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2x $20 iTunes Cards for $25 at BIG W Online [Soldout]


Get 2 $20 iTunes cards for $25 with 'BDAY5' coupon, plus free delivery too. Comes to about 37.5 % off, which I think is a good deal :)

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  • Amazing deal.

    EDIT: Nevermind

  • worked cool thanks

  • Thank you. Very good value ;-) It will last me another 6 months.
    Almost go with The Good Guys deal. But I think this one suits me more.

  • +3

    Total comes to $23.75 using my staff discount card. :DDD

    • Awesome! Finally something good about working for them!

  • can we use your staff ID?

    • I don't think you can register the same card under 2 accounts.

      • It worked for me! :D

  • 37.5 % off Big W better than 33.33% off at Good Guys + lower spend

  • nice… and their server hasn't crashed either !!!

  • Anyone can tell me where to enter the coupon? I can't seem to be able to find it :)

    • +1

      one of the last steps you can enter the coupon code.

      • Thanks mate just realised :)

  • Good deal. I OzBargained it. Time to buy more APPSSSSSSSSS

  • +1

    I don't buy much from iTunes so I still have credit from the 50% deal way back when. They never really matched that again.

    • I still have credit from the 50% deal way back when.

      careful, the credit eventually expires…

      • yeah the card expires after 2 years and the credit after activated in 1 year I think

        • I think it last 2 years from activation, doesn't it?

        • Yep.. I think it's 2 years after activation.

          definitely more than 1 year though, coz my credit just exceeded 1 year ><

        • cool so there's still almost a year left on them

  • +1

    Cant recall a better deal for itunes. Good find, thanks.

    • +3

      I can. One day only in December 2009 Big W sold $20 cards for $10! I stocked up on those.


      • +1

        On one day in 2009 I farted.

      • it was for 2 days…QV store was packed, technology lines for an hour on the saturday

  • good deal :) thanks!

  • +1

    I entered coupon code and it gave me $5 off the order?! Has this code worked for anyone?

    • Yes, twice ;)

    • I think that's the point.
      Hence 'bday5'.

    • My apologies. I have been trying to by 8 cards in one order and only just realised that the $5 off the order means that I will have to buy the cards in pairs only, therefore giving me the $5 off and making the order $25. A bit annoying that I will have to do this 4 times, but for a deal as good as this it's worth it. Thanks OP

      • +1

        Think yourself lucky it allows more than one use (probably not intended to work more than once).

        No skin, as it's free delivery anyway.

  • Worked for me thanks

  • argghh.. just bought the 2 for 30 last week :(

  • Great deal! thanks OP

  • excellent deal, Cheers

  • wow very good offer!

  • Great deal! Thx

  • I am new to itunes. Would like to ask, I have heard, if you have balance left in your itune account, you cant change country. Is that true? I currently have itunes account in different countries. If I put in the credit for OZ account, will I still be able to switch accounts/countries? Cheers,

    • Nope. it's linked to your aussie account.

      • I understand the credits will be linked to my OZ account. But when there is balance in there, will I still be able to switch countries?

  • thumbs up

  • thanks for the code, it's a BIG save!!!

  • Thumbs up, good deal!

  • Fantastic deal.

    Just out of interest, once the credit has been activated and is used periodically (i.e. a new app bought every few weeks or so), does it still expire after one year, even if it's being actively used? I got $80 worth for $50, but don't see myself blowing it all in a year, just periodically here and there.

  • +1

    Great deal - I actually got an "everyday rewards" offer for this week, if I purchase anything online I get a bonus 500 points.. however it did say offer excludes gift cards and selected online purchases including Big W Photo, Big W Entertainment and Big W Movie Rental… so not sure if that just means Big W gift cards or includes iTunes ones as well.

    • +1

      I just realised I got this email too! Pity I already bought my cards. Oh well.

  • Outstanding deal! I bought heaps of credit from Good Guys yesterday. I saw the Big W offer but the $20 cards were not available online yesterday. Now it's up after I've already splashed my cash! Oh well, always next time.

  • +1

    I don't really need it as I have plenty left in my itunes account but always topping off when great deals like this show up

  • awesome deal!

  • Bugger. I already bought the 2 for $30 deal. :(

    • That extra $5 off is for any order.

  • Thanks!

  • great deal! not that i use itunes much but worth gaving just incase. 2 for 30 - $5 then lucky enough to get staff discount so another 5% all up $23.75 bargain++

  • Great stuff! Only $23.75 as well :D

  • +1

    wow, sold out when i had them in cart ready to checkout. boo

  • +1

    Out off stuck…….
    I also had mine in my cart. It then said they had been taken out because they are out of stock.

  • +1

    ozbargained :-)

    • +11

      still a good deal - dont neg just because you missed out. I did too.

  • unavailable now.. good deal though

  • BUGGER - got distracted by someone talking to me - was in final checkout and then sold out.

  • Yeah, was at the pay pal site and went back to big w and sold out. Damn.

  • How do you use your staff card online?

    • +1

      You enter that number on your card when you make an account in the everyday rewards part.

  • So it's just a waiting game until they have more for the website?

  • the dealonly last for…. errr…

  • is it online only?

    • +11

      might as neg for every other bargain that has sold out…

      • +3

        To be fair, it's not a bargain if you can't get it.

        • +2

          so…does that mean 95% of ozbargain members should neg the hell out of hopscotch, since the (sorce code) promo pretty much ended in 4 mins?

        • -2


      • Well - yes - it's no longer a bargain (since it's sold out) so it doesn't deserve to be on the front page

  • cool

  • +3

    broden's gonna have a field day reselling these ;)

  • -1

    I too question how this can 'sell out' when the credit is added to cards at the point of sale, and there are boxes upon boxes of these cards available even at every store, let alone a shipping warehouse.

    This in a way would make them intangible, as you are buying the electronic credit loaded onto the card when payment is made, the card is just a way to transport said credit.

    My guess is they realised their mistake and pulled it before the deal cost them any more.

    • They probably assign a certain amount of cards to sell at the deal price. Once they're gone, it's sold out.

      • ^ this, if it weren't for Ozbargain, it wouldn't of sold out

        and also most of you may never have seen it if it weren't for Ozb as well

        it's just you miss some you get some

        nobody will be able to get all the 'best' deals on Ozb

  • +8

    Please do not vote negative just because a deal is sold out.


  • -1

    any one received these yet? Mine were shipped on Monday but still not received, I am going to ring them on Monday …

    • I got mine a few days ago.

  • -1

    received mine today after how long… they're not really efficient are they?

    also encountered an issue with one of my iTunes cards.. it's not applying the credit correctly and the Code Redeem Support is not accepting the Card Serial Number..

    Anyone having the same issues and found a resolution?

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