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Microsoft Office 365 Home - 6 Users 12 Month Subscription - $81.60 Incl Digital Delivery @ Bing Lee eBay


Good deal on Office 365 Home 6 User subscription via Bing Lee eBay.

$96 - 15% = $81.60 delivered digitally

Cheaper than Saveonit emailed key which is currently $89 (https://www.saveonit.com.au/product/microsoft-office-365-hom...).

Also worth noting:
- you can install this on 6 PCs/Mac computers and also 6 tablet/phone devices
- Each of the 6 users gets a 1TB Onedrive account
- Can be stacked to extend subscriptions e.g. buy 2 to get 24 months


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  • +1

    good find…

  • Cash rewards showing 0% for ebay Australia FYI

    • Don't forget to attach your flybuys … Something is always better than nothing.

  • Cash rewards no longer give cash back on EBay Australia at the moment

  • +2

    Anyone know of a cheap 1 user subscription?

    • See if you can get it via your work
      https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/home-use-program?rtc=1 <- seems this is just a discount now.

      What I wanted to link was what's referenced here -> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/411089

      I got my copy of Office 2019 for $19, like every other release since 2007 except it was $15 back then

      • Any idea what happens if you leave your job? Do they somehow remotely deactivate your license given that this deal is meant to be for 'current employees' of the company, or will Office continue to function?

        • Nope, I've still got mine from 2 jobs ago and I've reset the activations on a few new OS installs.

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    Friendly reminder that if you have an office365 e-mail at work you can use that to log in an register Office on your PC at home. Usually has 5 installs allowed per account.

    • +1

      Yeah I'm too scared work will check what I store there 'by accident'.

    • Does this work if the domain name isn't outlook.com or hotmail.com? and is it 30% off or free?

      • +4

        Yeah. Our e-mails have a our company name. Quickest way to tell is to try and install.

        Go to http://portal.office.com and log in with your work e-mail and password, from that page there is a button that says install office which will downloaded the installer. Once installed it will already be registered against your O365 e-mail.

        It's free - either Leviathan misunderstood me or accidentally posted that link thinking it would talk about what I'm talking about.

        Basically when creating your account the IT dept assigns it an O365 license, that license is good for 5 installs of Office (you can deregister installs to install on other PCs) and usually you're only using 1 for your own PC at work. Our company advertises the fact to our users but even if they didn't want you using it I highly doubt anyone from your IT dept is logging in to check registered devices on each account.

        • +1

          Thanks. I got free office on my PC and iMac. Unbelievable..

        • For the business versions, it’s actually 5 installs on a PC or Mac when you’re the “Primary” user.
          So yes, you can install it legally on “your” other computers even at home, but not your partner, friends or kids ones. Obviously there’s other conditions, but this is the general guideline.
          And you can also just use https://office.com to sign in to save those extra few keystrokes:)
          Also, if you’re not sure of the password, try your Windows password from work. If your business is using a Windows server, they may have the password synced with your Office 365 account.

          Now for the boring speil;

          The reasononing is that people now tend to work from home, at work, have a laptop when travelling etc. Office 365 is very cloud focused and with OneDrive for Business, SharePoint etc. you can effectively access your files from anywhere. It isn’t viable to have to buy a full office license for every PC you use in today’s environment, which is why it’s now licensed this way (according to Microsoft.)
          If your company assigns you an Office 365 Business “Premium,” Pro plus, E3 and higher licenses, you get a 50gb email mailbox and the full Office install option on up to 5 PC/Macs. You also get your own 1tb of OneDrive for business storage, a shared company SharePoint business site with 1tb storage and a bunch of other cool stuff.
          If you have just an Office 365 “Business” license, you can install Office but don’t get an email mailbox or some other Cloud features.
          If you have a Business “Essentials” license, you get most of the Cloud features except you can’t install Office. So basically it’s great for email and storage, or using the Office Web Apps.
          An “Exchange Online” license is just a basic email mailbox and not much else.
          You can also install most of the Office Mobile apps for free and sign in with your Office 365 account to access your files, email etc. Use the proper Outlook app for full integration.
          One word of warning; If you own your own small business, don’t buy only 1 Business license and install Office onto 5 PC/Macs for other users. Unless you’re the “primary” user, it’s against the license agreement..

  • I m currently overseas can i still get the deal

    • +2

      Yes. They will email you the key code

      • How long does it take usually to get the code emailed through?
        Ordered first time Saturday night 365 home thru bing lee eBay
        Assumed it might not come till Monday

        • I got the code 2 minutes after the PDF manually generated Bing Lee invoice

          Ordered ebay Sat night about 8pm
          Received code and bing lee invoice about midday Sunday :)

  • Unfortunately home doesn't incl Outlook.

    • +1


      thanks guys, great deal, better than the annual $129 direct from MS

    • +3

      Yes, it does.

      • +1

        I stand corrected…I didnt spot it on the link but checked Microsoft site. Thanks for clarification.

  • Is this digital?

    • +4

      Do you prefer analog?

      • lol

    • +2

      Yes, they will send you about 3500 floppy disks

      • 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Or use this Home Use Program and get 30% off Office365 Personal or Home editions if your company/organisation are part of the HUP program.

    • I think its still cheaper if you use the discount.

      • Yep! My works HUP charges $99 for this (that's after the 30% discount)

        • What happened to the $30 HUP?

          It was originally supposedly free but they charged $30 for the CD & delivery. Then it was downloadable but still (what a coincidence) $30. Now it’s $99?

          • @DisabledUser24188: I just noticed that, but I bought a 2019 Pro copy recently for $19 so they must have only just changed the scheme!

  • +1

    There are ways to get these as 'lifetime accounts' for a lot less and legally, maybe $50. Lifetime. No subscription!

    Basically, a company is set up, which pays for the unlimited 365 users, each tied user is tied to a company email address. When you buy, you become a part of the company and get a unique email address and password that you can use for Office 365. It lasts for life.

    The only downside is you have to use that email address with Microsoft. You can, of course, add your own/any email account to use with Outlook, you just have to use that email for downloading the software, as well as OneDrive storage.

    I used to sell these accounts lol.

    • You do realise that in the real world not everyone gets a business email address?

      • +1

        You have misunderstood how this works. You pay $50 you get your own unique email address that can be used for life.

        • As the person who purchase account from you is clearly not a part of company… Is it possible that admin delete these suspicious accounts during audit?

    • EULA and all the T&C business aside… in this case who is admin over the office users? Not the user who "buys" the login details.

  • +5

    My main use like probably many others is the Onedrive cloud storage. At $81.60/yr it is $6.80/month for 6 x 1TB cloud storage accounts and with the added bonus of the latest Microsoft Office Suite thrown in.
    I used to use a paid Dropbox account for Cloud storage - it is currently $152.90/yr or $15.39/month for just 1TB of storage via a single account. Pretty easy to see why O365 is the winner there.

    • That price is for one year only. Not a true apples to apples comparison.

      • the onedrive price is usually less than $129/yr , still cheaper than $152.90/yr and that's 6TB compare with dropbox

  • Doesn't appear to be accepting the discount code for me. Am I missing something (like brain cells)?

    • +1

      I am based in QLD and it won't activate for me either. Bing Lee don't have branches in QLD. I reckon you may not be in NSW, VIC or ACT. I reckon the offer only works in these 3 states/territories.

  • All sold now (I got the last one!)

    • Just did a quick count on the sold page - 110 sold since ~1pm AEDST. A couple of broden's grabbed 10

      • -1

        A couple of broden's grabbed 10

        Where does it show their name ?

      • -1

        I wouldn't pay for Office lmao, even if I could make money from it.

  • +1

    Wish can use 1 person per year for 6 years

  • +2

    I purchased the 2019 ms office using the HUP see here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/436116
    Cost about $20AUD no subscription.

  • Would be great idea to get a licensed version as I used it today, but I dont know if I will again in the next 12 months.

  • Did anyone try to add months to their active subscription via the product code? Does it work? I read about all kinds of problems that people experience while trying to do it, and they suggest waiting until the current subscription expires.

    • +3

      Got my code in ~2 hours. Logged in, "subscriptions" - and added the code, which extended sub by 12 months.

      • Thank you. It worked for me too.

      • +1

        I don’t suppose this method is able to create a 5 year account instead of 5 x 1yr accounts?

  • Should I upgrade from Office 2010?

    • +1

      If you do not need terabytes of online storage, I suggest you to stick with office 2010.

      • +1

        Thanks, when I upgraded previously I did regret it. Also I think the later versions have no equivalent of Microsoft Office Picture Manager which I find quite useful.

    • +1

      I think 2010 was the point where I stopped noticing any actual new feature in each version.

  • If you guys are just looking for extra cloud space, why not try Zoolz Cloud Storage, also 1TB and lifetime membership too to boot so you don't have to pay for a recurring fee to keep your stuff and offer, for $29.99 (I'm guessing in USD currency…so it'd be ~$42.15 AUD) here as it's currently on sale, but there's less than 30 minutes left to go…so get in quick if you want it….

    Oh yeah there are Zoolz Home 2TB Lifetime ($59.99) and Zoolz Home 3TB Lifetime ($79.99) too…..

    There was another lifetime cloud service too, think it was either p or b cloud and they tout their security is the toughest there is and even willing to pay someone $150k if they actually managed to hack into their network system….so I guess they're quite confident in their security if they're offering $150k to anyone who can hack into their servers…..

    But their price isn't as low or on sale I don't think, just wanted to note them down as an alternative lifetime cloud subscription service…

    • Guys, also don't forget that Flickr offers you free 1TB photo storage for life - much better deal than Microsoft IMO.

      • oh, forgot to link this and when a commenter asked what this was all about, the Zoolz rep conveniently ignored it……so I guess maybe not a good service to invest your lifetime cloud service subscription for…..

        They also seem to have dodgy services too……according to the comments on that page….

        • -1

          Oh shit! How dare they take away my lifetime free gigabyte!? Marissa Mayer, how can I trust you after this?

          • @mangoed: you know it was 1TB, not 1GB don't you?

    • +1

      I’m just concerned that it’s impossibly cheap. Who knows if they will go bust or change the rules.

  • +6

    A lot of cheapskates (said in context - this is OzB) and downvotes here, but $81.60/year (or even it's retail price) isn't much spread across a who family or home office that uses O365 for essential work/study/cloud storage and painless integration across multiple devices each… and it's tax deductible for many people.

    All users also get 60 mins of Skype calls per month to international mobiles/landlines, which can be handy if travelling or you make international calls to landlines/mobiles.

    At the end of the day there are free options available - even Microsoft has a free option of web office in basic Onedrive; but for $6.80 a month you and your family will have plenty of embedded/integrated cloud storage from a reputable host and a good set of current edition applications to use.

  • Back in stock for people that missed out yesterday

  • More than 10 available at the moment, I just bought 1.

  • Yes back in stock just got 2

  • +1

    Buggered if I can get it, says more than 10 in stock @ $96, has the PLEE15 on top of the item, add to cart, type PLEE15 in the code, code cannot be applied to my order. A wtf moment.

    • same here

      • Worked for me.

      • It appears to be a location limited offer. I am based in Queensland, there are no Bing Lee stores here. My address in ebay is in Queensland. I reckon this is the reason it isn't going to activate the offer for me. Where abouts are you?

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