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20% Quadrupled Cashback at AliExpress (Expired), 8% Cashback at Amazon & Chemist Warehouse via ShopBack ($50 Caps)


Hey all,

Happy Lunar New Year!

We're kicking off the Year of the Pig with some lucky offers, including:

20% Cashback at AliExpress (9am to 12pm AEDT) Expired

To ensure that cashback successfully tracks, only add coupons and items to your cart after clicking through ShopBack. Capped at $50 cashback per transaction.

Pro-tip: AliExpress items are slightly cheaper on their app. Click through to the AliExpress app through the ShopBack app to get this perk.

8% Cashback at Amazon (All Day)

To ensure that cashback successfully tracks, empty your Amazon cart before clicking through ShopBack. Only add items to your cart after clicking through ShopBack. Capped at $50 cashback per transaction.

8% Cashback at Chemist Warehouse (All Day)

Shipster members get free delivery on orders over $25. Otherwise, add a fragrance item to your cart for free shipping. Spend over $30 and choose a free sample. Capped at $50 cashback per transaction.

Happy shopping!

Other Offers:

Download the ShopBack App
Download the ShopBack Cashback Buddy Browser Extension

Referral Links

Referral: random (4048)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2019

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  • +15

    Damn, going in dry on CR. I'm liking this

  • I almost hit the button last night for some stuff I had in my cart, so glad I didn’t!

  • I just bought stuff yesterday on Aliexpress through ShopBack :(

    • +1

      Cancel reorder 😊

      • I’ve already cancelled it once since the price lowered with the electronics sale and still waiting for that cancelation to go through :/

  • Good deals! Any chance you could please increase Catch.com.au as well please?

    • +16

      Increased to 5% :)

  • +5

    Holy hell! Looks like I'm buying that Hogwarts castle today.

    • Link?

        • +1

          Holy moly they are big. Thanks

        • +3

          Fake Lego. No thx….

          • @mg_k: The missus won't know the difference… Apart from the fact it comes in an unmarked cardboard box lol.

            edit: I am joking; she does know it's Lepin.

          • +6

            @mg_k: Obviously never tried Lepin then. 95% as good and release sets months before Lego that end up being identical. So there has to be an inside source somewhere.

            Fake Lepin (Bela) is no good unfortunately.

            • @Clear: Know any reputable Lepin sellers Clear?

              • +1

                @dust: Yep refer to this as they list who is good and bad 😉

                • +1

                  @Clear: thanks. will check later, always wanted the lego ferris wheel but cant afford

              • @dust: I wish your question was a joke.

                Reputable and Lepin? For shame!

          • +2

            @mg_k: Fully agree! I support the creators. Would never buy a copy … would not mind when they take the bricks and create their own designs … but they are just stealing the ideas.

        • +3

          I have a few lepin stars wars sets. They look pretty good and my kids didn’t care and it was almost 1/5 of the LEGO equivalent

    • +1

      Well they sell just about everything, and already being about the cheapest anywhere. So with a further 20% cash back theres plenty of deals to be had.

      • Not always cheapest, depends on what you buy.

  • Thank you!!

  • +1

    guess I picked the wrong morning to quit buying stuff off aliexpress

    • can quit, man every-time you browse you'll find something you want. every time.

  • Hi Op,

    "Capped at $50 cashback per transaction", does it mean if I make multiple transactions on Aliexpress it means there is no theoretical cashback limit? Looking to buy 2 items at about ~$250 each.


    • wow thats a big one. care to share? usually i only bought somewhere around $10 marks each item so curiosity kicked in

    • Correct, $50 per transaction, but multiple transactions are ok.

    • +2

      Hi chewkl,

      You can perform as many transactions as you wish. There are still limits with the cap - buying a single higher value item (like something for $1000) won't get you the full 20% cashback.

  • +1

    Xiaomi m365? Or too risky from Ali?

    • Don't Xiaomi have an official store on AliExpress? But how do you tell which is the real one!

      • Easier said than done. I got jipped recently along with hundreds of others but thankfully allie refunded.

  • +4

    I hate AliExpress's dispute resolution department so much right now.

    A seller sent at least 3 people (100% of reviews) the same, completely different wrong item (with only 1 variation on the list, so no chance for error), probably intentionally, and AliExpress won't automatically grant a refund since their policy says they need to see the tracking number barcode (which was suspiciously faded on the envelope). No tracking number, no refund.

    "OK, well in that case I never received the item."

    "But you already said you received the wrong style. You only get 1 dispute choice."

    "So then why do you need the tracking number if you're taking my word on receiving the wrong item rather than nothing at all?"

    But the worst part is there's no way to abuse the dispute department. You can't get past the first line of defence - LiveChat.

    So anyone that wants to become a scam seller on AliExpress, there's your method.

    • 新年快乐

    • +1

      Credit card charge back? Should be pretty straight forward if you have the Live Chat logs.

      • I was surprised they don't send you logs.

        I took some screenshots of conversations here and there. It's only a few dollars which makes the rejection even worse. And the fact I have an unnatural loathing for herd mentality due to successive life experiences.

        I would probably get my account suspended if I do the charge back, but the worst part is that they probably won't learn from the experience. But I will.

    • +3

      Yep … agree. I avoid Aliexpress when I can. Had a bag sent in the wrong colour … the seller confirmed that it was a wrong listing and the colour is different. The dispute department told me the item is in great condition and I need to be happy with the wrong colour. Ah well … now my wife has a yellow handbag … she wanted white.

      • +1

        That's happened to me with clothing as well! Wrong colour AND size.

        I didn't raise a dispute though. This was years ago and communicating with sellers was a painful exercise.

        The irony is that I promised myself I'd never order from AliExpress over the identical item on eBay unless the price difference is too-good-to-miss. I've just had 2 too-good-to-be-true purchases in a row.

        I think a lot of sellers are trying to dispose of seconds and have no idea how to run a legitimate business to international standards. China only modernised their Consumer Protection Law in 2014 so the cultural expectations of the older generation are possibly different.

        "Just send the yellow one!"

  • +3

    The 10% import tax has really killed Aliexpress combined with our bad dollar value.

    Usually cheaper to buy on ebay with local seller and not wait 1 month for delivery.

    • Yeah just look at the powerbank deals for example.

      $18 for xiaomi powerbank from australia which is cheaper than banggood,fasttech,aliexpress etc.Also overseas orders need to wait 1 month and customs hassles.

  • +6

    Keep in mind that most, if not all, businesses will be closed for Chinese New Year. Items might take a week or two just to ship.

  • Any recommendations on a xiaomi camera? I've missed out on previous deals and there aren't any deals on these lately.

    Prices seems to jump all over to place:

    • +1

      What sort of camera did you want? Your link is to all sorts.

      • Something that has good night vision so that I can use it as a baby monitor when baby sleeps

        • i use the Xiaofang for exactly that. There have been a few deals for them posted on ozbargain.

          Looks like it might not be so easy to get to work now though. You have to downgrade the firmware then put "fang hacks" on an sd so you dont have to use their software.

          Some more info in the past deals : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/367680

          • @Duff5000: Thanks duff5000. Just gotta wait for a deal now. Haven’t seen any deals on these cams in months !

          • @Duff5000: Their app is good imo. And there's no more region locking either.

            • @CVonC: Sure it probably is, i just didnt want a live stream of my house (and bedroom specifically) going to china. The fang hack let me just play the stream using a regular media player on my phone or pc. I just put a shortcut to the feed on my pc desktop and installed rtsp player on my phone.

  • +1

    Nice! (Not sure if this will cost me or save me money though ༼ つ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡° ༽つ)

  • i dont know what on aliexpress i want to buy tbh, anyone got a cool item they can share?


    any reason to not buy a 3d printer?

  • Been looking for a 7" touchscreen for the pi zero wh that I bought a while ago. I have 2.5 hours to decide…… Been looking at the waveshare, does anyone know if that's a decent option or better ones out there.

  • +4

    Give us a cashback for eBay!!!

    • -1

      … and Jack will offset it.

  • -1

    Hi OP, can you please confirm is 12pm midnight or noon?

    • +1

      Midnight would be 12am. It's until 12pm AEDT.

    • +1

      Hi plain_biscuit,

      12pm noon, so 2 hours to go.

  • Did a simple search of Lepin and Lego sold on Ebay .
    Lepin had 7 .
    Lego had 30,764 .
    My conclusion is don't hope on getting any resale value from it .

    • +1

      That's like hoping for resale on a fake LV bag. You buy it to use, because it's cheap. If you want a collectible, fork out for the real LEGO.

      Speaking of LEPIN, very tempted by their Voltron copy…

  • does the aliexpress 20% rebate include shipping cost?

    • Hi knackers,

      Cashback is only applicable to the item cost, and would not be applicable to GST + shipping.

  • What I mean is Lego Hogward Castle new can be bought for around $540 on the global market . Used actually would get that :)

  • That Lego 71043.

    • +2

      You're not very good at replying to a single comment chain are you.

  • Any phone recommendations? Considering Mi A2 or Max 3 or other. Mostly want a good camera, happy to spend more also. Actually they don't have NFC so ruling them out.

  • Hi OP, would using the groupon $5 voucher (for $10 value at CWH) invalidate the 8% cashback on CWH?

    Cashback is not qualified for:
    Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

    • +1

      Hi scar4ace,

      Yes it would likely to invalidate it, however it wouldn't hurt to click through ShopBack anyway. You might get lucky if CWH decides to approve your transaction later down the track.

  • Hi,

    I'm assuming cashback still applies when using Aliexpress provided coupons (such as $3 first time new user purchase and seller coupons)?

    • +1

      Hi cyrax83,

      These are okay.

      • Thanks for confirming

  • 20% Cashback at AliExpress. Capped at $50 cashback per transaction
    $250 per transaction wohoo

  • are items excluded from? xiaomi phones?

    • Hi enjoenjo,

      Gift cards/vouchers are excluded from cashback.

  • +1

    been looking for 10" android chinatabs for parents, with mid range SoC, and finally pulled the trigger:

    Alldocube m5xs 32gb/3gb, mid range phone soc(x27) decent cpu scores, gpu is a bit weaker tho not great for gaming, 4G <- got this one, a bit of a gamble but great price, new variant of the alldocube m5(these have reviews)

    Teclast t10 64gb/4gb, this was the go to chinatab with great specs for 1.5 years now, MT8176 SoC is similar in cpu speed to x27, stronger gpu, but no 4G. the newer t20 and m20 versions which uses x27 has 4G but weaker gpu and more expensive

    Xiaomi mipad, mid range snapdragon SoC, great specs but 8"

    check out reviews on techtablets.com

  • I wanted to buy 4 items around $150 each. Will I get 20% back on each item if I do separate transactions?

    • +1

      Hi Benatron,

      Yes you will. Remember to click through ShopBack again each time you perform a new transaction.

    • +1

      Yes as long as they're in seperate transactions

  • -1

    Wanna get an action cam.
    Something cheaper than a gopro but not looking for crazy cheap. Anyone recommend? TIA

  • Hi OP, How long will the 8% cashback on CWH last?

    • Hi joewg12,

      It's valid until the end of today.

  • Any increased cashback on Klook?

    • Hi Rsalim,

      Klook cashback actually has been increased already :)

  • +1

    Finally caved and purchased an Anne Pro 2. Cheers OP!

  • anyone having problems with aliexpress search function ? cannot get it to settle on what im after - was working fine before 10am, now impossible.

  • Has anyone else run into a "Page cannot be displayed - This page cannot currently be displayed. Our engineers are working hard to fix this problem. Please check back later…" error page after the processing aliexpress transaction page. I can see the order has been processed in my aliexpress account however just wanted to know whether this will still qualify for cashback?

    • +2

      Hi 3252900sl,

      All purchases except for gift cards qualify for cashback. Errors on checkout, however can cause cashback to not track and there's a possibility that this may have broken tracking for your transaction. Please wait up to 2 days to see if tracking still comes up.

    • I had the same problem. Hopefully it works, otherwise @gotyourback seems to have our backs! :P

  • +1

    got pocophone for $345 after cashback. not bad :)
    Thanks rep

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