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eBay Sitewide Spend & Save | 12% off $300+ Spend | 10% off $200+ | 7% off $120+ | Max Discount $75


Something a little different from eBay. Ends at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Excluded Items: all items listed in the following categories; Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Collectables (1), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730); and all items sold by the following Sellers: Bunnings Warehouse, Fantastic Furniture, Officeworks, Target.

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Mod Note: Coupon expires 22/02 but eBay may end it earlier as per terms & conditions

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    • Same combo as me. Well done :)

  • zzz no gift cards again

  • Do we know max no. of transactions?

    • 2

    • Was only able to use it once unfortunately :(

  • +2

    applied to a $3500 item and only got $75 discount…..why is that?

    ignore. Its max $75 discocunt…..

  • Can someone please confirm if I can use this code to pay for the auction item ??

  • bought a brand new lg v30+ for 413 after discount. thanks!

    • Link?

      Is it a private seller?

    • +1

      Great phone. Absolutely love the battery life on this thing.

      Today, I've done 10 minutes phone call, 40 mins navigation, 15 mins Netflix, 1hr HiFi Quad DAC listening, 2h30 Screen On Time and still have 63% battery.

  • -1

    Ok which video card right now - Want to play far cry new dawn in 4K. Would the RTX 2060 do it? Aiming for $500-600

    • Come on the first link I Googled… Around 40fps.


      • I've done a lot of googling just need advice from those in the know. Probably not going to be able to do 4k yeah at a decent framerate unless I spend $1000+. I'm thinking RTX 2060 as the 2070 is another $250 more and incremental gain.

        • I just showed you what performance you can expect? Around 40fps at ultra settings at 4k. Who is more in the know than a benchmark?

          Regardless 4k isn't a generally realistic option without spending 2k on a 2080ti. Not worth it at all.

          • @scuderiarmani: 40fps would be too slow, if I'm aiming at 60fps according to that link you posted even the RTX 2080 couldn't do it…May have to just target 1440p

            • @robb6014: Hence why I said 4k isn't a viable option for most with newly released games. It'll be a long time till that's mainstream. 1440p is the best to go with atm. You'd be better off with a 2060 than selling for a 3060 for example. Than buying say a 2070.

              • @scuderiarmani: ok thanks

                • @robb6014: They're coming out with a cheaper 1160 which is 2060 without the RT cores (no ray tracing).

                  • @lostn: Yeah I saw, probably a viable option too. But it's better imo in your use case to switch mid range cards every few years as opposed to over spending on a 2070 that'll still not fully meet your needs.

            • @robb6014: You can probably drop a couple of settings here and there without losing much graphic fidelity at all if 4K60fps is that important. Unfortunately even the 2080 won’t always sit at 60fps with some games at ultra, and will only struggle more when the next gen games come out.

  • I was also offered a PURCHASE5 coupon which may help some of you out there


    • Spend $70 or more in one transaction during the offer period, up to a maximum discount of $50 per transaction - max 3 transactions. Expires 31/3/2019.
  • Another ebay deal and the coupon pretty much was my response

  • Does anyone know if i can get tax back at airport from items i buy on ebay? I can essentially get 22% off a gopro i want to buy.

    • +1

      As long as you get a tax invoice it doesn't matter where you buy it from.

      • +1

        Username checks out

  • +1

    Max discount 75? shakes head

    At least its a step forward being sitewide, and not Ebay's top 10 favourite online retail stores that price jack.

  • +1

    excludes Car & Truck Parts again????

    NO DEAL!!!

    • It's a joke, all these ebay deals are the same.

  • meh sale….wanted a Synology 418j….online is $395

    Cheapest on fleabay is $434 less 12% = $382

    Sure, still a saving, but the $13 is not worthy to rush myself into buying.

    • +1

      I also outta principle don't like buying in that scenario as it's rewarding the seller who is selling above market value

      • +1

        seller is most likely paying eBay fees as well

  • Any good laptop deals? Looking for a cheap windows machine with Full HD display.

  • how about cash on pickup deals?

  • Worth buying airpods with these deal? Works out to be around $200

  • what's the point for Bunnings to get listed on eBay then excluding themselves from all future sales.

  • 12%. Wow I personally haven't seen anything above 10% from ebay since being active on ozbargain.

    • 15% off on occasions, 18% off for ebay’s 18th birthday.

  • Need a travel suitcase. Sounds ridiculous to exclude a broad category like Travel

  • OP, any idea when or if the cash back is going to be reinstated for eBay AU in foreseeable future ?

  • i forgot what i wanted to buy, again

  • poor deal.

    need to spent $200minimum to get 10% off plus price jack

  • Any deals?

  • +1

    How could you expect them to give a 12% off deal and allow for gift card purchase? That's effectively giving you 20%+ off

    You want all your cake at once 😂

  • +1

    You've done it again tigharse. Just saved $43. Thanks mate!

  • somehow i got the error "This code can't be applied to your order" and couldnt find which one created the problem. lol

    But PURCHASE5 works for me

  • Sorry for being a jerk who doesn't understand the T&C, but I assume this is max discount of $75 per account? or can the code be used multiple times? so max $75 saving per purchase/transaction of up to 2 (for a total of $150 saving per account?). I want a few things at the moment, otherwise I'll pick which item the code is best utilised on for now. Wishful thinking I guess. Thanks and soz 4 mi stoopidbrayne.

    • +1

      T&C indicates up to $75 discount per transaction, max 2 discounted transactions per account (so potentially up to $150 total saving). Each discounted transaction can have at most 10 items. To get $150 discount, you need to spend $1250 in two separate transactions.

      If you really have a few items you want to buy and like this code, you could use/open multiple eBay accounts. 12% isn't that great for feeBay discount though.

      • Oh thanks, that's actually how I read it too, just confused myself since they didn't lead with the $150 max total per account. Thanks for your confirmation! :)

  • I found Lenovo Ebay sell X1 carbon gen 5 at 1999 yet their online store sells it at 1799….

  • Synology DS918 = $835 minus discount of $167 = $668. free shipping. maybe I might… just maybe.

    • +1

      I was thinking the same thing but I can't help but feel there has to be another discount on the DS918+ just around the corner given it was $597 delivered in January and going for $662.40 at the start of this month (and that's without any Ebay site-wide discount).

      By the way, this seller has it for $738 + $5 postage, so it'll come to $663 with the discount.

      • :o) FOMO is strong on this one.

        • Even stronger now that I just missed this deal.

          It seems the price-drop lasted for all of 2 hours and it was posted during working hours (in WA). Oh well…

  • Saved $50 on our king bed frame with this code. Thanks TA

  • -2

    Ozbargain Mods often disable comments which are deemed inappropriate or pointless. Not adding to discussion.
    Check out the first eight comments in this post. Nothing to do with the topic, inappropriate and pointless.
    But not removed. Consistency please.

  • Anyone else only able to use the code once? Just used it first time and went to use it again and it says 'You already applied this code to an order.'

  • Does anyone know if the code expires at 11:59pm tonight or tomorrow?

  • TA says tomorrow . Ebay t&c 's doesn't say .

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