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Sydney Direct to Manila, Phillipines from $250 Return, from Melbourne from $245 Return on Cebu Pacific @ Beat That Flight


I've been watching this fare continue to drop this past week and today it's fantastic.

Sydney, for 8.5 hours of flying, then 8.5 on the return from $250 Return!

That's less than $15 an hour, which for flights is incredible, especially for direct flights.

Airline: Cebu Pacific
From: SYD (Sydney), MEL (Melbourne)
To: MNL (Manila, Philippines)
When: Sep, Nov (maybe October but not school holidays? I couldn't find any though)



$250 Return - 3 Sep to 18 Sep - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd0309mnl180…
$250 Return - 4 Sep to 18 Sep - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd0409mnl180…
$250 Return - 6 Nov to 20 Nov - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd0611mnl201…
$250 Return - 7 Nov to 20 Nov - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd0711mnl201…
$250 Return - 7 Nov to 21 Nov - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd0711mnl211…

$245 Return - 15 Oct to 12 Nov - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel1510mnl121… (found via flightscout)

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  • +23

    $241 return from Sydney booking directly with Cebu Pacific.
    $236.44 return from Melbourne booking directly with Cebu Pacific.
    Pro Tips:
    1. When these cheap sales are on, if you have an infant under 2 years old it's actually cheaper to book a seat for them than to book them as a lap passenger. This is due to the infant charge being greater than the sale fare.
    2. If you have several people travelling you can save a bit on luggage fees by having one passenger select 0kg (no luggage) and the others select 32kg. For example, if you had three passengers, it's cheaper for two to select 32kg (64kg total), than three select 20kg each (60kg total). That's because the 32kg selection is the cheapest per kg. Cebu Pacific allow you to combine the luggage allowance for all people on the same itinerary. It allows up to three bags per 32kg selection.

    • How much is the "infant charge"?

  • -8

    Does The Phillipines have the worst food out of all the Asian countries?

    • -1

      In which respect? For me, food there is extremely affordable and quite good, although I'm not a fussy eater.

      Biggest complaint is that everything seems to be chock full of MSG, so it messes with my bodily functions.

      They eat dog in China, so no, imo it's not the worst.

      • +1

        Sorry to disappoint you, but they do eat Dog in PI too ! Lost 2 dogs over the last 7 years.
        The Uncle occasionally has a hankering for dog, I don't understand, take someone else's dog.

        • +1

          Yeah, you're probably right.

          With the vast, widespread poverty there, it's not suprising.

          Sorry to hear about your dogs mate.

      • what kinda twat would post something like this?

      • +2

        no. its a myth that MSG does anything at all. its just the different food or weather or a million other reasons that your bodily functions are messed up. nothing to do with msg.

      • +1

        They eat dog in China, so no, imo it's not the worst.

        Do they? In all my years of visiting there, I have never seen it on sale. I'm aware of the rural areas having it, but it's as wide spread in China as it is in the Phillipines

        • -3

          do you really think they will advertise it ? it will be just in what you are eating to lower the cost.

          • @shadowangel: Think again if you think dog meat is cheaper than pork or beef in China

        • -1

          Well they do have the annual festival. Never been to China personally, so obviously not aware of the true reality of the place and I probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Sorry to anyone I offended.

      • -3

        If the dog tastes good I don't give a fk if it's a dog. Imma put some big mac sauce on that and enjoy it. As if it makes a difference compared to let's a say a pig.

    • +2

      That honour would have to go to Mongolia

    • The food certainly looks less appealing.

      • this comment. yes.. it is the lowest ranking asian food. search the net…
        compared to other "main" asian countries, its terrible.

      also, im philipino

      • I don't think you're Filipino judging by your wrong spelling. Filipino cuisine is IMO underrated, a lot of it is has something to do with dishes cooked differently by region/island.

        • +4

          Filo BBQ is the best.

          • @Cyphar: Gerry's Grill is one of my favourite goto restaurants when I'm there.

        • ….i am
          no, they just say that each region specialises in certain foods, but they dont. its just a tourist thing to make people travel around. u can get all their foods in any region and its basically always the same ( but individual families have different twists on recipes). filo food is underrated compared to some western and European countries but, its the worst asian food.

        • You are a very poor judge.
          Accusing someone of lying is pretty low imo.

          • @Eeples: Sorry but it's one of those things you know someone's not saying who they say they are. It's a Filipino thing if you know what I mean. Even those 2 comments below are saying the same thing

            • @Bjay: there are over 150 million filipino and mixed Filipino people on earth.. so i think if somone says to you they are Filipino, they probably are. its not a rare thing or a thing to really brag about. so if somone says that to you next time. u should just believe them, no real investigation needed.

              • @ego22: Sorry na kuya. May pagkautak talangka ka kasi. Unusual para sa pinoy. Besides,you being a Philipino does not validate Filipino food worse in Asia.

                • @Bjay: me being philipino does not validate thats its the worst. but the many articles stating that it is. many chefs agreeing that its the worst food. and the stereotype that it is the worst food in asia, does.
                  basically the only people that love philipino food are philipinos.
                  alot of filo restaurants and they all only have philipino people in them.

                  u canot even compare their food to japanese, indian, Malaysian, thai, chinese, anything. its all burnt or dried or OVER salty or very badly fermented or extremely sweet. there are some ok ones like adobo and lechon. but if u look at all of it, its horrible.

                • @Bjay: Relax, He's stating facts. Try googling the phrase "worst food in asia". It's hard to accept but we really can't please everyone. Also, crab mentality is not unusual for filos.

      • +1

        Talaga? Bakit naman hindi tama ang spelling mo? Must be one of those special coconut kids born in Australia with the philipino spelling. You got your heritage spelling wrong.

        • coconut kids?.. r u a special coconut adult?

          is this like, reverse racism or something?

          • @ego22: philipino? Really? pinoy ka ba talaga?

    • +2

      As a professional in this area, I can confirm that Filipino fast and street food is by far the worst in SE Asia. It's like the "brat" diet of SE Asia.

      However, I've been told that home cooked versions are very nice, and western versions with more generous ingredients (much like Thai) aren't as bad.

      • Jolibee Spaghetti is something else. I think it must be an acquired taste, the locals love it but it's not for me.

    • +2

      it's probably the best food out of all Asian countries if you enjoy cheap western-style junk food.

      minute burger, jamaican pattie, chowking .. yum, yum, yum .. it's much more expensive to get that kind of food in places like thailand.

      it's probably the most similar to australia actually with a bit of a foodie scene too, but mostly dominated by cheap fast/junk food.

  • Good price for Manila return.

    Do note that baggage and food is extra.

  • +1

    They had these prices for last few days so cheap!. wish they Hurry up and fly from brisbane already!

  • This is a good price, if only I was in Sydney

  • Yeah I have Filo friends who don’t crave Filo food in Sydney. They go to Thai and Chinese restaurants.

    • Probably they have it cooked at home all the time so makes sense why would they go find a Filipino Restaurant.

      • They don’t cook at home. They buy takeaway for lunch and dinner.

  • +1

    Clicked on all links and $371 was the cheapest it came up as

  • Hmmm been clicking most link and yep everything in the $371-$520 RANGE.OP are you sure it ain't meant to be $250 one way?

    If I manage to find something for $250 would love to go for a weekend. IMO $500 return I would rather go Honolulu again.

  • from $250 return for just the flight. I found some last night in november, had to play around with dates

  • -4

    Meh. I'm flying Bali return in August for $176 return

    • +4

      Meh. i drove from gold coast to bris return on only $10 fuel

  • November flights in the dry season seem to have sold out:(

    • +1

      I can still see quite a few. For example depart Nov 12 or 13 and return Nov 19 or 20 or 21 or 26 or 27 or 28. This is Sydney to Manila return booked directly with https://www.cebupacificair.com/en-au

      • Thank you:) I've found some flights in November from that site.

  • Booked 31st oct to 14 nov from melbourne to manila for 2 with 1 x 20kg luggage and 1 meal each both ways for $714 directly from cebupacific.

    Bravofly was charging $84 for 20kg luggage one way but when booking directly it was $55 one way.

    Great deal!

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