regular promotions

  • site says coupon has expired?

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