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$10 Credit to Your Bank Account Instantly (New Beem It Account Only, .edu.au Email Address Required) on Beem It App


Similar to this popular deal with 670+ upvotes: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/426906
and this deal with 200+ upvotes: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/380759

But this $10 promo code is only valid for those registering using an email ending in .edu.au

Promo code expires 1 April 2019, cannot stack with referral

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  • +2

    Did it say it could be stacked with referral code?

    • Cheeky!

    • +2

      Last time it was stacked

    • +3

      Successfully redeemed this $10 code then tried a referral and it didn't work.

      • +2

        also doesn't work in reverse.. I only got $5 from referral and not $10 from signup10.. q.q

      • Yeah thought so - OP should really put it in the deal.

        The last popular deal was only big because it stacked.

  • It generally would

  • +5

    Besides the $10 bonus, what is even the point of this service? PayID is surely the way to go via your bank?

    • +4

      IMHO, Faster to use than PayID. Could payback mate for lunch in under 10 seconds using Beem It, faster than mobile banking then PayID

      • @ jacktator 10 seconds vs 30 seconds?

        @ alebox splitting with strangers? whats the difference from entering a username vs an email address?

        Rather use PayID through my bank than a 3rd party

        • +16

          You are speaking as someone who hasn't tried it. Sure you can send money via your bank app, but as mentioned this will be 3x faster. How about receiving money, how will you get someone to pay you back what they owe? Whatsapp/SMS follow ups? Hope they can be bothered to transfer? With this you can request money in 5 seconds, and with 1 swipe they can pay you what they owe.

          Furthermore, splitting of bills/payments is incredibly easy. There's just no banking app that lets you do it anywhere near as conveniently. Each people will get a notification with a request to pay the amount they owe, you'll get notified when they pay, and you can easily check the status in Beem.

          Please actually try using it first before judging. I believe the UI of beem is incredible, most of my friends and family are now using it, everyone is really happy with it.

          • +1

            @raven2000: also if you want to pay discreetly, it only shows transfer went through beem.com.au - the name of the person doesn't come on your account (CBA). Haven't used Payid so unsure if that's how it works as well

          • @raven2000: @raven2000

            Well obviously I'm speaking as someone who hasn't tried it. I see no benefits to using their service that I don't already enjoy.

            3x times faster is just marketing fluff when my bank's PayID takes about 30 seconds. Most wouldn't really care if it's a 10-20 seconds quicker.

            I don't usually have friends owing me money, and in any event I'd speak to them rather than them getting barraged with Beemit app notifications, so that's a mute point. Also not all friends will use this app?

            Also most of the public are quite competent with a calculator, so splitting the bill and dividing by the number of friends present isn't a strenuous action.

            @spaceflight It is not "owned" by the big banks. It is operated through a separate Pty. Ltd. entity that doesn't have the same rules and regulations to follow that a Bank app would require. Something goes wrong, those big banks won't assist.

            As the old saying goes "if you're not paying for the product, you are the product"

            • @zeggie: I think everything you've said is fair, despite not agreeing with your clear apprehension towards the app, except for…

              Also most of the public are quite competent with a calculator, so splitting the bill and dividing by the number of friends present isn't a strenuous action.

              This is a pretty poor reason to be anti-Beem It.

              It's a service/benefit which you don't value, so you feel it is not applicable to you.

              You could use similar reasons to be anti-almost anything, such as, "sitting in a bus instead of a car is not that strenuous/difficult" - but this is a preference, and opinion. Right now, I feel this is the equivalent of you discouraging someone to buy a car/book an Uber "because it's too expensive and more hassle than it's worth".

              From this, I conclude you value privacy and you don't entirely trust the app, and you're probably someone who doesn't like having too many apps on your phone?

              I see no benefits to using their service that I don't already enjoy.

              And if that's it, that's fine. A few of us have tried telling you what the benefits are and you clearly don't consider them benefits so we can leave it at that.

        • +1

          Not every bank using PayID so it is not as universal as this one - also under 1 account, you can choose different cards, up to 5 I think, so you don't have to login to up to 5 different bank account. Essentially under 1 bank account you can have only 1 PayID but using this you can do more and can change the card anytime you like.

          • @AllWins: Also don't rely on it working all the time. The banks are having trouble getting their archaic systems to work with real-time payments. Turning off the service from time to time when they have issues. BeemIT uses the EFTPOS network which is much more reliable. It's certainly easier to get into and send a payment for a coffee to a mate.

        • +1

          Beemit is owned by the big banks (NAB & CBA)

          • @Slo20: more like the big criminals, as we all know, they're facing criminal charges anyways. When was the last time you referred anyone facing criminals charges as 'big' and show so much respect? It's called double standards. When was the last time we continue to do business with criminals?

        • +3

          Rather use PayID through my bank than a 3rd party

          Beemit had been built by the banks.

          It isn't exactly a third party.

          • @spaceflight: It's so stupid to find out who has a payID, you just have to "know". Beem definitely solves that problem but is restricted in the size of the transfer

        • I've used payid a few times but it has NEVER been instant - often hours, not seconds

          • +5

            @SmiTTy: I use payid numerous times every week and it goes through in seconds.

            If you are paying someone for the first time there is sometimes a delay of up to 24 hours (depending on the bank).

            Just did 2 test transactions, the first one took 14 seconds and the second one took 9 seconds

            • @triviums: Over $150 commbank will hold funds. Defeats the whole point. It really screwed me once, I was stuck in an airport and had no money left in my ing card, I transferred from my commbank backup account.
              And it put a 24hold on the funds.

              Beemit works, it just has a low transfer cap.

              • +1

                @shadowangel: That's because it was likely a transfer to a new account.

                I just did two $1000 commbank test transactions through payid. First one took 7 seconds and second one took 6 seconds.

      • Is cash acceptable to pay someone back?

        • Don't know about you but I hate cash. Notes fills up Wallet and Coins are heavy. Most importantly, they don't earn interest.
          If possible, I always have my mate Bank Transfer or now, Beem It.
          With Beem It, It's literally faster then taking out wallet, counting cash then giving it to someone else.

      • I'd prefer Apple Pay if non iOS people could use it too. Plus I don't like/trust/want to support big banks if I can avoid it.

        • +1

          They can; it's called Google Pay …

    • +1

      i like beemit since its easier to split and request money when there are multiple people involved. ie for splitting a bill you put the total, add all the users and the app does the rest.
      also doesnt need you to use some else's phone number so splitting with strangers can be easier too. overall i think the app itself is very slick. i havent had a need to touch payID at all even though im enrolled in it

    • +1

      If you want to transfer more than $1000 and up to $1500… Besides not every bank supports PayID

      • Bankfirst allows up to $12,000 payid transfers per day per account.

    • Not all banks support pay id

    • +1

      If you use Citi, you can send and receive money immediately cos it does not support payid

      • Currently overseas and have the missus transferring money from our joint account to the Citi card attached to my Beem login.

        Just prefer to not have too much money sitting on the Citi card at one time and it’s nice to have the cash instantly there when we want it.

        Plus I’ve gotten about $40 or so from referring others.

    • Three major differences:

      1. It processes the payment directly on a debit card, not in a bank account, so you see the money instantly in any bank that issues a debit card, and not only banks that support PayID.
      2. It's social, so you pay to a handle rather than a mobile number, email or bank account, and you can do so as a part of a "message", similar to Facebook Pay.
      3. You can request money or "SPLIT" a bill amongst many users, they need only slide the slider to confirm a payment, or they can reject it.

      It's basically the same as using splitwise + payId, which is what I do mostly these days.

  • cannot delete account once registered..

    • Surely you could email them? Are you even allowed to not let users effectively "opt out"?

    • +1

      “How do I cancel/deregister/delete my Beem It account?+
      Use the contact link to send a message to Beem It Customer Support and we will remove you from our database. Don’t forget, you’ll also need to delete the app from your phone.
      Just a heads up that if you close your account, you will not be able to re-use your username or mobile number for at least another 6 months. Go easy on us, we just need some time to process the rejection.”

      • I already emailed them, no response, still receive junk email from them though..

  • Anyone else experiencing issues with downloading beem it on android? It saying my device isn't compatible, but I'm running android 8.1.0.

    • Just downloaded the app and got the $10 on my Android. It's a Samsung Galaxy J2 which is the #1 smartphone choice for street people of India so if it worked on that it should work on absolutely anything.

      • Samsung Galaxy J2 which is the #1 smartphone choice for street people of India

        I thought Xiaomi was #1 in India?

        • +6

          I dunno I just know every video I looked at on youtube about my phone seemed to be filmed in what looked like refuse stations or on cracked and crooked concrete balconies in India

    • yes i had same issue, i installed it manually via downloading the apk. im on a oneplus one running non-rooted custom OS - android 7.1.2

      however when i install the latest version of the beem it app it keeps crashing on opening so used a downgraded version of the app (version 1.6.0+6459)

      • Thanks for that, I also have an oneplus one and version 1.6.0+6459 worked for me

  • Has anyone been able to register and apply code without a edu.au email address?

  • +3

    damn used referral code and now it says i am not eligible for signup10.. shouldve used signup10 first!

  • +1

    careful not to apply the signup10 code after the referral code as it doesn't work!

    • Thanks @iversonjack @evansm2jp

      When I signed up I was only able to enter signup10. Sadly the referral code didn't stack on top of this.

      Thanks OP, money for nothing is an excellent deal. It also seems like a great platform- bonus was paid instantly.

  • I still have a working .edu email but already have a beem it account.

    Anyway arojndnit.

  • So, it needs a new bank account…

    • +3

      No , just a new bank debit card

      • My ING card is kind of old and the codes have worn out

      • +1

        and new mobile number…

  • Long process but I got there!

  • +1

    New beem it acc but same bank account could work?

    • +1

      debit card just has to be different

  • Thanks, worked with uni email account!

  • I just signed up with my uni email and I haven't got a $10 credit anywhere?

    • Enter the promo code after adding your debit card

      • -1

        But where does that $10 go? Does it show up in the app or will it just turn up in my bank account in a few days?

        • You will get a notification on the app and the money will be in your account within minutes.

        • It goes into the account that's linked to the card you add to the app

        • in you bank account immediately - that's this app is about, everything should be immediately ..

  • yay used my old uni email and it worked!! Thank you!!

  • Won't send the verification email to my @utas.edu.au email :(

    • Check your junk mail - that's where mine ended up!

    • +1

      Utas blocking spam. It took a few days for me to get a system email to release the email.

  • It says I ain't eligible to redeem this code. I have entered my uni email

    • Entered school email, received same error

    • Similar problem!

    • Same problem here :(

    • And not to waste my effort in setting up….I entered the referral code I had with my other non-edu account.

      So my other account and this edu account each earns $5, and totalled to $10.

  • Same :(

  • +10

    I used an email similar to [email protected] and it worked. So they're just looking for .edu.au somewhere in the domain or the code works for all email addresses.

  • The signup10 works but it cant be stacked with a referral though.

  • Worked for me. Thanks OP.

    If your .edu email isn't working, try registering with another variant of your .edu address. E.g. try [email protected] address if your studentID#@edu address didn't work. Most universities should offer multiple 'aliases' for the same account.

  • $10 credited thanks OP

  • -2

    Success just now, thanks!
    Accounts require unique phone number :< Anyone got a spare?

  • I just entered debit card.. But no promo code section :-/
    Could anyone tell me where you enter promo code please? TIA

    • Go to the upper right icon that looks like a person (my account). Scroll down to "Redeem Code". Touch that then enter the SIGNUP10 code.

      • Bugger! Saw this too late!!
        Thanks for letting me know though.
        10 mins of my life wasted.. But in other news, I got Elton John tix!! 😊

  • Does anyone know if you can send money between accounts if you have more than 1? For example I use my Citibank Account when I travel, could I beem from my standard bank account to my Citibank account and have the money go in instantly?

    Or would this require 2 accounts?

    • You can't transfer between your accounts in the same Beem It account you would need two Beem It accounts for this.

  • Worked for me, but the verification email got caught in the spam email.

  • Doesn’t work when your email is .edu, despite it being an Australian university :(

  • $10 credited thanks OP

  • +3

    Can’t add signup10 nor any referral codes i saw!

  • Oh no! That referral code isn't valid


    I did use a .edu.au email address

    • I just got the same error using a edu,au address. :-(

    • Working now yay

  • Same problem, ozbargainized?

    • I saw a "technical issue" popup box within the app.

  • +1

    just tried it, seem to be back on

  • Worked for me too…thanks!

  • yep works for me now, thanks

  • Worked for me, thanks so much.

  • -1

    Anyone know if it’s still active?

    • (asking because it did not work for me)

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