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Telstra 60GB SIM Only Plan $55 Per Month for 12 Months (Was $65) & Bonus $300 JB Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi


This is a new addition to the offer described here

Was in store today asking about the $45 deal and rep mentioned that they have just started this new deal. I believe the $45 offer is still ongoing.

The plan is described as $65pm on a 12 month contract with a $10pm port-in credit applied until recontract. 60gb data per month. $300 gift card is given on the spot.

For new or port only, not for existing Telstra customers.

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    Was waiting for someone to post this (I can't unfortunately as I'm associated).

    So now the 3 main offers going on at the moment are;

    *$45 BYO + $200 GC (12 months) (Min. cost $540)
    *$65 BYO + $500 GC Credits towards a new phone (24 months) (Min. cost $1560)

    and now

    *$55 BYO + $300 GC (12 months) (Min. cost $660) (just to clarify it's technically a $65pm plan with a $10 credit applied to it.)

    It gives a solid option to those that want to avoid a 2-year contract while also being better value than the $45 BYO as although the min cost is $120 greater, you do get an extra $100 worth of GC to help mitigate that cost to only a $20 difference.

    And as per usual, the gift cards are given only to ports/new services. Unfortunately, this is the case as it's Telstra who are essentially paying for the gift cards.

    Mod Note: Updated to reflect typo from here

    • does any of the plan have international calls free?

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        Unfortunately none of the JB exclusive plans have international calls, which is quite frustrating as there isn't even an option to add on a paid int call pack at the very least.

        • Does JB have any plan to include international call in the future (or add on)? I have always wanted one of those plans from JB but I do ring oversea a bit so it is never an option. I know we can buy skype or viber minutes but I rather have that option where I can ring directly from the normal call function.

      • If you need international calls, Boost is much better value.

      • Aside from other services providing better value, have been told unofficially that you can add standard Telstra add-ons

        $10/m for 15 countries

        • how does this compare with Lebara ?

        • Unsure who told you that, but i've been told by Telstra it isn't possible to add it. In previous ozbargain posts, other people have said that JB told them it is possible, but when they call Telstra to do it they said no.

    • You mention Gift Cards, but everything online suggests that it is 'Phone Credit Only'. There is a significant difference between the two. Can you confirm which is correct as the $55 plan does not show online yet.

      • I can confirm that when I signed up today I received a $300 gift card

        • This is the link I followed : https://www.jbhifi.com.au/mobile/
          It contradicts itself whereby it says the phone has to be > $999 to get $500 credit then, in the Terms and Conditions, it says that the phone has to be > $500 to get $500 credit ????

          • @petebern: I believe it's an in-store only offer as the other previous deals have been

            • @roffey1: Correct - the banner at the top of the page clearly states that it is 'in store only'. The page also clearly states that it is 'phone credit only'.
              I was hoping that Shekster(who is allegedly Associated) could confirm before people trudge down to JB only to be told otherwise. I don't doubt that you got one, but mistakes have been made in the past in store before being fixed by Head Office.

              Edit : OK I see now Shekster has confirmed his error. Thanks


                @petebern: Correct, I made a genuine mistake talking about the $65 BYO which includes a $500 phone credit (which must be used at the same time you are porting in/creating a service, ie. need to be buying a phone that day to take full advantage of the offer). Had the term 'gift card' in my mind as I still had in my mind the new $55 deal as I was writing that up.

                The other 2 plans ($45 BYO and this new effectively $55 BYO) come with a GIFT CARD, that can be used to buy anything from JB.

      • its a JB giftcard. They do this offer all the time. I signed up in Dec for the $45 and they put the $200 GC toward the phone i was buying to go with the plan

      • I agree - even the previously OzBargain deal is ‘phone credit’. I don’t want phone credit, I want to spend it on anything in-store.

        Edit: answered.


        Oh wow I'm so sorry I accidentally wrote GC for the $65 BYO 24mo.

        For that one, it's only a phone credit. For the other 2, you are getting JB hifi gift cards that can be used for anything in store.

        • Also I was told the GC has no expiry. Could you please confirm? Is there any possibility of using the cards for an order that is technically only available through JB Commercial? Bose 251 Speakers to be precise.

    • Hi, I'm also guessing there is no peace of mind data as well?

    • How much data on the 65?

      Uh don't worry don't need phone credit…

    • Does this include coming from Boost? Or will I have to port out and back in? And will they accept that?

    • How many GB is the $45 plan and would you still be able to get it if you've received a similar deal in the past (over a year ago now)?


        50gb on the $45. Even if you're on an existing Telstra contract you can move to this with minimal fuss.

    • What counts as a new service? I have a 12 month contract with Telstra that expired in December last year.
      Does a new service mean that I would need to get a new number or port my number in from another provider?

    • Why can you not post even though you are associated?

      • +2 votes

        From what I can see the store got permanently banned for Rep posts due to sockpuppetting.

        Maybe the mods could review that one day, pretty please?

    • Does porting from Boost qualify?

    • Hi. Does it include peace of mind data?

      • +1 vote

        I'm fairly certain it doesn't but I'll confirm and get back to you.

        • Will wait for your response. I am seriously considering this as my Kogan 365 day expires in next week but I want to be certain about the peace of mind.

      • what's peace of mind data?

        • Peace of Mind Data

          With Peace of Mind Data, you won’t be charged if you go over your monthly data allowance. Instead, your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps (which isn’t suitable for HD video or high speed applications, and means that some web pages, social media content and files may take longer to load), and slowed further during busy periods. The speeds you actually receive may vary depending on a range of factors including your device, location, user numbers and download sources.

          Peace of Mind Data is for personal use in a smartphone or tablet in Australia only, isn’t shareable, and the FairPlay Policy applies.

    • +1 vote

      MASSIVE EDIT: I accidentally wrote "$500 GC" when talking about the $65 BYO, when it should actually state '$500 phone credit'.

      Sorry about that.

  • Nice timing, was about to switch the wife's plan again…


    Man i am paying $39 for 1k calls and 7gb on Telstra business sim only. Can share data though.

    • Can get pretty much the same thing for $12.50 p/m on Boost if you prepay 12 months (unlimited calls, 6.7GB a month).

  • Has anyone successfully terminated their Virgin Mobile contract, without penalty. Since they are shutting up shop anyway.

    • You can switch to Optus plan without any penalty but thats mean you starting a new contract.

    • +3 votes

      They won’t let you do this unless you go to Optus. They’re servicing the old plans until expiry, so the (valid) argument goes that you’re getting exactly what they promised.

      • i thankfully was out of contract and left. All the major telco's offerings suck for people who want lower end plans now, especially anyone wanting a phone and plan. Virgin used to do decent deals. Now there isnt anything under $60-65/month with phone. Personally not interested in paying that kind of money. Just kept my existing phone and moved to TPG.

  • If the extra 10GB data doesn't matter to you, then the $45 deal works out a few bucks cheaper per month over 12 months.

    $45x12 = $540 per year

    $540-$200 (JB card)/12 months = $28.33 per month

    $55x12 = $660 per year
    ($660-300)/12 months = $30 per month

    That said though, an extra $1.70 for 10gb is a great deal if you're that type of user.


      Or, if like me, the data really doesn’t matter for you (I’m always on wifi at work and home), the new six month 60GB Telstra prepaid plan for $150 is even better value.

      It works out at $25/month, and (unlike these plans) includes free international calls to the major destinations.

    • That's assuming you value JB giftcard 1:1 with AUD. That said, there's probably not a big difference if you sell it.

  • Is there a link to a JB page please

  • What's the best way to take advantage of this offer if you're an existing Telstra customer? The missus and I are both about half way though 24 month contracts and paying way more than this for a lot less.

    • Get a free (or $2 SIM) from Woolies and port away from Telstra (usually same day).

      Next day go into JB and get this offer

      • Doesn't cause any issues with the Telstra contract? Does my contract just cease to have a number associated with it while it's ported to Optus?

      • +1 vote

        But he said he’s mid-contract. The ETF would likely be eye-watering.

      • JB told me it's minimum 2 months away from Telstra?

        • It's one of those your mileage may vary situations I'm afraid. Some JB's enforce it, others don't. Some staff enforce it, others don't. Some staff know to check, others don't…that type of thing. I've successfully done it once in the past porting out and following day getting a gift card, and then one other time was refused.

      • Where do you get a free sim? also which network?

    • Well, I assume your plan come with a phone since it's 24 months plan. If that's the case, there's no way Telstra would allow you to upgrade your plan with less price. That's how they make profit bundling plan with a phone.

  • Do these plans still offer data sharing?

    Or has Telstra stopped the sharing aspect?

  • hmm… this or the $300 boost sim

    • boost. this deal would be good if it was generic $300 visa giftcard instead of JB store gift card. I havnet bought anything from JB hifi for last 4 years+(20% off from ebay is new shopping trend for big $$$ items)

  • Anyone know how long the deal will go on for?
    Contract expires in May :(

    • The $200 one has been going on indefinitely for many months


      This one is running for 2 weeks, may be extended depending on how it's received.

      The long-running $45 and $65 BYO plans with $200 GC and $500 phone credit, respectively, will be ending on 30th June. Although in saying that they were initially planning to end that a while ago but extended it due to how popular it was so who knows. But at least it'll be there when your current contract expires.

      • Is the $45 and 200GC deal still available?

        I have to go in store to get this and ask?
        Haven’t seen any advertising.


          As per my comment, that's officially ending on 30th June. However, the deal has been extended once before so there's a possibility that it gets extended even past June 30.

          Just walk straight in store to the phones section and tell the person you want to sign up for the $45 BYO.

          Bring 2 forms of primary ID with you. Most commonly used are Licence along with Medicare. To save your own time, know your account no. (if on post-paid, otherwise for prepaid it's just your mobile no.).

  • How long do the gift cards last? I assume 12 months or something like that?

  • If I port over, can you add the Apple Watch / esim with these JB hifi plans?

  • Does any of these plans offer Intl. Minutes?

  • How long does one need to port out for before porting back in to get this deal?

  • Pablo likes this deal

  • 55*12=$660 per yr
    660-300=$360 after the rebate
    Vs the Boost $150-300 right now.
    Normally these jb hifi promos are decent but with the current boost offerings this doesn't make sense.


      What boost?

      • It is a rubbish deal that has only garnered 922 + votes and which appears on the top right hand corner of this page in a highlight box titled "Shit Deals - Most voted deals from Mobile category from the last 30 days." Don't worry about it.

    • Isn't boost 20gb a month though?

      • Yeah the $300 plan is, works out to $25/month, unlimited international minutes to 30 countries etc if that's useful to you, Boost doesn't have access to Telstra's 4GX network however.

  • Checked at jbhifi Parra. If you’re with telstra and want to take the $45 deal up, jbhifi rep can sort it out, but will miss out on the gift card. Pretty sure they can also do the same for$55(?).

    Has anyone had luck with porting out and back in?


    on the only sim plan are you able to get more data?

  • This deal was available for $55 per month and it included a Huawei P20 Pro and 80gb data just before xmas.


      Close, but not exactly correct.

      The deal you are referring to is the current $65 BYO over 24 months, but with a $10 credit applied, no to mention the P20 Pro for $0 and the 80gb data.

      This particular deal OP has posted is slightly different as it's a 12-month plan.

  • If I'm on the Telstra network through a reseller (Telechoice) would I be eligible for the deal, or am I classified as an existing Telstra customer?

  • This or boost mobile?
    Is boost all bulked together or split into monthly data allowances what happens if you go over

  • Weren't people getting the $10 port in credit through Telstra on the $45 per month plan, effectively making it $35 per month plus $200 GC?

  • I can see they are tryin hard to get some customers from compatititors but no international minutes…. not good with roaming offers…. they ain’t trying that hard tho

  • For people who dont mind not getting the $300 GC, Telstra currently have their $69 plan (L plan) for 12 months with a $10 port in monthly credit, making it $59 per month for 12 months and this plan includes 60GB data per month, peace of mind data and unlimited calls and SMS to 15 selected destinations (https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/sim-only-plans).

    I recall this $69 Telstra plan was even cheaper earlier this year, when Telstra offered a $20 port in monthly credit making it $49 per month. Via Live Chat, I managed to score the XL plan ($89 per month) for 12 month for $69 per month (after $20 port in monthly credit) which includes global roaming and 90GB each month.

  • Is this 60GB per month or for the whole 12 months?

    Edit: Just re-read it's per month. That's a lot of data!

  • sorry if this has already been asked/commented, but i assume international roaming/data is not applied with this? there is a separate plan/rates?

  • Bring back data share telstra!

  • Do you get the free AFL live subscription with these…also does anyone know if you can cast from the app?


  • How much data do you get for each plan?

    Also what are cancellation fees if after 6 months decide to port out.

    Thanks in advance

  • this or optus student special ($41.25 a month for 80gb data)?

  • Does the plan go through the Telstra portal, or does JB Hifi act as the retailer like Boost?

    Does it have a data bank like Telstra's? 200gb?

    tempted to port out then back in

    • I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're asking - but I'll try answer.

      The plan is purchased through JB HIFI. Not Telstra. JB will set it up for you and everything. However, beyond that, you are a Telstra customer with a Telstra account and have all the services etc as you normally would.

      It is not like being with Boost - where you are a Boost customer, not a Telstra one.

      tempted to port out then back in

      I jumped on one of these deals last year, but the 12 months is coming to an end. If you've got any info or tips on porting out/in then that would be great.

  • sorry - when does the $55 (65) offer end ?

    • I went in today to sign up for the $55 ($65) but it apparently ended on the 10th. The staff were surprised.

      The $45 w/ $200 Gift Voucher is still available.

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