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Samsung Frame 43" $1295 or 55" $1995 or 65" $2795 at Harvey Norman (Up to 30% off)


The Samsung Frame is a TV you have to see in person to believe it's actually a TV, designed to look like art when the TV is switched off the Frame is genuinely something special.

These prices at Harvey Normal are fantastic, in comparison, Samsung is selling the TV for;

43" $1799
55" $2699
65" 3899

David Jones's who is the second official retailer for this TV is selling it for;

43" $1699
55" $2599
65" $3699

I bought this TV last year, would have loved to get it as cheap as what Harvey Normal is offering now.

Review - https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/the-frame-2018

Samsung direct - https://www.samsung.com/au/tvs/the-frame-tv/

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    That's OLED prices …

  • +12 votes

    When u click thru from ozbargain, I got a pop up on the HN site saying "hello ozbargainer…" (then something about advice if I needed it)

    Personal ozbargain service

  • Might just note there is a 2017 and a 2018 version of the Frame. Don't think there were any huge differences, but something to be aware of.

    This appears to be the 2018 version, so price seems ok.

    • Wouldn't the 2018 version be getting AirPlay 2 support via firmware update? Is there any way to check?

  • +1 vote

    Anyone know standby power?

    I guess I mean artwork mode.

  • "would have loved to get it as cheap as what Harvey Normal is offering now"

    Price protection credit cards are a thing.

  • What's the quality of the frame like on these? Is it like a cheap bigw photo frame or is it legit quality?

  • Anyone know if the 43" can use the art frame 'studio' stand? From what I can see it doesn't specify what size can fit… But I remember reading somewhere it was only for the 55 and 65, not 43".

    *Ignore - says only for 55 and 65 on the HN product page

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/423961

    Kicking myself I missed the 65” with this deal.

  • I bought this for $2100 on last deal…love it. tv is amazing

    • I'm a bit confused about this tv as from the ones that I've seen, paintings are hung higher compared to TVs. Even in the thumbnail above, the tv seems to be too high vs the norm. Does this mean then that you will either have a TV that is hung higher than it should be, a painting that is hung lower than it should be or a compromise somewhere in between? I think it is an idea that is nice to think about but may not be ergonomic

      • I have the tv on normal height it should be, Painting feature is just add on, Main beauty is the design, it's so close to the wall that it looks amazing just like a painting.

        I have our family photos run on screen on tv when its off, it looks amazing

        • Thanks for clarifying bud. Family photos is a great touch. Im sure it looks good i just didnt think it would be good as both tv and painting-like display.

  • A little confused. Your spruiking harveys has the best price when you havr included david jones as well being 100 bucks cheaper for 43 and 55, and 200 for 65…did you mix the offers up or just love harveys more than david jones..? I wouldnt buy a frame when (as someone else said) its a bog standard series 7 NU7100 in a fancy dress. Yet double if not triple the price. Every other retailer is happy for HN and DJ to keep it because even though few want it… there is no logical reason to buy it unless you need a moving picture frame in a medical centre waiting room. Or alike.

  • This is amazing tech. Wow!

  • The Samsung Frame is a TV you have to see in person to believe it's actually a TV,

    Must be hard to sell online, if people who have never seen it in person literally cannot believe it's a TV. Who are all these people ordering what they believe is just an expensive photo frame?

  • So… Bezels are cool again?

  • Hi have a question: on the picture frame mode does Samsung use their own unique display mode to achieve this?
    (Like running the picture through LCD with backlight off and reducing transparency behind LCD panel to achieve the look of natural light on the picture, or the OLED equivalent to this)
    Or does it simply display the photo/picture the same as any other TV?

    Also even though I am not interested in this product, price wise it seems reasonable as it is equivalent to 10x the price for 10x the size of Sony Digital S-frame’s ($150-$200 when they were being sold, (currently discontinued) which are very solid digital photo frames.
    (one of the best features was the built-in timer which was very detailed, so you can set it per day to only turn on when you would be there to see it and save a lot of energy, currently have 2 of them set to be on only 1.5-2hrs a day)

  • Has anyone bought one and is able to confirm that the model number is correct?

    Just interested to know why the new model is under "clearance" at HN, unless they are no longer stocking the line?

  • I believe it's because the 2019 is already announced and will have QLED specifications.

  • Anyone wall mounting this and looking to sell the studio stand?